This Makes Me Happy Ch. 02

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I went to her without pause, crouching over her braced on elbows and knees, then reached down to guide my aching prick into her ass. I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t hold back or simply enjoy any longer. My cock head slipped easily through her slick ring and then I pushed further and felt her opening stretch and open up around my girth. She closed her eyes, her brows lifted in the middle. She caught her breath and then grabbed her knees and pulled them up, almost to her shoulders. I pushed down up forward until half of my cock was inserted, then waited and took a breath. I looked down at her, at her lovely face and throat and shoulders, all so pale and creamy smooth they called out to be touched and caressed, then got up on my hands and looked down around me at the pretty legs that dangled loosely from the ankles that were in turn loosely forgotten due to her focus on holding her knees open for me. I glanced backward at her feet, one and then the other, then lifted my eyes across her shins and knees, then down at her crotch. Her tiny cock was right there, laying half hard now against her belly, pointing upward. Her tummy was tense and flat and beautiful – as was her flat chest. I wanted to kiss her there, to kiss her nipples, but for right now I only looked. I gazed in amazement that this beautiful creature, this woman, this smooth-bodied wonder was in reality a man. But then I wondered which reality was more important and realized that the only reality was that this woman was all woman.

I pushed my cock further in until I could feel Denni’s ass-cheeks against my crotch. I was all the way in her now, all the way inside her body. I felt her hole and her rectum squeezing and fluttering around me, in anticipation and pleasure no doubt, but I kept my place and didn’t move. After awhile she opened her eyes quizzically at me but I only smiled and held myself deep inside her. I didn’t want to move, didn’t want to end this first wonderful moment. She finally realized this and smiled back at me, letting her knees go and wrapping her long legs around my sides. She hugged me with them, locking her ankles together behind me, and then stretched her arms over her head, clasped her hands and stretched her whole body luxuriously; her chest arching up, her nipples now visibly hard and her face showing a contentment that I could have gone on gazing at forever.

Then a moment came when I could no longer hold back. I’d had some long, reflective moments of simply breathing, existing, but now I pulled back and shoved into her – deep. She gasped and held her breath. I pulled back and rammed in again and she grunted. Her eyes shut and she began to squirm and writhe against me, her legs pulling me into her on each stroke but also lifting her bottom up to me more closely. I pulled back and rammed in again, then reached down, grasped her bottom and pulled her up more toward me. I then took hold of her legs and got them locked under my arms to hold her up. I pulled back and shoved and she moaned softly, and then I spread my knees out wide beside and under her, let her legs go and bent down low toward her. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, at my closeness, and then we kissed. I had myself all the way inside her when we did and as we did my prick lifted up in urgent excitement, but I held still while our kiss continued. She grasped her knees again and pulled them up; I got them around and on top of my shoulders and held her like that, bent nearly in half. I kissed her calf, then went back to kissing her mouth. I went back and forth like that until we wound up both kissing her calf. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy that, but then I pulled my hips back and rammed in and her eyes rolled back. She gasped in pleasure and that sound was all I needed to continue. I pulled back and shoved in again, and then I was fucking her. I was no longer making love to her, but simply fucking her, screwing her, balling her – taking her.

And as I did, she lay there enjoying every forward thrust, every backward tug. Her body moved sinuously with me, bending and folding, writhing and curling with my motions. She seemed so completely caught up with the pleasure she was feeling that her body moved automatically, instinctively, with mine. We formed a single, moving entity both of us finally breaking a real sweat and becoming glossy in the dim light.

And as I fucked her, she simply became more real to me; more of a real woman that is. Her body seemed to glow, to exude femininity, even now at the height of sexual excitement. There were no accidental slips into masculine behavior – not even voice – because, as I knew, there was nothing masculine about this gorgeous creature. Even when I pulled out and started to roll her over, she responded instinctively as a woman might, nimbly rolling on her knees, spreading them wide and then leaning down low so her ass would present itself more fully to me. I reentered her and resumed pounding away again, never having noticed or thought anything sex hikayeleri male about any movement or motion she did.

Fucking her this way, from behind, had its own charms. I could see her back, her shoulders, her waist and her ass, then most of her thighs. I reached down and caught a handful of her hair and ran my fingers through its silkiness as I reamed her wider and wider. Then I grabbed her hair and pulled back on it gently, raising her head and making her gasp. I was riding a horse and this was her bridle. She held her head up for me and then began to lean back toward me, arms straight in the air above her head. I put my arm around her and held her too me as my hips went mad all on their own. My lower half was rolling, thrusting and pulling, shoving my cock in and out of her ass like a plunger, but above the waist the two of us were more or less motionless, just me hugging her and running my hands down her smooth front and later her reaching back and running her fingers through my hair. I kissed her neck and she sighed. It as if there was a storm happening around us – the wet smacking of my sweaty crotch against her sweaty ass, the bed rocking and creaking, the feverish motions and hard breathing – but here, right here where I was kissing her neck and she finally turned and kissed my mouth, it was calm, warm and loving.

But then I wanted to see her face-on again. I didn’t want to pull out so I leaned one way, got my knee over her left calf so both her legs would be together, then held her and began rotating her entire body around my cock. She rolled herself nimbly around and ended up flat on her back again, knees drawn up to her chest so her legs would be out of the way. I was still deeply inserted and took a moment to simply stare down at her. Both her feet were side by side right in front of me while she waited for me to get comfortable again. When she saw I was she began to spread her legs out and around me like before, but I caught her ankles and held them up. I couldn’t resist her legs, her feet, her toes, and as I started to lick and kiss both of them, I caught a definite sparkle in her dark eyes. There was even an extra little squeezing tremor that her anal ring gave my prick. Still feasting on her beautiful feet, I let my lower half go again and moments later I was back in the same in and out rhythm, this time being able to enjoy the sight of Denni’s face and throat and collarbones, her chest and belly, and especially, her legs and feet.

Then, probably because so many of these exciting things were all present at once, the burning feeling started deep inside me. I didn’t try to hold it back. I felt it making a hot vein through the center of my prick as it forced up and through. My cock started its undulating, motion and a moment later I was cumming deep inside Denni’s body. She felt it, sensed it and enjoyed it. She shook against me like a leaf, her legs pressing down against my chest to lift her up to me. I caught her left first toe in my mouth and sucked it back and forth furiously and then I heard her grunt.

It was a different grunt, not like all the ones that came from having a big cock slamming her rectum. I looked down between her legs and there, stiff and pulsating, was her own small organ, undulating as mine was, but in thin air. A big puddle of cum was already forming on her belly, with more gushing out in thick droplets. She gasped and grunted again. I felt her ass-hole quivering and clenching around my own spurting prick but I pulled and rammed, pulled and rammed wanting to give her the utmost in pleasure.

Had she been masturbating? I thought back and only remembered her hands being over her head or reaching up to me or covering her mouth as she grunted and moaned. Even now her hands were spread out straight at the ceiling as the climax continued. I grabbed them both and held them to my nose. I inhaled, wanting to smell semen on them but there was nothing. I kissed her fingers and freed her hands but she just reached for the ceiling again as her curved, tense body continued to shake. I looked down, watching semen ooze and pulsate out of her. I hadn’t leaned down low enough to massage her cock between our abdomens.

No, she had cum simply from having my dick so deeply up her ass. I’d heard of that but had never seen it or experienced it. There was the proof though. I was about to congratulate myself when an unexpected surge of energy or pleasure or something went through me. It made me gasp, made my deflating prick harden for just another moment, and then the feeling was gone. It was like having a dry climax I supposed and in my case, a second climax from the same ejaculation. I held myself inside her, held her legs to me and simply watched as her pleasure slowly faded. Mine did too but I as still to fascinated and in love with how beautiful Denni was, how feminine, how completely and utterly sexy. I was still gazing at her, appreciating her, when my dick finally slipped out of her. porno hikayeleri I breathed a sigh of relief and gently lowered her legs to the bed. She sighed too, and then just lay there, legs together again, breathing and enjoying the afterglow. I lay beside her and watched the puddle of semen start to drip down her sides. I reached over and dipped my finger in it, brought it to my lips and licked it off. Just as before, it was wonderful. Familiar now, but still just as creamy and thick and wonderful.

Denni reached her fingers down and put them in her cum, bringing them up dripping wet. She held them up to look at, let droplets hit her chest, and then turned her head and grinned at me.

“…so much…” she breathed. She seemed amazed. “I hardly ever have a second time; they usually use me and leave. But I’ve never had this much come out the second time.” I took her hand brought it to my mouth and sucked her fingers clean. This also amazed her, but then, without blinking an eye, she grabbed my dick, squeezed it, milked it upward and caught a large glob of it on her other finger and quickly fed it into her mouth. Seeing her do that – and do it so deftly and playfully – got my just spent cock lifting again slightly. It made me think that this woman was somehow more than a woman. Her entire soul and spirit was almost overloaded and oozing with femininity to the point where such a simple, uncomplicated thing as she’d just done would have so much meaning. I finally sat forward and kissed her mouth and for a moment we shared semen between us, our tongues transferring it back and forth – my own in this case, but that was quickly enlarged in scope when I made a quick ‘visit’ down to her belly, lapped up a good tongue load of her cum and came back up to push it into her mouth. She started giggling and I started laughing and semen started to spurt out the sides of our mouths. It got a little messy but it really and truly brought the whole playful side of things back full. I hadn’t felt that way in years upon years, having always taken sex as something so serious it wasn’t to be played with.

How dreary – and that’s how I’d become.

And now with this beautiful, playful kitten at my side, things seemed fun again. Of course I was going to seriously fuck this lady again and hopefully more than once, but for now, just hearing her laugh (which was a breakthrough apparently for herself) was enough.

When we got up, we got up rather slowly. Denni, even at 24, looked a little stiff and sore, especially her legs. I’d had her bent in two and decided I wasn’t going to do that anymore. But once her feet were on the floor and she lifted her arms overhead and stretched, she seemed okay. I on the other hand, a 57 year old geezer (and a rather rich one I might add), took a little longer to work the kinks out – so to speak. When I was finally able to stand straight and walk, I already had another erection and it was caused by seeing this lithe bodied little nymph stretching and turning and going about the room picking things up – naked. She seemed oblivious to the fact that her more than feminine charms were wreaking havoc with me until she turned at one point, saw my condition and came sashaying quickly over. She didn’t seem to be open to suggestions and simply went directly down on her knees, opened her lovely mouth and took the entire length and breadth of my cock into her head. She began sucking me back and forth as I stood there and the combination of her pale kneeling body, contrasted with her beautiful long, dark hair waving back and forth in conjunction with her head movement simply set me off. I watched the top of her head for awhile, gazed at her glossy hair and the creamy thighs below, felt her tight, wet mouth, and in record time I was spurting. Usually it takes me twenty minutes to cum from a blowjob.

This had been about five.

But like I said, there was something almost overly sexual about Denni. It was like her body couldn’t contain it. But it was a womanly sexuality; that was the whole thing. It was as if this inner woman (which he was), had so much sexuality that it made even his having a dick unimportant to the point where it wasn’t even thought of. Even by someone like me, a trucking magnate in my own right and a ‘man’s man.’

I smiled at that. Perhaps I was literally more a ‘man’s man’ than my good ol boy buddies ever thought of.

But then of course, Denni wasn’t a man by any way shape or form. As I spurt my second load directly down his throat (he seemed able to open his throat like a sword swallower) I was again struck by how inappropriate his or him was. She kept sucking till nothing more came out, then leaned back on her heels and hands, grinning up at me like some magical elf or pixie or something. I looked down at her, since she was doing anything but trying to cover herself up, and once again saw only the pale V of her crotch and the smaller v of her bush and then her thighs and everything seks hikayeleri else. A woman, plain and simple. I reached down to her and she took my hand and sprang to her feet.

“Wanna catch an early breakfast down at the ocean?” I asked her and she nodded and went to her day bag. She brought out a tee shirt and put that on, then stepped into long jeans and started to zip them up. “Uh, anything short, to show off your legs?” I asked, and she looked up at me in dismay. She shook her head.

“I can pass, you know,” she whispered. “Wouldn’t you…prefer I dress like a man while in public with you?” Now I shook my head.

“Is that what the others wanted?” I asked Denni. She simply blinked at me. “They were ashamed of being with you and never took you anywhere?”

“A few times,” she said wistfully. “But mostly they would just fuck me and have me leave. We never…went out anywhere.”

“Well do you or don’t you have something short?” I asked. “Something sexy but not flashy. Normal sexy stuff, like…you’re on vacation with me and we’re just hanging out…informal but…you know…pretty…” Denni waited while I stumbled through my thoughts, then grinned a happy grin at me. A proud grin.

“How…feminine do you want me to be?” she asked.

“I’d like you to just be yourself,” I said.

“But I don’t want you to be embarrassed to be seen with me,” she said, and I raised my hands finally.

“Whatever you deem fit,” I said, and she gave me a smirk, took off her tee-shirt, reached down in her back and brought out a small plastic box and something in a plastic bag. She then turned demurely away from me and opened the bag and box. She was doing something in front of her, at her chest and down below, and then, still with her back turned, she went to her pile of discarded clothes from earlier in the night, she stepped into her panties and pulled them up tight. With all the lights on like they were now, I saw that the panties had a special sort of band or strap in the crotch that allowed Denni to pull his genitals up and have them completely disappear up between his legs. When he leaned over to his day bag again I noticed there wasn’t even a hint of cock or balls protruding from the backside. It was perfect.

Then she reached in her bag and brought out a short, sleeveless, ribbed string-strap top, put that on, then brought out a small folded piece of cloth. At least it looked small until she stood and unfolded it.

It was a happily flower-printed drawstring skirt; one of those ankle length wraparound things. She put it on and tightened the string. It was so thin and beautiful it just hung straight down from her hips to the tops of her feet. She finally turned and looked up at me and swayed her hips and twisted them to show me how the thing draped. It was exactly what I’d gone on about; simple, pretty, feminine and casual.

But what had been added from that little box and the plastic bag was amazing. Now small, hard points protruded from under the front of her blouse. They were falsies of some kind but not obviously so. They showed as nipples through the cloth, erect nipples, but shaped and formed like a woman’s nipples – with that lovely, tiered, ‘tophat’ shape. Below this wonderful girl now had a very slight and subtle – but definitely feminine abdominal bulge. That had been the thing in the plastic bag; some sort of self adhesive application which perfectly matched her skin tone. The change was shocking to me.

And beautiful!

And she looked totally believable standing there, with little makeup and what amounted to schlepping clothes; not the fancy dancy stuff she’d worn at the club. Then she brought out a pair of rubber flip flops and stepped into them and then stood with her hands on her hips waiting for me!

I hurried to dress and was out the door with her on my arm ten minutes later.

Walking along the still busy main street of the resort town, I felt a strange sense of pride I hadn’t felt in years. I was walking beside a beautiful young woman, obviously in her 20s, who walked and moved and gestured just as any happy young woman would. And whenever I paused to glance over at her, that is what I saw; a happy young woman who now was on one of her apparently rare ‘dates’ out in public, enjoying the fresh air and sights and sounds of the town. And it didn’t seem she was pleased to be in drag in public and catching the eye of just about every passerby we met; it was that she seemed to feel a sense of joy that she was with someone who accepted her totally.

And I did.

She seemed free and happy and out from under some cloud she had lived under for years upon years; a sad, lonely story which had now ended somehow. Then some pasty skinned slob stopped us.

“Pretty girl,” he grinned. “Your daughter?” He winked knowingly and I winked back. Apparently he didn’t know as much as he thought, and in fact had just given Denni the biggest, most sincere compliment yet.

“God what a jerk!” she grumbled as we strolled on. “Is it so obvious that I’m an escort or call-girl or something?”

“Yah, but there wasn’t any question about you being a girl though, right?” I said, and Denni looked at me with a brow raised.

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