The Delights of Angelica’s Ass

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Over the years, I have made love with women of all races and ethnicities, and all the women have their own individual outstanding qualities. In the case of Angelica, it is her ass. She is Hispanic, with light brown skin, black eyes and hair, a snub nose and a generous mouth that always seems to be smiling. I enjoy kissing her all over her pretty face. Angelica’s big breasts feel good in my hands and are great for licking or sucking, especially when my tongue is stroking her big, sensitive dark brown nipples. These are all outstanding qualities but the greatest of all is the sublime beauty of her ass. It is large, curvy and smooth, a soft, light brown in color with a dark brown rosebud that is lovely to look at and delightful to touch. I take every opportunity to touch her there with my tongue or the tip of my cock.

Angelica is well aware of the attraction her ass has for me and other men and, since she especially likes being licked and fucked there, she takes extra pains to make it even more alluring. Every day, upon arising and before going to bed, she carefully washes her private parts with mild, unscented soap and applies lotion to make her skin even more delightfully soft and smooth. She also does it as shortly as possible before a sexual encounter. The unscented soap is because Angelica is clever enough to know that her natural scent is far more enticing than anything from a store, much better than even the finest perfumes. Either of her adjacent holes is among my favorite places for my tongue or my cock and, since Angelica takes great pleasure in having my tongue or my cock in either hole, we have some terrific times when we get together.

The last time we got together was last week, after she had called to see if she could come over to see me. Besides being beautiful, Angelica really enjoys sex with me since I do the things to her body that she likes, and I do them the way she likes. Almost never would I turn down a chance to make love with a woman as sweet and sexy as she is, so I invited her over that afternoon. The day was cool and she arrived at my house wearing a long raincoat. Since Angelica doesn’t like to waste any more of her sex time than she can help, she was wearing a dress under her coat and nothing at all under the dress.

After a few seconds in the bedroom, she wasn’t even wearing that. Angelica pouted and put her hands on my shirt front, “Here I am, naked as a jaybird and you’re wearing all those clothes.” I was able to see her point so I let her do what she wanted, and a minute later we were equally naked and lying side by side in bed, with a pillow under her head.

We had kissed affectionately when Angelica had entered but now our kisses were more sensual, with our tongues twining together. From her lips, my mouth moved to other areas of her face, her eyes and ears and then down her throat, kissing and licking the pulse spots there. We had all afternoon so I took my time, thoroughly kissing all her other erogenous areas, until I reached her succulent breasts. They are so beautiful, especially when her nipples are erect as they were then, that I wanted to spend a long time making love to them.

Holding one delightful mound in both hands, I licked the nipple with broad strokes of my tongue. “That feels really good, George,” she murmured. “I love what you do with your tongue. I want you to lick me all over. And you know what I mean by all over.”

I knew full well what she meant and it was my intention to lick Angelica all over, at least all her major erogenous areas. I really love the texture of her skin and I expected to use my tongue to caress her where I knew she wanted me to, starting with her marvelous breasts. I treated the second luscious globe the same way as I had the first, licking with broad strokes, as I delighted in the feel of the tiny hard ridges on her nipple. Back and forth, I moved my mouth between the lovely twins, licking them, sometimes with broad strokes and sometimes with jabs of just the tip of my tongue.

She was cooing happily and her eyes were closed as her head nestled luxuriously into the pillow. After my tongue had spent a long time caressing her, to the immense pleasure of both of us, I drew one of Angelica’s succulent globes into my mouth. I continued fondling her nipple and areola with my tongue but I also sucked gently, my lips forming a seal on the soft flesh.

“Ooooo, yeah! You really know what I like, don’t you?” she cooed, squirming under me and thrusting her breast against my mouth.

I did know what she likes and I like the same thing. For almost a minute, I sucked and licked on the first of Angelica’s marvelous mounds before switching to its gorgeous twin. When I started paying homage to the second of her luscious globes, the movements of her body thrust it upward into my mouth as they had the first. Once again, my mouth switched back and forth between her wonderful breasts, pleasuring both of us.

For a long time, I sucked escort bursa them, hearing Angelica breathing harder and faster as her arousal increased, until my attentions turned to lower on her body. She was shiny wet where I looked and I could smell her fresh juices and see how her lower body was squirming as her pussy demanded my attention. It was time, I knew, for my mouth to minister to her there, so I started kissing and sucking my way down her lovely plump belly. When I reached her navel, I swirled my tongue inside, evoking giggles from her and pleas to keep going lower, to what she knew was my destination.

I went lower, all the way to her mons, and I could see her wet pussy lips just below where my mouth was. Some women trim their pubic hair and some leave it natural. Others wax or shave it off, and Angelica is one of the latter. Her hair is naturally thick and coarse, not very pleasurable against my tongue. She knows this and, as part of her beautification policy, she had shaved her pussy just before coming over. The lack of hair makes her skin much more sensitive when my tongue caresses her there, and the smoothness feels better to me, so we both derive even more pleasure.

After licking all over her mons, I got off the bed, picking up the other pillow on my way, and got back on at the foot of the bed. She saw me approaching on my knees, and lifted her lovely ass off the bed so I could slide the pillow under her. When that was in place, she raised her legs; I ducked under them and wrapped my arms around her thighs. While her legs rested lightly on her shoulders, I moved my face in close, getting my first good look at her pussy that day.

I had seen her pussy many other times, of course, but its beauty never ceases to enrapture me. Her outer lips are smooth and light brown, turning darker and acquiring a pinkish hue at the edges. Her inner lips are a darker pink, especially when they are engorged with lust as they were then. At the junction of her inner lips I could see her precious clit, also swollen, and pushing its way out from under its protective hood. Using my fingers, I gently pulled the inner lips apart to gaze into her beautiful love hole, shiny pink with all the juices that were bubbling up from inside. Wanting to satisfy all my senses, I breathed in deeply of the delightful aroma of those juices. HERE They were trickling out onto her crotch and I licked them off, relishing their delicious flavor, which was even better than their aroma. As I started eating her pussy, Angelica was pleasing my sense of hearing by cooing and sighing from the sexual fun I was already giving her. My sense that was receiving the greatest pleasure of all, however, was my sense of touch as I started to slowly caress one of her outer lips with my tongue. The freshly-shaven skin was exquisitely smooth and soft and I could feel a vibrancy there as I licked. Because of the high level of arousal she had already reached, Angelica’s pussy started squirming under my face.

All my lady friends have their favorite ways of making love, and I always do what they want, within reason. With Angelica, after she cums from my eating her pussy, she likes to fuck. Sometimes she wants to take my cock in her pussy and sometimes she wants me to fuck her ass. Whichever she wants to do, she lets me know by spreading her ass cheeks right after I start eating her pussy, or not spreading them. If she spreads them, it means she wants me to fuck her there with my finger while I’m eating her. When that happens, we fuck in her pussy after she enjoys her first orgasm. If she doesn’t spread her cheeks, it means she wants my cock and her ass to pleasure each other. On this day, she elected to not spread her cheeks.

After my tongue had sluiced off all the fresh juices, I started licking between a pair of inner and outer lips below Angelica’s love hole. Her skin is incredibly soft and smooth there, and felt wonderful against my mouth. Slowly, my tongue progressed upward to the place where the lips are close together, and started probing the seam between the labia. As my tongue caressed both lips, Angelica’s cooing turned to moans of pleasure. I delighted in her reactions and continued licking and probing until I reached her clit hood, where the inner lip ends by merging with its opposite number.

After shifting my weight slightly, I gently caressed her there with my tongue, causing her pussy to start slowly thrusting up against my face. This fucking motion is one of my favorite things about eating a pussy, especially such a delightful one as Angelica’s, and I continued to lick her there for several minutes. Before starting on her other pair of pussy lips, I looked up at my lady friend to see her reactions. Besides the movements of her pussy against my face, her whole body was writhing on the bed and her head was rolling from side to side on her pillow. She was reveling in the way I was eating her pussy, probably even more than I was, although bursa otele gelen escort I was having such a great time that would hardly have seemed possible.

I didn’t spend much time looking because licking is so much more fun. Once again, I devoured the nectar she had produced, and started below her adorable love hole where her skin is so soft and enticing. I licked her other pair of lips as I had done to the first. This time, by the time I reached Angelica’s clit hood, the movements of her body were even more pronounced and, between her moans and whimpers of bliss, she was begging me to suck her clit. After caressing its protective hood for a few strokes, I curled my tongue underneath to lick where she wanted me to.

The contact was very limited and delicate but Angelica’s clit was so engorged and sensitive that her reaction was spectacular. Her whole body started thrashing on the bed with her hips swiveling, thrusting her legs back and forth over my shoulders. The moans of pleasure became louder, as did Angelica’s pleas to me to suck her clit so she could cum. This time, I would do what she wanted.

After feasting on the wealth of delicious juices that Angelica’s pussy had produced, I probed my tongue between her adorable pink hole and the swollen love button she wanted me to suck. This produced even louder groans of ecstasy. Her clit was so swollen from her lust that it had pushed its way completely out from under its protective hood, and I engulfed it with my mouth and started sucking. My lips formed a seal at the base and my tongue caressed the sides and top of the delectable morsel.

“Yes! Yes! Right there!” Angelica warbled joyously when she felt my mouth where she wanted it and doing what she wanted. “Oh, God, yes!” she cried out seconds later as she started cumming.

Her hips continued swiveling, but her legs squeezed my face, holding me in place and yanking me around. Angelica’s hands went to the back of my head, jamming my face against her pussy and holding my there, as if I would ever want to leave such a wonderful place. Her body tossed wildly on the bed and her legs swung from side to side. I clung to her thighs and kept my face buried in her pussy and my mouth wrapped around her clit, sucking and licking and giving us both the utmost pleasure.

Angelica’s entire body jerked and spasmed when she climaxed. After her tremendous orgasm, she completely relaxed, arms at her sides and legs draped over my shoulders. I stayed where I was, devouring the nectar she had produced, licking it from her legs, crotch and pussy lips. Since it would not be needed for lubrication, I even sucked the juices directly from her love hole, relishing their incredible flavor and aroma. After I had swallowed the entire treat, I slowly backed out from under her legs and got off the bed. Angelica lay sprawled on her back, her eyes closed and a smile of total bliss on her sweet, beautiful face.

I didn’t go very far, just to where my pants were lying on the floor and get a condom, and to the dresser to get the bottle of Aquaglide and a small towel. When I returned to the bed, Angelica was still smiling but her eyes were open. When she saw what I was carrying, her smile became more lascivious because she knew what they would be used for. Before that would happen, though, there was something else that we both like to do. Although Angelica’s pussy is one of the most delightful places I know of, she has another hole that we both love to have me caress with my tongue. In preparation, she rolled over and got to her knees face pressed into her pillow in the middle of the bed, with her gorgeous ass high in the air, ready for our mutual pleasure.

I left the condom and towel and Aquaglide on the edge of the bed and got to my knees right behind Angelica, moving forward until my hands rested on the soft flesh of her ass. She reached back to spread her cheeks so my tongue could wander where it wanted. After gazing briefly at the lovely, light brown skin on the insides of her cheeks and her velvety, dark brown rosebud, I leaned forward, hands flat on the mattress, and started licking the top of her cleft. At the feel of my tongue, Angelica wiggled her ass seductively, encouraging me to continue.

Such encouragement wasn’t really necessary, for I was tremendously enjoying the texture of the satiny skin on the inside of her cheek. Very slowly, taking my time and relishing every second, my tongue licked its way down the inside, skirting the puckered area. I know this is the best part, and I intended to come back and concentrate my attentions there later. As I licked down and around on her crotch, Angelica leaned forward, arching her back to give me better access. I could hear her murmuring happily at the feel of my caressing tongue on her very sensitive skin. If my mouth hadn’t been so pleasurably occupied, I would have been murmuring the same way.

As my tongue bursa sınırsız escort started licking back up the other cheek, Angelica’s ass started thrusting back against my face, the way her pussy had earlier. I considered this to be appropriate because licking and fucking her ass are almost as good as licking and fucking her pussy, and sometimes they are even better. Her movements became more pronounced as I continued upward, once again skirting the puckered part, until I reached the top of her cleft, back where I had started. I paused there while we anticipated where my tongue would go next.

The pause was a brief one because we were both so eager to have it go there. Still moving slowly and covering the entire area many times, my tongue licked downward between her two succulent cheeks. Angelica’s hips were swiveling again, directly in front of my face, thrusting her knees down into the mattress, as she moaned from the pleasure I was giving to her sensitive ass. This time, when I got to where the puckering starts, I licked slowly around the entire area, reveling in the way the soft ridges felt against the tip of my tongue. The texture was so wonderful, I made several circuits of the same place, while Angelica moaned blissfully and her ass fucked more strongly against my face.

It was time for the best part of worshipping her ass with my tongue. Holding my thumbs inside her cheeks to stretch open a tiny hole, I pressed my face against her. Slowly, with my tongue oscilating from side to side, I licked upward, the tip probing into that tiny hole, until I could reach no farther. Still moving slowly, I brought my tongue back down over the same area. Up and down, followed by side to side, I licked her velvety rosebud.

“Oh, God, that feels so great, I can’t believe it,” Angelica murmured.

I didn’t respond, and she didn’t want me to, because that would have meant removing my mouth from where we both so much wanted it to be. For a long time, with my face pressed between the soft cheeks of Angelica’s marvelous ass, I licked the same area over and over, until we knew it was time to move on to activities that would be even more delightful. When I removed my face from its soft, sweet nest, Angelica didn’t complain. Instead, she looked back at me and smiled lewdly because she knew what would be happening momentarily.

What happened first was that I removed the condom from its plastic wrapper and rolled it onto my stiff cock. Next, I removed the cap from the Aquaglide and inserted the neck of the bottle into Angelica’s ass. She cooed happily when she felt the lubricant squirting into her, and again when I eased my finger into her to spread it around. After I had covered the inside as far as I could reach, I coated the entire puckered area that I had just been licking. I applied more Aquaglide to my cock, and we were both ready.

Unlike the majority of my lady friends, Angelica prefers to lie face down with a pillow under her belly while a cock is pleasuring her ass. She moved to that position, with her legs wide apart, and reached back to spread her ass cheeks again. I knelt between her thighs and reached between the succulent half-globes to pull the slippery sides of her ass apart, once again creating a small hole. Keeping it open with the fingers and thumb of one hand, and guiding my cock with the other, I pressed the tip against the opening. With a firm but gentle push, I wedged the head into Angelica, eliciting a happy moan from her. With my fingers, I checked all around my shaft and found no loose skin or anything else that might cause a problem.

While her hands and mine held her open, I gave another strong thrust and almost an inch of my cock slid into the slippery place that that was giving it such an outstanding welcome. Angelica continued holding her cheeks apart but I removed my hands and used the towel to wipe off the excess lubricant. With another thrust, she started squirming on the bed from the pleasure she was already getting, as my cock stretched her ass open and crammed her rear channel full. Her movements made the rest of my entry easier, and one more thrust imbedded almost all my cock in the place we both wanted it.

The weight of Angelica’s upper body was being supported on her elbows and I leaned forward to put my hands flat on the mattress beside her. My face was just above the back of her head, so I could whisper into her ear, and she could move freely under me, with both of us getting the most pleasure out of our fucking. I slowly drew back, pulling most of my cock out of her, paused, and plowed it back into her ass, going in even deeper than I had earlier.

“Oh, my God, that feels good,” Angelica whispered to me.

“It feels more than good,” I whispered back. It feels wonderful.” There was no need for us to whisper but we both preferred the greater intimacy.

Once again, I drew my cock back and plunged it into Angelica. This time, when she felt it surging back into her, she pushed off with her elbows and fucked her ass back to meet me. We both moaned from the intense pleasure, and this time, I penetrated her as far as possible. My cock was so deep in her ass, I could even feel the soft skin of the insides of her ass cheeks against my balls and my pubic hair.

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