A Crack in the Door

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You know I left that door open on purpose, right? I could hear you, out there in the other room, silently praying that my door didn’t latch. I left a candle burning for you, just enough light so you could see me, but I couldn’t see you, standing just inside the shadow…but I knew you were there. You’ve always wanted to watch me do this, but I’ve never been brave enough to do it for you. Until now…

I wonder if you know that it’s you I’m thinking about as I reach into my little treasure chest and pull out the purple glass one. They’re your hands that I’m imagining on my body as I lay back on the bed and pull my skirt up to my waist, baring my pussy to the candlelight. No, I’m not wearing panties today. I knew you’d be here, you see, and I wanted to be ready. The golden tangle of hair between my legs catches the candlelight, and I smile, knowing you’re taking in every detail.

I raise my knee – the one furthest from the door of course; I don’t want to block your view – and gently run the glass head up and down my inner thigh. I like the sensation of cold and smooth and oh, so hard. Each down stroke brings the dildo closer to that gold hair until finally, finally, I press it between my lips with a little sigh. I’m wet and slick already with fantasies of you: your hands, gentle but strong; your lips, so soft and warm; your cock, hard and ready at the merest thought of me. I slide the glass deep within myself, filling that aching emptiness at last. My hips raise up off the bed of their own accord, my body driven by its mindless yearning for you.

Outside görükle escort my door, I hear your breath catch at the sight of that shaft pushing its way into my pussy. If I concentrate, I can just make out the gleam of your eyes as you watch my hand moving the dildo in and out of my body. I wonder if you know that all that wetness is for you, because of you. With my other hand, I push my shirt up to my chest, then start caressing my way down…stroking my breast until the nipple stands up, then rolling the nipple between my fingers. Lower…I run my nails down my ribs to my belly, circling my navel, raising goose bumps on my own skin. Lower…I reach down between my legs, combing through the hair there with my fingertips. Lower still…until I rub my finger between my slick lips and gently, softly, over my clit. Ah, yes…that’s the spot.

Do you know what you’re doing in my fantasy while I pleasure myself on the bed? You’ve knelt between my thighs and sucked my clit into your mouth, working the little nub with your lips and tongue until it’s so flushed with blood that it has pushed its way out from under the hood. Your fingers are buried in my hole, stroking deep and hard as you nibble that little bud of pleasure.

But…wait a minute, what are you doing? I didn’t even notice you come in. You’re not hiding in the shadow anymore. Now you’re standing at the foot of my bed, your eyes locked on my hands as they caress and thrust, my pussy as it stretches around that hard, glistening shaft. You reach for your belt buckle and undo your pants, and there bursa sınırsız escort bayan you are, just as hard and ready as I imagined. I bite my lip as you start to move your own hand up and down your cock, the head glistening already with precum.

With you standing there in the flesh, my arousal skyrockets. I don’t have to imagine the dusky look in your eyes or the rhythm of your breath as you jack off with me. I can tell you’re close – you must have been touching yourself this whole time, out there in the darkness behind my door. And oh, gods, there you go…tensed up, shooting creamy spurts of cum across my thighs, my belly, my pussy…you stroke a few more times and shudder into stillness, your cock still hard in your hand.

I pull the glass out and reach a hand towards you, an open invitation. Your weight on the bed is both exciting and familiar as you crawl over my body and settle yourself between my legs. There is no pause, no adjustment, just one smooth, slick stroke until you’ve buried yourself to the hilt inside me. I sigh in contentment to be filled with what I was craving: hard and warm and smooth and now slippery with my own juices.

You brace yourself up on your elbows and start moving inside me, rocking gently inside me at first, then building up momentum as you feel me raise my hips to each thrust. I wrap my arms around your back, gripping your shoulders to match myself to your rhythm. My knees are spread as wide I as can get them, and your weight on my pelvis pushes me open even more.
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I grind myself against you while squeezing you with my internal muscles, milking you for every sensation I can get. The dark hair at the base of your cock tickles and rubs against my clit, urging me to keep moving, keep thrusting and squirming under you. Your chest keeps brushing over my nipples over and over again, so softly, and so enticingly. You know how sensitive those little pinks nubs are – I know you’re teasing me on purpose.

Suddenly you roll over to the side, pulling me over and then on top of you. I kneel up, straddling your cock, my hands on your chest and your hands reaching for my breasts. Oh, that’s what you’re after, then. You enclose as much as you can of those soft globes within your fingers, but they’re so big…you don’t seem to mind, though, do you? You start to roll my nipples between your fingers, watching how they swell and harden until they’ve puckered into little pink pebbles. As I continue to move my hips forward and backward, up and down to stroke your cock, you lean up, reaching for my nipples with your mouth.

I pause at the feel of your warm, wet tongue caressing my breasts, sucking my nipples into your mouth and swirling them around. I can’t help but arch my back to press my chest closer to your face. While you keep suckling at me, your hands move down to my hips, reminding me to keep moving, keep taking all of the heat and motion you have to give. With your cock buried deep inside me, your hands on my waist, your mouth sucking my nipples, I’m nearly drowning in sensation.

I feel a tingle start low in my belly, then start to spiral lower and higher at the same time, intensifying as it spreads, then coalescing into one bright, hard point between my legs and oh gods I’m cumming right now so hard bucking and crying out and…ah…melting, melting in your arms…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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