Finding Tease and Denial Ch. 02

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This story illustrates my most recent tease, denial, and cuckold fantasy told from the woman’s point of view. If you dislike stories where the women are strong and dominant and the men serve and are submissive, then go find another story to read and criticize.


I didn’t think I’d be writing again, but last Sunday I had a wonderful time with my pleasure toy Gilbert and my boyfriend Jake picnicking in a farmer’s meadow. Remembering the picnic now to put the words on paper still makes me shiver with pleasure.

I’m a lucky woman to have a man in my life that loves and worships me, and a man in my life that provides me with plenty of sexual pleasure.

I live with Gilbert, my pleasure toy. Pleasure toy is my pet name for him, and it describes his bedroom activities pretty well. I keep his cock locked up in a stainless steel cock cage. The only time the cock cage comes off is if he’s restrained in some other way. He hasn’t touched his cock for pleasure in over 5 years. I restrain him, I masturbate him, and I decide when he is allowed to cum.

I also decide when I want to orgasm. Gilbert uses his mouth, his hands, or toys to get me off. He has a pair of incentives to help me orgasm as many times as possible, which I’ll explain later.

Since I control pleasure toy, I let my boyfriend Jake control our sexual relationship. Whenever he calls, if I’m home, I drop what pleasure toy and I are doing, get dressed, and go spend the night with Jake. Usually, by the time I get home the next morning, Gilbert has already left for work.

Every other month or so, Jake comes over and spends a weekend. Gilbert is our servant during that time. I make him serve us naked and wearing a slave chain. The slave chain is a six-foot length of chain that I lock around Gilbert’s neck and wrists when I want to take the cock cage off. The chain allows him to do things for us, but is too short for him to touch his cock.

Outside the bedroom, we live a fairly normal life. We go to movies and out to dinner. Since we both work, we have a maid that comes over once a week to clean up. Sometimes, I’ll hire a naked maid just to tease pleasure toy with another attractive woman’s body.

One thing I discovered early in my relationship with pleasure toy was to have a set time to openly communicate. Because of our work schedules, Sunday morning worked out the best. We lounge in bed, hugging and kissing, and we can tell each other anything that’s on our minds. It’s hard sometimes not to get mad at what Gilbert says, and I’m sure Gilbert has gotten mad at me for what I’ve said at times, but being able to talk about anything and everything without fear is liberating and worth the aggravation.

One of the things pleasure toy does on Sunday mornings is give me new ideas on how to tease him. I could come up with ideas on my own, and I have, but if the idea comes from pleasure toy, then I know it would probably be an effective tease.

Not every idea is a great idea, but we tend to try most of them. Sometimes, the idea works, and I add the tease to my repertoire. Sometimes, the idea doesn’t work, and we either tweak the idea or drop it.

One idea that worked out wonderfully is pleasure toy’s measured breast fondling. Early in our relationship, I made my breasts off limits to his touch. I know he missed fondling my breasts, but walking around the house topless became so much more enjoyable.

I missed having my breasts fondled until I met Jake and developed a relationship with him. Once I was seeing Jake, I had plenty of breast fondling from him to keep me happy.

Over time, I noticed that my breasts weren’t having as much of an effect on pleasure toy. We talked about it one Sunday, and he told me that since he could no longer touch my breasts, he put them out of his mind.

Well, I didn’t want my breasts out of his mind altogether, so I decided that he could fondle them. For a minute. Once a month. When I decided it was time, he would sit on the bed. I would sit on the bed between his legs with my back against his chest. I’d set a timer, and he would reach around me and gently caress my breasts and nipples until the timer went off.

A couple of months later, pleasure toy came up with the brilliant idea to associate the breast fondling with my orgasms. Basically, he earned 2 seconds of breast fondling time for every orgasm he helped me have, which he would accumulate through the month. This idea aroused me, because it seemed like so little reward for so much work. Pleasure toy wasn’t fondling my breasts much longer at the end of the month, but the association between his fondling and my orgasms made it “bitchier”. My nipples stiffened just thinking about it now to write this paragraph.

The association also worked for pleasure toy. He’d grown a little bored with giving me oral sex. If I had left it up to him, he would have chosen to stimulate me with his hand or with a toy most of the time. Of course, I didn’t leave it up to him. Still, I could tell he Betturkey wasn’t as excited about performing oral on me.

After we made the association between my orgasms and his breast fondling time, pleasure toy had a renewed interest in giving me oral sex. I wasn’t expecting this benefit, which is why I now consider the idea brilliant. I guess the association made him more aware of my orgasms, and he now had an incentive to give me as many orgasms as I could stand.

One idea that didn’t work out was the chained standing idea. One Sunday, pleasure toy told me that he wanted me to chain him standing against the bedroom wall when I went to see Jake on a Friday or Saturday night. The idea being that pleasure toy would have to stand there against the wall patiently waiting for me to return home 12 to 15 hours after I left.

Now, I’d been chaining pleasure toy to the foot of the bed when Jake spent the night. Pleasure toy would spend anywhere from 10 to 12 hours chained, sitting on the floor. So I knew that pleasure toy would be fine chained up for a long time. But I was concerned with him standing for so long. Also, with leaving him chained up alone. I wonder where you’d hire a bound, naked man sitter?

I told pleasure toy that I would chain him to the bedroom wall the next Saturday when we got up from bed. If he could remain standing until it was time to go to bed, then I’d consider chaining him up when I went to see Jake.

Pleasure toy thought that was a good idea. He put four screw eyes in the bedroom wall, so I could lock his wrists and ankles to the wall with his leather restraints.

Saturday came, and after pleasure toy went to the bathroom, I locked him to the bedroom wall, and I went about my day. The chains from the leather restraints to the screw eyes were short, and he couldn’t move very much. He tried to hold out for me, but by one in the afternoon his body was trembling. I quickly unlocked him, and after an hour of massage and after care, he felt much better.

So, we had to drop the original idea. But sometimes, I lock him against the wall when I want to lie in bed and read or watch TV. I only lock him up for 2 or 3 hours, but it’s nice to force him to stand there and pay attention to me like that. Sometimes I put on a show of masturbating for him. While he likes to watch me play with myself, it irks him that he doesn’t get the 2 seconds of breast fondling time. Which makes my orgasm that much more pleasant.

We found out one other thing. Pleasure toy can keep from needing the bathroom longer sitting than standing. I guess if I wanted to be mean and bitchy, I could chain him to the bedroom wall without letting him go to the bathroom, put something he treasures between his legs and keep him there until he pees on it. And make him clean up the mess after unlocking him. Why, I felt a twinge between my legs just thinking about doing this mean thing to him. It just goes to show, some fantasies are meant to be enjoyed as fantasies.

Pleasure toy came up with another great idea one Sunday morning. Usually, I masturbate pleasure toy teasingly. Meaning, I take my hand away from his cock when he’s about to cum. If I time it just right, he thrusts into the air, which of course is not stimulating at all. I might tease him several times in a masturbation session. To end the session, I either stop stroking and lock him back up in the cock cage, or I keep stroking until he cums. I let pleasure toy cum every couple of weeks or so.

When I want pleasure toy to cum, usually I’m straddling his thighs. I want the visual of my naked body to help him orgasm, and I want him to enjoy his orgasms. I don’t do ruined orgasms, because I don’t want him to ruin any of my orgasms. I think 30 or so orgasms for me in a month are more than fair for the 1 or 2 orgasms I give him.

His idea was that his cum had to hit a certain part of my body, or I’d make him wait twice as long for his next orgasm. Since I had masturbated him so many times, and I had a good idea of how high he could shoot his ejaculate, I suggested that he had to hit my breasts if he wanted to cum every 2 weeks or so. Might as well give him a fairly large target for him to hit.

I really enjoy these goal-oriented teases. I didn’t have to do anything different, except remember to aim his cock at my body. It certainly makes masturbating him more fun. He’s only missed my breasts a few times, but making him wait a month or more for the next orgasm is definitely fun. I’m glad he’s never missed twice in a row.

One winter Sunday, pleasure toy surprised me with something he’d been thinking about. Basically, he would take Jake and I on a picnic. While we relaxed under a shady tree, nibbled on food and drink that pleasure toy prepared, and enjoyed each other’s company, pleasure toy would be kneeling on the ground about 30 feet away from us, bound to a stake out in the sun, sweating for me. Jake and I would spend all afternoon enjoying each other under the tree while pleasure toy suffered for me.

I Betturkey Giriş certainly enjoyed thinking about the idea. I enjoy pleasure toy suffering for me, and this would be a huge amount of suffering. I had concerns about how well this would work in reality, and what might cause pleasure toy excessive suffering. I liked the sweating, but sunburn and bug bites were too much suffering for me to enjoy.

I wasn’t too worried about how Jake would react. He was already coming over to spend the weekend every other month, and was accustomed to Gilbert serving us. I didn’t think a picnic with Gilbert locked up 30 feet away would be too much of a stretch.

I spent a week or two thinking about the picnic idea. I knew that pleasure toy would want the picnic in the heat of August, but that would be too hot for us, even under a tree. I decided that early July would be good, both for the weather and that just about everyone else would be at the beach or independence celebrations. I wanted our picnic to be just for the three of us.

Gilbert found a farm about an hour from our townhouse. The farmer agreed to rent us a pasture for a private picnic, as long as we didn’t leave any litter behind. Since I smoke, I knew that mostly meant me and my cigarette butts. I thought about making Gilbert pick up all the butts, but he was already suffering enough with the sweating. I promised him that I’d put the butts in a bottle or something.

Since I’m a big believer in testing out fantasies, the first really warm Saturday of spring, I brought pleasure toy out in the backyard. The idea was that he would chain himself up kneeling in the yard, while I got some sun.

Pleasure toy drove a stake into the ground with a big metal O-ring attached. Using the leather ankle restraints, he chained his ankles to the stake with a short length of chain. He handcuffed his hands behind his back and knelt quietly while I relaxed on the lounger.

After about an hour, I checked to see how he was doing. The handcuffs felt very warm in the sun, and I realized that they would burn his wrists after a couple of hours. After I unlocked him and helped him up, I saw just how bruised his knees were. While I wanted him to suffer, 5 or 6 hours of kneeling on the ground would be torture.

When we talked about it on Sunday, I asked him how he felt being restrained outside like that. He told me that it was very uncomfortable for the first few minutes, but once he started meditating, he was able to relax and enjoy watching me sun. I was glad he wasn’t miserable and I felt better about what we were doing.

The next Saturday we spent time in the back yard, pleasure toy rolled up a towel for him to kneel on. He also used the leather wrist restraints, which meant we had to give up on the idea of him locking himself up. After locking his wrists behind his back to the stake with a chain, I sprayed some combination bug spray / sunscreen all over his body.

I rubbed sunscreen on my body, and relaxed on the recliner. I didn’t hear a peep from pleasure toy, and lost track of time. After a couple of hours I checked on him, and he was fine. Except that the top of his head was starting to burn. Cursing to myself, I unlocked pleasure toy and brought him inside.

Talking about the experience Sunday, pleasure toy remarked that he liked the leather wrist restraints better, and he liked that I locked him up, rather than trying to lock himself up without my participation. He was also glad that I sprayed him with the bug spray / sunscreen because he didn’t want to worry about bugs on the picnic. Neither did I. I wanted as few distractions from his sweating as possible.

Applying some aloe to his scalp for a couple of days kept the sunburn pain under control.

The next time I went shopping, I went looking for a wide-brimmed straw hat. I saw some nice hats, but a mischievous thought enthralled me, and I went to the women’s hats department. I found a really cute straw hat with a pink ribbon to hold it in place. I felt good for foreseeing one problem after already missing some obvious problems. I didn’t want a breeze to blow the hat off pleasure toy’s head.

Grinning, I bought the hat and brought it home. Pleasure toy generally doesn’t like surprises, but I figured I could safely surprise him with the hat. I felt like we’d finally found all the problems, and the next time in the backyard we would find out how long he could last.

A couple of weeks passed before the weekend weather cooperated. I wanted to really work on my tan, so I was hoping we could spend 3 hours or so outside. After locking pleasure toy to the stake, I went back inside and brought out the straw hat. He frowned a little when he saw the hat, but he didn’t say a word about it. I tied the pink ribbon around his neck.

I went back to the lounger and rubbed sunscreen all over my body. I decided to take my bikini off and let my breasts and bottom tan. I hate that extreme white bikini outline look, I knew that pleasure Betturkey Güncel Giriş toy would enjoy the view, and I decided that if one of our male neighbors saw me, so what. I relaxed on the lounger, hoping to get at least 2 or 3 hours of sun.

I fell asleep. The next thing I knew, the sun was pretty low in the sky. I checked my watch and cursed silently. I’d been lying there for over 4 hours, and my breasts and bottom were feeling warm. I hurried over to pleasure toy, and he collapsed to the ground after I unlocked him. We helped each other inside.

When we had our Sunday talk, pleasure toy didn’t blame me for falling asleep. He was meditating to the view of my naked body, and didn’t notice the time passing either. He appreciated that I was naked for him. I wondered how much he would appreciate seeing Jake and I fuck, even though we’d be 30 feet away.

We spent the next couple of days rubbing aloe on each other. Pleasure toy was very concerned about my breast burn, and wanted to rub aloe on them every 10 minutes. Once every few hours was enough for the both of us.

We made 3 more backyard outings before we felt like we were ready for the picnic. Pleasure toy’s endurance had built up, and he could kneel on the rolled up towel for 5 or 6 hours. He was very tired and sweaty, even though it was still late spring, and it made my pussy tingle to watch him suffer for me like that. Sometimes, I’d play with myself on the lounger, enjoying pleasure toy’s suffering for me.

I got a nice all over tan, not too dark, and I felt Jake would enjoy seeing me totally naked outside in the bright sunshine.

The week before the picnic, pleasure toy bought a couple of bottles of Ca’ Montini Pinot Grigio, a nice white wine that would go great with the roast beef and cheese sandwiches. He made the sandwiches the night before the picnic, and put them in the refrigerator.

The morning of the picnic, pleasure toy packed the cooler with the sandwiches, wine, beer, soda, and water. He loaded up the van, and we were ready to go. I had to admit, I was pretty excited about the picnic. I wanted to be horny for Jake, so I fought the urge to masturbate all morning. It was driving me nuts to wait. I was so used to having an orgasm any time I wanted, that a 2 or 3-hour wait seemed like torture. I wondered how pleasure toy could stand to go 2 weeks between orgasms. I decided that I’d give pleasure toy an extra 5 minutes of breast fondling at the end of the month as a reward for the picnic and the suffering.

I got in the front seat of the van and sat quietly as we drove to Jake’s town house. When we arrived, I went to the door to get Jake. He grabbed me and gave me a huge kiss that made my pussy even wetter. It was a good thing I was going to be naked for the picnic. I hadn’t thought about bringing spare panties.

We sat in the back seat and let pleasure toy chauffer us to the farm. I really didn’t notice the ride, as Jake and I were hugging and kissing. I wasn’t wearing a bra, and Jake definitely let my breasts know they were kneaded and desired.

Pleasure toy pulled up to an old-looking farmhouse. The farmer came out, and pleasure toy went to give him the money and talk to him. The farmer smiled as we drove away, and I was pretty sure he knew what Jake and I would be doing. I wonder what he would have thought if he had any idea about what pleasure toy would be doing.

We drove for a few more minutes before we came to a cattle gate. Pleasure toy opened the gate, drove into the meadow, and closed the gate. We drove a hundred yards or so, until we came to a small pond. There were three huge oak trees about 50 feet from the pond.

We got out of the van, and walked to the trees. Pleasure toy carried our folding chairs. I carried my cigarettes and lighter, and Jake had his arm around me. It took pleasure toy 2 more trips to the van to get the cooler and all of his bondage gear. By the time he’d brought everything, I had already undressed and was relaxing in a folding chair, smoking a cigarette.

Pleasure toy found a spot about 30 feet away, out in the sun. He hammered the stake into the ground, rolled up a towel, and knelt down on the ground.

A little while passed before I told Jake, “Excuse me. I have to lock up my pet.” I took the hat and the bug spray out to where pleasure toy was kneeling. I locked his wrists behind his back, sprayed him liberally with the bug spray / sunscreen, and tied the pretty straw hat with the pink ribbon on his head. I stood in front of him and let him look at my naked body for a minute or so before I picked up the hammer and the bug spray and went back to Jake.

As soon as I sat down, Jake asked me, “What’s that all about?”

“I told you, I have to lock up my pet.” I smiled. “He won’t be bothering us.”

“Oh. I see, I guess.” Jake looked confused, so I kissed him and put his hand on my breast. He didn’t have any more questions or concerns.

It was near lunchtime, so we ate the sandwiches and drank the wine. After finishing a bottle of wine, Jake pretty much forgot about pleasure toy. Honestly, he wasn’t on my mind either. We spread out a blanket and made love under the shady oak trees. I was so horny that I came less than a minute after he thrust his cock into my pussy.

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