Closed Doors Ep. 08 Guest (Pt. 02)

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“So, where do you live?” Hayley asked once she got a little more comfortable behind the wheel of the big SUV.

“Georgetown, by D.C.,” Zooey replied.

That answer surprised her. “Is that anywhere near Crystal City in Virginia?” Hayley asked.

Zooey shrugged and nodded. “Jack said it was about a twenty-minute drive.”

Hayley took that in for a minute. “So are you and Jack gonna keep seeing each other when we all go home?”

“I think so, yes.”

“Wow,” Hayley laughed, a little nervously, “what are the chances of two people meeting like that, on vacation, just to find out they live practically right next to each other. It’s like something from a movie, or something.”


Surprised, shocked by the news, all Karen could manage was a stilted stammering. “Oh, god – of course – come in, come in – of course you can stay.” She stepped back to allow him entrance into the house and Paul stepped in past her.

“Want a drink?” Karen asked, knowing the answer, while closing the door.

“Yes, definitely,” Paul sighed as he absently surveyed the entrance landing. “Something strong. Definitely strong.”

“Follow me,” Karen said, brushing past him and into a room on the left. Paul trailed behind her. The room had a little bar in it, which Karen headed straight towards. “Scotch?” she asked.

“Yeah. Scotch’ll be just fine.”

“On the rocks?”

Paul shook his head. “No ice. Just neat.”

Karen nodded her head and poured him three fingers of the caramel-colored spirit into a glass. She handed him the drink.

“Here,” she said. “Why don’t you go out back and sit, drink your drink, while I go change out of these scrubs. Then you can tell me what’s going on. Sound like a plan?”

Paul looked at her. He couldn’t tell her what really happened. Glancing sideways, he focused on the scotch bottle.

Karen noticed. “You can take the bottle with you, if you want.”

Paul looked back at her and gave her one nod. “A plan.”

Karen smiled with empathy. “Good. Now, go on. I’ll be right out.” She turned and went to exit the room, but paused at the door. “Bring a glass for me.”

“Will do,” Paul replied, bottle already in hand.

Ten minutes later, as Paul began on his third glass of scotch, Karen walked out on the deck and sat down across the table from Paul. She had changed into a navy blue polo and a pair of khaki colored shorts that came an inch or two down from the bottom of her curvy ass. The legs circled loosely around her thighs. The shirt clung snuggly over her full, spherical breasts. Paul had deduced quickly that she hadn’t bothered with a bra, if not only that he could decipher the shape of her nipples under the dark fabric, he saw them jiggle with even the slightest movement she made. He slid an already poured glass across the table to her.

“Cheers,” he said, sardonically, customarily raising his glass.

“Cheers,” Karen replied, mirroring the glass raising.

They took their sips. Karen paused to let the burn of the alcohol subside. Then she looked straight across at Paul. “So, what’s up?”

Paul was silent for about a minute. Karen waited patiently. Both sipped their alcohol. Then Paul said, “Irreconcilable differences. That’s what we’re calling it.”

“Is that what it actually is?”

“Yeah. Pretty much.”

Karen was quiet as she contemplated. “Does Stacy Marie know? Have you told her?”

Paul shook his head. “No, she doesn’t know. But she won’t be surprised.” At least that’s a true statement. “It’s been a long time coming,” he added before going silent again and emptying his glass. He poured himself another, his fourth, and topped off Karen’s, her one and a half.

They were in a mutual quietness for a few minutes. Then Karen asked the

obligatory question when it came to a divorce, “There’s no chance you can work it out?”

Paul snorted, amused by the absurdity of that question as it pertained to the events that pertained to the declaration of divorce from Deanna. “No,” he answered, “not even a small one.”

“I’m sorry, Paul.”

Paul just stared out at the water in the pool, rippled by the breeze.


“Hey,” Sully called out as Stacy Marie came walking up the drive at the beachhouse. “Did you walk here?” He was standing at his car, a classic ’60s era red Mustang, beautifully restored. He just has that damn car cause he thinks it will get him a lot of ass. Probably does. Sully was there beside an open drivers-side door while someone else was bent, rummaging around inside the car on the passenger side.

“Yeah,” Stacy Marie replied, kissing him on the cheek when she made it up to him. “I’m having car issues.”

The person inside the car popped up across from them. It was Nate. Smiling like the Cheshire Cat, who just ate Tweety Bird. “Stacy Marie,” he said, grease dripping off every syllable in his tone.

Shit. Don’t you fuckin’ say anything. Not one fucking word about fast food, Burger King, anything. Starzbet Don’t you dare let Sully know what I let you do. I swear to God…

“You should have called me,” Nate continued on, knowing he had the power of two secrets about her under his belt, and loving it. Not the least of which being that he had just seen her a half-hour ago, and fucked her, in the bathroom of a fast-food restaurant.

“Yeah,” Stacy Marie replied to him, dryly. “I didn’t think of that. I should have.” Asshole.

“What are you doing here?” Sully asked. “Thought you were coming over tonight?”

“Oh, I’ll be here tonight,” Stacy answered. “I just had some free time and thought I’d hang out with Ebb.”

“Ebb?” Nate interjected, “who the hell is that?”

“Oh, sorry, Debbie,” Stacy Marie explained. “That’s just something I call…nevermind.” Turning back to her ‘man’, she continued, “I thought I’d hang out with your sister until later. Kinda having a bad day. Need some ‘girl time’.”

“You two are hanging out a lot lately, aren’t you?” Sully asked, mock suspiciously. “Oh well, she’s still at work.” He sat down in the driver’s seat. “But she should be back soon.”

As Sully started the car and adjusted the stereo, Stacy Marie asked, “Where you guys goin’?”

“Out to dad’s to do some target shooting,” Nate answered for Sully as he, himself, got in the passenger side and shut the door.

Stacy Marie shut Sully’s door for him and bent over, leaning her head in the open window. “You’re still coming back early, right?”

“Got some fucking to do, Stace?” Nate teased. Stacy Marie just glared, silently, across the interior at him. She rolled her eyes and looked back at Sully when Nate, unseen by Sully, stuck two fingers up in front of his lips in a ‘V’ and began flicking his tongue between them.

Sully said, “Yeah, I’ll be back. You better be here.”

Stacy Marie smiled a sweet, sexy smile at him as she said, “Oh, I will be,” then leaned in further to shove her lips, and her tongue, at Sully’s mouth.

“Alright, alright!” Nate complained after a few seconds of the kiss. “Can we get the fuck out of here now?”

The kiss broke apart and Stacy Marie pulled herself back from the car. “Bye,” she said, with a flirty smile and a tiny wave. She watched as the car backed out and drove away, then picked her bag back up and headed into the beachhouse.

Once inside, the conniving blonde sprang into action, heading for Sully’s room. She sat down at his desk, pulled out the tablets Nate had given to her earlier and started crushing them into a fine powder on the desktop. Something occurred to her though. She can’t be totally out of it. She has to be somewhat active or it’ll never work. She stared at the powder, then separated it into halves with a playing card and scraped one pile into Sully’s wastebin.

Debbie has to be into it, too. Shit. This stuff might just put her to sleep if she isn’t into what’s happening to her. What am I going to do? Coke? Add coke to it?

Stacy hopped up and started rifling through the drawers she knew Sully usually kept his drugs in. All that was in the top one was pot, some rolling papers and a little bong. The second held a handgun, shoved under some jeans in the back. Shit. Didn’t know about that. Why the hell does he have that? Fuck it. Not important. Keep going.

In the third, she found a little baggie with some white pills in it. What’s this? She held it up in the light and examined the round tablets. There’s an X on them. It’s Ecstasy! Shit, that’ll be better than coke! Debbie will want anything and everything to touch her if she’s on X.

Quickly, Stacy shook two out into her palm and hopped back over to the desk. She crushed them as well, mixed the two doses up with the half dose she first crushed and scraped all the powder into a tiny Ziploc baggie Sully was keeping bowl screens in. It was no bigger than a postage stamp, and so she stuck it down in her bra.

Damn, I need a shower. After sex with Nate and walking all over town, she was feeling a little less than fresh. She headed to the bathroom, showered and, for the sake of conserving what little bit of clothes she had brought with her, just put the skirt, tank top and thin, little, white bra back on. Fresh panties were a must though, and she dug a fresh pair of red-and-white striped cotton panties out of her bag and shimmied into them.

Deciding to let her hair dry out in the wind on the beach, Stacy Marie walked barefoot into the kitchen, found one of the bottles of white wine, grabbed one clean glass for her and one for Debbie, and strolled out the back door and halfway down to the tideline, where she pulled her skirt under her ass to keep the sand out of her panties and sat down. As she sipped on her first glass, she wondered how long it would be until her enemy arrived.

About twenty minutes later, Stacy Marie turned her head back towards the beachhouse when the sound of Debbie’s voice calling out wafted down to Starzbet Giriş her. “Marie?”

Nice. She’s using the nickname. Stacy Marie turned and waved, and began to pour her a glass of wine when Debbie started walking out to her.

“What’s up?” Debbie asked, “What are you doing out here? I didn’t even know you were here…didn’t see your car out front.”

Stacy Marie put on her best sad face, looked up at the lady of the beachhouse and handed her her glass. “Oh, Ebb, come sit with me. Drink.”

“Oh my god, look at you,” Debbie said, instantly full of concern as she took the glass and knelt down in the sand. “What’s wrong? What happened?”

“Mom went ballistic,” Stacy answered with a fabricated sniffle, “we had a huge fight. Then she kicked me out. And took away my car.”

“Oh, no,” Debbie consoled, reaching out with her free hand and gently rubbing Stacy’s back. “What was she so upset about, Marie? You being over here so much lately or something?”

No. Can’t let her think like that AT ALL. She’ll feel guilty and want me to not spend time here. Can’t have that shit. Not tonight. “No,” Stacy Marie stated with appropriate weight. “I don’t even know. It was really her and dad fighting about something. I just walked into their fight. She kicked him out, too.


“Yeah. So, I don’t really know what’s going on.”

“Oh my God.”

“Yeah.” Stacy Marie emptied the contents of her glass in one big, dramatic gulp.

“Well, listen, as much as I hate to get up right now and walk away, can we talk about this inside? I’m already too hot, and I want to change out of these clothes.”

Stacy Marie took a glance. Debbie was wearing the dark blue polo from the music store and a pair of khaki capris with her white tennis shoes. “Yeah, it’s cool. I just came out here to let my hair dry anyways. I took a shower. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course I don’t,” Debbie replied as she stood. She extended a hand. “Now, come on, I’ll help you up.” Stacy Marie accepted the assistance and after she stood and the girls collected the wine bottle, they headed in.

Inside, Debbie stopped at the door to her bedroom and looked back to Stacy Marie in the kitchen. “You know what, I think I’m gonna take a bath. Do you mind?”

“No, no,” Stacy Marie shook her head while she poured herself another glassful of wine. “Go ahead. You look like you could use the relaxation.”

Debbie smiled. “Okay.” She opened her door and disappeared into her room. Seconds later, she reappeared in the hallway, having taken her shirt off already, she stood there in a nice black satin bra instead. “You could sit in there and talk to me if you wanted.”

Stacy Marie smiled. She is too easy. “Let me get the wine, and I’ll be right in.”


Hayley was on her back on top of the covers with her legs spread open and her shorts and panties down around her ankles. Her shirt had worked itself up halfway and underneath that she had shoved her bra up off of her breasts and was slowly palming them with one hand.

When she and Zooey had gotten back from the store, Zooey had thanked her for the ride and then headed upstairs to the loft where, shortly thereafter, Hayley had heard the sound of an excited squeal come from Zooey followed by a string of girlish giggles. It didn’t take long to reason out what sort of thing was likely happening up in that open-air loft.

Hayley went to her room and, frustrated, kicked off her flip-flops and threw the magazines she had bought onto the nightstand. Deciding her best bet was just to settle in with some isolation behind the closed door of her room, she went out to the kitchen to get something to drink.

Tip-toeing with her bare feet, for some reason she didn’t especially understand, Hayley got to the fridge and cabinets and acquired herself a bottle of wine and a clean glass. It was then that another fun-type sexual vocalization caught her ear and she turned her head to look up again at the loft. Moments later, what caught her attention was not a sound, but a sight. The sight of a pair of panties flying over the loft railing and swiftly falling to the sitting room floor in front of the TV.

Oh my god. I do not need that right now. With a swift spin, she had bolted back to her room.

Hayley downed one glass of wine and poured herself another as she settled on the bed and started to flip through a Cosmo. But she couldn’t stop thinking, and picturing, the sex Jack was having out there, with the beautiful, perfect, sexy Zooey. And it seemed like everything she flipped to in the pages was about sex. The whole world is fucking with me!

That is when she finally worked up the nerve to utilize the gifts Kara had left behind. She rolled over the edge of the bed and grabbed the box from under the bed and quickly selected the first vibrating implement she saw, which turned out to be a fat, bouncy purple dick that seemed to be filled with little balls. When she turned the switch Starzbet Güncel Giriş on, the balls spun around and shook. That’ll work.

Hayley flipped, back down, onto the bed and hastily shoved her shorts and panties down her legs, surprised that she hadn’t felt the wet spot form in her panties that her fingers brushed against as she got the fabrics down to her ankles.

She slid the latex phallus into her mouth to get it wet, a little worried, now that she had her mouth around it, about how it was going to fit and if it would fell like hurting as she tried to get its thickness inside her. But that didn’t matter. I’m going to do it. No questions about it.

Hayley, rolling right through her first solo experience with a dildo, angled it down between her thighs and quickly felt the bulbous head dock with her tiny entrance. Here goes.

Gently, but wantonly, she pushed, both it into her and her onto it, and once the first few inches were in, she finally breathed again and the extra relaxing of her body allowed her to get enough more of it in. She hit the switch and her eyes fluttered as the drill spun inside of her walls. The young girl’s hand slid up under her shirt and she started thrusting the replacement cock steadily in and out of her wet center.

And now, here she was, her body squirming on the mattress as shots of pleasure flashed through her and the pressure built inside that she needed so badly to explode and release. The vibrating toy hit a spot within her juicy insides that made her exhale every bit of oxygen at once and draw several short, forcibly muted gasps as her mind flew. Oh god, oh god, please.


Hayley froze immediately. Shit! Was that the door?

“Hayley?” came Zooey’s voice from the other side of the door, as if answering her question.

Shit. “Uh…yeah. Hold on!” Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Hayley panicked as she pulled the dildo out of her and yanked the shorts and panties back up. The panties didn’t settle right, but bunched and wedged through the wet, unsatisfied pussy and up into the crack of her ass. Fuck, fuck. Shit. She jumped off the bed and threw the purple dick back in the box and kicked the box back under the bed. I was SO close. Shit. As she got to the door, Hayley grabbed her bra through her shirt and pulled it back down over her tits. Oh my god, I can’t believe this!

Hayley unlocked and opened the door. “Hey,” she said, a little out of breath, trying to be cool and unsuspicious. “What’s up?”

Zooey stood there with her arms behind her back. Having changed once again, she now wore a short pair of loose denim shorts and a snug black tank top. “Are you okay?” she asked with a little concern, “you look all flushed or something.”

Fuck. She caught me. She knows. Shit. An excuse. I need an excuse! “Oh. No, I’m okay, I was just, like, half-asleep and the knock startled me. That’s all.”

“Oh,” Zooey said apologetically, “I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

Yes, she bought it. “Oh, don’t worry about it,” Hayley replied, relieved. “I didn’t even know I had fallen asleep. You wanna come in?” She walked back from the door and went to sit on her bed.

Zooey followed behind, leaving the door open. Sitting down beside young Hayley, Zooey brought her hands from behind her back and produced a little brown teddy bear that wore a pair of swimming trunks, black sunglasses and held a little flag proclaiming ‘Thank U’.

“Aww,” Hayley cooed when she saw it. “That’s adorable!”

“I snuck in and got it when I went back into the store. While you were in the car,” Zooey revealed. She held it out towards Hayley. “It is for you.”

“For me? Why? I mean, thanks. But why?”

“Because you have been so nice to me. Inviting me to stay, and making me feel so welcome. I mean, I know that I’ve spent a lot of my time with Jack, but if you had not been so sweet this morning, I would not be here at all. So I got you this to say thank you.”

“Aww,” Hayley replied, taking the little bear, “I think I’m gonna cry.” She wiped a forming tear from her eye and laughed as she reached out and hugged Zooey. “Thank you.”

The girls were quiet for a moment, looking down at the bear and then up at each other. Seeing each other’s tears, they burst into laughter.

“So listen,” Zooey said as they calmed down, “Jack was thinking about going out on the beach for a while. Swimming and stuff. Do you want to come out with us?”

“Sure,” Hayley answered. “Just let me change first.”

“Okay,” Zooey said, standing up. “See you in a bit.”

Hayley nodded and suddenly she was alone again in her room. She sat staring at the gift in her hands. Zooey will be good for Jack. And the vacation isn’t going to last forever, Hayley. It might as well end now.

She placed the bear on her nightstand, propped up against the lamp, and stood to get a bikini from a drawer. As she pulled off her shirt and unclasped her bra, tossing both onto the bed, she turned and realized then that Zooey hadn’t closed her door. And Jack was walking by, and looked in at her topless. They paused and stared at each other for a moment. Then Hayley covered her naked breasts with her arm and the bikini top, smiled a sad smile at him and shut the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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