My Future Father-In-Law Ch. 01

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“Would you like me to take the girls out so you can see them easier?” I softly and sweetly teased. I had caught my potential future father-in-law peeking at my more than ample, partially exposed cleavage and I couldn’t resist making him squirm a bit. I had thought he had been checking me over all weekend and now I knew for sure. And it certainly seemed like he appreciated what I had.

He blushed as he looked quickly away clearing his throat and trying to ignore my question.

“Would you?” I quietly and shyly, but firmly, asked as I unbuttoned a third button of my tightly clinging nightgown to show off even more of my full bust to him. “And what would you take out for me?” I continued.

My nipples were massively erect and I wondered if he could see them protruding through the front of my thin pink gown. I realized I was becoming aroused as I started to understand the effect I was having on my father-in-law to be. He definitely appreciated what I had to offer.

He looked at my breasts again, more directly know, watching them rise and fall slowly as I breathed in and out. He then slowly looked into my eyes. I could feel his eyes follow my gaze as it traveled down his bare torso and came to rest looking at the large bulge in the front of the baggy nylon running shorts he wore. I sat down at the kitchen table next to where he stood so he could see even further into my cleavage. I looked up into his eyes with my face directly in front of the growing bulge in the front of his shorts and slowly unbuttoned my gown one hole further down. Much, much more – but not all – of my bust was exposed to his gaze and his bulge was swelling even further.

“Huh, Daddy? Would you like that? If I took them out, I mean? And, what would you take out for me, Daddy?” I said quietly looking up at him with just a slight, teasing smile.

“I’d love to see them.” he mouthed almost silently. “And I’d do anything for the chance.”

“Go ahead then, take it out,” I said as I nodded toward the now gently throbbing bulge in the crotch of his shorts, “Please take it out, its OK. Take it out.”

My future father-in-law glanced again longingly at my deep cleavage exposed now nearly to my areolas. He licked his licks and I could see him swallow as his left hand moved uncertainly – haltingly, hesitatingly – toward the the leg of his shorts. The bulge directly in front of me grew and throbbed even more. Slowly he pulled the silky fabric out and over to the right slowly exposing himself to my gaze. He definitely appreciated what I had to offer.

“Owww, very, very nice.” I hissed as my gaze fell on the throbbing flesh swinging and bobbing just in front of me. “Your gorgeous. gaziantep ateşli escort bayan Your big, real big. Bigger than Mike.” I cooed. And he was. He was much bigger than my fiancee – longer and thicker, much, much thicker. Unlike his son Mike, my father-in-law was uncut. I liked that! The rest of his package was equally impressive and inspiring. The sack hanging under his distended manhood was enormous. His testicles were not baseball sized, but much larger than golf balls at least. Yes, he was gorgeous and I was becoming moist at the thought of the way he responded to me.

I forced my gaze away from the large, hooded, pulsing piece of meat hanging just inches from my face and I looked up into the eyes of my future father-in-law standing over me. He was breathing softly through open lips now as his eyes moved rapidly back and forth from the front of my gown to my face. I eased forward on the chair and put my hands on my hips to give him a really good view of my big breasts without completely exposing my engorged nipples to him. He took in a deep breath and I could hear him sigh audibly. I watched his face as his eyes hungrily explored my large breasts heaving up and down with each breath. I knew he could easily see my dark, swollen nipples now.

“Do you want me to take them out now or would you rather…would you rather…I touched you?” I barely breathed the question as his gaze lurched back to my face. His eyes explored my face as the big tube of flesh in front of me throbbed and swelled even more. He was now fully erect, completely hard and his thick foreskin only partially covered the full, puffy, turgid glans. The veins along the shaft pulsed visibly through the skin. The huge orbs in his scrotum rolled around in their sack as it drew up just a bit. His went back to my barely concealed breasts under the tightly stretched gown and then he looked back into my eyes.

“Or would you think badly of me if I touched you?” I asked shyly as I slid my hands from my hips along the top of each of my thighs. I still looked up at his glowing face. “I’d love to touch you,” I offered softly.

He glanced over his shoulder and then looked back down questioningly at me sitting in front of him.

“What about Mike?” he said very softly as he nodded back over his shoulder.

“Don’t worry, He’s still fast asleep.” I replied. “Would you tell?” I grinned as I raised my eyebrows and cocked my head tossing my long auburn hair back. The movement set my full bust to swaying just slightly.

He smiled and I felt his body shiver as I ran my right palm up the inside of his thigh toward his crotch and bakımlı escort gaziantep the warm, pulsing flush that waited there. I stopped an inch below his big sack and repeated “Well, would you tell? Shall I go on?”

“Please, please, please go on!” he blurted quietly as I caressed the inside of this thigh. “I’ll just tell you to go on and on and on if you do it!”

I smiled up at up and said “Well, I guess you’ll see plenty of them later if you want, huh?”

I took both hands a palmed his large balls. They were massive and warm and his meat lurched and swayed and pulsed as I gently massage him. He must ejaculate a gallon I thought weighing each swollen, full globe in separate palms. His balls were at least 3 or 4 times as large as my fiancee. He must not have had an orgasm in months. Yes, a gallon, I smiled to myself as I grasped his thick shaft with both hands.

He gasped out loud and his entire body shook as I peeled back his thick foreskin and fully exposed his big mushroom. A drop of liquid slowly formed at the opening in the end of his meaty phallus and I briefly thought of licking it off. No, not this time, I said to myself as my hands continued to move his skin down the shaft and then started back up again. No, not this time, he’ll have to wait for that I thought as I wondered if I could even get his big helmet in my mouth.

His cock was fully 9 inches long or more and so thick that my hands couldn’t fully encircle its girth. The meat was warm and pulsed in my hands as I stoked him slowly as I stared at the large purple head. I pulled the skin down partially over his cock head and then just slowly, and almost imperceptibly rocked my hands back and forth over the big ridge at the base of his cock head. The beautiful log of meat shuddered in my gentle grasp as I stroked him and I could feel it swell and swell as more fluid leaked from the head. I was reveling in his reaction to my touch and in the control I could so easily exert over him. He would love to be my father-in-law!

I looked up into my future father-in-law’s face as I continued to pump his huge hunk of flesh. His mouth was hanging open as his breath came in short gasps and grunts. Our eyes were locked briefly as a look of sheer ecstasy came across his features and his shaft grew in my grasp. I continued to stroke him with my right hand and I cupped his massive sack with the other. He grunted and groaned as I slowly and gently stroked his huge pole of flesh. He was getting close but he had good staying power. Most guys would have exploded by now, but was prolonging the pleasure. I gripped him more firmly and gradually gaziantep bayan escort picked up the pace. I could tell he didn’t want it to ever end, but I was just dying to rip the fluid from his sack.

“Don’t worry,” I whispered “There can be other times, too!”

He gasped and gurgled as I stroked. He gave no thought now to my fiancee – his son – Mike lying asleep on the couch in the next room. He was gaping at my big breasts as they jerked and thrashed in my gown in response to the work I was doing on his gorgeous, huge cock. His only thought now was for the sensation in his broiling scrotum and the electricity in his hot, pulsing meat that promised a mighty relief as I stroked him.

“God, you’re gorgeous” he gasped “And you can work me good.” he said as he ogled my distorted nipples through the sheer material of my gown. I continued to pump his thick, throbbing meat overjoyed at the effect I had on him.

“You like those big, beautiful girls, don’t you?” I teased. “I’ll bet you’re about ready to drench them down with sperm, aren’t you? Do you think you’ll cum in my mouth for me someday?” I smiled up at him as I aimed his cock head at my cleavage and continued to stroke the flesh. That was all he could take. He looked into my eyes, gurgled deep in his chest and exploded.

As I continued to pump his wildly pulsing shaft he spewed a thick, liquid rope of white continuously for what must have been at least 10 seconds. The hot semen slapped my chest with an unexpected force and trailed down across my breasts and ran into my cleavage. My father-in-law bit his lip and attempted to contain his verbal outbursts as he continued to erupt time after time after time after time and again. Twelve full thick streams of seed splashed onto my breasts and soaked the front of my gown. None of the following geysers were has as huge and powerful as the first, but each was more voluminous than any other man I’d ever seen ejaculate. He was truly amazing. What a load I had brought forth from him his tool!

He collapsed back against the kitchen counter as I continued to stroke his huge member. He finally began to soften slightly in my hands as his breathing – and mine – returned to normally. I cupped his scrotum and stroked him gently as he writhed above me. I finally relinquished his gorgeous meat and stood up before him. I put my hands on my hips as I looked down at my cum drenched breasts thrust out fully. They looked even larger than their ‘F’ cupped size as the soaked silk gown clung to them and fully emphasized their mass. The material clearly outlined my dark, hugely distended nipples. His sperm hung and ran in huge rivulets down my chest.

“Well, Daddy?” I said as I gently took his meat in an underhanded grip. I held and fondled him with both hands as he stared at my dripping bust. “Can I have more someday?”

My father-in-law tore his gaze from my huge chest and looked into my eyes in ecstasy as he said “Welcome to the family, Daughter!”

I smiled backed knowing that this was just the beginning of a wonderful life.

To be continued…

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