Stuck 03 – Sophia in the Dryer

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She walked down the stairs with the basket of clothes. The basement had always freaked her out but she wasn’t a kid anymore and had to run her laundry. Her parents were gone and it was just her and her brother home. Sophia put her clothes in the washer and started it. The dryer buzzed as it finished up her first load.

She opened up the dryer and pulled out the clean clothes. Sophia reached in as far as she could and found her panties were stuck under a plastic part on the dryer drum. She pulled and fought trying not to rip the thin cloth. She finally got the panties and tried to climb out of the dryer but she was stuck. The older front load dryer wasn’t like the other dryers she had used.

Her large breasts were keeping her inside the dryer. She fought and struggled to get out but couldn’t she knew her brother was home but up in his room. Sophia reached her hand back and tried to get her cell phone that was stuck in the waist of her volleyball shorts. Her hand was close and then she heard the phone fall to the concrete.

Sophia tried to pull her arm back in but it was now stuck. She cussed and wiggled around as the dryer kept her nineteen year old body stuck. She stopped as she breathed heavy from the fighting and slight panic she had found for herself.

Her brother walked downstairs and passed the basement door. He stopped as he looked down and saw Sophia bent over into the dryer. He looked around as he watched her wiggle around. He put his hand down his pants and began to play with himself as he thought about how sexy his sister was. He jerked off to her many times in the past as he watched her dress and shower. He was rock hard gaziantep escort as he decided to sneak down and help her his own way.

He walked down the stairs and stood behind her as he smiled at her predicament. Sophia stopped as she felt hands on her hips. She yelled but no answer as the hands slid down her thighs and back up to her waist. She felt her tight shorts getting pulled down her legs. He made her lift a leg and opened them as he found her without anything covering her pussy.

Sophia fought to get free as she didn’t know who was behind her. She was hoping it was her boyfriend, but then remembered he had left for his parents the day before. She felt fingers rubbing her smooth, shaved pussy. Then they slid into her and began finger banging her. Sophia’s eyes were wide as she felt the two fingers going in and out fast, making her grow wet.

She didn’t know who it was but wasn’t thinking about that as her body betrayed her mind. She was loving the feeling of the fingers inside her body. He picked up the pace as he heard her moan from inside the dryer. He smiled as he added a third finger into the hole. Sophia bit her lip as her pussy was getting fingered.

He felt her cum cover his fingers and he knew she was ready for the next step. He pulled his fingers out and gripped her waist with both hands. Sophia knew what was next as she felt the tip of a dick rubbing up and down her wet slit. She moaned as she felt it turning her on more and more. Finally she got off again as he smiled. It was time to finish what he started.

Her eyes widened as she felt the dick slide into her tight hole. He slid back and adıyaman escort forth, fucking her nineteen year old body. He rammed deep into her as the dryer moved backwards with each thrust, finally stopping once it hit the wall. He slammed his cock into her like he was fucking a whore. Sophia was loving the feel of the cock ramming deep into her hole.

Cum dripped and spurted out around his cock as her moans filled the dryer. He continued ramming his sisters pussy as he gripped her hips harder as his hips moved back and forth. He felt himself growing close to getting off but held it back as he wanted to continue banging her as long as he could. Sophia was sweating from the heat that her body was putting off inside the metal drum. Her tits bounced back and forth with the thrusts. Never in her life had she been fucked like this and she was loving it.

Sophia felt his cock pick up speed as he began to get closer and closer. Her moans grew louder and louder as she got off. He grunted and groaned as her pussy lips tightened around his hard cock. He had to force his dick into her tight hole harder as she moaned louder and louder. He felt himself growing so close he could barley keep himself from getting off.

After a few more minutes of slamming into her wet pussy, it happened. He griped her hips tight and shoved deep as he could as he got off inside her warm hole. Sophia bit her lip and closed her eyes as she felt the cock deep inside her, filling her up. He finished and pulled out of her as he smiled at her nice ass.

He decided to help her get out of the dryer and yanked her backwards. Sophia akkent escort felt his cock slip between her ass cheeks as he was trying to help. Finally he pulled as hard as he could and she was pried out of the dryer. He fell to his back as Sophia landed on his lap, his cock entered her wet pussy once more as she moaned loudly.

She began riding him as she lifted her top off and played with her breasts as she moaned. He smiled and ran his hands up her sides. He reached around and grabbed her firm breasts as she rode him fast as she could. Her moans grew louder as she got off again. Both of them was loving the sex as they continued their adventure.

Sophia felt his hands squeezing her breasts and pinching her hard nipples as he pulled them. She couldn’t stop riding his cock as her body wanted more and more. Never in her life had she reacted this way to fucking someone. Her nineteen year old body was getting off again as her moans filled the room.

He felt himself get off again into his sisters tight pussy as she slowed down and came to a stop. Sophia stood up and turned around to see who was enjoying her body. He stood up as she looked at her brother with mixed emotions. She looked down at his cock, still rock hard and wanting more of her. Sophia smiled and kissed him on his lips as she grabbed his cock.

They made out as she jerked him off as he grabbed her ass. Sophia felt him cum and dropped to her knees as she let it cover her face. He watched in shock as his sister was enjoying it spraying her face. She then began sucking it as he grabbed a handful of her hair. She slid back and forth on his shaft as she fingered herself as she sucked him off.

They heard the front door open and she didn’t stop. He was worried his mom would walk in and catch them. Finally he got off in her mouth and put his cock away. Sophia wiped her face off and found her sundress and slipped it on over her nude body. They went to their rooms to clean up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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