The Ranch Ch. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Author’s Note:

I first got the idea of this story when I first stumbled upon Literotica, but neither am I a writer nor I am a native English speaker, which stopped me from writing on any forum. This is my 1st try to write a story so there will be a lot of grammatical errors in this story. Furthermore, I’m writing these stories for my own pleasure, so it doesn’t matter if someone isn’t happy about the story I wrote or the grammar mistakes I’ve made. Also if you have decided to go ahead & read the story, read the 1st chapter because otherwise, this story won’t make any sense at all.

And lastly, all characters included in the story have legal age.


Almost a month has passed since the death of Emma’s & Mia’s parents, on that day both sisters rushed out to the car along with Sophia to the hospital when they reached the hospital it didn’t take them long to identify the belongings.

At first, Sophia was really helpful, she helped both sisters with the funeral arrangements but soon her inner beast came out, she was working as a farmhand for the past 2 years one they were underage & second because the parents of the twins were alive at that time. But now with them being dead & the fact that twins didn’t have anyone else to go to her behavior changed, she started groping twins inappropriately almost all the time & she also moved into their parent’s room from her quarters.

One night when both of the twins were asleep, Sophia came into their room she had a cloth in her hand which was soaked in chloroform, very carefully she put the cloth on top of Mia’s nose & within 5 seconds she was unconscious. After she completed her first task she then moved onto the next one, Emma was still asleep without the knowledge of what just happened.

Sophia xslot began groping Emma’s ass through her red nightgown & when she was about to take off Emma’s underwear she woke up but at that very moment Sophia put her large hand on Emma’s face & started choking her other hand, Emma looked so scared with everything that was going on, Sophia calmly explained about how she made her sister unconscious & if she tries to make any sort of noise she will choke her to death when Sophia was certain that Emma won’t make any unnecessary noise she loosen her grip on Emma’s neck. After releasing her grip, she gets off the bed & grabbed Emma by her hair & with so much ease she dragged Emma to her new room.

Once inside the room she started undressing Emma quickly, tears began to form at the corner of Emma’s eyes, this was the first time someone was seeing Emma completely naked & she was very nervous, although she really liked Sophia but the Sophia she liked & knew was kind & heartwarming, she never saw this side of Sophia.

On the other hand, Sophia was also stunned by the beautiful body of Emma, Emma tried her best to cover her breasts with one hand while the other hand was trying to hide her cute & tiny penis. Sophia forced Emma to get down on her knees while she brought herself on the edge of the bed, when Emma was on her knees Sophia said “Let me make myself clear! From now on, you’re my fucktoy! I want to see those pretty lips around my fat cock before I lose my patience. I want my dick nice and wet before I fill that fine ass of yours with it! & if I feel your teeth on my cock I’ll break your fucking teeth”.

Emma’s mind was swaying with fear. She pulled down her baggy jeans revealing the biggest cock Emma had ever seen. It slapped her in the face as it swung wildly, finally free from those pants.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Put that mouth xslot Giriş of yours to work!”

Emma desperately looked into those hungry eyes, “I’ve never done this before… I’ve never been with anyone before.” Sophia shouted “There is always a first time for everything. Now either you’re going to suck my cock with that pretty little mouth of yours or I’m going to fuck it.”

“Please don’t make me do this!” Emma pleaded. “Please!”

“I guess I’m just going to have to fuck it!” She grabbed Emma’s hair and pulled up causing her to scream. Just as Emma opened her lips, her mouth was instantaneously filled with the massive tip of her girl cock. She kept forcing it in until it touched Emma’s throat. She started gagging. Sophia slapped Emma’s face with her free hand. Her eyes began to tear up. Sophia grabbed her head with both hands as she twisted her hips back in forth bringing her cock in and out of Emma’s throat. Finally, Sophia pulled out as a string of spit followed. Sophia grabbed her cock with one hand as the other still gripped Emma’s hair. Her cock smacked so hard against Emma’s cheek it made a loud smack. Sophia then rubbed her cock across Emma’s face, smearing Emma’s spit everywhere. Sophia slammed her cock back in Emma’s mouth all the way down to her throat and held it there. Emma couldn’t breathe! she started panicking, grasping Sophia’s thighs trying to push her away. More tears started falling from Emma’s eyes.

Finally, Sophia pulled out again. “We’re going to have to work on your gag reflex. Once I’m done with you, you’ll be able to take this prick like a good little faggot.”

Emma was desperately trying to catch her breath. “Don’t worry darling, you’ll soon come to enjoy worshiping my cock. God, you’re the cutest thing I ever see.”

Still panting for air Emma cried “Please No more” She bent down and pulled Emma’s xslot Güncel Giriş hair bringing her closer. “I determine when we’re through.”

Sophia stood back up and forced her dick back into Emma’s mouth. Grabbing her head with both hands once more as she started thrusting fast and hard, getting into a rhythm. Emma gathered her little left strength & tried to break free, but Sophia was just too strong. Sophia grabbed Emma’s hands and flung them aside and slapped her face. “Quit struggling you little bitch!”

Emma tried to suck in as much air as her nose could muster before Sophia crashed her member once more deep down in Emma’s throat, making her neck bulge to the shape of Sophia’s cock.

“That’s it suck my dick until I blow my load down your throat, slut!” Sophia shouted & she continues to thrust rapidly. “I’m getting close, faggot! Get ready!” Emma’s eyes bulge out as Sophia’s pace increases to blinding speeds.”


Swallow Everything you fucking worthless faggot!!” Sophia roars! Emma could feel Sophia’s cock pulsing across her tongue as she erupts. Large globs of semen shoot from the tip of Sophia’s dick into Emma’s throat.

Sophia continues blowing her load down Emma’s throat as she attempted to breathe through her nose! Emma swallowed frantically as Sophia tightly grips her hair, not allowing Emma to move an inch. Finally, Sophia relents and allows Emma to fall over onto the floor as she gasps for air.

“Hey slut, how about you clean off my cock for me! Don’t want to leave a mess,” Sophia says. Emma gently leans her head down into Sophia’s lap as she took her softening member into her mouth and begins softly nursing on it. Emma followed this up by cleaning around the soft strands of hair on her crotch, at the base of her shaft. As soon as Emma finished cleaning Sophia’s cock, she ordered her to get her clothes & get the fuck out of her room. Emma took her belongings, left the room & started approaching her room. When she got inside she was so tired but was relieved to see that her twin sister was still asleep although still under the influence of chloroform.

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