Houseboat Log Ch. 01

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Part 1, The Christening

My name is Paul Johnson. I retired from my desk job at 64, took off the extra pounds put on by 10 years of inactivity, and took off for Sarasota in search of a new life. My divorce was final, I still had a sizeable 401(k) after the separation of assets and my kids are educated and out. I wanted a life on the water and close to Spring Training ball parks. Sarasota has great beaches, a mature population, good access to the marinas that surround the Tampa Bay area and a great cultural and casual lifestyle available. Ostensibly I was also looking for a new relationship, as well as new friends and a whole lot of fun.

My life changed dramatically when I found a beautiful old houseboat that was mobile enough to cruise from port to port and big enough to provide a very elegant and comfortable place to crash. The paneling was a beautiful cherry finish that gave the houseboat the feel of a presidential yacht. It was big enough that I could move without hitting my 6’2″ frame on the overheads and shower without bending over.

I settled in, moving in my furniture, collection of music, and library and soon realized I needed to find an interior marine decorator to complete the décor. I called a friend who recommended Susan Ambrose for my finishing touches. He called Susan and she emailed and we set up an appointment for Saturday morning at 9am at the houseboat.

During the week, I worked at giving the houseboat a complete once over polishing and scrubbing the boat down. By Friday night I was ready for some company. After a shower, I threw on a polo shirt and a pair of designer jeans, and left to find a small piano bar I had heard about on the beach to enjoy some music and make some new friends. As I slid into a bar stool and rotated to face the piano, I noticed a statuesque redhead, approximately 50 years old, with a group of her friends in the table directly in front of me. She gave me a quick smile as she eyed my long, lanky frame. I had played wide receiver in college and still looked like I could strap the helmet on from all the crunches and pull ups I was doing daily to get back into shape. I also had a few laugh wrinkles and a shock of white hair from which my blue eyes smiled back at her. I have an affinity for redheads if you haven’t already guessed.

The music was great, the beer was icy cold, and the company was friendly. I was thoroughly enjoying the ambience of the club, when I felt a tap on my shoulder as I was turned to the bartender. It was my friend, the redhead,. I turned and said, “Hi, I hope I didn’t offend you staring at you off and on tonight, your smile is captivating!” She laughed and told me I should learn to be more discreet with every woman except herself. She told me she enjoyed my attention and had come to the bar on the pretext that she needed a drink, but actually to see if I was in the mood to talk. I made good eye contact Gaziantep Oral Escort (she had amazing green eyes), and introduced myself, making sure to smile and try not to stare at her luscious curves. She told me her name, Eleanor Levine, and smiled back. I could see the amusement in her eyes, she obviously knew what effect she had on men!

Ellie and I exchanged a little history and a few funny stories, gradually relaxing with each other. She was a widow, a victim of a workaholic husband who died at his desk after a childless and lonely marriage. Ellie had the NYC accent of a Jewish girl who married young for position and to please family, then relocated to NY South, the Tampa area. Ellie was educated, and had a great sense of humor, but it was her gorgeous eyes that held my attention.

I walked her to her car after the piano shut down and after she unlocked the door, she turned around. I took her hand and brought her close and kissed her goodnight. She kissed me back with the hunger of a woman of passion who wanted to let me know she liked me. We kissed, our excitement building as the tips of our tongues dueled and I sucked lightly on her lips with mine. She pressed into me, and I could feel her hips caressing my cock through the jeans. She was measuring me, knowing that kiss had me hard and straight down my leg. She leaned back, smiled, and casually dropped her hand to my erection, caressing me lightly through the fabric. “Paul, I’m glad I can still raise a man’s interest!,” she murmured. I was lost looking through those emerald eyes, into her soul, but recovered enough to say, “Ellie, you have made my day, would you like to recommend a nice steak house I could take you for dinner soon?” She mentioned she enjoyed the food at Ruth Criss’ and would love to have dinner with me Monday night as she had things planned for the weekend already with her friends. I confirmed the date and gave her one last sensuous kiss before we parted. It was 2am, but I felt like I was walking on a cloud as I found my car and cruised home.

The next morning, Saturday, I was still asleep having forgotten my early appointment in the morning with Susan. I heard the bell announcing Susan as I was still lightly sleeping. I threw on a pair of shorts and a T, set the Keurig brewer heating, and opened the door only to see a vision in blonde curls, blue eyes, pink shorts, and a sleeveless white blouse. Tanned and perky, Susan was in her late 50’s and had small firm breasts highlighted by hard nipples poking her sports bra into little points with an absolutely gorgeous round, soft ass and shapely legs. Her dazzling smile lit up the salon as she stepped down into the boat. As we wandered to the kitchen, she asked if I was ready to show her the houseboat. I told her if she didn’t mind an unmade bed, I would be happy to show her around after I made us both a cup of java.

She started to make notes and take pictures of each room, as I described my background and a few ideas I had. I wanted her to draw up a concept/theme or two, and listened to a few of her ideas. As we talked I noticed she didn’t have a wedding ring on, but I gleaned that she was married. She told me in a sarcastic tone that her husband enjoyed fishing and his secretary more than spending time with her (what was he thinking??!!!). I could tell she was fishing herself in a friendly way and when she ascertained I wasn’t attached, she leaned into me and asked me if I found her attractive. My cock grew exponentially as the distance between us narrowed. I took her in my arms and tossed away her notes, lowering my lips to hers. I have found that when a woman wants to be kissed, don’t ask, kiss her. She was wearing a beautiful fragrance, light but very sexy and her lips were full and wet. She molded herself into my body as we lip locked and I let my hands wander from her waist to her ass cheeks, caressing them as I pulled her into me. I made a mental note to approve her ideas and concepts!

I picked her up and she wrapped her fit legs around my waist as I carried her into the master stateroom. I laid her gently on the bed, pulled her shoes off, unbuttoned her blouse and shorts and slipped them off. I then slipped off her bra and matching panties, leaving her naked and expectant , staring at me. I slowly slipped off my shorts and T shirt, allowing her anticipation to build. She noted the enormous tent in my Calvin Klein’s and as I lowered them she gasped, “You’re so big and thick, Paul, oh my!” I wasn’t short changed at birth that’s for sure. Susan’s nipples had hardened and they were an inch long, reflecting the three babies she had nursed and her excitement. I reached out and pulled her nipples lightly, squeezing and applying firm pressure on them. I cupped her pussy with my big hand and let her grind into my hand for a few seconds before I released her and climbed over her to kiss her, then trail my lips down her torso suckling her breasts, then moving down her stomach to her pubic mound. I looked up to see her eyes closed and her mouth open, little gasps and purrs pouring form her continually. She was no stranger to oral sex I could tell as I lightly licked around her lower lips and her anus, flicking her clit too. She growled to me, “Eat me Paul, don’t tease me!! She threw her legs over my shoulders hunched her bottom toward me and ground her pussy into my face holding my head with her knees and her hand stroking my hair. This was a woman who knew what she wanted and when! My favorite kind!!.

As I sucked her lips and spread them with my fingers, I darted my tongue in short caressing jabs into her delicious holes, feeling her legs tighten and her stomach and hips start to react as her orgasm built gradually to where she was fucking my face hard, grinding into me as I lathed her with my tongue. I inserted two fingers into her , feeling for her g spot and massaging it. Susan’s pussy clamped down on my fingers hard as she felt her orgasm quicken and overcome her. As she started to cum, I sucked her swollen clit into my mouth and nibbled it while thrashing it quickly with the tip of my tongue. She screamed and gushed, cumming all over my face, shouting out “I’m cumminggg!!!!” As if I couldn’t tell, my face was dripping wet. Susan was a squirter, and I loved her for it. I really enjoy making a woman cum and the taste of her sweet nectar is an aphrodisiac to me. I get hard immediately when a woman I’m with orgasms. Susan shook lightly with her efforts and opened her eyes, glazed, almost tearful as she helped pull me up to her lips to taste her essence and kiss me, thanking me for pleasing her so thoroughly.

I gently eased into her still pulsing opening, inserting just the head of my engorged cock. She gasped as I kissed her and began to fill her slowly. She implored me to go slow and I did, wanting to impress this hot lovely woman to come back many times to my houseboat. I didn’t want to leave her with a painful memory, pleasure is my goal, always. I rocked gently sliding in slowly, letting her adjust to my girth, listening to her body and her heart as I took my own notes as to what works for her. Susan began to adjust and dug her heels into my bottom to hold me in as she stilled me briefly so that we could enjoy the feeling of my being locked inside her. She started to caress my cock with the muscles in her love canal. I let Susan measure me with her movements and enjoy herself until I couldn’t help but start to rock out and then back in again. I could feel her cervix as my head brushed it over and over pushing the tip into it each time and hearing her cries of joy as I did. She began to orgasm lightly again, and often, building as I increased the pace and started fucking her deeper into the bed. My frame was like one big piston, working her tight hole. My need began to overcome me, I felt my balls tighten and my cock enlarge as I spurted my hot thick seed into her inflamed pussy. She screamed out as she felt the hot sticky goo coat her insides.

I slid out of Susan eventually, rolled off, and we spooned, my cock lying between her thighs up against her ass. Her skin was soft and warm and fragrant still. I was thrilled to have christened my houseboat with the beautiful Susan Ambrose, and broke out a bottle of chilled champagne to toast our new found friendship. Susan asked me casually what I was going to name my houseboat. I had toyed with several names, unsure until now. I told her, I would christen my boat “Wet n Wild!” Susan smiled, knowing I had appropriately named my houseboat after her. Susan rewarded my creativity as she climbed on top and kissed me hard, her tongue diving down into my mouth, begging me to suck it. You have to believe in something, I believe in making a woman happy!

Stay tuned for the further adventures of the “Wet n Wild”.

I would love to hear your comments. This is a first attempt.

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