A Weekend of Surprises

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Big Tits

As they drove up the long, tree-lined drive, the shape of the 18th century House slowly began to reveal itself to them on the horizon.

They pulled up outside the east wing of the imposing building, parked the car and grabbed their bags from the back. Sara reached out and took Pete’s hand as they walked across the gravel towards the main reception together.

The spa hotel was set in 50 acres of deciduous woodland and was immediately surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens and lawns, the design of which had altered very little from when the house was first built in 1754.

It had only taken them around an hour and a half to drive there from central London but it felt as though they had completely left behind their normal, busy lives.

They walked through the main door and were greeted by an elegantly dressed lady who smiled warmly, and quickly checked them into their luxury suite. Their bags were taken from them and a young man showed them up the wide and sweeping staircase to their room on the second floor.

Their suite was beautiful with a huge four poster bed and a sitting room filled with gorgeous antique furniture.

As they settled themselves in, Pete stood and looked out through the bedroom window, taking in the views of the gardens and the surrounding woodland. Sara came up behind him and put her arms around him. “Not bad, eh?” she said, looking over his shoulder. “Do you think they’d mind if we just stayed here for the next six months?”

“Not at all – if we paid them for the room.” said Pete. “But at £600 a night that’s going to make a dent in our savings pretty quickly.”

“Oh well. We’ll just have to make the most of it for the next two days then I guess.” said Sara, and as she spoke she moved her right hand down to his groin and gave him a gentle squeeze.

Sara had been away a lot with work recently and it had been over a week since they’d last had sex. Pete felt his cock twitch and begin to swell almost instantly at her touch, but she quickly moved her hand back up to his chest.

“Talking of which, I’ve got a few little surprises lined up for you this weekend” she whispered mischievously into his ear. And with that she let go of him and walked back towards the large bathroom on the other side of the room. As she went through the door she turned and said “I’m just going to freshen up, but when I come back out I’d be very disappointed if I found you wearing any clothes.” With a sly smile she closed the door behind her and left Pete alone in the bedroom.

He hurriedly closed the three sets of curtains, turned on the bedside lamps and cleared the soft white towels off the bed. The hotel had left a bottle of champagne in their room, sitting in an ice bucket. Pete opened the bottle and brought it, along with the bucket, over to the bedside table where he poured out two glasses. He quickly took off his shirt and trousers and slipped off his underwear.

He lay on the bed completely naked, eagerly awaiting Sara’s return.

She was taking her time and Pete was half way through his second glass of champagne before the door to the bathroom slowly opened. Very gradually, Sara emerged from the bathroom and it was instantly clear why she’d been taking her time. She was wearing black stockings, a black lacey suspender belt, lacey panties, a very sexy black bra and a pair of killer high heels. She strode slowly into the room and stood at the foot of the bed with her legs shoulder width apart and her right hand on her hips.

A wide-eyed “Wow!” was all Pete could come up with.

Sara was one of those women who could look sexy in a baggy old t-shirt and a pair of tatty gym shorts. She was petite with an amazing figure and larger than average breasts. She had a smile that could light up a room and sparkling hazel eyes. Her straight blonde hair hung down over her shoulders, ending just below her collar bone on either side. Despite her natural beauty she wasn’t usually one to show off her body very much, so when she did it was all the more impressive.

Pete’s cock began to very rapidly grow, springing to attention and doing a good job of making his appreciation for the outfit known. “I get the impression you approve?” smiled Sara, eyeing his groin. Pete just nodded like a dumbstruck fool.

“You seem to have lost the power of speech” said Sara “but I’ll take that as a positive sign. In fact now that you’ve seen my first little treat I might just take away another of your powers.” She walked over to the dressing table and picked up one of the complimentary eye masks that the hotel had provided. She slowly and sexily walked back over to the side of the bed, while Pete watched intently, trying to memorise every inch of her beautiful body in this exquisite outfit.

Sara leant over the bed and gently put the eye mask onto Pete. The sudden loss of sight heightened his other senses and a nervous excitement began to grow.

As he lay there on the bed, naked and vulnerable, he felt kuşadası escort Sara’s fingertips begin to very gently trace a line up and down his body. Initially her fingers avoided his bulging cock but gradually the passes came closer and closer to that area. Eventually her fingers began to stroke his balls, before she started to gently squeeze them in her hand.

Pete felt her lips gently kiss the tip of his cock while she continued to massage his balls. He could feel her warm breath on his shaft and then the gentle grip of her other hand on his cock. She slowly stroked up and down his shaft, and it felt amazing.

After a minute or two of gently playing with his cock he felt her fully take the head into her mouth. She was a blow job master and she had always had the ability to bring him to orgasm with her mouth, almost at will.

He could feel and hear that she had coated him in plenty of saliva and the squelching noises were adding to how turned on he was feeling right now.

As his pleasure began to grow he felt her suddenly lift her mouth and at the same time she stopped playing with his balls. He heard the sound of her moving the ice bucket around while she continued to stroke his wet shaft with her remaining hand.

After a moment or two her second hand returned to his balls but this time it felt slightly cold and wet. His balls contracted with the temperature change.

She sucked his cock back into her mouth again, but he quickly realised that this time he was not alone in there! Sara had placed an ice cube in her cheek and the feeling of her now very cold mouth around his cock was incredible. She bobbed her head up and down more energetically and took the head of his penis into her cheek, alongside the ice cube. Again, the power of speech eluded him and all he could do was groan loudly with pleasure.

After some time the agonising pleasure became too much and he tore off the eye mask to allow him to watch Sara at work. He grabbed her breasts through her bra and squeezed her protruding nipples between his fingers.

Sara moved herself onto the bed and knelt between his knees whilst keeping him inside her mouth. The ice cube had now mostly melted and a warmth was returning as her sucking continued.

She looked up and stared into Pete’s eyes as she quickened the pace and he knew immediately that she intended for him to come in her mouth very soon.

She brought both hands onto his shaft and stroked up and down with an alternating twisting motion, while she lavished the head with soft friction from her tongue and lips.

As he stared into her wide, beautiful eyes he could feel himself getting closer and closer until finally he could hold on no longer. Thick streams of cum filled her mouth and she continued milking his cock until the very last drop had been squeezed out of him. While still staring into his eyes she swallowed his load and then gently kissed and licked the tip.

Pete sat up and took Sara’s face in his hands. He drew her towards him and kissed her passionately, tasting the slight trace of his cum still in her mouth. He flipped her over onto her back on the bed and pushed her knees up and apart. He gently kissed her flat stomach and her thighs while he stroked up and down her legs, feeling the smooth nylon stockings and the suspender clips. He used his fingertips to gently prise up the edge of her panties and then pulled them to one side, exposing her smooth, waxed pussy. He kissed her swollen lips and let his tongue lightly touch her clit before letting it gently explorering her wet folds. She was clearly enjoying this and she held his head firmly against her with both hands as he diligently worked towards her pleasure.

After a while Pete lifted his head and reached across to grab the glass from next to the bed and took a mouthful of Champagne. He formed a small O with his lips over her clitoris. He let the fizzing champagne dance over her sensitive clit and she dug her fingernails into his shoulders in response. “Oh my God!” she gasped. “Keep doing that!” He kept his lips in place, being careful not to let too much Champagne spill out, but steadily sucking on her clit at the same time. While he did this his fingers started to lightly explore her pussy and then slowly moved even further down, below her opening.

She’d always liked having the entrance to her arse played with while he ate her out, although that was generally as far as their anal fun went.

He lightly traced his finger around the rim and teased the sensitive nerve endings.

He dipped a finger inside her wet pussy and then used her juices to lubricate his finger, which he very gently slid just inside her tight hole. She groaned loudly again and he could feel her contract, sucking his finger in deeper. He carried on sucking her clit while he lightly massaged the entrance to her arse with his middle finger.

As he continued sucking her, he slid his thumb inside her pussy. Her hips began to grind against him and he could she was really close to orgasm.

He kept up his sucking and finger fucking rhythm and her groans became loader and louder until she finally screamed “Oh, fuckkkk!” and he felt her pussy spasm around his thumb.

He sat up, swallowed his mouthful of champagne and moved up to kiss her on the mouth.

“Oh baby. That was amazing” she purred, still quivering from her orgasm.

He stroked her face and stared into her beautiful eyes.

After they had both recovered they got up from the bed and Sara went off to get showered first. The hotel had a state of the art spa facility in the basement and they were both keen to check it out before dinner.

They went down to the Roman-themed pool together in their soft white bathrobes and picked out two loungers next to the pool. They had the place almost to themselves with just one other young couple who were currently doing lengths of the pool.

They spent some time reading their books before Sara suggested they take a dip in the jacuzzi.

Pete got into the jacuzzi first and sat at the far side, opposite the steps. Sarah followed him in and he watched her bikini clad body slowly and elegantly slip into the water beside him.

They were alone in the warm jacuzzi and they sat next to each other holding hands under the water.

“You look so hot in that bikini” whispered Pete. “Thank you” Sara smiled back. “You look pretty sexy in your shorts too. I was actually admiring your bulge as you were lying on the lounger earlier reading your book. It was quite distracting for me if I’m honest.”

He smiled back. “I’m not sure I read much of my book either because I spent most of the time sneaking glances at your breasts in that skimpy bikini. That probably contributed to the slightly larger than normal bulge in my shorts!”

“You’re a very naughty boy!” she mock scolded him. “Can’t a girl lie on a lounger in a sexy bikini without being objectified by her husband?”

“Not when that girl’s as hot as you are she can’t. Just think yourself lucky that I didn’t bend you over that lounger right there and then.”

Sara’s hand moved, under the water, to take hold of Pete’s cock through his shorts. “I think I might have liked that actually. You could have pulled my bikini to one side and fucked me hard from behind. In fact I would have loved you to have done that. I’m getting pretty wet just thinking about it.”

Pete’s cock was growing rapidly as he thought about what might have been. Sara slipped her hand down the front of his shorts and grabbed hold of his cock. She proceeded to stroke him hard and fast whilst keeping an eye out for any nearby guests that might disturb them.

“Your cock’s huge, do you know that?” she asked rhetorically. “When it’s inside me it fills me so completely that it feels like I’m about to burst – but in a really good way!” she added. “I often masturbate thinking about that feeling and imagining you completely filling me up.”

She didn’t often talk about masturbation and the thought of it was really turning Pete on. “You’re going to have to slow that down a bit or I’m going to make a real mess in this jacuzzi.” groaned Pete.

Sara slowed her stroke rate, keeping Pete just on the edge.

She carried on whispering in his ear. “I love it when you fuck me from behind you know. Your cock feels so deep inside me and you feel so strong as you pound me while I tease my clit.”

Pete reached across and moved his hand up her inner thigh to touch her pussy through her bikini bottoms.

“Not in public!” she whispered, with a coy smile on her face. She immediately stood up and took Pete’s hand to lead him out of the jacuzzi. He hurriedly tucked his hard cock into the waist band of his shorts as Sara dragged him out. They passed the young couple who were still doing lengths in the pool.

She led him to the entrance of the sauna and the two of them ducked inside, with Sara grabbing two towels from the pile next the door on the way in. The steam room was completely empty and Sara immediately stripped off her bikini, standing completely naked next to the benches. Pete took a moment to look at her incredible body and study her from her beautiful head to her perfect toes.

“Enough looking. It’s time to fuck me.” She said, the coy-girl-act left behind in the jacuzzi. She sat on a high bench with her legs apart, her knees up and her feet resting on the edge of the bench, fully exposing her smooth pussy. Pete tore off his shorts, releasing his rock hard cock, and he was on her in less than a second. She quickly grabbed hold of his dick and guided it inside her. He felt the warm, wet embrace of her pussy and it was incredible. They kissed passionately as they fucked hard on the bench and clawed at each other’s naked bodies in a writhing mass of glistening skin. Sara was making increasingly loud groans with every inward thrust Pete made and he could feel his own orgasm building quickly.

With a final thrust they came in unison and they held each other tightly as their bodies shook with pleasure.

As they gradually got their breath back Sara noticed the door to the sauna slowly closing and heard a woman giggle and whisper something just outside the door.

“I think we may have just had some spectators!” she whispered to Pete, with wide eyes.

“Lucky them” smiled Pete and the two of them used the towels to dry themselves before putting their swimwear back on.

As they came out of the sauna they could see the other young couple had moved out of the pool and into the jacuzzi and were passionately making out. “I think we might have inspired some copy-cat action” smiled Pete. “We should give them some privacy and head back to our room then” said Sara.

They quickly grabbed their robes and books and left the spa area. The moaning sounds coming from the couple in the jacuzzi left them in no doubt that the other two were having a very nice time themselves and the young woman was now straddling her boyfriend, making very little attempt to hide what they were up to.

Sara and Pete headed back up to their room and showered before getting dressed for dinner. The hotel restaurant had a dress code so Pete was wearing a jacket and Sara had chosen a fitted, white, knee-length dress, with a slit up one side that came almost to the top of her thigh. She’d paired this with a black belt and the black heels she had worn earlier in bed.

With her makeup on she looked stunning and Pete told her as much. “I can’t believe how lucky I am to be with such a beautiful and sexy woman.”

She smiled and kissed him on the lips. “You scrub up pretty well yourself.” she said as she straightened his collar for him and stroked the stubble on his jaw.

They went down for dinner and were shown to a table on the deck outside, looking out over the gardens and the woodland beyond.

It was a lovely warm evening and they were glad of the light breeze outside. The restaurant was about half full and as the sun began to creep towards the horizon, strings of fairy lights around them began to light up.

Once they had finished their starters the waiter cleared away their plates and Sara excused herself to go and “powder her nose”. When she came back to the table she subtly slipped something under Pete’s napkin.

“What’s that under there?” he asked, looking bemused.

“Be subtle, but take a look if you like.”

Pete lifted up the corner of his napkin to reveal a small, black, plastic device of some kind. “What’s that?” he asked, still confused.

Sara just smiled back at him with a mischievous grin on her face. Pete picked it up and examined it more closely. The device had two small buttons on it. He pressed the bottom button and nothing seemed to happen. He looked up at Sara, about to ask again, but before he spoke he saw a strange expression come over her face. It was a mixture of surprise and excitement. He pressed the button again and the look disappeared.

Slowly it dawned on him. This must be a remote control for a vibrator that Sara had just placed inside herself. He pressed the button again and his suspicions were confirmed as that same expression appeared once more.

He smiled and held onto the remote with his hands underneath the tablecloth. He realised that she had chosen to give him control of her pleasure while they ate.

Pete tried the second button, which led to some eyebrow raising each time he pressed it. He guessed that this button was cycling through different vibration modes. On about the fourth press, Sara’s face tensed with pleasure and it was clear he’d found a particularly good mode. “Do you like that?” he asked, already knowing the answer from her expression. “Mmm hmm” she responded, with her lips tightly closed, clearly trying to retain some composure in the busy restaurant.

He grinned and turned the toy off for a moment. “I certainly like the power this gives me.”

She looked at him in the eyes and said very quietly, “My panties would be getting really wet right now… if I were wearing any.”

A moment later the waiter returned with their main courses and set them down. “Would you like any more wine at all?”

Just as Sara was about to respond, Pete turned on the toy again. “Yes please!” replied Sara in a strangely over-eager voice. The waiter looked slightly taken aback but disappeared off and returned with a second bottle.

“That wasn’t very kind” she hissed at Pete while the waiter was gone. Pete just grinned back at her, very much enjoying their little secret.

Pete kept toying with Sara throughout the rest of the meal and he would turn off the toy for a short while every time he saw that her fingernails were beginning to grip onto the table cloth too firmly.

The waiter returned again to clear their plates and asked if they would like to see the desert menu. Sara quickly answered for them both and said that they would be skipping desert as they wanted to take a short dusk walk in the grounds before the last of the light disappeared.

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