ICBG Pt. 03

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Chapter 6 — Exposed Holes

“Prisoner, get up!” — yelled out a guard banging on the door of Melissa’s cell. Abruptly shaken out of her uneasy, post-traumatic slumber, she stumbled out of bed, getting her handcuffs entangled with the blanket in the process. After some short fidgeting and fumbling around, Melissa managed to get off her cot and stood in the middle of the cell eyeing the guard whose unfamiliar face was peering through the door slit.

“Your meal is here. You have 10 minutes to eat and return the tray along with all remnants of food and utensil.”

The guard opened another slit in the door; this one located at the very bottom, and slid a tray of food just inside the cell under a matching opening in the bars. Melissa waited a few seconds before the guard departed and carried the food to the little table. At this point, Melissa half-expected to see the plate filled with bugs and rotten eggs, but surprisingly the food looked quite appetizing and it soon turned out that it tasted good as well. The meal consisted of a lean chicken breast with seasoning, rice, broccoli and a small roll. There was also a cup of grape juice and a small bowl of vanilla ice cream.

“Whatever they have in store for me, it looks like starvation is not part of the plan.” — thought Melissa as she devoured her meal. Only now she had realized that it’s been some 20 hours since she last ate and the sight and smell of food awakened a raging appetite. However, always ladylike, Melissa ate slowly and deliberately, picking off small portions at a time, as if she was at a fine restaurant rather than a dungeon-like setting of a grueling prison. The handcuffs on her wrists fortunately did not prove to be a particular hindrance. She had to eventually hasten her pace mindful of the time restriction, which she had no doubt would be enforced very dutifully. Indeed, after exactly 10 minutes, there was a sound of steps outside her cell and the guard peeked inside at the naked prisoner.

“Go ahead and return the tray, then stand on the yellow line with your back to the door and put your hands on your head.”

Melissa complied swiftly on both tasks and shortly the guard was inside her cell and a rattle of chains was heard as they dropped to the cell’s concrete floor. The guard walked around to face Melissa and held up a pair of handcuffs to her eyes.

“These are your custom fitted handcuffs that you will be wearing from now on. They were made according to the measurements taken during your physical exam and the same goes for the shackles. It should make it a little more comfortable, which is important since you will be wearing them for long periods of time. You can see that your inmate number is engraved on all these.”

Melissa looked at the handcuffs and indeed there was the alphanumeric combination “P5237”, now a substitute for her name, etched in the shiny steel surface. The guard took of her “old” handcuffs and quickly replaced them with the custom made pair, which didn’t really look different and there was maybe a slight reduction in weight to be perceived. Nothing really to write home about. Soon, Melissa was placed in leg irons and a waist chain connected to the handcuffs.

The guard led her out of the cell and they hitched an elevator ride down to level E. On the way through the corridor, they passed the suspension chambers. Melissa shuddered as they walked by the first chamber, having flashbacks of her earlier torture and punishment. The door to the second one went ajar and a sharply dressed man, most likely another behavioral psychologist, made his way down the corridor. Melissa caught a glimpse of the interior before the door was shut. It looked just like the first chamber and the elevated stage section featured two girls hanging by their wrists off of two rightmost chains. One of the girls was just receiving a lashing from a guard positioned behind her — apparently she transgressed the impossibly strict rules of the suspension chamber.

Melissa had little to no time to dwell on the poor girl’s plight as she was walking to her own uncertain fate. They passed a few shut doorways on either side until they stopped at one labeled: “Technique Enhancement Facility”. The guard opened the door and led the chained girl inside. Melissa took one anxious glance at the room and gasped loudly in shock. On each side of the room there were three elaborate steel contractions. Each one started with a single sturdy pole driving out of the floor. At about a man’s waist level, the pole split into two thin beams, parallel to the floor. The whole structure was augmented with a narrow, black leather, padded bench on top. The parallel beams extended in opposite directions at right angles to the bench and each ended in a sturdy shackle. There was a pivot point near the top of the main pole that obviously allowed to change the angle of the bench as well as a telescope for height adjustments.

The contraptions looked scary, but the real cause of Melissa’s horror was the fact otele gelen escort that two of them, one next to another left of the entrance, were topped off with the unmistakable curves of young female bodies. Their bellies were positioned on the leather benches while their legs were spread to the sides, bent in frog-like fashion, and their ankles enclosed in metal shackles of the extending beams. Their front-handcuffed hands were taken around and underneath the bench where they were affixed to another, smaller steel beam, perfectly positioned just for that purpose. A chain ran around each girl’s waist and encircled the bench holding them firmly in place. Melissa almost immediately recognized that the two girls mounting the contraptions were Selena and Amanda whom she met just a couple of hours prior while waiting in a holding cell. Now these two beauties were lewdly exposed in a most humiliating way. The benches were adjusted in such a way that their fronts, where the girls’ heads were, pointed slightly downwards and away from the viewer, which meant that the genital areas of the occupants were prominently displayed. One small difference in the girls’ predicaments was the fact that Selena’s head was resting on the padded bench while Amanda’s was drooping loosely downwards. Apparently the front part of the bench had a hinged section so that the head support could be, and in this case it was, taken away.

The guard casually ignored Melissa’s distress and pulled her towards the last unoccupied contraption in the back-left corner of the room. Our prisoner kicked her bare heels in the ground and refused to move. It immediately occurred to her that she was forced to behave like a stubborn pack animal.

“Yield and obey, quickly!” — said the guard.

He gave a stronger tug on Melissa’s arm and the girl had to stumble and move forward in her shackles. The guard pulled her to the free apparatus and tinkered with it by lowering the bench down to Melissa’s upper thigh level. Then he unhooked the prisoner’s handcuffs from the waist chain and pulled them around and underneath the padded bench, where he padlocked them in place to the undercarriage beam. Next he took off Melissa’s leg irons and the waist chain.

“Ok, now lay down on top of the padding and I’ll lock you into place.”

Melissa only had to lean another couple of inches as she was already almost fully bent down on the bench due to restriction placed by her handcuffs. The guard pressed her down onto the apparatus, took her right leg and guided her slender ankle into the steel shackle. Then he repeated the process with her left leg. Once she was immobilized, the officer operated the telescope on the main beam raising the girl up to the level of a typical man’s manhood. The guard didn’t adjust the pivot to point Melissa’s head downwards like Selena’s and Amanda’s were, but that was a very small relief given the circumstances. Melissa laid exposed as she never dreamt she would be in her entire life. Presently, she could feel the room’s ventilation breeze gently creeping in, fondling her delicate pussy, and making its way between her butt cheeks. The guard stood behind her, admiring the view for just a few seconds, of which Melissa was acutely and painfully aware, before the door to the room went ajar.

The guard went away towards the door as a man walked in; also guard by the looks of it. The two officers exchanged polite salutations in passing as Melissa’s most recent tormentor left the room. The newly arrived guard proceeded to a small post in the middle of the room that ended at the top with a black box. Upon pulling a lever on the side of the box, a small tea-bag sized container emerged through a slot in the front. The guard took it and approached the station to which Amanda was tightly fastened. A quick pull of the officer’s finger on the edge of the small container ripped it open and another flick of the hand retrieved a circular, rubbery specimen. A condom!!

Melissa watched in horror as the guard unbuckled his belt and dropped his trousers. He quickly rolled the condom down the hardening shaft of his penis; his movements showing neither haste nor undo excitement. He positioned himself right behind Amanda’s immobilized and contorted body and pressed the tip of his cock against the girl’s pussy. With one smooth motion he penetrated her almost to the base of his shaft and began rhythmically sliding in and out, taking well measured, crisp thrusts of his hips.

Amanda, whose head remained passively dropped all the way until her pussy was invaded, now raised it up level with the ground. Her eyes were closed, but her breathing became faster and audible. Before long, she was eliciting some slight moans as the guard continued his “duty”. The hard shaft kept sliding along the girl’s moist tunnel. Melissa expected to see trauma and agony, but Amanda reacted quite differently than anticipated. Her facial expression went from tense, to exasperated, to one mecidiyeköy escort portraying unmistakable signs of pleasure. The guard’s hips kept thrusting against her restrained posterior establishing a comfortable rhythm until finally, several minutes later, climaxing in a violent outburst of pent up, violent sexual energy. Both Amanda and the guard, shouted as in unison, to indulge themselves in the carnal pleasure. The guard briefly slumped over along the girls back, breathing in the sweet moisture of her young skin, and enjoying the sensation of having orgasmed into a body of such a lovely young creature.

Then it was over. Once again, there was a prison guard in the room and three chained up female prisoners. The officer tidied himself up and discarded the condom into a nearby trash can. He then walked leisurely between the bound silhouettes of the pretty prisoners. He stroked Selena’s face and fondled her breasts, whispered some sweet nothings into her ear, then went around and approached Melissa’s contraption from the rear. Her helplessly exposed butt protruded almost in the guards face especially when he bothered to lean in a little bit. Without being able to look at what’s happening behind her, Melissa could still feel the guard’s hot breath on her anal cavity. Breath in, breath out, harder and harder, and each exhale throwing a forbidden stream of air at her virgin opening. Finally the guard blew the air out of his lungs with one powerful sweeping motion – Melissa jumped in her chains to the extent permitted by her restraints. She tensed up to the utmost waiting… and nothing followed. The guard stepped back, zipped up his trousers, and casually left the room.

Chapter 7 – The New (Pleasant) Regimen

Tight cages, handcuffs, leg irons, eyes downcast, respectful erect posture, following orders — all of those things have come to be the norm of Melissa’s prison life. There is no telling how strongly her spoiled nature has rebelled against these new, almost unfathomable restrictions. She was a goddess for god’s sake! Her body used to be a temple before which throngs of men dropped to their knees, or lower, begging for the privilege of kissing the ground she stepped on. Executives of powerful companies would put their careers and family lives on the line, seduced by her irresistible beauty. Melissa has seen the strongest of men reduced to whimpering beggars on her account.

It was all so easy before her arrest, living as if this imbalance could last forever. There were some subtle signs of the winds of change, but they seemed so insignificant at the time. She had heard of a new wave in society, which decried the subjugation it had come to receive at the hands of their most attractive female members, but she did not believe that it could possibly gain any momentum. Why would it? Who could possibly oppose the angelic beauty of young, confident females?

Yet, here she was; prisoner number P5237, confined to her nearly featureless, windowless cell, day and night, chained, consigned to almost relentless boredom, with her only reprieve being the books provided by the staff. The books were carefully selected, she soon realized, for their content of strong male characters and submissive yet proud women. Melissa was very intelligent, so she soon realized that aside from her 36DD breasts, it was her attitude towards men that landed her in this hellish prison. Clearly there were things that she had to learn before being permitted to rejoin society. Her ego found it exceedingly difficult to accept, but thoughts began to enter her mind that she would have to relinquish many of her most dearly held opinions in order to resume any semblance of a normal life.

It was in one of such reflective moments, when Melissa, shifting her wrists absentmindedly in the ever-present handcuffs, heard the lock of her cell being turned open. Officer Burridge opened the solid steel as well as the barred door and smiled almost good-naturedly at the prisoner. Melissa, unwittingly, has come to be fond of the old guard. It was a strong catalyst of emotion that he was the type of a man which she would have despised while being a hot, free young woman. Yet, being locked up, she had no choice but to rely on this man, who had, seemingly, any and all rights to her body, yet showed incredible restraint in only occasional fondling of her breasts or kissing her butt cheeks while performing a “requisite” prisoner strip search.

None of the men she knew prior to her imprisonment has spoken out on her behalf as far as she knew. Perhaps there was nothing they could do, but ALL of her past suitors proclaimed willingness to fight to the death on her account. So much for knights in shining armor! This feeling of isolation made Melissa long even more for the “gentle” jailer’s hand. Officer Burridge handled her with a degree of respect and warmth though he did not hesitate to slap her face when she stepped out of line. Still, Melissa knew that he was her ally to the extent that türkmen escort anyone now could be called as such, and she hoped to gain future squishy points on account of this.

Today, however, her jailer seemed a lot more rushed than usual. He un-cuffed her left wrist, only to bring her arms behind her back and snap the cuff shut around her free wrist once again. The officer then knelt down and slid in a key into the locks of Melissa’s leg irons, unclasping them one by one and freeing her legs. Melissa was surprised at this uncharacteristic loosening of her restraints, but being happy enough, only managed to throw a seductive glance in the officer’s direction, for which she was immediately slapped across her left cheek. No longer questioning her predicament, Melissa let herself be led by her forearm, straight back into the administrative chasms of ICBG. It wasn’t long before the guard and the cute prisoner were standing in front of the principal’s office door.

“Come in” — intoned a calm, firm voice, just as Melissa remembered from her initial interview with this man.

Officer Burridge opened the door and led Melissa inside. He proceeded to guide her, still gently clasping her forearm, straight to the side of the principal’s office chair. Mister Adam Desquires, was in capital mood today, and the sight of this ravenously hot girl, chained at his disposal, made his day even more exhilarating at the drop of a hat.

“Hello Melissa!” — beaconed the principal — “I have sent for you deliberately, because I believe that I have found something special in you. While your sins towards society are heavy, I believe that we can work through them and jumpstart you on a path of becoming a truly valuable human being. We’ve only met for a brief period, but I looked into your case in some more detail and found out many interesting things about you. It seems that there are two conflicting personalities fighting for prominence within you. One is that of a typical young, pretty tart, similar to most attractive women today. It’s the manifestations of that side of your psyche that have landed you here. The other, however, is very note worthy. You are in many ways a remarkable young woman who takes her studies seriously and her work seriously, you have worked for charitable organizations sacrificing your free time, and the few people that I’ve contacted to inquire about you, spoke in nothing but superlatives. Therefore, I think that we should get more closely acquainted.”

The principal demurely gestured to come hither and the guard pushed down on the girl’s shoulders and Melissa suddenly found herself on her knees, uncomfortably close to the principal’s manhood, which has just come to protrude more and more through his expensive dress pants. The guard quietly left the room while the director continued to talk.

“I am sure that you have noticed, possibly to your disappointment, that the guards have not been taking advantage of you sexually. This has not been a coincidence, nor is it a critical reflection of your beauty. Quite the opposite… I’ve ordered the folks that you shall remain chaste for as long as I deem suitable.”

The principal stopped his speech and examined Melissa’s reactions. She was definitely blushing, as much from her humiliating, kneeling position, as from the overtly sexual nature of his speech. It didn’t stop there either.

“I won’t beat around the bush, so to speak” — continued the director — “and I’ll explain the situation very simply to you. At nearly all times I use my privileges as the director of this facility to pick out a girl to perform a morning oral service on me. Think of it as a secretary serving coffee for her boss as soon as he arrives at work. An officer will bring you here every morning and leave you at the side of my chair. You will kneel down, stay quiet and wait. When I am ready, you will perform to the best of your ability, which I am sure still needs a lot more honing.”

Melissa looked up at the principal in wide-eyed amazement. Of course the things she has seen at ICBG prepared her somewhat for the inevitable reality that she will not be able to remain chaste in this place, but the manner in which it was to happen was quite befuddling. She also couldn’t help, but take a glance at the principal’s left hand where a thick wedding ring shone with a golden sparkle. The director noticed her glance.

“Oh, you’re wondering about this? Well, rest assured that I am divorced, parted with my former wife two years ago, so I am free as a bird to enjoy the charms of my lovely convicts. Not that I wouldn’t have the authority to do it even if I were married, but I am a man on principle. It is now up to you, Melissa, to put me in a good mood every morning and I can tell you that the well being of you and many other prisoners depends on my mood to a great extent.”

Wasting no more time, the director unzipped his dark grey, wool trousers, unfastened the button at the top, parted the material to the sides, and without getting up from the chair pulled down on his briefs to expose an already engorged penis. Melissa instinctively closed her eyes, but the director reached with his hand to cup her chin and shook it a little bit, which was a clear enough indication that it would be wise for her to open them back up.

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