A Naughty Bit of Halloween Fun

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As we left the restaurant he slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me in close to his side.

“Baby, the way you are looking tonight we may have to make this evening as short as that dress is.” His hand at my waist slid down a few inches to caress the upper curve of my ass. Just enough of a teasing touch to let me know where he really wanted his hand to be without shocking anyone who happened to glance over. Coupled with the heated look in his eyes, it was almost enough to make me to forget all about the bit of Halloween fun I had talked him into. Almost.

“Oh no you don’t! You promised to take me to the haunted house. I know they’re a bit silly, but no matter how old I get I still love a good scare.”

“And I suppose if I back out you’re going to make me pay for it later.” His wry grin told me he didn’t really mind, he just loved tweaking my ire.

“Well just think, if you DON’T back out you can make ME pay for it later.”

He came to an abrupt stop, turning to face me and pulled me in close. Leaning his head to the side he brought his lips close to my ear. In a husky voice he whispered “Pay for it? If you’re going to make me wait then I’ll make you BEG for it.” He dropped his head further and gave me a little nip on the neck right in the spot that he knows just drives me wild. It sent a shock through my body, and started a damp heat between my legs. My heart jumped in my chest and my breathing became fast and shallow. How does he unerringly find that magical switch that turns my brain off and my libido on every single time? I didn’t even know the damn spot existed until he came along but somehow he found it and doesn’t hesitate to use it to his advantage whenever it suits him.

As I struggled to reboot my brain and form if not a witty, at least a vaguely coherent retort he released me and stepped back saying “OK if you insist. Let’s go get our spooky on” With that he turned to walk towards the car. For a moment I just stood there slack jawed and dumbfounded. So, he wanted to play teasing and taunting did he? Well, two can play at that game. With a smirk on my face and a swing in my hips that I knew always draws his eyes to my ass (my best feature according to him) I headed across the parking lot. This was going to be even more fun than I thought.

The haunted house was the typical setup, with different rooms you walk through, a new scene in each. As we entered “The Asylum” a horrible shriek came from the darkness and a figure clad in a bloody straight jacket came running towards us thrashing and screaming. Instinctively he stepped in front of me, placing himself between me and the “madman”. While his gallantry was sweet and touching, it was also an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up. I pressed myself into his back and wrapped my arms around his chest as if I were cowering in fear. My breasts pressed into his back and my thumbs “accidentally” brushed across his nipples as I clutched him. I felt them pebble up under my touch. I’m not the only one who has a secret sensitive spot. I rested my head on his shoulder and whispered “My hero. How shall I ever repay you for saving me? There must be SOME way I can properly thank you.” I took in a deep breath so the rise and fall of my chest rubbed my breasts against him. As I released him and pulled away, I made sure to allow my hands slide down his chest to his belly, dipping low enough to cause his breath to hitch, but just shy of being indecent should anyone look over.

At the entrance to the next room an old-timey carny told us to step right up and enter the Hall of Wonders and expounded on the freakish, fearsome and fantastic wonders we would see within. From behind me I heard “Hall of wonders? The only thing I’m wondering right now is what you’ve kuşadası escort got on underneath that dress.” He placed his hands on my hips and drew me back to him and ground his hips into my ass, letting me feel how hard he was and making me gasp before releasing me and moving on into the room with a cocky swagger. I paused just inside the entry of the room and with my back facing the wall. I carefully slipped my thumbs up the back of my skirt and hooked them on my panties, dragging them down just enough so that they could slip to my feet. Thank goodness for the darkness and my decision to wear black so no one was the wiser. I stepped my left foot out of my panties and bent my right knee hooking the panties on my heel to lift and quickly grab them. I reached for his hand as if to hold it, then stealthily slipped the little bit of black lace into his palm. With a confused look on his face he raised them to look at what he held. “What is…” His eyes widened and he quickly snatched them out of view before anyone had a chance to see what he held and shoved them in his pocket. Once again I leaned in close and whispered in his ear “now you don’t have to wait to find out. I know how much you hate to wait.”

Thus it went from one scary scene to the next. The soft brush of a hand here, a warm breath on the back of a neck there, and one thinly veiled insinuation after another until we were both beyond ready to move on to a far different form of entertainment.

The final room was a vampire scene with the requisite damsel being feasted upon by the handsome fanged predator, gasping in pleasure even as she met her doom. I knew how she felt. I was sure the handsome beast at my side would be the death of me. One last time he spoke softly next to my ear so I could feel his breath on my neck. “Look at the way he sucks and licks at her neck. He looks like he is tasting the sweetest ambrosia. Is that what my face looks like as I lap up the sweet juices from your pussy? She certainly arches into his mouth just like you do when I suck on your delicious clit. You moan louder than she does though, and she doesn’t tremble like you do as you are about to come.” And I was, indeed, trembling. With his arm wrapped around my shoulder he undoubtedly felt it. I did manage to save a bit of my pride by keeping my legs from wobbling as we moved forward. It was a close thing though.

Finally we reached the exit and stepped out into the cool starlit night. I breathed in the crisp night air trying to bring my breathing back to some semblance of normal. It had started feeling like the air was a bit thin in there, or maybe it was just me. I glanced over to see his eyes filled with heat and desire, and that bit of manly pride that comes from knowing the effect he was having on me. Just like that I was breathless again. Damn.

As we walked back to the car the sexual tension was almost palpable. “Hey Loverboy, how about you take me for a nice moonlit stroll on this beautiful night? We’re right by the park and we would have the paths pretty much to ourselves this time of night. Besides, I have an extra secret spot I would love to show you.” He just smiled his knowing smile, took my arm and said “lead on!” We followed the path as it trailed through the wooded park until we came to the spot I was looking for. You could still see traces of where an older dirt path had been, apparently long since abandoned in favor of the newer paved walkway. I veered off, pulling him with me, dodging limbs above and fallen branches below until we found it. A small clearing in the trees with an old weathered park bench sat alongside the remains of the path. Moonlight snuck through the opening in the trees above, making a spotlight on the bench. I walked behind the old bench placing my hands on the rough wood and looking out over the moon-dappled clearing with stars for a ceiling. “It’s beautiful isn’t it?” I shyly asked. I felt the heat of his body move behind me, his hands grasp my waist, and his breath on my neck as he responded, “yes, but it isn’t the most beautiful thing here.” For the second time tonight he found that special spot with his lips and his teeth and my knees almost buckled.

His hands slid down from my waist, caressing my ass through my skirt on their way down until he reached the bare skin of my thighs. They reversed path and ever so slowly he trailed his fingers up my legs bunching up my skirt as he went, until he reached my ass and firmly grasped it. One hand slid back down and ever so slowly moved between my legs which parted seemingly of their own volition. A single finger slipped between the folds of my dripping wet pussy. His finger, now slick with my juices circled my aching clit once, oh my, twice, oh yes, then paused making me arch against his hand and moan. His hands pulled away, leaving me feeling bereft and desperate. I heard the clink of a belt buckle, and rustling of his clothes then felt his cock slide forward to fill the aching void his fingers had left. He didn’t enter me, just slowly slid his cock between my pussy lips, rubbing up against my clit with each stroke. I was done with playing. I was so hot I was sure I would burn up if I didn’t get him inside me immediately. “I want you NOW. No more waiting.” He merely gave a deep wicked chuckle and moved even more slowly. “Damn it! What the hell are you waiting for?”

He stopped leaned in close and practically growled “I’m still waiting for you to beg. I want to hear you say please”

Passion and stubbornness clashed within me. “Fine! Will you PLEASE make up your mind and either fuck me RIGHT NOW or take me home and my battery operated boyfriend will take care of it!”

“Close enough” he growled and abruptly thrust his cock hard and deep into me. I couldn’t help but cry out with pleasure. My god. It felt so good. All the buildup and anticipation had me almost coming at the first thrust. He knew it too damn it. “Sssshhhh baby. You don’t want to get us arrested do you? If you want to be put in cuffs that badly you’re just going to have to wait until we get home.” He oh so slowly pulled out until only the tip of him remained inside me. I arched my back and he pounded into me again. I don’t think anything had ever felt so good.

Lucky for me he hadn’t waited until now to try and make me beg because at this point if he stopped I would beg and plead shamelessly for just one more stroke of him deep inside me. Hell, he probably knew but he let me have my little victory. He started to increase the pace of his thrusts, and reached around me and his fingers found my throbbing clit and began to rub. Nimble fingers knew just the right stroke, the perfect rhythm, just like they always did. I would do anything for this feeling. I finally had to admit, if only to myself, that he could have had me in a puddle at his feet at any point in the evening. From the moment we left dinner, with a few touches and whispered words he could have made me forget about our plans and had me racing home to rip his clothes off and drop to my knees. He knew he could, but he didn’t. He let me have my fun. Let me have my way. By damn now he could have anything HE wanted.

I spread my legs further apart and bent fully over the back of the park bench, lifting my ass in the air, giving him full access so he could plow even deeper inside me. “I want you to fuck me harder Baby. Faster. Give me more. Pleeeeeease.” Obligingly he slammed into me harder and quickened his pace, his fingers doing their magic as I felt my pleasure rising. I tried to hold back, wanting to revel in how good it felt for just a moment longer until he whispered “I can feel you trembling. Let go. Come for me Baby.” With that my orgasm ripped through me and I spasmed uncontrollably. I jerked with each wave of pleasure until I was spent and shaking.

He stood still for a moment, his cock still filling me, but motionless, allowing me to come down and catch my breath. As I straightened up he took a step back, pulling out of me. I turned and took his hand, leading him around to the front of the park bench. I kissed him passionately, our tongues tangling together. Then I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed him to sit on the bench and stood between his knees. “Since you finally got me to say Please, I suppose I should also properly say Thank You.”

I dropped to my knees before him, between his splayed legs. I took him in my hand and leaned over to brush the tip of his cock with my tongue. I could taste the heady combination of pre-cum and my own juices on him. He groaned with pleasure as I took his cock into my mouth, all the way to the back of my throat. I slid my mouth back off and swirled my tongue around the head once again. His fingers slid into my hair and pulled me towards him again, his hips grinding upwards to meet my face. I began to suck harder, taking him in and out of my mouth faster, drinking in the sounds of pleasure he made. Each little gasp, the sharp hissing sound of air drawn through clenched teeth, every “oh”, “ah” and “yes” began to bring back the feeling of urgency my orgasm had temporarily assuaged. Just when I thought he was about to explode in my mouth, he pulled my head away from him and gasped, “Enough! You’re not getting off that easy. I’m not done with you yet.”

He pulled me to my feet, then towards him again commanding “Straddle me. Ride me.” I placed my knees on the bench on either side off him and he scooted his hips forward until he was perfectly placed for me to grasp his thick hard cock and guide it into me as I slowly lowered myself onto him. Again that aching emptiness was filled and I ground myself into him loving the feeling. With a loud *SMACK* accompanied by an oh so sweet sting he slapped my ass and demanded “giddy up girl.” I raised myself on my knees sliding him almost all the way out of me, and then lowering again to take him back inside me. I slowly increased my speed, but purposely held back from the pace I knew he liked. I knew that to get me to go faster he would… *SMACK* “Faster”. Ah, that sweet sting. It was enough that I could no longer hold back even if I wanted to.

I began to bounce up and down on his cock with total abandon. Each time I came down, his hips thrust up to meet me. We crashed together again and again. I could feel the tension build in him even as my own body prepared to peak again. With what little breath I could muster I moaned “your turn to let go baby. This time I want you to come with me.” He looked up and our eyes locked. Our speed increased until we were both breathing heavily and glistening with sweat. Once more my body began to tremble and he grasped my hips and thrust upwards into me harder and faster as the first shocks hit my body, and the whimper I couldn’t hold back escaped me. Just as my muscles began to clench, he let out a groan of pleasure. Our lips met, muffling if not silencing our mutual cries. My hips bucked as he spilled himself into me.

Our panting breaths mingled as we slowly came back to earth. The sheen of sweat on my heated skin began to turn to the prickles of goose bumps in the cool fall air. I leaned into his warmth, and felt his heartbeat in his chest, slowing as we both caught our breath. I whispered “Thank you baby for a wonderful night.” He pulled away and looked me straight in the eyes and growled, “don’t thank me yet. Just wait until I get you home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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