House Mates Pt. 02

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Jeff’s was barely able to contain his anticipation for the next time they all went out as a three. The last time had been the best night of his life, without question; his two flatmates, Emily and Louise, had sabotaged his sexual experience with an ecstasy tab that stopped him from getting hard, but they had put on quite a show for him and, more importantly, promised him that next time would be different: he would call the shots. It was weeks of frustrating small talk and ignoring the night of passion that Louise finally broke the sexual silence.

“There’s a new club opening on the 25th. You up for it?”

Jeff had masturbated to the thought of Louise’s hands on his hard cock so many times since their previous encounter that he would go to anything she suggested. He jerked his dick to her on a daily basis, and since she made him cum, she had started wearing more revealing clothing around the flat: tank tops with no bra; very short skirts, sometimes with no underwear; sometimes only her underwear; these encounters would only last a moment, but it was enough for them to cement themselves in Jeff’s fantasies.

On the night of the 25th, as they began getting ready, Emily started playing games with Jeff again. She slipped past him in the kitchen a few times, brushing her ass against his cock, then suggested a bet. “How about a little game before we go out, Jeff? If you can keep your cock soft while we play strip poker, we’ll be your sex slaves for a week: no limits”.

Jeff weighed it up. The last time he had cum was about three hours ago: Louise had been wearing stockings and a tartan skirt, clearly just to tease him, and he had rushed into his room when she had gone into hers. He fancied his chances.

“Maximum of four items of clothing to be removed, then the game is over. But what do you want from me if I get hard?” The girls would not have made such a bet unless they wanted something significant in return, but Jeff was confident he could maintain his cool.

“We want to put this on you”, Emily giggled. She pulled a small plastic contraption with a small padlock from behind her back.

“What is it?” Jeff had no idea.

“It’s a chastity device. Your dick goes in here” she pointed to the device. “It means you belong to us, because you can’t get out of it without the key. But we need to play standing so we can check on you, just in case you try to cheat.”

“Okay, you’re on” said Jeff. He wasn’t a bad poker player, and he knew that neither of the girls knew anything more than the rules. Having masturbated recently, he was confident of his chances.

At that moment, Louise walked out of her room in a black corset covered by a tee-shirt, a grey pencil skirt, and long white socks and black heels. Her hair had been straightened and hung down beside her rounded breasts. She stood with her legs slightly parted, tilted her head, and stared straight at Jeff.

“Are we playing?” she asked slyly.

They began the game, but all Emily could look at was Louise. She was breath-taking, and she had known that Jeff had a crush on her from the first few days of living there. Louise lost the first game, and the person to the left had to decide which item of clothing would be removed. That just so happened to be Emily.

“Shirt” she said abruptly.

Louise looked at Jeff as she folded her arms, then slowly removed the tee-shirt, revealing the beautiful, pert breasts bursting over the top of the corset. “You’re not gonna get too excited, are you Jeff?” she mocked.

Jeff felt a twitch in his briefs. “Let’s keep going” he tried to sound confident.

After two more rounds, Louise had lost her skirt and Jeff had lost his jeans. Louise was sat in long socks and heels, a thong and a corset, and Emily was keenly inspecting Jeff’s briefs for any signs of arousal.

“Don’t you think she’s sexy?” teased Emily.

Jeff said nothing. He was struggling. What a stupid bet he had entered into. He had it all in front of him, and now these cock-teasers had him by the balls.

“Do you remember that time I sucked you off?” taunted Louise. “I was surprised that you were so horny for me. You must have been fantasising about it I suppose. Just like earlier, when I was wearing that little skirt and you had to go into your room for a while. Why was that, Jeff?”

It was all too much; Jeff hadn’t discussed his experience with either of them, and now Louise knowing that he jacked-off to the thought of fucking her had stoked the sexual tendencies that he was trying so desperately to avoid. His dick was half-erect, and he was trying to master his breathing to limit his arousal to gradual twitches, trying to force his dick from becoming a tent-pole in his briefs.

Jeff managed to contain himself for another two rounds. Emily had taken off her shirt, and then Louise lost again.

“Hmmm…” Emily drew out the imitation of a thinking process as she looked from Louise to Jeff. “Thong” she grinned as she looked Jeff in the eye, sensing his difficulties.

Louise put cihangir escort the cards on the side; a signal that she was confident she wouldn’t need them again. She swayed her hips from side to side, her hips rising alternatively on each side like the ebb and flow of a beautiful shoreline. She turned to the side and shifted the thong slowly down her legs. Jeff breathed in deeply and slowly, and his lip quivered. Louise stepped out of the thong, her heels catching on the thong as she did so. She then took a couple of steps towards Jeff and gave a broad smile.

“We win” she gloated.

Jeff looked down, unconscious of the fact that his dick was completely hard. He had blown it, but he couldn’t even think of the consequences when Louise was standing in front of him like this.

Emily approached him from behind and reached a hand around to his pulsating cock in his underwear. “Have you been wanking to the thought of her, Jeffy?”

His silence made it obvious that he had been. Louise responded by dropping to her knees and pulling Jeff’s dick out of his briefs. She ran her lips down the length of his cock, then submerged it inside her mouth and sucked hard. As his dick withdrew from her mouth, it was covered in her saliva, and she began teasing the head with her fingers. All the while, Emily was rubbing her hands over his body, cupping his balls and squeezing playfully while Louise pleasured him.

It all stopped abruptly as Louise stood up and kissed him deeply, still playing with his dick and making him moan softly to her touches, and the girls withdrew to Emily’s room to get ready.

Jeff was a mess. He wanted to cum again so badly, but he wanted his climax to be from Louise’s touches, feeling that his own hand would be a poor substitute. They had manipulated him again, and he became acutely aware that they were mean girls on a mission to make him putty in their hands. They weren’t out to please him; they only wanted to please themselves, and he found that more erotic than he ever would have imagined.

When Emily and Louise emerged from Emily’s room, Jeff had only just got rid of his erection. He had put on some trousers and a crisp shirt, uncomfortably wrestling with his hard cock as he changed clothes, and poured himself a whiskey and cola. Emily was wearing very tight light blue jeans and a halter neck top that didn’t quite meet the waist-band of her jeans, showing a slither of her lacy white underwear and the bottom of her toned abs. She held the chastity cage in her hand.

“Whip it out, Jeff. Time to collect.”

He reluctantly got out his dick and surrendered it to Emily’s will. She squeezed it down into the device, snapped the padlock shut, and gave a wicked grin.

“It looks so cute in the little cage; just a harmless little dicklet.”

Jeff put his clothes back on and looked at the door that had just opened as he buttoned up his trousers. Louise walked out in a short tartan skirt and impossibly tight black shirt with one-too-many buttons undone, showing the curvature of the top half of her breasts between a push-up bra that made her cleavage even more impressive. She wore tights under the skirt, adding a sleek and slender appearance to her long legs. Jeff felt a swelling in his cock cage and realised how difficult this night was going to be.

“All set, Jeff?” taunted Louise, clearly ready to have fun with him and his unfortunate predicament.

“Sure: let’s go” he tried to sound ready.

In the queue for the club, guys were drooling over Louise’s short skirt and incredible tits. At one point three guys came over, all three flirting with her and Emily, competing for Louise’s attention and posturing, with their chests prominent as a show of masculinity.

“See you in there” one of them said as he winked and strode away, confident that his attempts would be successful later on in the club. The others followed, laughing as they clearly made dirty references to the potential sexual conquest of the pair of sexy women they had encountered.

Jeff stood awkwardly, jealous of the flirtation and desperate for release. He had been neutered by these women for the second time on the only two occasions he had gone out with them, and his urge to fuck them both had grown with each passing day since the last instance of his sexual frustration. The strange thing was, he was enjoying this experience in a way. It made him appreciative of the power they had over him: these women were experienced teasers, experts in manipulating men by using their bodies and men’s lust, and they were psychologically able to back men into a corner. Their intelligence, mixed with men’s compliance when their dicks urge them on, made for a very powerful control, and this was the appeal of domination for them. Jeff made up his mind to prove himself worthy to them.

It was a frustrating night. His caged cock was uncomfortable, especially when he was dancing, and going to the bathroom to pee was a new experience. But the real difficulty was mecidiyeköy escort with his libido: the girls had made him so horny earlier that he couldn’t erase sex from his mind. They made this even more acute with their sexy dancing, grinding up against him with the intent of making him uncomfortably swell inside the cage. Emily even flashed her tits, revealing the key to his prison on a chain between her breasts, which took his breath away momentarily. Minutes later she danced close to him and whispered “I love that you’re my little bitch”, grabbing his balls and the cock cage in the palm of her hand as she brushed her lips over his neck.

After a while, the guys from the queue found them; they smiled like idiots at each other and took themselves way too seriously. They most arrogant of the three made a move on Louise, smiling down at her and pulling her close in his arms as they danced. She let it happen, gave Jeff a wink, and plunged her tongue into the guy’s mouth, whose eyebrows raised in surprise and excitement. This made Jeff insanely jealous, but there was nothing he could do.

He looked over at Emily, but she was talking to a gorgeous girl at the bar. She suddenly pointed at him and they both looked his way, at which point he tried to look casual. They walked over to him.

“This is Katie” said Emily.

Katie had long blonde hair, small breasts, and tiny shorts that barely went two inches down her thighs. They made her ass look amazing, and her subtle make-up accentuated her pretty features, particularly her soft lips and cute, button nose.

“Hi, nice to meet you, Jeff” she smiled in her soft, feminine tone. They danced for a few songs, with Jeff getting a drink during one number he wasn’t keen on. When he got back, Katie seemed reinvigorated. She held his hips close until he copied her, then clasped her arms around his neck and kissed his lips sweetly. She tasted of raspberries and gin and, as she pulled away from him, his lips involuntarily maintained the kiss for as long as possible, lingering towards her as she withdrew. His chest heaved with air as he regained some semblance of self-control. She bit her lip and moved closer, but Jeff noticed a stirring in his briefs and remembered his inability to get his dick hard. He moved away a little, but she just tilted her head downward as if eyeing her prey and kissed him again. She took one hand and ran it up his thigh, then whispered to him “I know you want me, and I know you’re not allowed me”. She danced up close, virtually on top of him, fondled his cock cage, let out a sweet giggle, and played with his balls. Jeff tilted his head back, incredulous to the tease he was experiencing and the set-up that Emily had manufactured for him.

At that moment, Louise returned with a devilish grin and danced with them both. She read the situation quickly and didn’t butt in, but waited for Jeff to notice her dancing alongside them. He turned to include her in his dance with Katie, who tried to hide her annoyance.

“What happened to you?” asked Jeff, who had a pretty good idea.

“I’ll tell you outside. Are you coming, sweetie?” Louise smiled at Katie. Katie was reassured, and on their way out they pulled Emily away from an intimate embrace with another guy from the queue.

As Emily, Katie and Jeff lit up in the smoking area out back, Louise told them of her fun with the arrogant guy.

“I let him feel me up in the ladies'” she began. “He was really loving my body, telling me how pretty I was and that he wanted to fuck me. His dick was rock hard and I saw how easy it was going to be to mess with him. So I undid my shirt and let him see my tits bulging out, then I told him to sit down and I’d give him a lap dance”. She flashed a naughty grin and licked her teeth. “Except, well, he was a bit… too ready… for that. I undid his jeans and made him keep on his underwear; then I backed up onto him and let his dick slide between my ass cheeks. After a while, his breathing got heavy and I got his cock out of his underwear and really worked it with my hand. I knew he was gonna cum before he did, so I sped up and then stopped all of a sudden, tucked his dick away and let him fill his underwear with his own pathetic excitement for me…”

She paused and looked around at the stunned and delighted faces lapping up the story. “Well, let’s just say he’s got an awkward trip out of the ladies’ bathroom.”

Jeff was so enthralled that he didn’t notice Katie’s eyes were lit up with adulation and excitement.

“What did he say?” Katie asked in a daze.

“I didn’t let him say anything. I got up when I knew he was gonna cum and I watched the look on his face as he spurted into his underwear. It seeped through and ran down the front of his boxers. I put my hand over my mouth and laughed at him. Then I just walked out.”

Emily was silently grinning and looking around the people outside, then at Katie and Jeff, and then back in the direction of the dancefloor. She was proud of Louise’s skills, and she was kurtuluş escort aware of her influence on this sex-kitten.

Soon it was time to leave. Emily swapped numbers with Katie and promised that they would meet again; Katie re-joined the friends she was with, who had plenty of questions, which was good because Katie had lots to tell. They passed the cocky guy, and Louise made sure that he saw her as she whispered to Emily and they laughed, looking down at his jeans to make the object of their amusement unmistakably clear.

When they got home, Jeff had no idea what was in store for the rest of the night. They went into the flat and he suggested they all have some drinks. When he had poured them out, he carried them over to the girls, who were still giggling at the successes of the night, and attempted to get his way or the first time.

“So, you said I would get to call the shots and, well…” he tried to drive home his advantage, “that hasn’t happened at all, has it?”

Emily and Louise looked at each other; then, Louise spoke in her softest, most sultry tone.

“And what is it that you want, Jeff?” she purred.

So many possible responses rushed to the surface of his mind. “You” was the simplest, but that would have sounded pathetic and it was likely that they would have laughed at him for such a weak statement. He considered his predicament.

“First, I want this cock cage off” he demanded.

“Oh, sorry Jeff, no can do” Emily interjected, “I gave the key to Katie. I’ve got her number though, if you want to ask her for it yourself”.

The girls looked at each other and burst into laughter. Jeff’s heart momentarily sank.

“Only joking, Jeffy” Emily laughed, and she pulled the necklace over her head and placed the key between her thumb and forefinger. “Now get it out like a good boy”, she teased.

She unclipped the padlock and slid the tube from his tiny imprisoned cock, at which point he sighed with relief.

“Now what?” beckoned Louise.

This was everything Jeff had fantasised about for the last couple of weeks. He wanted them both; he wanted to taste their pussies, and to watch them touch each other, but what he wanted most was to fuck Louise and make her cum. He had imagined fucking her many times when masturbating, and it always pushed him over the edge, causing him to cum hard with the thought of her beautiful skin and her commanding smile.

“I want you to kiss each other, with tongues… then” he looked at Emily, “I want you to play with my dick while you” he looked at Louise “sit on my face so I can lick that perfect little pussy. Then I want to fuck you both” he exclaimed in a state of near euphoria.

“Well, he certainly knows what he wants”, joked Emily. She leaned over and kissed Louise, one tongue lashing softly at the other, and the other responding in kind. Their lips sucked at each other, and Jeff became hard watching them. Their lips were wet as they parted, and the saliva made their lips glisten as they separated.

Louise stripped off her tights, then her underwear, led Jeff onto the floor, and climbed on top of him, with one knee either side of his head. “Worship me” she ordered from above him, and he licked frantically, desperate for her to orgasm.

Meanwhile, Emily stripped Jeff naked from the waist downwards and began massaging the base of his cock. He was already hard, but she wanted to build the orgasm from balls to tip, guaranteeing the most explosive ejaculation he had ever experienced. She sucked his balls and pushed her fingertips into his perineum, causing him to buck slightly with the added stimulation. Her tongue drifted up and down his shaft, and the pleasure after being locked up for the night made him moan into Louise’s pussy, the vibrations sending shivers from her hard nipples to her throbbing clit. She began moaning, a sort of desperate pitch that built from the back of her throat, and started bouncing on Jeff’s face in a display of dominance.

“Harder and deeper” she demanded in a breathless cry as she rocked back and forth, her eyebrows slightly raised and her breasts bobbing up and down. “Fuck me with your tongue” she whispered in a half-moan and she rubbed her clit fast. Her high-pitched moans grew rapidly into a silent shuddering, and Jeff could taste the cum as it flooded Louise’s tight cunt. She let out a guttural, primal moan as she climaxed, and climbed from his face without another sound.

Emily continued to stroke Jeff’s cock, teasing the tip as she questioned him. “Do you like her pussy, Jeff?” she said, her eyes motioning to Louise, who had spread her legs on the sofa and inserted two fingers inside herself.

“I love it” he sighed.

“Do you think you could take it- being inside her and thrusting deep with this dick?” she questioned.

He wanted it too badly. “Yes, I want to fuck her pussy” he paused “and then yours”. He wanted to show his confidence, although he was aware that Emily and Louise had been controlling him since that first night that they had manipulated his every sexual thought.

“And what if you spill your load before you get to me? Will I just have to go without?” Emily wanted guarantees that Jeff couldn’t give, but even this potential failure got him going and he clenched his ass-cheeks with the added titillation.

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