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Sandra was a cheerleader. Me, I was just a regular guy who happened to be in some of the same courses as her. We’d been in work groups occasionally but, although we hit if off OK and were friendly, we had never dated. Either I had a current girl or she had a current boy, the time never seeming quite right.

Today was slightly different. I’d recently broken up with my steady (she dumped me) and I’d heard that Sandra had also broken up with her current steady. I ran into her at a friendly match the school was playing.

Because it was a friendly match the coach was giving the wannabes a run to see how they went. In the same spirit, several of the senior cheerleaders had stood down, giving cheerleader wannabes a go. Sandra, at nearly nineteen, was as about as senior as a cheerleader could get without graduating and no longer being a cheerleader. She was one of those who’d volunteered to sit out the game.

It was not one of the more interesting games I’d attended. The next exciting bit of play would also be the first, but I couldn’t see it happening anytime soon. I was wandering around the outskirts of the crowd, wondering if I’d be lacking in school spirit if I went home, when I found Sandra also wandering around, looking bored.

“Not enjoying the game?” I asked.

“Let’s say I’m glad I won’t be here next year if this is the team they’re going to field. To really cheer for someone you need some hope of winning, otherwise you only go through the motions. It can be a bit dispiriting.”

“Hey, they could win,” I insisted. “The team they’re playing isn’t exactly crash hot.”

She gave me a disbelieving Eskort Bayan look. I had to admit she had a point. Neither side looked like winning. It would be sheer chance as to which team would be ahead at full time.

“Well, if you’re not watching the game and I’m not watching the cheerleaders, why don’t we go for a walk so I can watch my favourite cheerleader?”

Sandra gave a laugh and when I moved on she went with me. She gave me a look when I tucked her arm beneath mine but didn’t remove it. We strolled along the edge of the crowd and then wandered further afield.

I have no idea what we talked about. We just discussed inconsequentialities, filling in the silence with banal words. Somehow or other we finished up strolling behind the equipment shed.

The shed was off to one side of the ground. Once behind it you were effectively cut off from the crowd. The only way to see behind the shed was to actually walk around it. It was an ideal spot to kiss a girl.

So I kissed her. Fortunately, Sandra kissed me back. It was only a light kiss, after which I drew back and looked at her. She was smiling, so I kissed her again. This kiss was harder, with a touch of passion, and Sandra responded the same way.

We went on like that for a couple of minutes, the kisses getting more intense. Then I must have had a rush of blood to my head. Without fully realising it I unzipped myself, letting my erection free. (The way we were kissing I’d have had to have been a eunuch not to have an erection.)

At that point, no harm done, I could always tuck it away again. Did I do that, pick the sensible option? Not so you’d notice. I lifted the front of her dress, hooking a finger under the crotch of her panties and drawing them to one side while my erection pressed up against her exposed flesh.

I was still kissing her at that stage, and I saw her eyes flair open, shocked. I pressed lightly, and my cock was pushing past her lips. She looked somewhat stunned and pulled her head away from mine slightly, breaking the kiss, but she didn’t say anything.

My hands had closed over her bottom, pulling her towards me as I pressed into her. There was a slight hesitation as I entered her, my cock seeming to catch on something and then moving on and I realised with some surprise that Sandra was a virgin, the operative word being was.

Hands on her bottom I pulled her closer, moving steadily into her. She was still looking at me as though slightly stunned, but her arms were still around me and she wasn’t trying to stop me. The kissing must have aroused her slightly and my cock’s touch had been enough to let her natural lubrication flow. I slid smoothly in until our groins were firmly pressed against each other.

I held her like that, bending to kiss her again. Her mouth met mine and passion flared between us again. After a moment or two I started moving and Sandra didn’t even hesitate, gently rocking in place as I took her. Now that I was taking her she broke off the kissing again, pulling her head back to stare at me. I just smiled at her, maintaining the same slow rhythm, the pair of us moving as one.

I felt no need to increase the pace. What we were doing was fine by me and Sandra wasn’t complaining. She just kept staring at me, her eyes on me while her attention was elsewhere. Even as I watched her, her eyes slowly closed, and she moved dreamily along, accepting what was happening.

We continued the way we started, the passion there, but muted. We didn’t seem to want a lot of fireworks, the gentle coming together pleasing us both. It was a sweet torture, really. Part of me wanted to speed up, branding her with the urgency of my need. The other part said let it go. Take what’s happening and let it flow at its own sweet pace.

That’s what I did, and I could feel the excitement within me steadily building. Sandra’s mouth was slightly open, small sounds of appreciation escaping, and I could hear her excitement increasing. I kept on, my cock sliding the full length into her before retreating, steady as a metronome, but a lot more interesting.

I didn’t exactly see any signs that told me Sandra was going to climax. It was more as though I just sensed it from the way she was holding me and the way her body was moving. I pressed home just a little more exuberantly and her eyes popped wide open again and I hastily covered her mouth with mine as she went to scream.

She climaxed, shuddering against me, screaming into my mouth as I kissed her, my own climax surging through me, relieving me.

Sandra leaned against me as I withdrew, automatically readjusting her panties as I did so. Neither of us said anything. We just continued our stroll. After a few minutes Sandra stopped dead and I stopped and looked at her. She frowned and then thumped me hard on the arm.

“What was that for?” I protested.

“Work it out,” she grumbled, taking hold of my arm and continuing our stroll.

Damned if I understand women.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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