Nancy’s Inferno Ch. 07

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Nancy had been right about Shawn’s intent to fuck her a couple more times before they left the motel room that night. There were still two sealed condoms left in the package of three and he wasn’t about to let them go to waste.

For better or worse, Nancy felt like she’d been thrown down a steep cliff by the time Shawn had finished with her. Wincing each time she steered her car onto a different street as she drove Shawn across town to drop him off at a friend’s, Nancy eventually lugged herself home a few minutes after 9 that night.

The juxtaposition was especially weird walking back into her house at that late hour, only to find Lacy waiting there for her. It didn’t take her Daughter long to come lumbering down the steps when she heard her Mother walk through the door, and even though Lacy didn’t come right out and ask “Where the Hell have you been?”, it was clear in the way she seemingly stalked Nancy into the kitchen that her curiosity had been stoked.

Considering the way Lacy had ran around for the better part of the last few months, she did bite her tongue when it came to asking about her Mom’s whereabouts, but even at her young age, Lacy could clearly detect the palpable scent of sexual impropriety wafting around her visibly exhausted Mother. There was no way however for Lacy to fathom that Nancy had been shacked up with the same boy that had just made her pregnant.


In the end, conducting an affair with someone like Shawn wasn’t something Nancy was physically or emotionally prepared to endure. Within a week of initiating the liaison with Lacy’s boyfriend, Nancy could feel her body, and more importantly her very soul, beginning to fall apart.

Each time Nancy thought about sitting Shawn down and putting an end to their ill-conceived tryst, they would wind up having sex before Nancy could even broach the subject. Having evolved quickly from wasting money on a motel, they’d done it several times at Nancy’s house when Lacy had been at school. First on Nancy’s bed, then they’d tried it on the living room sofa and on top of her running washing machine. She’d even experienced one of the naughtiest jolts of her life allowing Shawn to plow her for easily an hour straight one afternoon on Lacy’s own bed.

The debauchery just progressed from there. They’d did it quite a few times in Nancy’s car, even once behind the dumpster at Denny’s. They’d fucked in the changing room at the local JC Penny’s, even in a public park during the middle of a beautiful Spring day. The latter having produced one of the most intense orgasms of Nancy’s life.

Laying flat on her back on top of a secluded picnic table, shrouded somewhat by a layer of trees and freshly bloomed shrubbery, Nancy could clearly hear the sound of kids playing and cars driving through the park as Shawn fucked her. When she looked to her right and her left, she could also see Mothers pushing baby strollers, joggers and even heard the distant ping of bats meeting baseballs down at the far end of the park.

To be spread eagle on top of an unforgiving table, naked from the waist down in a public place, Nancy realized right then she wasn’t going to be able to stop her affair with Shawn on her own. Her pale legs cinched around his lean, muscular back, Nancy lurched her crotch upwards off the table to meet Shawn’s powerful thrusts as the birds sang and the breeze rustled through the leaves above.

Positioned just right on the table, Nancy could stare straight down and see the majestic length of Shawn’s chocolate brown penis sliding in and out of her gaping quim as he crudely massaged his fingers across her flaming clit.

Flopping side to side on top of the table, feeling Shawn expertly stretch her vagina in ways she could never imagine before she met him, Nancy desperately tried holding her screams in as her orgasm began to build. Thankfully Shawn had sensed her dilemma and just before she exploded, he reached down with his left hand and cupped it over her mouth, absorbing the shrill vibrations of her release into his palm instead of allowing Nancy’s cries to ricochet for a good square mile around.

Dumping his cum inside Nancy a few seconds later, Shawn could see the look of helpless want in the older woman’s spinning eyes as she gripped him tight with her intertwined legs. He could tell on some level she hated what she was doing, but simply couldn’t bring herself to stop. He even half expected her to say ‘things has to stop’ as she was putting her shorts back on a few minutes later, or during their slow silent walk back to her car.

Her brain still too frazzled to process any sort of defiant stance, Nancy meekly followed Shawn along to the parking lot, his seed sloshing inside of her belly with each step, a result of the two giving up the use of condoms a few encounters back.

“There’s no way a woman your age could get pregnant..there’s just no way,” she’d told herself.

The affair with Shawn continued for several more weeks. He’d even introduced Nancy to anal, bayan escort an experience that left her uncomfortable sitting down or performing some normal bodily functions for quite a few days. Yet with each new twist Shawn provided her with, Nancy fancied herself like a ravenous and starving pet, trying to prove her worth to her new master.

Just before Nancy lost herself completely in her own depravity however, Lacy saved her Mother the trouble of having to break-up with Shawn.


It wasn’t the first time the allure of a woman trumped the bonds of male friendship.

Having had the fight with Shawn after telling him she was pregnant, Lacy didn’t really give it much thought when he didn’t return her texts or calls for first few days.

“Just giving him his space,” she reasoned.

By the time week one bled into week two without any word from him however, Lacy began to get chaffed. Making her presence felt at several of Shawn’s normal haunts, Lacy eventually stumbled across one of his friends that did know where Shawn had been keeping himself.

The guy didn’t exactly want to spill his guts, but given Lacy’s propensity, and frankly prowess, at giving head, it didn’t take long after she dropped down to her knees and spent a good five minutes lathering the guy’s cock for him to spill the beans.

To be honest, the guy, apart from busting his nut in a pretty girl’s mouth, was also more than a little curious to see how Lacy would react when he told her that her Boyfriend had been fucking her Mom behind her back. Gauging Lacy’s reaction as she knelt there, his cum still wet on her lips as his admission sunk in, he eventually took a satisfied step back and stuffed his splurge caked cock back inside his pants.

He half expected the girl to call him a liar, but instead he could see a gleam of recognition twinkle Lacy’s distant eyes, as if what he just told her connected several dots in her mind.

That tidbit of shared knowledge helped Lacy make some sense of a discovery she made several days later. Turning the covers of her bed back one afternoon after coming home from class, Lacy planned on taking a nap as she continued processing the news about her Mother and Shawn.

“Maybe that guy was just trying to fuck with my head,” she would occasionally tell herself, but when she looked down at the light blue sheets, much to her disgust, Lacy found all the proof she needed.

Several strands of dark blonde hair lined the girl’s pillow, a discovery that wouldn’t have meant all that much considering Lacy’s and Nancy’s hair was pretty much the same color. The presence of several small and coarse, curly pubic hairs dotting the center of the bed was another matter entirely.

Having not seen Shawn in weeks, much less inviting him into her bed, Lacy vividly remembered having put those ‘clean’ sheets on only three or four days earlier. Ripping the sheets off in a fit of rage and throwing them deep into a corner of her closet, Lacy then plunked herself down on the edge of her bare mattress and cried.

Nineteen, pregnant and now dealing with the fact that her own Mom was sleeping with the Father of the child, Lacy sat there allowing the warmth of her tears to stream down her cheeks as she contemplated her options.

“You really ought to go and spread your legs for every single one of his friends..even the guys he doesn’t like too,” was Lacy’s first thought.

As pleasant as they thought was, considering the way he’d freely passed her around to several of them already, she didn’t really think doing it would hurt him all that much.

“Maybe you could go and let his Dad nail you a couple of times..just to even the score,” was Lacy’s next idea, but given the fact Shawn had no clue who his Father was sort of complicated that plan.

Putting her anger towards Shawn on the back burner for awhile, Lacy turned her attention to how she felt about her Mother’s lurid indiscretion. She expected to be teaming with seething outrage over what her Mom did, but she just couldn’t bring herself to hate her anymore than she already did. Filling with a sense of keen assessment, Lacy understood what Nancy had done was more about the weakness and want inside of her rather than any outward attempt to hurt her Daughter. If anything, maybe it was more jealousy on her Mother’s part.

On the other hand, Lacy knew Shawn and her Mom both had to pay, and the longer she sat there on her unmade bed, an idea to possibly kill three birds with one stone eventually germinated inside her head.


Feeling as if her entire life was spinning on a centrifuge, between the distance she was experiencing with her Daughter and the growing debaucheries descent with Shawn, all Nancy needed was for her car to break down too. Thankfully she still had a free tow on her AAA card, but once she got the estimate from the garage, it felt as if a tornado was preparing to blow a hole through the little escort bayan bit of savings she’d been able to build up.

Climbing up to the secret place on the top shelf of her closet where she kept her small stash of cash when her car was ready to pick up, Nancy opened the old shoe box where she’d hidden her rainy day fund. The money wasn’t there.

“It has to be here,” she anxiously told herself, digging quickly through several other boxes just to make sure she hadn’t misplaced right one. “I know its here..I just put an extra $50 in it last Friday!”

“It had to be Lacy..she’s the only one here,” an accusatory voice quickly whispered inside her head.

“No..why would she…she wouldn’t..she doesn’t even know its here,” Nancy muttered her weak and non convincing reply out loud.

“Maybe it was Shawn…no one else has been in the house?” a second voice in her head offered, praying that would be true to maybe give her enough of a backbone to break it off with him.

“But he was never out of your sight long enough to sneak into the closet..and with everything piled up in there the way it is..he would have easily pulled a bunch of other stuff down looking for the right couldn’t have been him,” she was relatively sure.

“Maybe you’re just going crazy,” came a third voice, providing as logical of an explanation as any other she could come up with.

Hating to do it but having no other choice, Nancy put the car repairs on one of her nearly maxed credit cards, leaving her to stew on yet another thing as her life gradually unraveled. As with anything spinning out of control, eventually the center can not hold. That moment came one afternoon when Nancy returned home to change clothes for work. Having picked up a second part time job at a retail shop in the mall, she forgot to bring her comfortable shoes to change out of the heels she wore for her day job.

The first thing she noticed when she rounded the bend to head for home was Lacy’s car in the driveway when her Daughter should have still been at school. An instant wave of paranoid deja-vu washed through Nancy as she wheeled her car beside Lacy’s and stared at the house.

“Not again,” she found herself mumbling before finally exiting the car and making the painfully slow walk up to the front door.

Unfortunately, Nancy’s worst fears were realized.


Just as it had the afternoon months earlier when she’d stumbled into the house only to discover Lacy having sex upstairs, the exact same sensation gripped Nancy’s senses as she set foot inside the front door. Holding her breath as she listened for the telltale signs, instead of the creaking rhythm of bedsprings, the only thing Nancy heard was the droning hiss of the shower in the second floor bathroom.

“Maybe Lacy is up there just taking a shower,” she tried convincing herself, but one whiff of the air surrounding her tickled something deep at the center of Nancy’s primal core.

There was a certain, undeniable electricity in the air as she stood at the base of the steps looking up. Just as she’d done months earlier, Nancy methodically put one foot in front of the other, a blank look enveloping her face as blood boiled inside her brain.

It didn’t take long for her to notice the pile of clothes, along with a pair of discarded boots, laying in front of the closed bathroom door once she’d scaled the steps. Nancy knew exactly who was in the shower with her Daughter. Those same boots had laid beside her own bed plenty over the previous month.

From the wisps of steam billowing from beneath the door, Nancy assumed the shower had been running for quite awhile. Standing as still as a statue three feet in front of the door, her hands hanging limply by her side, Nancy’s ears absorbed the periodic groans, grunts and shrieks coming from inside. She could even feel the old wooden flooring of the house bend and creak each time someone re-positioned themselves on the other side of the door.

“You know exactly what’s going on in there…Shawn boots are out know its Lacy in there with him…..why don’t you just turn around and walk back down the steps…get in the car and go for a long drive..we’ll deal with this later,” the exasperated and drained voice of reason in Nancy’s head begged.

“WE’LL DEAL WITH THIS RIGHT NOW,” her suddenly unsheathed inner rage rose from the depths of her repressed soul, instantly drowning out the other voices in her head.

“We’ll deal with this right now…..we’ll deal with this right now,” she continued her mantra, each time a little softer and more controlled as she focused her full attention on the door knob in front of her.

If all her senses hadn’t been so focused on the door, Nancy may have heard the growing crescendo of sound coming from the other side of it. Instead, the cries of her Daughter’s impending orgasm were blanketed out by the whoosh of blood between her ears and the incessant hiss of the shower.

The bayan escort gaziantep shower, in fact, had been running for a good 10 minutes before Nancy even pulled up to the house. Shawn had turned it on with the full intention of fucking Lacy under the steaming rush of water, but when she’d propped her naked ass up on the sink and spread her legs for him, he decided to do the deed right there.

Despite the twisted amount of fun he was having nailing the girl’s Mom on a regular basis, there was something that kept drawing Shawn back to Lacy. The fact that she was carrying his child also played into that process, but having heard through the grapevine that she was sniffing around with some of his friends, clearly in an attempt to make him jealous, Shawn finally decided to hook back up with her and re-stake his claim.

Selfishly, Shawn also wanted to enjoy Lacy’s body as much as he could before she started to show with the baby. He was doing just that to the ‘nenth degree’ when the bathroom door suddenly swung open.

For logical reasons, Nancy fully expected the pair to be blissfully unaware behind the shower curtain when she pushed open the door. Her spine instantly turned to Jell-o, and her eyes nearly exploded when she saw Lacy and Shawn locked together on top of the sink.

The knob still clenched in he death grip of her right hand, Nancy found herself in some sort of strange purgatory, unable to turn and walk away, yet unable to move past the threshold of the doorway either.

Shawn seemed equally as stunned. Ceasing his forward thrusts when he looked to his left and saw Nancy standing there, the firm grip he had on Lacy’s waist turned rubbery as he locked eyes with the older woman.

Lacy, on the other hand, didn’t so much as blink when she looked up through the mist and saw her Mother staring back. Neither did she stop flailing her crotch forward, impaling herself in quick grinding bursts on Shawn’s erection.

It seemed to be a 50/50 shot if the old sink was going to withstand the weight of everything on top of it without breaking loose from the wall. Even if it did however, Nancy still got the feeling Lacy was going to finish what she’d started.

“Looks like he’s found his way back to me, huh?” was the tenor of Lacy’s stare, and the fact that her Mother eyes burned with anger only seemed to embolden the vindictive young girl.

Already on the verge of orgasm before Nancy had peeked in, Lacy brazenly increased the speed of her pelvic thrusts around Shawn’s ample prick as he stood there in stunned disbelief.

“UHHH..UHHH..UHHHHH…UHHHHHHHHHH,” Lacy gasped, her moans rising clearly over the hum of the shower as she pressed the back of her head against the mirror above the sink, cumming ferociously right there in front of her Mom without once diverting her gaze away from Nancy’s glassy stare.

As if waiting for a huge gust of wind to pass, Nancy had to remind herself to breathe as she watched with morbid fascination Lacy’s legs flex and flail to each side of Shawn’s waist. When the girl’s orgasm started to subside and the jiggling swells of her breasts finally stabilized, Nancy cautiously released her grip from the door knob and criss-crossed her hands in a straight jacket pose across her chest.

Being stuck between a feuding Mother and Daughter wasn’t exactly how Shawn envisioned this type of scenario playing out. Deciding discretion was the better part of valor, and looking as if he was being led into a root canal, Shawn withdrew his cock, clumsily freed himself from the bonds of Lacy’s calves, then took his place off to the side.

Expecting the first words out of Nancy’s mouth to be laced with venomous hurt, Shawn felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end as he watched the older woman’s glare narrow as she fixed it straight on her naked Daughter.

A cold wave of, albeit temporary, relief washed through Shawn when he heard Nancy ask Lacy something about taking some money.

“Maybe I can sneak out of here and grab my clothes,” Shawn thought to himself, but Nancy was still blocking the door and besides, it wouldn’t be long before he was once again drawn into the fray.

“I’ve never been in this spot before,” Shawn chuckled to himself, his hands down to his side as he leaned against the far side wall of the bathroom.

The running shower still spiting behind the curtain, Shawn looked down at his cock, its entire girth saturated with Lacy’s vaginal creme and marveled at how it began to inflate and expand once again, as if aroused by the sight of the two women sniping right in front of him.

Spending the next few minutes listening to Nancy and Lacy argue over some stolen money, as well as re-hashing a bunch of unresolved stuff from their past, it wasn’t until Nancy asked her Daughter what she’d done with the money that Shawn found himself at the center of the debate.

“You really want to know what I did with it Mom…Really?” Lacy laughed a haunting, almost maniacal, laugh as if daring her to ask.

Between her naked Daughter still perched on the sink, and Shawn’s naked and suddenly aroused body standing off to the left, Nancy struggled to find a suitable place to fix her gaze. Allowing it to settle on the shower curtain between the two, against her better judgment Nancy’s answered ‘yes’ to Lacy’s dare.

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