Harnessing the Power of a Penis

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Harnessing the Power of a Penis

I have always wanted to know how it would feel to have a dick. The power behind it. The male ego and attitude that goes along with it. The instant respect in any negotiation. The dominate in a suit and tie who commands control.

I had always daydreamed about it. I wonder how it would feel to have something unexpectedly pop up in my pants. How it would feel to jack off my penis.

But most importantly, how it would feel to fuck someone with it. I wondered how I could harness the penis power I have always desired.

I was overcome by my thoughts. My skin flushed over with a furious fever.

I snapped back into reality. I slumped in my chair, and almost fell asleep seated at my cubicle. I straightened my posture and attempted to shake off my sleepy eyes and wandering mind.

It’s fall now. The weather changes and early sunsets are affecting my body. I’m drained and tired and can’t seem to focus on my spreadsheets.

Fuck, I can’t focus on the task at hand. I was easily distracted from the repetitive numbers and emails. My mind was anywhere else, but somehow my thoughts all circled back to sex. The minutes dragged on and were perceived like hours.

I remembered that I still have a slew of PTO hours. If I didn’t take them soon, I’d lose them.

I asked my supervisor and was granted to take a half day. I left work at lunch time and hurried home.

When I pulled in, my husband’s car was in the drive. I walked in through the kitchen to a quiet empty house.

I took off my shoes, washed my hands, and proceeded to the bedroom for a nap.

When I reached the top of the stairs, I saw our bedroom door closed. I approached quietly and listened for a minute.

Inside the room, I could hear my husband moaning and whimpering. He was clearly receiving pleasure. Was there someone in there with him?

I furiously kept listening, waiting to hear another moan in the room, but only his haughty tones continued.

I reached for the door handle and turned it abruptly. When I opened the door, it was only him in the room.

He was laying on the bed with his legs up in the air, while fucking himself in the ass with an unfamiliar toy.

He looked up in terror, a look of shame washed over his face, as he attempted to cover himself up.

“It’s not what you think” He cried out.

“Um okay, what is it then?” I added.

“I’ve been having problems getting off lately and I purchased a prostate massager to help me”

“I had no idea you were into that aside from the occasional finger. It’s cool. Don’t stop on account of me. I will leave you to it. I’m exhausted anyways, not feeling well, i’m going to lay down before the kids get home”

I didn’t wait for a response. I turned around, closed the door, and went downstairs to the couch for a well needed nap.

I hastily covered myself up on the couch, curled into a ball, and attempted to close my eyes. I tried counting sheep, despite my exhaustion, I couldn’t sleep.

I was kinda upset that he never expressed any interest prior. If he was hiding this, what else was he not sharing? What else does he do all day, alone in the house, while I’m hard at work?

I felt excluded and jealous of his free time and sexual freedom. I kept second guessing our bond. Why did he choose https://sokkan.org not to share? Surely he would share if this wasn’t his first time, right?

Why did he think I wouldn’t be into something like this? He should know me after 20 years of monogamy and marriage together.

I have expressed for the past several years my varied interests in swinging. They were all shot down because of his insecurities.

I resorted to imagining my husband railing another girl while fucking him. I’ve told him about this and served as a sexual stimulator to spice up our sexual encounters.

I always imagined, from a male perspective, how it would feel to penetrate someone new. It was my mental “go to” when I needed to cum quick.

But now, I kept replaying what I had seen when I opened that door. I couldn’t stop the visions knowing he was still fucking himself upstairs. I wondered how hard his dick was. Then selfishly, how I compared.

It ignited my body knowing he was close to cumming in a brand new way.

I started to grind the bunch of my blankets between my legs. I couldn’t turn off my frustration and sleep.

I was so turned on, I could only think about him probing himself with the stainless silver hooked rod.

I threw off my blankets, pulled down my pants, and began to finger bang myself aggressively. I needed to get off fast. Just one finger into my wetness. In and out rubbing my clit with my palm.

It was only a matter of minutes before I came. So much, in fact, I drenched part of the couch. I quickly cleaned myself up, put my pants back on, cleaned up the couch, layed back down, and tried hard to fall asleep.

A few minutes later, my husband walked downstairs. He sat on the couch next to where I was laying and said the words no one wants to hear when they are in a relationship.

“I think we need to talk”

I opened my tired eyes and acknowledged him with full eye contact.

“Okay, I’m listening”

“I think I owe you an explanation”

“It’s fine, ” I shrugged. “I just don’t know why you felt the need to hide this part of you. You know I would be down for just about anything”.

“I know, but I just didn’t want you to think I was gay” He said quietly.

“Well I don’t think that’s the case at all. In fact it’s a huge turn on. I came down here and had to fuck myself at the thought of you doing this in private.” I exclaimed.

“I’m sorry I left you out. I thought you wouldn’t be into it and I was too embarrassed to ask”

“Ask me what exactly?”

“Well I have always fantasized about getting pegged”

I smiled at him “That’s a fair request, and I would gladly peg you. But if we are going to do it. Let’s do it right. I would like a strap on that I would also receive pleasure from”

“Really?” He said with an energetic smirk.

“Yes, you should know by now, there is very little I wouldn’t do, especially when it comes to you. I would love to fuck you hard, like you fuck me”

He leaned in and gave me a huge hug and a kiss.

We used the rest of the afternoon to look at different toys to purchase for our future shared experience.

We agreed on a set of three black silicone dildos with varying sizes, a harness, some lube, and of course expedited delivery.

All week I couldn’t stop thinking bursa eskort about how everything would happen. Planning it out. The attire, the atmosphere, the music. I wanted it to be memorable for him since I had uncovered his secret desire treasure box.

This was an unexpected twist from my chronic lover. Shaking things up from our sex life that was stuck on repeat. He was my everything to me and I wanted to be part of his fantasies. It should be my job to please him. Oh, and that I would.

The week dragged along as my anticipation grew. Then on Friday, the large package was delivered, and waiting for me when I got home from work.

My hubby still wasn’t home, so I took it upstairs so we could open it together.

I snapped a picture of the package and sent it to him with the text

“It’s on tonight” with a winking emoji.

An hour later I heard him barrel into the driveway. He walked into the kitchen with a grin and planted a huge kiss on my lips.

I was filled with excitement, butterflies in my tummy, and twitchy in anticipation to open our magic box of toys. I could hardly wait, but had to, since it was dinnertime. I plated the food and we sat down at the table with the kids.

During dinner we both stared at each other. You could almost cut the tension with a knife along with the chicken. I eyed him up like he was a menu item.

He finished his plate, complimenting the chef by lapping up his plate clean.

Fuck, I was so turned on by him tounging the plate. The same way he laps my pussy clean after he’s filled it with his spunk.

After Dinner, the kids attended a football game, and it was finally just us.

We proceeded up the stairs, I led as he spanked my ass, with each passing step.

We shut the door behind us, locked it, and unloaded the magic box of treats.

We picked out the smallest of the three black silicone shafts to use along with the scent of the lube to use for the night. Then he ran down to jump in the shower while I suited up.

I prepped the bed with a towel. Put the lube on the nightstand. Adjusted the lighting and put on some ambient but sexy mood music.

I sat naked in a chair, while I put on some black eyeliner, red kiss proof lipstick, and put my hair in two princess Leia buns.

Next, I slipped into fishnet thigh highs, black high heel boots, and a black buckled bondage corset leaving my tits exposed. Then I put on the harness and black silicone shaft.

I looked in the mirror, smitten with my image. I snapped a few pictures while I waited for him to finish with his shower.

I was so aroused and ready. It was liberating having this power between my legs.

He knocked once lightly and I opened the door. I immediately grabbed his hand, he dropped his towel, as I threw him on the bed. His ass landed perfectly onto the towel I layed out for tonight’s festivities.

I dropped to my knees and sucked him off for a bit. He became hard instantly. His body wash and pheromones were intoxicating. I could tell his excitement was heated so I needed to transition to get mine soon.

My hand traveled to his cock while my mouth traveled to his balls. Sucking on them individually then both into my mouth.

I pulled his legs up with my arms, licked his pierced taint, and then tongue orhangazi escort his hole. I made sure to get it super wet and ready for my cock. I felt him relax. His whole body was pliable and ready for me to penetrate.

I paused for a moment and reached for the lube. I slathered it all over his opening and then stroked my silicone staff with it.

I stood up, pumping my hand, and got into position to fuck him. I layed on his body and kissed him while I dragged my member across his divide. His cock pushed against my body aroused with anticipation.

I stood up fully and prepared to enter him. He prompts me to go slow.

I complied and wanted nothing more to please him. Just as each thrust was pleasing me. I reached down and stroked him while I placed the tip in his opening.

With just the tip in, I felt his whole body tense. I gave him a minute till he adjusted to my girth before I gave him my length.

The music changed and so did my rhythm. Now playing “right in two” by Tool. Nice and slow pace to begin my strides.

I looked down at him and stared in his pleasured eyes.

The fucking view will go down in my all time favorites. I knew as much when it was happening. But the memory and pictures still say a thousand words.

He moaned out loudly and his cock bulged with a veiny fortitude. I pumped into him about halfway and he gasped at my advancement.

I left it there, and jerked his cock until I could smell his balls permeate the air.

I waited. Until I knew he wanted it. Until he wanted me to take it.

“Fuck me, fuck my ass hard” He winced as I slid up into him.

Finally it was my time to take all of him. With all of the extension of me. Deep into all of him.

His ankles locked around my shoulders as I viewed him from the driver’s seat. My tits bounced freely to the beat. The harness pushed on my clit with each thrust. I was almost at the point of Internal combustion.

I couldn’t resist. I lost myself in him. I came heavy. From us. Pulsing and quivering. Sending my vibrations through him.

Maybe it was….

The sight of his hard cock in my hand.

Him taking all 8 inches of me in the ass.

Or the way his eyes roll in the back of his head.

The smell of our sex in the air

Or how his balls puckered in delight.

Or because he let me pummel him.

While I tandemly jacked him off

Whatever it was,

It had abruptly obliterated his powers to resist.

He pulsed as I tugged him vigorously when his plump, purple, headed snake began to spit. He erupted his venom for a full minute while his cock moved in my hand.

His ass tightened, thus sending shock waves to my clit. He wailed as he exploded all over my tits and face.

I couldn’t help but smile, a rosy cheeked, naughty smile. I pranced around wearing my badge of appreciation, his cum, dripping from my face.

Really, it was the night i would never forget.

First and foremost, my husband wasn’t afraid to talk to me. He felt accepted when I agreed to what he wanted. He included me and i felt closer to him because I was a witness to the pleasure. He was amazing. What a fucking turn on.

Secondly, I achieved few things on my sexual to do list. It was the closest I had ever been to two dicks in the room. One of them, I had total control over. It was a humbling and mind fucking experience.

And lastly I found out, what it was like to have a dick and how to fuck someone with it.

Having a dick really does hold a position of power. I intend to continue to harness the power of a penis.

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