How To Be A Boi Bitch Lesson 03

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Did you enjoy our first fuck together, my darling bois? I know I did. I’m still thinking about it. Are you? Of course you are. And with that excitement, still, such shame. Making your cheeks burn. Making it difficult to look into your wife’s eyes. To meet your girlfriend’s gaze. You are no longer afraid.

You are ashamed.

Of what you are becoming. Of her finding out. That what you are afraid of to be. A sissy. Less than a man. Never to be a woman. That’s why you have put all of our toys away. All of what I have gifted you. Buried it in your closet.

Oh, my darling bitch. You still have so much to learn.

Do you honestly think you would be worth my time if all you were able to become is a sissy? Do you think I would have fucked myself for you, stroked my cock for you, if all you would want to aspire to is to be humiliated into becoming a bizarro copy of a woman?

I love women. I would never dishonor them like that.

A bitch, my darlings, a boi bitch like me, like you are going to be, struts the line between male and female.

Proudly and without shame.

A sissy gets dragged across it, often kicking and screaming.

Chained and collared.

Don’t get me wrong, my darlings, I have done it to them. And I have enjoyed it. I have had them worship my cock and had them gag on it. Fucked their asses and bred them. They can be fun when you want to hurt someone. They beg for it. And on some occasions, I have been more than happy to oblige. Sissies make good slaves, until you tire of them. And you will.

They lack the decadence and sophistication of women.

They lack the rough caress of a man.

They are toys. To be played with. To be broken. To be used and abused. I have used them to wipe my cunt on them. To feed my cum to them. I have pissed in their mouths. And spat Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort on their faces. They have been my ashtrays. And my footstools.

And still they begged for more.

Does that shock you, darlings? Don’t be. You will get there. And enjoy the heights of depravities you can’t imagine just yet. When you are me.

Do you honestly think I would teach you, if a sissy were all you want to be?

No, my darlings. Do not offend me.

I know you can be so much more.

Let me tell you how.


It’s so much more difficult to hide her now, is it? The bitch inside. It was still easy when I started you on this journey, wasn’t it? When all you had to hide were the cigarettes, the holder and the case. That is why I started with them. Why they were the first of my claws I hooked into your soul.

Now, you have to hide your bitch’s cock you bought as well. And that requires so much more, doesn’t it? Cannot put that in a drawer, can you? Where did you hide it? From your wife? Your girlfriend?

When I was still you, I put them in a box. And put the box under my clothes. At the very bottom of my closet. I called it my bitch box. I put the bitch inside it while I was with my girlfriend. I loved my girlfriend. I didn’t want to hurt her.

But I could feel her inside me. Could hear her scratch against the insides of that box. Could hear her whisper. And all of the promises she made. The bitch I was going to be. What beautiful promises, in a throaty voice that was my own, only stronger. Oh, how stronger that voice became. Every day.

You cannot put your soul into a box, my darlings.

It will roar in anger. It will roar in pain. And in lust.

And don’t lie to me, my darlings.

You got it out again, your soul since our last lesson, haven’t you?

Just to look at it, you told yourself. Just to make sure your girlfriend, your wife hasn’t seen what is inside. That box. And inside you.

But it wasn’t enough, was it?

No, it wasn’t. I wish you could hear me laugh, my darlings. Do you know why I taught you to smoke? Why I told you about the glamor of it? Why I had you fill your lungs with it as we both fucked ourselves?

I wanted you to think about it. Feel it. Every time you see a cigarette. And you have. You looked at them. Craved them. Just one more time, you told yourself. To feel it between your lips. and you did. Couldn’t stop yourself. Smoking.

When nobody but you was home.

And with that smoke, you looked at your bitch’s cock.

Inside your box.

How many times, my darlings? How many times have you fucked yourself with it again since our last lesson? Once? Twice? More than that, wasn’t it? You let her out. You let her roar. That bitch. Let her scream. As you pushed that cock into your cunt again. As you became a cock whore. Again. And again. You screamed it. Creamed it. Wanted it. Are becoming it. That whore you always dreamed you would be. The whore I know you can be.

And with each time your cock gushed cum, the box became bigger. And harder to hide. Yes.

I planned it.

I planted the seed. In your soul.

But you let it grow.

And now you cannot hide it as easily anymore.

But you can still hide it. As I lead you down another step on your path.

The third thing for a bitch to have is her claws. A bitch must have claws. They will define you, my darlings. And they are easy to obtain. And still easy to hide.

We don’t want the wife, the girlfriend to know, do we?

Not just yet.

Your fingernails are your claws.

I want you to grow them out a little. Make them more pointed. Just a little. Just enough so that the next time you fuck your girlfriend, she can feel you scratch her the way she scratches you. It will prepare her for what is to come. And we want her to be prepared. As best as we can, don’t we, my darlings?

And then I want you to paint them.

In the most flamboyant way you can think of.

Now, I have always been an Urban Decay boi. Their colors are glam. As of late I have been fascinated with NYX and Dior as well when I unsheath my claws. Choose your colors carefully, my darlings. They must belong on a boi bitch’s claws, and not necessarily on a woman’s. Remember that.

I am not here to teach you how to become a woman.

I’m here to teach you how to become a bitch.

And the next time you let her out, and you know you will, you are already wishing that time was now, you will take even more time to celebrate.

When you crave that cigarette. When you crave that cock in your cunt. When you cannot resist the bitch taking you over, letting her control you. When you no longer can cage her inside that box in your closet.

I want you to take that time.

And paint your claws.

Show them to yourself. As they hold your cock. Gripping it. While your cunt is full. So fucking full. And you have learned now, haven’t you? Without me. On your own. How to find the right spot. How big that cock in your cunt has to be. Where it has to go. To make you full. To make whole.

To make you a whore.

Look at them. They are yours. In metallic colors. They are your strength. Hold them up in front of your eyes. As they hold your smoke. As they roam over your chest. And claw into your nipples. Twisting them. Tugging them. As hard and as ruthless as only a bitch’s claws can.

You will cum so hard, my darling whore.

So much harder, even, than before.

I promise you.

And have I lied so far?

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