First Chastity Game

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My name is Iris. I love sex and I love my husband — not necessarily in that order. I also really and absolutely enjoy sex. Sex games. Domination games. I’m the domme. Jay, hubby, is my sub.

It all started when Jay and I were skimming through the items on an online sex boutique. A cock cage piqued our curiosity. It looked great and it could be locked. I immediately imagined myself as the key holder to Jay’s cock.

When I asked him if he would be willing to try it, he agreed. We ordered the cock cage. It changed both our lives — for the better.


We both returned home from work around the same time to find that we had received the cage. We have no children, so I opened the parcel immediately. While Jay was setting up the barbecue for dinner, I avidly explored the toy. The mechanism was easy to understand.

Before he could get an erection, I dropped his pants and slipped the cage onto his cock. The effect was instantaneous. His expression changed. He realized that I now controlled his sexuality — at least for the next few hours. He became seriously aroused but couldn’t get an erection in the cage.

He couldn’t concentrate much on the cooking, and neither of us cared to eat anyway. We went upstairs to the bedroom, stripped as we made up the rules. As it turned out, the rules were very simple. The decisions as to when and how long he would wear it jojobet would be entirely mine. What would be done to his cock once I liberated him from the cage would be my decision as well.

Jay readily accepted the rules because he really gets excited when I get excited and I could tell that he knew I was hot for the toy. The funny thing is Jay is founder, owner and president of a medium sized company and would never submit to anyone outside the bedroom.

So we got started. I told him that I wanted him to lick my clit real slow. I had never told him before how to make love to me. But the cage changed everything. I had complete control. He did lick my clit real slow. I then told him to speed up and apply more pressure with his tongue. And then to apply long straight licks from my vagina up to the clit. After barely 5 minutes I was ready to orgasm so that I had to regain my composure. I told him to stop and lie on his back. I sat on his beautiful face.

I couldn’t believe myself as I ordered him to lick my ass and how to do it. Rimming at first, then thrusting motions, harder, farther, faster. During the facesitting, I was playing with my clit, trying to go slow, so I would last at least 10 minutes. From my position, I could see the cage with the base of his cock bulging and pulling the cage forward and his balls pulled forward by the restraining cockring.

I jojobet Giriş leaned forward and licked his tight balls. He reacted more than he usually does. After a minute I stopped licking his testicles. I told him that I wanted to concentrate on my pleasures and that his would have to wait for an undefined period of time according to my wishes. So he continued to lick my ass while I played with myself. When I so desired, I came, with his tongue in my ass. It was wonderful. I was exhausted and laid next to Jay who was particularly affectionate. He was kissing softly all over down to my toes, which he had never done before. Clearly, he was trying to get brownie points for being a good boy.

I wanted a second orgasm, as I usually do. I told him that I wanted cock, but that unfortunately his was unavailable. I made him wear a dildo attached to his mouth. I straddled his face again and slid the dildo into my vagina. I squirmed, twisted, moved up and down until I reached my second orgasm.

Again, I laid down next to him. He was really affectionate. He clearly wanted to be liberated from the cage for a monster orgasm. But I told him that I was sexually satisfied and that I had other things to do, such as having dinner. I told him that I did not want to hear about the cage until I told him so.

We had dinner. He didn’t talk much. He couldn’t concentrate. He appeared jojobet Güncel Giriş tense. Now, why would that be?

After dinner, we both went to our computer to work. Our computers are in the same room. About 2 hours after dinner, I was getting excited again about the power the cage gave me. So I started to masturbate in my chair right next to him. Real slow. He wanted to kiss me and suck on my nipples while my fingers did their work. I told him to stop talking and not to touch me. He was allowed to lick my soaked fingers once in a while. I took my time to reach a very satisfying third orgasm. And the only thing he could do was watch.

I told him he could now negotiate his release from the cage. But in the end, he had to accept my conditions: once the cage comes off, he has 60 seconds to make himself come or else he goes back into the cage. And he has to give himself a ruined orgasm, meaning that he must stop masturbating as soon as the first squirt is emerging. Two squirts is all that I would tolerate. I will then scoop the small quantity of cum off his abdomen and chest. He then will lick his cum off my fingers. Men don’t like to eat their cum so I told him he must act as though it was delicious. He must then continue to masturbate on his back until close to orgasm and come into my vagina as I sit on his cock but no later than 30 minutes from the first orgasm. He must then eat his huge creampie out of my vagina while I sit on his face, giving me my fourth orgasm of the day.

And that’s exactly how it happened. I guess, he really wanted to be released … We both thoroughly loved the experience.

Stay tuned for WEEK 2.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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