Bad Teacher, Naughty Student

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I have always had this fantasy…and it finally came a reality this past summer…..

As summer days pass, the thought of heading back to work slowly creeps into my head again and the many things I have to do, get done, and prepare, for that first day back at work….when the bell rings again.

Usually it’s a pretty easy process…setting up, labelling, setting out, reading, going over endless check lists. This always happens towards the end of August, when many are on vacation. There isn’t a soul to be found in the building….it’s hot, sweaty, and the thought of being alone in the building, in your classroom, with no one around let’s your mind wander to all the fun things one could do in their room with their husband….it’s the thrill of being naughty where you’re not supposed to, or getting caught, or that what happens can bring a smile to my face during any day of the work year that follows…this is how it happened.

I had been at work day after day, setting up my classroom. This was taking a bit longer than usual, I had recently switched schools and was in a new environment, a new school, a new class, a new space to christen. August had been warm, but the past few days had been hot. Being summer, the air in the building was off and only a heavy warm breeze circulated through the room. Small beads of sweat gathered at the nape of my neck, between my breasts, and down my back. And I found the hotter I got, the less I wore into work. Small, short dresses were becoming the norm to wear into work as I was the only one there.

I had been to see my husband at work earlier, dropping him off a coffee before I headed into work, teasing him with what little clothing I had underneath, and whispering to him that I wasn’t wearing panties. After all, our lunch dates with me exposing my pussy to him were nearing an end….but as I teased him more with my tits barely covered and dresses that barely covered my pussy and ass…he found himself asking if I needed help setting up my new classroom….who was I to decline the help?

Off Gaziantep Anal Escort I went to work….hot, wet, tingling and extremely horny, thinking of all the things I wanted to do to him….and in the classroom.

6pm rolled around and he finished work, I knew it would only be a short while and he’d be here inside the building, after hours, with me, no one around, just the two of us, hot, wet, horny, and me wanting to be penetrated.

I kept working away…knowing that the more I finished the less we had to actually work on and the more time we could spend working each other. I found my self as excited and nervous as the first time we had sex. I let him in. Both of us scanning the building….looking at each other with dirty thoughts in our eyes.

As we headed to my class, he complimented me, told me I looked good, wondered what I had on underneath, and I purposely walked slightly ahead to parade my barely covered pussy in front of him. I felt him reach forward and slightly lift the back of my dress, showing nothing underneath.

To work we got….me slowly climbing the ladder to hang things, but parting my legs enough to tease him with my wet pussy. He was sitting in a chair beneath, eyeing his prize, and I could see the bulge growing, letting me know he wanted me.

I slowly came off the ladder and walked over to his chair, his hand running up the inside of my thigh and slipping his fingers right into my pussy. He smiled, his delight knowing how bad I want him and how wet he makes me. I leaned down to kiss him and let him thrust his fingers deeper in, in and out and up and down. I had never had anyone in my room before and certainly not like this….and I loved every minute of it. I wanted to be so bad with him. I wanted him to fuck his dirty little teacher right there on her desk, on the table, in the chair.

I pulled back slightly and he rose off the chair, pushing me back into the table and spinning me around. His hand came from behind, one back down into my pussy and the other pinching my hard nipple, pulling and massaging. He pushed his hard cock up against my ass and bent me over slightly. I felt how hard he was and I knew he wanted to fuck his teacher, from behind, on her table. His touch became more rough, kissing the back of my neck and he began to fuck me through my clothes, ramming his hard cock into my pussy from behind.

Without a warning he spun me around and sat me up on the desk and laid me down, pulled out his cock, and teased me with it. My pussy, dripping, wanted his cock inside her. Graciously, I parted her, showing her pink warm lips, inviting him to enter. My “student” grabbed my legs and pulled hard towards him, causing me to slide my ass across and right up against him, legs up on his shoulder, his cock thrusted deep inside my pussy, tickling my clit as it passed through. I closed my legs slightly to feel his cock rub deeper and deeper and against my lips and clit. I couldn’t believe this was happening and I loved it. I wanted to cum all over him and all over my desk. I wanted him to cum all over my dress and leave me dripping. But then we heard a sound, and with that, we paused. I couldn’t help but smile, the thought of getting caught or being heard thrilled me, turned me on more and more. Worried, he pulled out and I sat up…this was new for both of us…and our hearts and minds raced. Surely we’d continue….but for now, we headed out and home.

The next day, I thought of how good it felt, how good he felt, and how good it would feel to finish what had been started. And so it began, almost the same routine as the day before. I took my husband a coffee to work, showed my short little dress that barely covered my nipple and clearly showed my pussy as I drove. Did I pick this on purpose? YES…I wanted him to think of fucking me at work again. I wanted him to come to work and take me all over again.

And so the day continued, an eerie repetition, waiting for 6, and waiting for him to come to “help” again. And here he came. I let him in and we strolled down to my room. As we walked down, I reached behind me, grazing the outside of his pants, feeling the start of his cock hardening.

Again, he sat in his chair as I pranced around, parading his property. I walked to the back of my room, a corner area, beyond the windows, and as I turned to look back, there he was, with a devilish grin, right behind me, almost right on top of me. He carefully pushed me into the wall and held my arms against it while he kissed me hard and deep. He pushed his body up against mine, letting the breath escape my lungs and letting his hard cock rub up against my pussy. He dropped one hand and forcefully parted my legs and shoved his hand deep inside me, feeling the juices he created. His fingers slipped in and out as he kissed my neck and held me up against the wall.

Then, my “naughty student” took over. He stepped back and pulled me towards him, turning me around and pushing me down onto another student’s desk. Both his hands slid up the sides of my thighs revealing a uncovered pussy, wet with anticipation. I watched as his head lowered until I felt his soft lips, his long tongue lick me slowly, parting my pussy and tasting his prize. He softly licked and caressed me with his tongue as I moaned with joy. As I started to climax, I closed my eyes and I heard the sounds of his belt buckle, then it and his shorts hit the floor. Before I could open my eyes, he grabbed my legs and they were back on his shoulders. He leaned forward pushing his weight on me and sliding his huge, erect cock into my tight, wet pussy. With every thrust I didn’t think I was going to last much longer, my body began to tremble and shake and I heard him moan with the anticipation of release. I began to cum, unable to scream, unable to moan, stuck in a moment of release, he began to cum too. He stepped back and stared at my pussy, both of us dripping out of me, down my inner thighs.

He gently pulled my dress down and extended his hand to help me up… naughty student had taken his bad teacher on a wild ride, given her something to smile about every single day for the entire school year. The Bad Teacher’s pussy aches and moistens for her “student’s” cock when she’s at work, in her classroom teaching.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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