Surprised! Ch. 03

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As Aunt Carol and I went downstairs there was much moaning and soft whispers coming from Mom’s room. We went into the kitchen and Aunt Carol poured two glasses of a ginger liqueur over ice and passed me one.

“You’ve earned it. You hungry?”

She turned and opened the fridge. Bending over to peer inside she had her ass to me and I could see her wonderful meaty pussy was still dribbling strings of cum. Hers or mine or both. She pulled out some boiled shrimp and sauce and put them on the table and sat down. As we ate she quizzed me about some of my sexual experiences and I asked her about some of hers. Privately, she told me of losing her virginity when her date held her down and forced himself onto and into her. She then cheered up and described the first time she saw a real live cock and the first time she tasted cum. She was bubbly and excited as she described the first time she made love to someone. She told me of the first time she let someone touch, fondle and finally see and suck her tits and how much it thrilled her. And she blushed as she admitted the times she fantasized about forcing herself on me years ago. Finally I got her to tell of the first time she and Mom explored each others bodies, touched and experimented together. By the time she finished, it was late and I was hard again. She giggled and led me back to bed.

This time I lay down and she mounted me sixty-nine. I ate her sweet pussy and she sucked my cock. We had a small orgasm each. Then she turned around and mounted me. She slow fucked me for what seemed hours as I kissed her and sucked her tits. Finally she came one last time and collapsed next to me. I had nothing left to give and fell asleep with this wonderful, big, boisterous, and sexy woman curled up next to me. As I drifted off to sleep I admitted to myself that I could be very happy married to her for the rest of my life… Too bad she was my Aunt.

Saturday morning dawned and none of us stirred, save to stumble to the bathroom to piss and return to bed. Around eleven Aunt Carol went to the bathroom, then muttered something about a coffee IV and headed downstairs. I lay there remembering all the many surprises yesterday had held. I heard a soft voice.

“Bobby? You awake?”

Kate came in and crawled under the covers with me. She was still naked and I wondered if any of us would bother getting dressed all weekend.

“God, my head is still spinning. Last night was incredible!”

“Yeah, we could hear…” I teased.

“Yeah THAT was the most incredible orgasm I’ve ever had. Mom is amazing! But I mean all of it was incredible. Being stripped and bathed, seeing Mom and Aunt Carol naked and so beautiful, feeling their hands on me. God, what a thrill! But you were awesome Bobby. Feeling you take me like that… Wow!”

I rolled over and kissed her several times, each one deeper and more intense, then moved my kisses to her throat, chest and finally to her breasts. I kissed and sucked on each puffy nipple and Kate moaned softly as she stretched.

“God, this is heaven! Oh I love it so… Don’t stop Bobby, please don’t ever stop.”

I continued to suck on first one tit and then the other as my left hand slid down to her pussy. Her mound was incredibly soft, and smooth. I tossed the covers aside and moved to lie between her legs. She sighed as my beard caressed her thighs. I urged her to spread them and stared at what had to be the most beautiful pussy in the world. It was young, pink and perfect. When I kissed her mound there was no hair, no fuzz, nor stubble. Her puffy outer labia hid her small inner lips. When I spread them, her inner lips were small, pink and already a large drop of moisture seeped from the bottom and headed for her tiny tightly puckered asshole. I lapped it up and Kate moaned. I carefully spread her inner lips with my fingers and her vestibule (yeah, they later told me that was what to call it) was bright pink and glistened with wetness. More drops appeared in her tiny bayan escort vaginal opening and as I lapped them up I marveled that something that tiny had accepted my cock the night before. Her clit was a tiny nub peeking timidly from it’s hood and teasing it elicited gasps and twitching. I love eating pussy. But with her, I took my time and savored it. Kate moaned and mewed and whispered praise and encouragement until she was quivering in orgasmic joy. I eased off and just continued to kiss her smooth pussy and lap her sweet juices as they seeped from her lips.

“Oh god, Bobby! You’re the best! That felt so good. So fucking good.”

“Kate, I gotta say you have the most beautiful pussy in the world. I would love to eat you every damn morning.”

“Awww, that’s so sweet, in a perverted way. Thank you.”

“I mean it, it’s true. It looks so young, fresh and innocent. And so damn smooth! That’s not natural is it? But there’s no stubble from shaving…”

She laughed. “It’s lazer. Mom pays for me to get regular treatments. You’ve seen the gymnastic uniforms, they leave nothing to the imagination and even short hair is uncomfortable.”

I realized that it made perfect sense. It was also no doubt why Mom and Aunt Carol’s pussies were so neatly groomed.

Kate went to the bathroom and I laid back down. When she came back she stood in the middle of my room and did some stretches. Damn she was flexible!

“Oh Bobby, this morning I woke up and realized that my whole world has changed and I feel so good! So free and happy!” She exclaimed. “I have never felt this, this…Alive!”

I chuckled. “You look alive.”

She came over and hopped on the bed. “Fuck me again Bobby. Before anyone else gets involved. Just you and me. Please?”

Well hell yeah, I thought to myself, of course I would fuck her. But let’s see if we can get some answers.

“I dunno.. I AM awfully tired after all the sex last night… My poor cock is so worn out. You’d need to convince me, and maybe if you answered some questions I might get interested…”

“You got it! What do you wanna know?”

“Why do you dream of me forcing you to fuck? Where did that come from? The truth…”

“Oh Bobby… Growing up you were always in the lead. My big brother always showing me how to do stuff, riding a bike, playing soccer, even tumbling. You were always there for me. To teach me and to catch me. Was only confident enough to try things because you were there. So when I learned about sex and started fantasizing, it was scary, until I dreamed one night of you showing me how. Then it wasn’t so scary. And it just sorta grew from there. I never really expected it of course, but now I’m so thrilled it actually happened!”

“Wow, okay. That’s kinda sweet Sis. Thank you. But what about forcing you?”

She blushed and looked down before answering. “That’s because I’ve discovered I like being submissive. You see my roommate and assigned partner on the team is a Dominant and she forced me, taught me to be submissive in the bedroom… and I discovered that I liked it. We’re not into pain or anything like that, hell there’s plenty of pain and suffering just being on the team. But giving myself over to her, trusting her, and being rewarded is really nice. So my fantasies about you adapted as well.”

“So what do you want from me? A rape fantasy? Do you want me to tie you up? What?”

“Wow! A rape fantasy would be nice, but not today. I don’t think I’m ready for that. And restraints are something you need to plan ahead. Just fuck me Bobby. But be strong and forceful, tell me what to do and have your way with me. Oh and my safeword is Poptart.”

“Really? Poptart?”

“Yeah it’s easy to remember and not something I’m likely to say unintentionally.”

“Okay, well first off, I’m not aroused. So stand up there where I can see you and touch yourself.”

Kate hopped up and began to caress her body. I grabbed bayan escort gaziantep my phone and she looked worried.

“Play with your pussy.”

She started rubbing her pussy. I took a couple of pics.

“Come on, please yourself, finger your pussy.”

She started to slip her fingers in and out of her folds and soon after had two fingers deep inside. I started filming her.

“Are they wet?”

She pulled them out and showed me. Moisture covered them.

“Is it tasty?” She hesitated. “Suck them, go on.”

Slowly she raised her hand and slipped her fingers into her mouth. Never breaking eye contact with me. She nodded, “Y-Yes.”

“Do it again.”


“Do it again. Finger yourself and suck your pussy juice Kate.”

She actually looked nervous and hesitant but complied.


“Yes Kate?”

“F-Fuck me? Please?”

“Beg me.”

“Please Bobby, I need it, I need a good fucking. Please fuck me.I want to feel your big, hard cock inside my pussy. I want it so bad.”

I was filming her face as she pleaded.

“Even though I’m your brother and it’s incest, you still want me to fuck you?”

“Yes! I don’t care you’re my brother! I need a good fucking and you fuck the best! Fuck me Bobby, please? Fuck your little sister and make me cum! Please Bobby!”

I sat my phone down and stood up. I grabbed Kate and pulled her to me and I bent forward, kissing her hard, forcing my tongue into her mouth. My hands slid down her back to her firm butt and I squeezed a double handful, pressing her pelvis against my stiffening cock. She wrapped her arms around my neck and as I stood, lifting her, she wrapped her legs around my waist. She pulled herself higher and I realized what she was doing. I lifted my cock with one hand as the other probed her pussy to spread her lips. When she felt my tip against her, Kate slid down onto my shaft. She was quite wet and soon was fully impaled.

She stayed there a minute then lowly lifted herself up until she was almost off, then slid back down again. She smiled as she repeated the exercise. I loved feeling her small, firm ass in my hands. Kate kissed me as she rode up and down my shaft. I turned slowly and stepped over to the wall. Pressing her back against it, I started thrusting in and out faster. Kate moaned.

“Oh yes, oh yes Bobby, fuck me.”

It felt incredible but was difficult, so a minute later I turned and carried her to the bed. We lay on the bed, never breaking our union and fucked for while. Then Kate lifted first one leg and then the other over my shoulders. I felt her cross her ankles behind my head.

“O-Oh g-god…” she stuttered. “Y-You’re s-so d-deep… p-push-pushing, (gasp) on my cervix!”

Indeed I felt something but hell, what did I know about women’s insides?

“Is that a good or bad thing?”

“I-I don’t know… Kinda both… strange. J-Just be gentle.”

I put my hands on her small breasts and massaged her puffy nipples as we fucked. I resisted the urge to pound her hard in this vulnerable position and truthfully, the sensation was too good to spoil or rush. After a while though, we needed to change positions.

I lay down and let her mount me. She eased down onto my cock gently and started to slowly grind her pelvis against mine. She held her hands over her head and swayed. Damn! It was like she was dancing on my cock! It was wonderful! We stayed like this for what seemed like ages. Finally though she tired, placing her hands on my chest she leaned down to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tightly. Then I slid my hands down to her hips and lifted her onto her knees. I started driving my cock into her. My thrusts grew faster and faster, harder and harder. Kate was gasping and grunting from the force of my efforts. Her cheek was on mine and she cried softly in my ear over and over again,

“Oh gaziantep escort god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god…”

This faded away and soon she was only whimpering.

My orgasm was close and I lifted her off and flopped her onto the bed, standing in front of her I pulled her towards my cock, her mouth opened and she took as much of it as she could. Her head bobbed five or six times and I exploded. This time Kate managed to swallow each blast and didn’t gag. As my spurts eased she collected it in her mouth and when I pulled away, she swirled it in her mouth. She smiled, then swallowed and smacked her lips.

“I think I could learn to really like cum… well, yours anyway.”

I sat on the bed with her and she hopped into my lap. She kissed me and I wasn’t put off by the musky scent or the flavor lingering in her mouth. She grinned.

“You know, if you transfer to Colorado, we could get an apartment off campus together… no one would ever guess that we were fucking every night…”

Wow, what a thought…

We were still cuddling when Mom came in ten minutes or so later. She wasn’t naked but the short kimono robe hung open. Kate and I both eyed her awesome figure with new appreciation.

“Come downstairs, we’re fixing brunch.”

When we reached the kitchen, Mom and Aunt Carol had just sat down. A huge omelette was being divided up onto our plates. We ate and chatted like a normal family, save for the fact that we were pretty much naked. Mom quizzed Kate about her surprise trip home.

“Well, I guess I should confess. You’ll hear it from Daddy at some point. I took Gretta, my roommate and, uh dominant partner, up to the cabin. I wanted to our relationship more, try out something new. But of course I found Daddy and Uncle Jack were there already. Daddy explained that you guys were separating and why. I cried and begged him to reconsider. Hell I even offered to fuck him if he’d stay. He smiled and said that was sweet. Didn’t get angry or anything. Then he told me he was going to live with Uncle Jack and that I needed to go home. Gretta dropped me off here and I walked in on you guys.”

“Well I’m glad you didn’t invite her in,” Mom said. “That would have been embarrassing!”

“Yeah,” Kate said, “Gretta, this is my Mom, Aunt Carol and the guy with the dick in Carol’s ass is my brother Bobby, guys this is Gretta.”

After a bit Kate addressed the elephant in the room. “So last night Bobby said you guys just started… fucking. Anyone want to elaborate? I mean he didn’t just walk in and say ‘you wanna fuck’ did he?”

It was quiet for a moment and then Aunt Carol chuckled, “Well not those exact words, but close.”

“I came in unexpected and caught them making out.”

Kate grinned. “Oh wow!”

“And hell, I’ve wanted Aunt Carol for years and Mom said they would and well, we fucked for a while then went to take a shower.”

“Wait, you wanted to fuck her, but Mom offered?”

Mom put her hands on the table and looked at Kate. “You can guess that your father has been less that satisfying for quite a few years. And with this fine specimen of manhood needing a damn good reason to keep his mouth shut, I figured why not? I was betting he was hung like your father and, well, he had us cornered.”

Kate looked confused. “But two women making out isn’t that big a deal these days, even if you’re sisters. Something’s not adding up…”

Mom was struggling. Aunt Carol however, made up her mind. “It wasn’t just that he caught us making out. He recorded it, and what we were saying. Our business Kate? It’s a front. Your Mother and I are prostitutes. We work private parties and a select clientele. And we’ve been doing it for about three years now. There! I’ve admitted it. Now what?”

Kate stared at the two of them, her mouth open in disbelief. Finally she found words.

“Private parties? You mean like…”

“Gangbangs.” I said and Mom shot me a look of irritation and displeasure. “They did eleven guys once.”

“Shit! That’s… a football team!”

Mom looked like she either wanted to die or rip my head off.

“COOL!” Kate blurted out “Oh my god I’ll bet it was wild!”

Mom got up. “Carol will tell you all about it since she can’t keep her mouth shut without a dick in it. Bobby! Come with me!”

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