Fates Decided Pt. 01-02

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Part 1

He took a deep breath in, his hand stroking and curving over Bella’s soft ginger hair and rolling her head in his palm. She relaxed her neck for him, and he returned her head upright before taking his seat in front of her. In front of them both. Jessica kneeled beside her, both of them ready and waiting in the Primary Position. It was the position that his Submissives assumed to show that they were ready for play to be initiated.

Their hands were behind their backs, their fingers interlaced, and they kept their heads down with their eyes to the floor while they kneeled and sat on their feet. It was such an arousing sight, having them kneel before him so obediently. He preferred his Submissives with their hair down, though of course different styles had their place at times. For now, though, their hair hung like curtains, swaying across their faces and making them look so vulnerable that he had an erection already. They kept their eyes to the floor and waited patiently for instructions. They were both naked, wearing their black leather collars with a metal ring at the front, and he admired their delightful figures. Jessica was well-endowed, especially compared to Bella’s modest chest, but both of them had pretty faces, and the face was what he loved most about a woman.

The sexiest parts of a woman will always be her mind xslot and her lips.

He took something from his pocket, shiny and circular, and he held it in front of his chest. The two of them were kneeling on the blue rug, the glass coffee table shifted out of the way, and he sat in the light-grey armchair with its back to the front door. Sunshine passed through the large, frosted-glass walls at the front of the house, and his hand was set in a soft light.

“Jessica, raise your head.”

She did as she was told, slowly and without haste, and Bella noticed a tension in Jessica’s body. Whatever it was, Jessica seemed both aroused and nervous at the same time.

“Bella, you will keep your head down and listen to Jessica while she explains the game that we are about to play. Jessica, please begin.”

“The game is called Fates Decided,” she began, her voice calm but a little bit breathy. She was nervous, without a doubt, but it was the tone of a masochist preparing herself for sweet torture. Bella bit her lip. “Sir is holding a coin in his hand, and it will decide if we are going to be pleasured or punished.”

Part 2

“When Sir tosses the coin in the air, we call heads or tails. If we call it correctly, he will pleasure our bodies.” Bella bit her lip harder, but forced herself to not grin. “If we call incorrectly, xslot Giriş he is going to punish us.” She was excited.

“Bella,” he leaned forward, “please raise your head.” She took a deep breath and hid the bubbling excitement in her chest, behind a face of calm servitude. She blinked, her lips contorting while she cleared her throat. It was so dry. Her chest was tight, struggling to keep her composure. The idea of this game was thrilling. She tried to not fidget. She stared into his eyes, focused on them until her excitement was replaced by his comforting gaze. “Would you like to play this game-“

“Yes please, Sir,” she blurted out. Her grin appeared like the release of a stretched elastic band, so eager and naughty. He grinned back, in a warm way, and she knew he was happy with her reaction. Her gorgeous, plump lips parted and she let go of her held breath.

“Very well,” he sat up a bit and held the coin out in front, looking at Jessica. “Heads or tails?” Bella watched in slow-motion, his thumb snapping out from under his tensed index finger. He had this odd habit of keeping his last three fingers outstretched when he did this. The coin was pelted into the air by his nail and it span wildly on its ascent. Jessica watched it rise,

“Tails, Sir,” she giggled, for it reminded her of her favourite sex position, xslot Güncel Giriş and it landed in his open palm. He clenched his fist around it like a trap, hiding it from view, and Jessica was on all fours trying to peer between his fingers. She was like an excited pup, and while it was fun to watch, he had not given her any new instructions.

“Jessica.” His tone was not angry, but he uttered her name sharply and her mind snapped to attention. Again, his voice was calm, but it held that cutting assertion that reminded her of her place. “When are you permitted to exit the Primary Position?”

“When physically handled, or instructed to do something that requires me to no longer be in the position, Sir.”

“And ha-“

“Which I was not, so I should not have moved, Sir. My apologies, Sir.” He watched her for a silent moment.

“Heads,” he announced, and then he gave her a look. Something crossed his mind. She crawled backwards on her hands and knees and returned to her original place beside Bella. She wiped her pretty lips with the back of her wrist and held her hands behind her back once more. She was grinning, and Bella knew that Jessica was happy with her fate.

“Bella. Your turn.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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