Finding a Lost Puppy Ch. 15

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I would have said Monday morning rolled around too quickly but that isn’t what happened at all. I suddenly set up straight from a dream that woke me. You know the kind where you are actually portraying a character in the dream and acting it out for real til it wakes you up. This was one of those dreams and it pertained to Jill with the dream still lingering in my mind. Could the dream be true I wondered remembering it vividly.

Needless to say I was rock hard as it was a very hot wet dream. It did make sense in those waking minutes though probably misguided as it played out differently in the dream. Jill and her boyfriend broke up because they had just come from a party where Jill just participated in a orgy, they were drunk. Her boyfriend was upset because Jill was adamantly and lustfully wanting to know how soon it was going to happen again. That is why he dumped her though he may have been the instigator of the action. Rikki became her savior to control her from her desires though Rikki did not know the real reason. I had actually awoken those desires once again because she begged me to take her. It explained why she looked at me lustily and why she changed her mind and readily agreed to Chase’s desires. Truthfully she couldn’t wait but still needed Rikki for support and why Puppy and I were needed if things went south.

My dream had the events going south instead of what really happened. Puppy and I were not thrilled about the situation and took our vengeance out on Jill in the garage. Her wish as we had her tied, stretched and gagged in the frame. Puppy was whipping her tits while I was striking her ass. That is when I sat up in the bed pretending to hold the whip where I had landed several vicious strikes leaving welts with blood seeping from the open wounds. More of a nightmarish fiasco and the reason for me waking I suspect. So why was I so turned on? Piss hard on or just because it was a wet dream? I quickly ruled out the piss hard on.

I had pulled the covers off Puppy when I rose from the bed. Turning, Puppy laid still asleep flat on her back for a change. Her heart shield nipple rings glimmering in the early morning glint. She was more peaceful and happy looking as her arm laid at her side instead of grotesquely across her body in a sling. Still wearing the rib bandage she had foregone most of the weekend. Was she still in pain or just for comfort I wondered. It gave me motive to be gentle as she was cautious also. I had never been the aggressor in the early hours of the morning and I just couldn’t resist. I had twenty minutes before the alarm dredged up its horrible reminder and the start of a new work week.

Moving the covers carefully, her legs already spread I move into position easily over her nubile body. Kissing her proud breasts lightly, her nipples respond quickly with a teasing lick with the tip of my tongue. Still not moving though her mouth had opened slightly, breathing through her parted lips. Kissing higher to her neck that seemingly arched on its own to except the nuances of my kisses. Her knees and legs bending upward as if she is in her own wet dream about to come to fruition. Reaching down and holding my cock, teasing her slit with the head I find wet and wanting. I hold myself ready I line myself up to gently slide in.

Surprised as Puppy suddenly launched herself onto my cock, her pussy swallowing my cock whole. Her legs wrapping around me in a death grip so sudden. The gasp of pleasure with a grunting scream from her parted lips. Her eyes flew open and stared at me, the wanton look on her face.

“Oh gawd Master, fuck your cunt!” Puppy said matter of fact.

That was easier said than done with the grip she had on me. She finally realized I couldn’t move that would have caused either one of us any joy and released the locking grip. We got in rhythm, her legs driving me into her harder than ever before. Her constant reverie of yes, yes, yes escaping her lips of a woman in desperate need. I had been horny and evidently so had she. It didn’t take long for the agonizing crescendo of sexual release to occur from both of us. I drove in hard with a loud grunt from my ecstasy. Puppy once again put the death lock grip with her legs driving her arching ass off the bed.

“Fuck! Aaaaaaaaaarrrghhhhhh!” Screamed from her lips for thirty seconds or longer as the alarm clock went off.

Both of us laughing as I tried to hit the sleep button on the clock, knocking it to the floor. I must have succeeded as it shut up before bouncing on the floor with a thud, the radio playing that forgotten dream. We remained locked together kissing for several minutes.

“Good dream?” I asked laughing.

“Oh yes Master. You had me strung up in Rikki’s garage. Need I say more?” Puppy winked with a broad smile.

“Better than my wet dream of a nightmare. Same thing but we were whipping Jill badly because things went wrong.” I said.

“Huh?” Puppy said with a frown. I tried to relate the dream but much of it fragmented Betturkey already, just the gist of the situation.

“That is plausible except for the nightmarish portion, Master. Vivid imagination taking over.” Puppy thoughtfully stated.

“Must have came from a couple videos I watched that were too monstrous to be believable.” I said disgusted.

“Believe it Master. There are some that love dishing it out as well as others love receiving it as well.” Puppy said.

“Shall we get ready for our day? I don’t want to think about it anymore.” I said.

The rest of the morning went like normal til we finished breakfast. Puppy was attentive and actually fixed bacon and eggs without much trouble while I finished getting dressed.

“Master, do you have any cash so I can grocery shopping? We are needing a few things and the deli and bakery a few blocks away look enticing.” Puppy asked.

I hadn’t thought of that in all reality. I knew we were getting low on items but with being gone the entire weekend it wasn’t necessary. I didn’t use much cash while we were gone either as the tab was always picked up by someone else. It would probably be a good idea for her to get out and stretch a little on her own as well, plus get use to the local scene a little on her own. I would go stir crazy myself looking at the walls in here all day totally alone.

“Sure, this should do. Just be careful and don’t over do it.” I said handing over five twenties.

“Anything you want special Master?” Puppy asked.

“Um, a loaf of potato bread and some of those french bread sticks would be nice from the bakery.” I said with a smile.

It was such a beautiful morning I decided to walk and take the subway to work. I hadn’t done that in some time and the exercise was invigorating. The hustle and bustle of the crowd wasn’t but it is things we live with most times around here. Time wise, it is just as fast so there is no concern about being late. I was in an exceptional happy mood as well as I watched most everyone else with their Monday morning blue faces stuffed in a subway car. Life had become so much more uncomplicated since Jenifer came into my life. I know that might sound so strange but it is true and I can’t put my finger on why.

Everyone seemed happy this morning as I went around to the various work stations, something else I hadn’t done in a couple weeks. Testing was going great and next weeks deadline that gloomily shadowed ahead once looked very promising now. As long as no glitches came up that is. Field testing started Thursday in our facility in Albany, half the team would be there a week.

Kathy was in a surprising good mood also as she handed me the testing schedule for final authorization. She had all kinds of questions as she knew I was in Boston for the weekend and why. It finally boiled down to her asking me about my plus one status for the trip. I knew it was coming to that sooner or later. She didn’t let it bother her or gave the appearance anyway. I knew deep down she was probably annoyed. I just told her I had met someone and we had a real connection so far which is very true.

I didn’t know how to handle it in all reality. I always tried to keep my home life and private life separate from work. I knew it would come out sooner or later, most likely sooner. Today just wasn’t the day, it would keep til the launch outing next Friday when everyone was in a relaxed mood.

I was pondering Puppy and a little local sightseeing trip this weekend when Don Conifer, my boss, stormed into my office looking profoundly upset.

“I thought you were happy here Rick?” Don more or less stated than asked unpleasantly, taking me by surprise.

“I am. What are you talking about?” I asked perplexed.

“Fucking Headhunters I assume then, like I originally thought.” Don said a little more relaxed.

“Huh? I am lost here buddy.” I said not knowing what was going on.

“I got a call from a Headhunter about an hour ago concerning you. I get one every now and then but Max got one concerning you as well. We were both worried and wondered what was up is all.” Don said.

Max was Don’s boss and VP of the division and reported directly to corporate. I was just as confused as they were. This is the first time a Headhunter hadn’t called me directly. I normally tell them I am happy right where I am and tell them to go look elsewhere. Needless to say I was stunned at this news.

“So who was the call from?” I asked curiously.

“The caller id said Rikki Mohighan. We think it is Mohighan Consulting Enterprises. Though we can’t figure out why the CEO of the company would be calling.” Don said.

I started laughing so hard, I had tears running down my cheeks. Don was probably staring at me in disbelief but I couldn’t help myself. It took a while for me to compose myself.

“Hold on just a minute Don.” I said while I checked my phone and messages. None, now I was confused. Betturkey Giriş I emailed Jenifer to see if she had any news from Rikki as of yet. She hadn’t either as I got a quick reply. I checked my email also and did a quick look up of the company. I doubt they had updated their web page, which they hadn’t if Rikki worked there at all which could be likely. I did pay attention to their main offices, Sacramento, St. Louis and Boston, not much help. At least her phone was under her married name already, not that much of a surprise really. I just shook my head not knowing what to think or do, except call her.

“Well Don.” I said and hesitated. “I will get back to you on that. I don’t know why she called though.” I said with a chuckle being evasive.

“She? It was a he that asked the questions.” Don said profoundly.

Why would Cliff call on her phone? Because she had the numbers or access to the numbers. Yesterday did seem like a job interview in the end of our conversation but I wouldn’t have expected this.

“I know whose phone it was.” I explained.

“I don’t understand Rick.” Don implored.

“I am just as confused as you, Don.” I said truthfully not wanting to open a can of worms.

“Sounds like he was verifying facts.” Don said shaking his head.

“Doesn’t mean a thing to me. I am very happy where I am.” I said thoughtfully. He? Now I am more confused.

“He also asked about your fiance. You holding out on me buddy?” Don asked almost cross eyed.

“My private life, you know that. But yes, I met the perfect woman and keep it quiet.” I said happily.

“When do we get to meet her?” Don asked curiously.

“The launch party next Friday night if I am not in California by then, ha ha ha.” I said joking.

Don is actually a nice guy at heart but a total douche bag when it comes to women. Not the ones that work here but if it wears a skirt he will chase it. I am not sure he has ever had more than one date with the same one either. I have seen him pick up a woman while on a date with another and leave his date stranded. I know, I have taken a couple of his pissed off ladies home. He would remind anybody of Barney on How I Met Your Mother in that regard.

My main concern however is about the happenings in Boston. Why is Cliff so interested in me? I did further inquiries on the internet of course. Business magnate for sure, mostly construction as he started out as an architect and owned most of the associated companies to make sure there were no delays in building. He did dabble in other ventures as well but only kept profitable companies. He had been selling off several companies in the last two years and buying cheap properties in prime locations as the business report went. Mostly small towns near large cities, new urban sprawl areas with rather new business districts.

Why would he want a project/production manager for hospital MRI and radio X-ray lab equipment design? Pay wise, I am a nobody compared to some of the people that work for me. It just didn’t make sense in that regard. I tried calling Rikki but her number had been turned off. I thought about getting the number from Don but I thought it unwise as I wasn’t sure who would answer. Luckily, the rest of the day went smoothly at work.


I was happy as a lark on a spring day this morning. Master surprised me by waking up first and fulfilling my dream this morning. How I wanted to be suspended in that frame in the garage has caused more than one dream already. Oh, how I wish my arm was better. Sex with Master has been climbing to new heights every time. I have never been so happy in my life in that regard. Though I was hoping for more during the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about what happened. Rikki, the brat she is, put Master on the spot more than once. I am sure he wasn’t all that happy about most of it either but took everything in stride. If it were me, I would have strung her up and beat the truth out of her, in hindsight however. She just knows how to lead you along to her own ends. Just enough information to think one thing then it becomes something entirely different. Talk about being manipulative, she has that down to a science, maybe a twisted art form. I think Master knew something was up and stopped short of forcing the truth.

I got the feeling Cliff and Monica were not at the wedding for a reason but knew it was going to take place. Maybe their plane reservations being canceled screwed up their entire weekend. Plans change due to an inconvenience but as they say, the show must go on. I may have been a wrinkle to those plans also, I just had that eery feeling.

My arm being more free has enabled me to do more things. Might still be classified as an invalid but every little thing helps as I can do more. Like fix breakfast this morning, simple things that I haven’t been able to do for a couple weeks. Going out shopping was another, I just Betturkey Güncel Giriş needed money and Master’s permission of course.

I needed to get the lay of the land for one, so to speak. I haven’t been able to venture far without help and now I have that capability. I knew where the places were that I wanted to visit, we had walked by them a couple times. I wasn’t sure they were the best places to go but it is a start. I wasn’t about to go far off the beaten path either, not alone anyway. I would have called Sarah but I didn’t have a way with the tablet. She was dieing to hear the details about the trip last night and would be by this evening. Maybe next time she could go with us.

I was even able to change my nipple rings myself this morning. Back to my loops as they are the most comfortable. I love the little tinkle of the new earrings when I think about them. Funny, after awhile the tinkle becomes common place and you tune them out. They still give purpose and a steady reminder at the oddest times.

I would need to do laundry after I get back from shopping and after lunch. The sheets were a wet mess when I went to make the bed and decided to strip it instead. I must have had a bucket orgasm this morning to cause that. I couldn’t remember the last time I had done that.

I dressed as conservative as possible wishing I had another pair of jeans at least. The time will come shortly I imagine. My jean shorts, tank top with one of Masters older button down shirts as a cover up, sneakers, purse, shopping bag and list. I am ready as I will ever be. I know, wearing shorts was against the rules but this trip was a big deal and I wasn’t ready. A big breath for courage as I stepped out the door to the complex remembering the last time I was outside by myself. George with a smile and wishing me a good day, exchanging pleasantries.

Deli or bakery first? Bakery first I decided while they still have a selection. If it was like Chicago, you just about needed to be there when the doors opened. This was late morning and almost closing time already in that aspect. They had what was needed thank goodness, potato bread, bread sticks, french bread and what I wanted, bread bowls.

Master emailed in the middle of things wondering if I had heard from Rikki. I wondered about that myself as I hadn’t heard a word as of yet either. Master wouldn’t email about that unless something was up, luckily I was in a hot spot. Master may not have been in a position to call her and find out, though that seemed silly. I had her email address but didn’t know if it was still good.

The butcher shop was somewhat crowded, always is. I think they do it on purpose so you have time to walk around and gather other items. Like the onions I need and price other items as well. They don’t carry much, usually essentials, like spices and a small supply of fresh veggies. I didn’t want much as I didn’t want to be burdened with too much weight on my first trip and the bread was taking up room. A pound of lamb cubes, three pork chops, three chicken breasts and a two slices of calf liver. Enough for four meals for the week for three people at a minimum. I had a menu in mind of course. If I needed other items, I could venture out during the week picking up the necessities.

I had a real sense of accomplishment as I headed back home with the purchases. It was such a beautiful day, I even stopped and picked up a bundle of fresh flowers from the florist for the table. George even got a kick out of me once I returned and held the door open.

A quick sandwich for lunch as I had a lot to do but plenty of time. I arranged the flowers in a vase while I ate. I was being picky and it just didn’t suit me, scissors and a little trimming and viola, a masterful looking center piece. Exercise first, especially the arm and fingers before I shower and change to the appropriate wear.

Everything went smoothly as I went for my 2 PM stroll to the lobby and the mail box. The little present for Sarah was in a yellow mailing envelope stuffed in the box. I almost dropped dead at the sight of Erica who flagged me down at the elevators, I almost didn’t recognize her. Wow, she looked stunning and … taken! I mean taken by someone that meant business from the looks of things. A powerful Master that knew how to treat his one and only possession with pride and not afraid to show off. I hadn’t seen this since the club days with Lance and Mary. Most want to be subtle, this was well beyond that, a step down or two from hardcore.

We talked for several minutes about me getting better, Rick, Sarah and her new Master. She was looking for a friend as she rode the elevator to my floor with me but had to get back to work. She needed a crock pot to make dinner. She understood I would need to check with Rick first.

I sent an email to Master explaining Erica wanting to borrow the crock pot. I also told him she would be eye popping when he saw her next. I figured I wouldn’t give away the surprise, letting him be just as stunned. I knew he would say it would be okay but I remembered my place in asking and remembered no one to enter without his presence. Erica, being the building manager, might be an exception in some cases regardless however. I would have to ask to clarify his position.

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