Summer Camp Ch. 01

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Sarah had been eighteen now for six months and boy was she feeling her age all of a sudden. It didn’t help that her parents were forcing her into summer camp, a final summer of camp which she had been going to ever since she was thirteen.

She enjoyed it when she was just a little kid, but the last few years she had hated it as she didn’t want to be separated from her friends or her boyfriend for a whole summer.

Sarah’s parents made her a deal though, go to this final camp and then she would receive a car. So while she hated that she was being bribed, six weeks of nothing for a car? That was a great deal.

The first day of camp arrived and Sarah reluctantly stepped up to the front gates carrying all her stuff; make-up, shoes, clothes and her phone and books (though her phone wasn’t allowed Sarah knew by now that if she kept it stuffed in her bra, no one would know).

Sarah knew the drill of the first day by now; get shown to her room, dump all of her stuff off and then to the main hall where you had to meet and greet the camp stuff, who after years of their pseudo-friendly nature Sarah grew to resent them. This year was….a little different though.

The staff announced that there was going to be a masquerade ball in the evening, as a sort of fun way for everyone to get to know everyone, but still keep things a surprise.

Later that night Sarah was dressed up in a sleek, figure hugging black dress, which only complimented her slender frame and allowed her long brunette hair to flow effortlessly down her back and highlighting her lightning-blue eyes. For a mask she wore a traditional black masquerade mask, which covered around her eyes but allowed her sensual lips and neck to be flaunted.

In the main hall lots of people were gathered, staff and campers alike though very few could be recognised apart from the older members of staff. None of that mattered to Sarah as she walked around the outskirts of the hall, bypassing the dancing teens and heading straight for the bar. She asked for an orange juice and while the barman was pouring her drink she tried flirting with him and asked him to slip a little vodka in there.

He told her that he couldn’t serve her unless gaziantep escort bayan she was a member of staff and then walked away to deal with another female customer, a girl not a day older than Sarah, but who had shoulder length bright red hair, clearly dyed as it stood out amongst the waves of blondes and brunettes in the room. This girl wore a long red dress, matching her hair colour and a red mask to compliment her. Sarah thought she looked like almost an exact opposite of herself, but paid little attention once she had the orange juice in her hand.

The barman came back to Sarah and tapped her on the shoulder “Excuse me miss, may I have your drink?” Sarah looked confused and asked why, but the barman insisted. He took her drink away and replaced it with a fresh one. Sarah didn’t quite understand why but she wasn’t about to refuse a free refill. She brought the glass up to her lips and took a sip of the orange juice.

A flavour that wasn’t just orange washed over her tongue and she immediately recognised it as the taste of vodka. Quite happy with herself that she got the barman to give her what she wanted she started walking away to sit down at one of the tables. A few minutes later and the red haired girl from the bar sat down beside her.

“Hey, look no offence but I’m not really here to make any friends” Sarah said in-between sips of her drink.

“Hmph, I thought you would have been a lot nicer to the girl who got you that drink after all” the red haired girl spoke with conviction in her voice.

“How? You’re barely older than I am, you couldn’t have gotten me this drink!” Finishing her drink, Sarah put the glass down on the table.

“Well I am 18 for sure, but I am a member of staff. My name is Chloe, nice to meet you”

Sarah looked a bit embarrassed now. She had never seen this girl before in any of the previous years’ camps but Sarah knew you did have to be eighteen to work here.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realise that you were staff. Hey Chloe, I’m Sarah”

Chloe reached out her hand and shook Sarah’s, which Sarah wasn’t used to at all.

“Wanna sneak out of here and come back to my room? I’ve got a secret stash of alcohol anal yapan gaziantep escort we can party with”

Sarah was even more shocked now, not only had a member of staff offered her drinks, she invited her back to her own room. This was against pretty much all of the rules of the camp!

“Sure, let’s go” Sarah said. It was free alcohol and a way out of the boring party, anything was better right now.

The two girls snuck out and walked in the lamp-lit darkness to a cabin on the outskirts of the camp. Sarah knew that this was the staff quarters, though she’d never been in any of the rooms before.

Walking in, Sarah found that the staff had it made; big screen TV, nice shower and bath facilities and a luscious king sized bed all to one person.

“Woah, this is cushty. I can see why you became staff now”

Chloe giggled. “It wasn’t for all this silly, it was so I could help out and stuff” Chloe walked over to her bedside table and reached in the drawer. She quickly pulled out a big bottle of vodka and shook it, smiling at Sarah.

“Wahay, now this is a party” Sarah said, grabbing a couple of glasses from the cupboard.

Pouring shots into each glass Chloe tried to count how many fingers it was in her head. “Two fingers”

“What was that? You enjoy two fingers do you? Cheeky girl”

Sarah poked Chloe, teasing her. “Oh damn, did I say stuff out loud again? My bad” Chloe gave Sarah’s drink to her and then continued to pour herself a drink. They clinked glasses and quickly downed the drinks. Sarah sat on the bed and took off her shoes, getting comfy.

“Man this is a nice bed, I bet you sleep good in this”

Chloe grinned, relishing the chance to get a comeback to the ‘two fingers’ jibe earlier. “I’ve never had any complaints so far” Chloe said, with a cheeky wink.

“That doesn’t even make any sense, weren’t you supposed to say ‘I never sleep because I’m always up doing other things’ or something along that line?”

Chloe thought about it for a second and then clicked her tongue. “Oh damn, I really suck at all these innuendo’s. All my friends make fun of me back home because antep escort of it.”

Sarah perked up at this ease of poking fun at this girl. Sarah loved to tease. Chloe walked over to the bed where Sarah was sitting and stood in front of her. Chloe’s stomach was level with Sarah’s eyes, but Sarah looked up, but not enough for Chloe’s liking.

Chloe ran her fingers along Sarah’s jawline and cupped her chin slightly. She raised Sarah’s head so that Sarah’s head was all the way back, seductively showing off her slender neck.

She had to bend over to lean in, but Chloe didn’t mind, for she knew that it was worth it. Sarah leant back as Chloe leaned in, but Chloe prevailed and her red-tinted lips brushed across Sarah’s soft pink pair.

The two girls were kissing and neither of them wanted to stop. Sarah leant back further, almost lying on the bed and as Sarah’s hands ran feverishly across Chloe’s waist and breasts, Sarah found something to hold onto on Chloe’s dress and grabbed it, pulling Chloe on top of her.

Chloe fell, but gracefully managed to land straddling Sarah’s waist. Chloe sat up and a cheeky smile drew across her face.

“Now you’re mine Sarah, and I can do whatever I want to you”

“Oh is that right? Well we’ll see about that” Sarah said as she tried to grab Chloe and get on top of her. Chloe grabbed both of Sarah’s hands and pinned her arms above her head.

“That’s right, you’re mine”

Chloe had to let Sarah go in order to undress both herself and Sarah, kissing her way down Sarah’s body, undoing sashes, zips and clasps which held the dress together. Soon after, Sarah was lying there naked, almost naked actually — naked apart from her masquerade mask, which both girls still wore.

Sarah’s hands trailed over Chloe’s body, undoing similar sashes and clasps until the dress fell off Chloe’s body, leaving her naked too, all apart from the mask.

Chloe’s hands trailed up and down Sarah’s body, scratching lightly at her stomach, teasing between her legs, cupping and squeezing her amazing breasts.

Chloe leant in and kissed Sarah passionately once more, massaging Sarah’s tongue with her own before whispering into Sarah’s ear “now, let’s see that pretty face I’ll be fucking soon enough”

Chloe carefully took off Sarah’s mask; pushing hair into her ace and making Sarah close her eyes. Chloe took off her own mask at the same time and as Chloe brushed her own hair out of her face, and then brushed hair out of Sarah’s face, she could see her own face staring back at her.

“We’re twins?!”

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