Stolen Moments of Pleasure

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I got a new toy tonight…from a very special man. I didn’t intend to use it tonight. In fact, I left it in the van. But, for some reason, as I got ready for bed, instead of my usual attire, I chose a floor length pink gown.

As I lay on the couch watching TV, I was enjoying the lingering affects of a rare night out with the girls and also remembering the final 2 hours of my evening. Those stolen hours spent being caressed with his hands…his words…his eyes.

Ah – but back to my new toy…It is a perfectly shaped, wonderfully hard and exquisitely balanced solid glass cock. I thought about the weight of it when I first held it, the sensation as I ran, first my fingertips and them my cupped palm slowly up and down it’s full 7 inches. It was dark so I couldn’t see the details, but I felt them…the slightly raised veins, the realistically shaped head. My first thought was how it would feel to glide my tongue and moistened lips up and down its length – feeling the ridges against the smoothness. The coolness of the glass meeting the heat of my mouth.

As I lay there remembering those moments…and the events afterward…I could feel a heat building inside me…enveloping my body from the inside out. I felt a tingling between my legs…my pussy was getting moist. My right hand strayed to my inner thigh while my left hand cupped my breast and tweaked the nipple…mmmm. I sat up and before I realized I had moved, I was unlocking the van and retrieving Ankara escort that little brown bag with the fleur de lis on it – the bag containing my gift.

I went to the kitchen counter – and still not really thinking about what I was doing – I turned on the hot water. As the water heated up, I took the soap and squeezed a ribbon from the head to the base and started to massage it with both hands, sliding it under the hot water and giving it a very soapy handjob. After I rinsed it off I took a soft towel and slowly dried every inch and crevice. It was warm to the touch from being under the hot running water.

I walked back to the couch and slid my nightgown up to my hips as I sat down. I reached and pulled my soft chenille throw over me as my hips involuntarily inched towards the edge of the seat. I put my right hand, the hand holding my toy, under the throw and let the weight of it rest against my pelvic bone…not even an inch above my clit. I thought about how it would feel…moving slowly down…brushing against my tingling clit…into my slick, hot pussy. But wait, I wasn’t just thinking about it – my right hand had started to guide that hard glass cock along the path it had just taken in my mind. I inched down farther towards the edge of the couch – the throw covering me as my knees parted and I spread my lips to feel the tip of the cock…mmmm…still warm from the water. I teased myself…sliding the head slowly in circles Escort ankara around my pussy…moving firmly over my clit like it was nothing more than a speed bump. I moved my left hand under the cover and felt the slickness as I used two fingers to massage my throbbing clit…first gently then with more intensity.

Finally my new toy began looking for a home…the head insistently pushing – trying to enter me. I’m so tight there is some resistance – even with my hot juices making me slick and slippery…but I want to feel it inside me…I push harder. The head slides in – oh! I’m still and enjoy the feeling of this welcome invasion. I oh-so-slowly slide it in…feeling every detail with my inner walls. I keep going until my hand touches my pelvis and is met with a slight thrust from my hips. I’m still again…feeling the fullness inside, squeezing the glass with my muscles. My hand begins to move – still slowly – pulling away from my body until, again, just the tip is inside me. I wait and then begin to let it slide back in…still slowly…letting its weight do most of the work…still tight…still some resistance. I repeat this motion several times…savoring the sensation. My breathing has become shallow…my left hand still between my legs playing with my clit. So sensitive…feeling my heart beat.

Then – as my new toy began to make its 6th or 7th slow descent into my pussy, my patience breaks. I thrust it in me quickly Ankara escort bayan – all the way…the force of the motion making me catch my breath. I begin to fuck myself – harder and faster…the fingers on my left hand working furiously as I slam this wonderful gift into my hot, wet pussy. I begin to feel my muscles start to contract…I don’t even care that it’s so soon…it feels so good. As I cum, I leave the cock pushed in to the base and begin to turn it…feeling the ridges move against my contracting muscles…oh, so good – I close my eyes and revel in the shudders going through my body. As my orgasm subsides I feel the glass cylinder begin to slide away. But my pussy has other ideas and contracts again – holding it inside me. I begin to move my right hand again – steady but no longer slow. I hear the wet noises as I slide the cock in and out – steadily pounding my pussy – enjoying the weight of the motion. All of a sudden, I’m coming again…this time I keep thrusting – not relenting – steady…oh, it feels so good…to just abandon myself to the pleasure…throwing my head back and biting my lip to keep quiet. As my body begins to calm, I can feel my heart racing. My hand starts to slow – still rhythmic…as if reluctant to call an end to this initiation. But I must…I gently slide the glass cock out from between my dripping lips and lay there…letting my breathing and heartbeat become regular again.

I bring my gift out from under the throw…it is glistening…a small pool of my cum in the crevices of the head. I take my finger and dip it into that small pool – swirling it around the tip before I place it between my lips. I taste myself as I start to think about the full report I’ve been asked to give about my new toy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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