Lori Ch. 01

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It was our senior year in high school and it seemed that we were all finally turning 18. In fact, I had turned 18 a month before and Lori teased that I was too old to flirt with and stopped cold for almost a full week before giving in and blowing me a kiss here, pinching my butt there. It was innocent fun and we had been doing things like that for the past few years.

Lori had her boyfriends and I casually dated a few girls, but nothing ever got serious. Our parents had grown up together and our moms were best friends so we grew up together and talked almost every day; it was as if she was my sister. Thinking of her as anything other than a friend never occurred to me.

Then Lori turned 18.

We celebrated her birthday a couple of weeks late due to the weather when a group of us loaded up my truck and drove into Oklahoma City, or as we called it ‘The City’, to play miniature golf. It had been a favorite hobby of ours for years so it seemed the thing to do. We stopped at McDonalds on the way home, sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Lori and put a candle in a cherry pie in lieu of a cake and we all had a great time.

When we got back home, I dropped everyone off with Lori being the last as she lives six miles out of town. I walked her to her door where we continued to talk and joke about how that now she was 18 and a grown up that she could do all kinds of stuff that she couldn’t when she was a kid.

Finally it was time to go and I stepped close to give her a birthday hug. Lori leaned in hugging me back then pulled back. She had an odd look on her face then surprised me by darting in and kissing me. It wasn’t one of the flirty kisses that we had been giving each other; it started soft then grew more intense. Suddenly she thought her tongue into my mouth and I instinctively responded. We stood there kissing for a few minutes, lost in the sensation, until Lori drew back, a shocked expression on her face. I started to stammer out that I was sorry but she pulled away and ran into the house without a word.

I stood there for a minute watching the lights inside turn off then the porch light went out. I took the hint and left. I didn’t know what to think but determined that I would talk to her Saturday to see what that kiss was all about. It didn’t happen. She avoided me all weekend even skipping church. I was a little worried that my best girlfriend and I had ruined our friendship with that kiss so I decided to act like it had never occurred on Monday and hope that Lori would be able to let it pass.

No such luck.

Lori avoided me for two more days! This is pretty hard to do in a high school of 380 and considering we shared most of our classes. I really didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t ask our friends as I didn’t want the gossip to start but by not talking about it our classmates knew something was up. Lori and I hadn’t had a serious fight in years; we were always talking. It was painfully obvious to everyone that something was going on. The four classes we shared were uncomfortable, lunch was awkward. But more importantly I really missed my best friend.

Finally, on Wednesday, Lori shyly said “Hi.” I played it off as if the previous two days hadn’t happened. She seemed relieved that I wasn’t going to bring up the kiss. We talked about everything else. By the end of the day it seemed that things were back to normal.

Thursday arrived and Lori started the day off with a pinch on my butt that was sure to leave a bruise and startled me so much I banged my head in my locker. The whole thing caused her to burst out laughing so hard she actually started to snort. Once started she couldn’t stop and I started laughing as well. By the time she had finally calmed down she was half way down the hall and disappearing into her first class. It continued throughout the day. Every time I least expected it she was behind me; playing with my hair, squeezing my butt, then during lunch she actually began rubbing my inner thigh under the table. I couldn’t take it. I finally asked “What the hell has gotten into you?”

She calmly removed her hand and looked at me. Time seemed to stretch out then she asked “Can you give me a ride home, after school?”

I knew I wouldn’t get an answer. “Sure, meet me at my truck.”

“Thanks.” She then shocked me by reaching her hand under the table and running it up my inner thigh until her hand reached the head of my dick. She paused, slid her hand up until it was on top of my shaft, then squeezed and rubbed it for a several seconds. I closed my eyes, trying to ignore what she was doing. This was far beyond anything she had ever tried with me and while her hand massaging my dick felt incredible, I didn’t know what her game was. I opened my eyes and I caught her staring at me, studying me with absolutely no expression on her face. I started to say something but she shook her head slightly. She continued stroking as if she were measuring me then moved her hand up to the crotch of my pants and gently squeezed my balls.

“Lori…” I began.

She stopped and stood up saying “I’ll see you after school.” Then she was gone. I stared after her with no idea what was going on but I needed to find out what her game was, it had stopped being funny.

The last few hours of school seemed to drag by and I was so anxious to talk to Lori that I ignored several requests from other friends to do anything else after Resim Yükle school.

At last the final last bell rang.

As I was putting my books in my locker she was behind me again rubbing my ass. I spun around and yelled “Damn it, Lori! What the fuck is going on?” and saw her studying me again. I actually began to get worried that something was wrong with her and asked “Lori, are you OK?”

“Take me home.” she said then turned and walked down the hall.

I hurried to catch up and tried talking to her but she refused to answer any of my questions. She was focused on something but I just couldn’t figure it out.

Unlike most days I gave her a ride home this time she didn’t want to go to Sonic and get a Coke it was simply “Home.”

As I headed toward her house I kept getting more worried. Her behavior since the previous Friday had been off and I didn’t know what to expect. We were about 4 miles out of town when I pulled onto a lease road and stopped. I turned off the truck and got out. Lori sat there for a few minutes then followed. “Why did you stop?” She seemed genuinely surprised.

I faced away from her because her continuous staring was disconcerting. Finally I replied “I tried to pretend that the kiss didn’t happen. I mean, you haven’t talked to me for days. Hell, you’ve avoided me completely! Then, yesterday you were back. Today you…I don’t know what you’re doing. For years we’ve flirted, played, teased each other but today…I…is there something wrong? Are you feeling alright?”

She came and stood in front of me and quietly asked “Do I look sick?”


“I’m not.” She paused and then quietly, “Are you still dating Shanna?”

“What? No. You know we broke up, or whatever.”

“So you aren’t doing anything tomorrow night?

I was confused by her sudden change of the topic but answered, “No, I mean, beyond what we always do on the weekends. Maybe see a movie, put-put, whatever the gang wants to do.”

It hit me.

I don’t know how I could have been so blind. “Why? What are you…?” I trailed off.

I looked at her, really looked. I didn’t see a sister or a best friend. I saw a beautiful woman standing in front of me. Holy crap! I had avoided looking at her as anything other than ‘Lori’ for so long that I never noticed the woman she had transformed into. It seemed ironic that on the one hand I had known that she was one of the most beautiful girls in school but I never…wow!

She was 5′ 10″, maybe 130 pounds; her dark brown shoulder length hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She never wore makeup beyond her lip-gloss, she didn’t need it. Her green eyes were staring at me with determination as I became aware of her. Then her face began to glow as she finally saw me seeing her and not my buddy.

She smiled, bit her lip then whispered “Would you like to go out tomorrow night? I mean, just the two of us? You know, like on a date?”

“What do you want to do? I mean, uh, I’d love to.” How could I not?

“You need to pick me up at 6:30” she said, fully back to herself. “But first you need to do something, now.”

I nodded. “What?”

“Kiss me, again. It’s all I’ve been able to think about for days.”

It felt strange as I approached her. She tilted her head up as I brought my lips to hers. It began tentatively but the heat of her lips, their softness drew me in. I pulled her to me as she grabbed me. What had started as something gentle became an eager embrace. Her tongue darted into my mouth then I reciprocated, driving mine into hers. It was as fierce and passionate a kiss as I’ve ever had until Lori finally pulled away.

She stood there, panting slightly; with that focused look in her eyes that I now understood meant she was aroused. Her lip-gloss was slightly smeared from our kiss and her hair had partially fallen out of its ponytail. She stepped back and I let my eyes roam over her body, taking it in. Tall and thin, I stared at her large breasts. I could see her nipples poking through her shirt. Impulsively, I reached up and cupped her right breast and was surprised when I felt that there was no bra. She closed her eyes, moaning, and leaned into my hand. I gently massaged her breast, marveling at its firmness. Wondering how I had managed to block this woman out. I gently grasped her nipple between my fingers and pinched it. Lori shuddered and gasped “That feels so good. Do it again! I’ve wanted this for so long!” I dragged her close and was about to kiss her when we heard the horn honking on a passing truck. We jerked away from each other; both of us suddenly self-conscious.

We looked around and it suddenly seemed funny that we were standing in the middle of a field in the middle of the afternoon making out. Lori’s face was bright red and she was looking down. I gently brought my hand to her chin and used it to lift her face so that her eyes met mine. I was hers and she recognized this. Her lips quirked into a confident smile and said “You should probably take me home before we both do something we want to.” Then reached down and rubbed my erection through my pants. She leaned down and whispered something as if talking to my dick then stood up and walked back to the truck.

I joined her and asked “What was it that you said? I couldn’t make it out.”

Impishly she just said “Home.”

I turned the truck around and headed towards her house. Lori scooted over next to me and placed her hand on my dick, rubbing it as I drove. I noticed that the slower I drove, the slower she stroked. After an agonizing 2 miles I pulled into her drive.

“Walk me to the door.”

Not knowing what she was going to do, I did. At the door she gave me a quick, chaste peck on the cheek then darted inside saying “See you tomorrow”. I stood there lamely for a couple of minutes then cock-walked back to my truck and drove home. I cursed myself all the way home and had almost convinced myself that this whole thing was a setup just to fuck with me.

One of our group, Eric, was waiting for me as I pulled into my driveway. He’d come over at different times of the week and we would played some basketball. This time he kept asking me questions about Lori like “Why was she was pissed off at me?” and “Had I noticed how weird she had been acting all week?” I evaded his questions with vague answers the best I could until he asked if I thought she would go out with him. I tried to seem disinterested and said that I thought she might be talking to someone but wasn’t certain. A little while later Eric left to get home for dinner and I finally made it inside. I had missed Lori’s call but I saw her text me asking me to call her at 9:00.

Dinner, shower, TV…nine o’clock seemed to take forever to come around.

I didn’t want to seem overly anxious so I waited until about 9:05.

I called. It rang. Voicemail. Crap!

I waited about 10 minutes and called again; voicemail, again! CRAP!

I thought she must have gone to bed then my phone rang. It was Lori. Relief!


“Hey! Whatcha doing?” she asked.

“Getting ready for bed, what about you”

“I just got out of the shower. Sorry I missed your call.”

“No biggie,” I murmured. “I wouldn’t want to get in the way of you being clean.”

“Do you still like me?” she asked, nervously.

“What? Of course! Why wouldn’t I?” Lori didn’t answer right away. In fact I was worried that we had been disconnected until she finally asked “Did you have fun today?”

“Yes.” then “Why, didn’t you?”

“I’m sorry about this past week. I’ve been thinking about this, you, for a long time. You remember right after Christmas you took me out to the lake and we drove around checking the fences?”


“That’s when it started. It felt good to be alone with you. You’ve always looked out for me. You remember I had just broken up with Kurt and you listened to me go on about what a jerk he was.” I remembered. We had been checking Dad’s farms and making sure the fences were in good condition. She had totally broken down over the breakup. We parked the truck and I held her until she had calmed down. We’d helped each other before after a bad breakup but thinking back nothing seemed special about that time either but something had changed. She continued

“I didn’t tell you why but I was so pissed at him for trying to get into my pants that I had actually gotten out of his car and walked home.” I hadn’t known that. At the time she told me that they had had a huge fight but didn’t say what it was about. It made sense. Lori and I had had ‘that’ discussion one on the way to her Aunt’s house for Thanksgiving. We were both interested in sex but it was an abstract interest. It was too much fun just hanging out with everyone to complicate it with sex. We had talked about how when we ‘did it’ that we needed to be sure that it was the right person but, at the time, I hadn’t even considered Lori as a possibility.

“He kept pushing me to give him a blowjob.” I was kind of shocked to hear her say that out loud. “Every time we went out it was ‘Hey, how about you blow me at the movie tonight?’ or How about we go to the park and we could get naked and you could give me a hummer.’ Or something like that. I kept playing it off but it got me thinking. I had decided to do it that night, the night we broke up. He picked me up and then drove down the road to where Kramer’s old barn is. He parked and turned out the lights and unzipped. ‘How ’bout it sweetie? Feel like a snack?’ He was so crude and such a dick about it that I’d finally had enough. I asked him to take me home and when he refused I got out and started walking. He followed me all the way home with his window rolled down and yelling that he didn’t understand what I was so upset about.” She stopped.

“I didn’t know. If I had I would have, I don’t know…”

“What? Beat him up?”

I laughed “Yeah, I guess. Or something.”

“I liked our kiss. Friday night was, I dunno, I wanted it so bad then I did it. Then I freaked. I’m sorry.”

“No need to be.” I said honestly. “I’m still surprised that I never thought about doing it before.”

We lapsed into an uncomfortable silence for several minutes until Lori coyly asked “So you liked it?”


“What else did you like?”

It still felt odd to be talking to her about this. “I guess I liked holding you.”

“I liked it when you pinched my nipple.”

“Lori!” I exclaimed.

“What? I did! I’ve never let anyone else touch my boobs before and doing it myself…it feels good but when you touched them…”

“When I touched them, what?”

“I, you know, it felt so great. I’ve been trying to get them to feel like it again but it’s not the same. Even through my shirt your hands were like fire.” She paused. “I need to tell you something. And I hope you’re OK with it.”

I discovered my mouth was dry. I was incredibly turned on. Lori had suddenly become this nymph but I liked it. I hoped it didn’t end. I croaked “I’m OK with anything you want to say.”

“What are you thinking?” She asked.

“I’m wondering what you suddenly need to tell me. I’ve already heard you say things I never thought you would say. At least to me.”

She whispered “I’m a dirty girl.”

“You are?”

Still whispering “Yes.”

I sat there thinking about what she said. My mind was racing, trying to figure out where this was headed. I was also incredibly hard. I turned out my light and laid back.

“Mike? Are you there?” she sounded fearful that I might have hung up.

I managed a “Yeah.”

“Are you…are you going to be OK with that?”

“I don’t know.” I didn’t know how to move forward. I wanted to know what she meant. I hoped I knew. I remembered her hand on my dick and how hot she was when we kissed.

“You don’t know? What do you mean?” I could hear the anxiety in her voice. She had put herself out there for me. I wasn’t, I couldn’t, reject her.

“I need to know more.” I said and she laughed in triumph.

“What else do you want to know?” she teased.

“Why do you think you’re a ‘dirty girl’? Tell me what that means.” I commanded,

Lori stammered “I, uh, I have to call you back.” And hung up.

What the heck. I stood up and walked to my door, making sure it was closed then I returned to my bed in time to see that Lori had just sent me a text ‘don’t look at the next message I’ll call you in a minute. PROMISE!’

I knew what I hoped that meant but I wasn’t sure. I replied ‘Promise’

Seconds later I got another message and I resisted the urge to look. I lay down on my bed and waited for her call. It seemed to take forever but was really only a couple of minutes. I answered on the first ring.

“You looked, didn’t you?” Lori accused.

“I didn’t! I promised but it’s hard not to look.”

“I need another promise from you.”


“No matter what happens its only you and me.”

I laughed “Like that’s a hard promise to make. Or keep.”

“Good.” Lori sounded much more confident. “One more thing.”

“What’s that?”

“I need you to still be my ‘big brother’, my protector. I’m afraid that I might lose control.”

“I can do that but what do you mean? Lose control?” I responded, confused.

“I already told you that I’m a dirty girl.” She whispered ‘dirty girl’ as if she was afraid of being overheard.

“That’s what you said but you haven’t told me why. Tell me.”

“I like to be naked, outside.” She squeaked,

Smiling I said “I’m OK with that.”

“It was an accident. Saturday afternoon I got up and the house was empty. Mom, Dad, and Paula had gone to the City and I was still thinking about our kiss from the night before. I, um, masturbated thinking about it.”

“Yeah?” the thought of Lori masturbating was almost too much but I tried to play it calm. “So what? Everyone does it.”

“You do? You masturbate, too?”

“Uh, sure. Once in a while.”

She giggled “I’d like to see that! Oops! There! Do you see what mean? I’m naughty.”

I closed my eyes and tried to picture her naked. “Why was Saturday different?”

“I was on the back porch. You know how warm it’s been. I was only wearing the t-shirt I sleep in and my panties but since I live way out here there was no chance of being seen. I don’t usually do that sort of thing but I was feeling a little excited. I sat there enjoying the sun and wondered if I should try to get a tan. No one was around so I took off my shirt and lay back. It felt so good to be free. I ran my hands up and down my chest. Mike, you have no idea what it felt like.” I grunted and decided I wanted to find out but I didn’t want to say anything to interrupt.

“I was, um, horny and needed to…something. So I got up and started walking around the patio in just my panties. I felt so nervous but really excited at the same time.” she paused. “I decided to see if I could make it to the barn and the first few steps where the toughest. I was holding my hands over my boobs in case there was someone watching. I just knew I was going to be caught but I kept going. Each step came a little easier until I was in the middle of the lawn and I finally let my hands drop. It felt wonderful!” I could hear the excitement in her tone. “Then a wicked thought came to me. I looked around again and still no one, so I took off my panties. Mike! I was naked in my yard! That’s when I knew I had to make it to the barn. I walked with my arms stretched wide with a little part of me hoping I would be seen. When I made it to the barn I actually did a cart-wheel! I was so turned on. I decided to push myself farther and walk around the barn but when I got near the back side of the barn I heard a tractor. You know Mr. Collier? He had someone out in the field spraying. I could see his truck across the field.” Her voice lowered to a whisper, “I hid in the shadow of the barn and watched him drive back and forth. I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t know who it was and I knew I couldn’t be seen but ‘what if’? Right? I did it, Mike. I masturbated right there. I kept imagining that it was you in the sprayer and that you could see me. That you watched as I pinched my nipples. As I played with….myself.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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