A Friend’s Birthday Party

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This a true story. The names have been changed, but everything depicted here actually happened one night to me and my fiancée.


Katie stormed out of the apartment.

I climbed into the shower and turned the calcium crusted hot water knob. The ancient pipes moaned bloody agony, then sprayed out onto me a coating of ice water. Annoyed, I quickly decided that this brief rinse of hypothermia inducing water was enough to get me clean. I turned the water off and climbed out. I watched my self in the mirror as I toweled off.

This mirror has never once been steamed up, I realized. It was always cold in that shitty apartment. I lifted my arms and smelled my pits. Crap, I still smell, I thought. I reached into the medicine cabinet and got my deodorant. I thought about putting on a double dose, but decided that everyone tonight would quickly be drunk beyond the point of understanding such nuanced concepts as smell, speech, and probably even walking. Not that I had anything against drinking, but Katie’s friends were just a little ridiculous about it. They always seemed to convince Katie to drink more than she could handle. And for some reason they didn’t like me.

Everyone likes me right away. Katie sure did. We met at a party our senior year of college. She was drunk on merlot and really giggly and flirty. We chatted each other up in the kitchen for a few hours, and every couple of minutes she would giggle and say: “I’m not really this outgoing, but merlot makes me do funny things!”

I gave her a ride home and three weeks later we were having sex regularly (always with a condom of course. We’ve never once had sex without a condom. Not that I didn’t try and convince her otherwise, but she wouldn’t go on the pill, so condoms it was ). Two weeks after that we were officially going out. That May we graduated and she decided to move back to her home city to go to graduate school. On a beautiful spring day, we sat on a lace table cloth near a lake, having a wonderful picnic. I picked flowers and put them in her hair. She asked me to move with her back to her home town and I happily agreed. Then I asked her to marry me. She cried with joy. We set the wedding date for the summer after she was done with grad school.

So that August, we both moved across country to her home town. The incident I am describing here happened around October of that same year. I was nervous about having to make new friends, but she still had a few friends from high school and had already met some people from her grad school. She assured me that everything would be fine. She reminded me that everyone likes me right away.

But Katie’s friends didn’t like me right away. They didn’t like me at all. They never said anything to my face, but I could tell.

Walking out of the bathroom naked, I stood in front of my dresser, trying to decide what to wear to the party. I didn’t know if I was supposed to dress up or not. I had planned to judge by what Katie was wearing but we had an argument and she stormed out of the apartment before getting dressed, saying that she would be getting ready at Lisa’s apartment. So I stood there, dripping on the carpet, trying to figure out what the hell to wear. After a few minutes I was starting to get angry.

“What the fuck am I supposed to wear?” I yelled. “God damn it, Katie! I didn’t want to go to this stupid birthday party anyway!” I took in a long breath and let it out, trying to calm down.

I opted for a sort of semi-formal attire. Nice jeans and a dress shirt with a tie.

After getting dressed I looked at the clock and realized I was probably going to be late. I was hungry and had planned on eating before I left for the party, but now I didn’t have enough time. Ah fuck it, they’ll probably have food there. I thought.

I rode the bus over to Lisa’s apartment. Sure enough, I was late. As I walked up, I could see that the limo was already there, and that Lisa was standing outside of it on the driver’s side with her arms crossed. An annoyed body signal if I’d ever seen one. I looked at the cocktail dress she was wearing and felt a little bit of relief as I decided that I was probably appropriately dressed for the party. As I got closer I could hear the music blasting from inside the limo.

“Happy Birthday, Lisa!” I said as I approached.

“Where the fuck have you been, Steve.? We’ve been waiting for you for a half an hour.”

“Sorry. I lost track of time.”

“I’m paying for this limo, you know! I had to pay for you losing track of time.”

“Sorry!” I said. I waited for her to say something or move out of the way to let me get in the limo, but she did neither. There was a long, long awkward pause. Feeling uneasy, I said: “So, uh…where’s Katie?”

Lisa’s mood changed visibly; she was clearly not really annoyed. I realized that she was just pretending to be annoyed, just to give me a hard time. For some reason, she really enjoyed giving me a hard time. “Oh, everyone’s in the limo,” she said. “Come kuşadası escort on, get in, let’s go.” She opened the door and climbed in. I followed.

It was quite dark inside, but I could tell that the limo was packed. I was in the seat nearest the door on the driver’s side, and Lisa was right next to me in the middle seat.

“Well close the door, already!” she said to me. I reached out and grabbed the handle, pulling it closed with a thud. Lisa reached up to the control panel on the ceiling. She pressed the intercom button and said: “Go ahead driver!”

The car started moving and everyone let out a cheer.

“Party!” someone yelled.

“Spring break!” someone retorted and everyone laughed.

“Hey Steve!” I heard someone call my name. “Nice tie!” he said, and a half the people laughed.

“Uh… thanks.” I strained to see down the limo; my eyes had not yet adjusted to the lack of light. At the very far end of the limo I could just make out Robert, who I assumed was the one that just sarcastically insulted me. He was still laughing. Two women sat on either side of him and he had is arms around both of them. Asshole, I thought. Robert was one of the friends Katie recently met at grad school. Everything he said was passive-aggressive, and all the ladies seemed to love that.

The women Robert had his arms around were half in the shadow, but I could tell that I didn’t recognize them. They were both dressed in very revealing white cocktail dresses and were snuggling up to Robert like there was no tomorrow. As my eyes adjusted further I saw just how crowded the limo really was, as every seat was taken and about 6 or 7 people were actually sitting on the floor. I realized I knew hardly anyone in the limo. I heard Katie’s voice and looked for her, but it was too crowded. I was on the same side of the limo as the long couch like seat that runs from the front of the limo to the back. Because my angle was so bad, I could only see the person sitting closest to me on that seat. Everyone else was blocked from my view. I heard Katie’s voice again and I realized that she was sitting towards the front of the limo on this long seat, and thus was blocked from my view. I began to try and lean over to make eye contact with her.

Just then Lisa handed me a tall glass of brownish liquid.

“Here Steve, drink this.”

“What’s this?” I asked.

“It’s my own concoction. It’s called the Carpet Bagger’s Only Friend,” she said.

“Interesting name. What’s in it?”

“Booze, you idiot. Now drink up! This is a party!” I took a cautious sip and was greeted by a very pleasant taste. I took a bigger gulp.

“Hey! There’s no booze in this!” I said.

“Yes there is!” she assured.

“I can’t taste any.”

“I know. Wonderful, isn’t it?” I continued drinking it.

Three drinks and a half an hour later, I could tell that there actually was booze in it. I started to feel good. Relaxed. The music was going pretty loud, so you could only really talk to the people right around you, but that didn’t even bother me too much.

“So where we headed, Lisa?” I asked.

“What? I can’t hear you, speak up!” she responded.

“Where we headed?” I yelled.

“Right now we’re just driving around until it gets completely dark. Then we’re going to Overlook Point to get a view of the city lights, and after that we’re meeting up with some of my other friends at a bonfire in the woods!”

“Oooo, bonfire…awesome!” I said and she laughed. I wondered why she laughed, and then realized that I was probably a little drunker than I thought. I took it easy for a little while.

“Is there any food in here? I’m starving!” I asked, thinking I could sober my self up a bit if I had some food in my stomach.

“All the food was at my apartment. You missed it since you were late!” Lisa responded. Oh well. I thought.

I started surveying the people in the limo. I couldn’t really hear what any of them were saying over the music, but I was getting a kick out of watching everyone. Katie’s friend Derreck was sitting on the floor about half way down and was being very animated with his gestures, making everyone around him laugh. It was good Derreck was there, as he was one of the only people that I got along with.

After looking around some more I realized that the only people I knew in the limo were Lisa, Robert, Derreck and Katie, though I still couldn’t see her. There might have been one or two other people sitting out of sight near Katie that I knew, but of the 30 or so people that I could see, I only knew Lisa, Robert and Dereck. The rest were all strangers to me. That made me a little uncomfortable, but I pushed it out of my mind.

Something at the other end of the limo caught my eye. One of the girls under Robert’s arm was waving at me. Or was she? I couldn’t tell, actually. But what caught my eye was that her dress had started to slip down. It was about halfway down her boobs, her push-up bra sticking part way out above it. No, she definitely was waving at me. I squinted my eyes to try and make out her face better.

I laughed a little on the inside as I realized that it was Cynthia, a close friend of Katie’s! Katie, Cynthia and Lisa were like the three musketeers or something similar. They had been friends in highschool and picked right back up when Katie and I moved back. I was delighted that I could see the top of her boobs, as I had always found her attractive. That changed my mood for the better. This party is sweet! I thought.

Apparently she had been waving at me for a while, because when I waved back, a look of relief came over her face. She smiled at me and winked. I laughed and winked back. It was too great. Her dress seemed to be migrating down her body on its own, as if it had its own mind or something. Wonderful, I thought. She did a little dance in her seat. I mimicked her dance back to her and she laughed and threw her head back a little bit, causing more of her boobs to sneak out of her dress. I was pretty sure that if I had been sitting over by her, I would have been able to see a nipple by that point. She brought her head back down and smiled at me and I was starting to feel really good.

Then she looked over at Robert and smiled. No, not at Robert, but at the woman under Robert’s other arm. I could make her face out now too, and I saw…Holy Shit, that’s KATIE! That’s Katie under his arm!

A feeling of confusion descended upon me. No, no, no, no, calm down, Steve. That’s not Katie. It’s just some who looks like…she has to be sitting over against the wall where I can’t…let me see.

I frantically crawled over Lisa to see the part of the Limo which I couldn’t see before. I quickly but precisely scanned everyone’s face all the way down the limo. None of them were Katie. I sat back in my seat. I rubbed my eyes with my hands, then looked back down the limo. The girl under Robert’s arm was indeed Katie.

Katie was waving at me too now, smiling a very devilish grin. Memories of our argument earlier in the evening flashed through my mind. What was the argument about? Shit I couldn’t even remember. Something stupid, something not important. No that wasn’t right. Something that I said was unimportant. Yes. But Katie said that it was important to her. She was pretty mad. More mad than usual. What did she say? I can’t remember. What did she yell? “You’ll be sorry!” What did I say? “How dramatic!” Then she stormed out. Slamming the door. Shit. Shit.

She was still waving, and now she was laughing a little. I began rationalizing in my mind. Okay, she’s mad so she’s flirting with Robert to get even. It’s okay. It’s Okay. I began to calm down a little. Everything will be fine, just a little harmless flirting. No big deal. I flirt with a girl every now an again, so it’s no big deal if– She stopped waving and put her hand down.

With her arm out of the way, I could clearly see the top of her dress, down around her waist, her black lace bra completely exposed. My fiancee was sitting in a limo with her dress half way off, showing off her bra to anyone who might look. She winked at me. She looked back at Cynthia and they both laughed. I felt light headed.

Just then we pulled up to Overlook Point. The music stopped and Lisa yelled: “Everybody out!” She reached around me and opened the door and I was pushed out by the swell of people trying to get out.

I fell onto the concrete, but quickly got up and out of the way. I stood near the door waiting for Katie to get out so I could have it out with her. My mind was having trouble comprehending it. Why was her dress down? Is this a dream? Did Robert pull her dress down? I was going to punch Robert in the face, I decided.

I waited and waited as everyone poured out, but no Cynthia, Robert or Katie. I peeked my head back inside. No one. You idiot, they got out on the other side. I thought. I quickly scanned the crowd for Katie. I got sight of her, thankfully she had pulled her dress up before getting out of the limo. I ran around the limo to catch her. I was going to take her off to somewhere private and defuse the situation before anything else happened. If I could just get her alone and talk to her with out anyone else around I knew that everything would be fine, that she would tell me that it was all a joke.

“Katie!” I said quietly, but she either didn’t hear me or was ignoring me.

I grabbed her by the arm and she yelped out a rather loud “Ouch!” drawing everyone’s attention. Shit, now everyone’s looking. I realized.

“Sorry,” I said to her.

“Hey man, quit picking on the lady!” someone yelled.

“What’d you do that for!” she accused. I could smell merlot on her breath and her teeth had the tell tale purple hue.

“What the fuck are you doing!” I yelled at her. Whoops, I didn’t mean to curse at her.

“Don’t be such a jerk, Steve!” she yelled back.

“I’m the jerk! What the fuck! Just ’cause you’re mad about earlier doesn’t mean you have to start acting all…” shit I’m losing it! Calm down, Steve, calm down!

“Hey, let’s all calm down, take a deep breath-” Robert started to stay.

“Fuck you!” I yelled in his face. I felt my fists clench. Images flashed through my mind of my fist breaking Robert’s face. Just then Derreck appeared. He put his hand on my chest and gently pushed me away from Robert and Katie.

“Calm down, Steve. Don’t go making a scene. It’s okay.” Robert put his arm around Katie and they walked away.

“Hey man, back off!” I yelled at Derreck.

“Hey don’t go yelling at me!” he said. “I’m on your side. There aren’t even any sides. I think you’ve just had a little too much to drink”

“But what about them-” I started.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go talk to them. I’ll smooth everything out. Everything will be fine. Katie will be in your arms, moaning with pleasure before the night is over. I’ll smooth everything out.”

“You better, otherwise I’m gonna go punch-“

“You’re not going to punch anyone. Just relax and I’ll go take care of everything.” I was still furious but I was beginning to calm a little.

“Okay, okay. Thanks Derreck. You’re a good friend.”

“No prob,” he said and walked away to find Robert and Katie.

We stayed at Overlook Point for about another twenty minutes. I tried mingling with people, but everyone was avoiding me for some reason. I got the feeling that they were all talking about me too. I just went back in the limo.

Everyone else piled in a few minutes later, and I got pushed down to the opposite end as before, up at the front, away from the doors. Katie, Robert , Derreck, Cynthia and Lisa got in the limo last and sat near where I was sitting the first time. I was left way down at the other end with no one I knew. The limo started up and we drove away.

“Hey, we’re out of booze!” someone yelled.

“Oh no!” someone else yelled. “Disaster!”

“Don’t worry about it, we’re meeting the rest of the group at a liquor store anyway. We’ll stock up some when we get there.” Cheers.

Somehow the moon roof got opened up and Katie stood up and stuck her head out the window. Since the music was much softer this time, I could hear her giggling in joy. That calmed me a little bit, as I realized that Derreck had done as he said he would. Then someone yelled:

“Show us your boobs!”

Katie peeked her head back in and responded, “Haha, no!”

“Show us your boobs!” someone else this time. Suddenly the whole limo began taking up the chant: “Show us your boobs! Show us your boobs!” Even the girls. Even Lisa and Cynthia.

“Oh, you guys!” Katie laughed.

“Show us your boobs! Show us your boobs!” Everyone chanted over an over again, louder and louder each time until everyone was yelling as loud as they could. “Show! Us! Your! Boobs!” Don’t do it, Katie. I hoped. Don’t do it! She was always a sucker for peer pressure.”Show! Us! Your! Boobs!”

“Oh alright!” she yelled and the whole limo cheered. It suddenly got quiet as she reached up to the top of her dress. A dozen or so people scrambled to get their cameras out as she hooked her thumbs under the material of her dress. This all seemed agonizingly slow to me as my mind scrambled frantically trying to come up with something to stop this situation.

I couldn’t do anything to stop it so I just concentrated on the fact that she would only be showing off her bra. A slight sense of relief came over me with the knowledge that they would only be seeing her in her bra and not her bare breasts as they called for. Okay, I could live with that. It’s just a bra, after all. A smile came over my face.

I watched. She slowly lowered the top of her dress, emancipating the milky white tops of her breasts, slowly down, following the hint of blue veins, down further, slow and steady, further down. Here comes the bra, suckers! I thought. She kept lowering the dress, and I watched as the brownish pink tops of her areolas peeked out from beneath the dress. Further down it went , covering less of her body. Her nipples plopped out simultaneously, erect and in full view of everyone. Where’s her bra! She kept pushing the material down until her breasts were entirely exposed to the whole limo. 30 pairs of eyes staring at the bare breasts of my fiancee! People cheered. Pictures flash. I was momentarily blinded. Where’s her bra, where’s her BRA!

I saw Robert, cheering, clapping his hands. Around his neck hung a piece of black lace. My fiancee’s bra! When she had taken it off…and under what circumstances…I had no idea. Shit, shit, shit! I thought.

Someone yelled “Dance!” and Katie started dancing back and forth, her tits swaying obscenely and in full view of everyone. Then people began reaching their hands up and grabbing her breasts. I heard Katie giggle wildly. She wasn’t trying to stop them. I wanted to lunge over there to stop her but I couldn’t get up, there was too many people in my way. There was three, four..no,.five hands molesting her breasts at the same time. She was still giggling wildly, a smile on her face.

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