Gina’s Ride Ch. 02

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“Aaaarghh” Steve shouted, his hard cock plastering Gina’s face with squirt after shuddering squirt of jism. “Take it slut! Aaarrgh! Open your mouth and take it like a whore!”

Gina didn’t have to be prompted. She loved feeling the rain of cum all over her face. She opened her mouth wide and lewdly stuck out her tongue, savouring every drop the young stud could squeeze out of his big balls. “Yes Steve, give it all to me! MMmmm, spray it all over my face! Make me drink it like a cum-slut. Fuck, I love this!”

Gina’s face was a mess. Thick cum was plastered to her face, dangling from her nose and chin. Her tongue worked frantically to lick up all the cum it could reach, all over her lips and around her mouth. Steve had shot a huge load, and smiled proudly at what he had produced. His balls were pushed up against the mature woman’s chin, and he was urging the last few drops of sperm out, jacking his cock tightly.

Kimmy was equally impressed with the obscene display. She stared in awe as the cum squirted out of her boyfriend’s cock Bycasino and coated the older woman’s face. She felt a jealous pang actually, wishing she could be wallowing like a pig under a face full of man juice. She would undoubtedly get her chance soon enough though. Nineteen year old studs like Steve were masters at getting it up again fast, and Kimmy knew that if she chose, she could be coaxing another fresh serving of sperm from Steve’s heavy balls in no time flat! Fuck, sex was good!

“I wanna see some dyke action!” Steve shouted with a smile. “Put on a show for me Kimmy!” Steve swung his leg up and around Gina’s face and collapsed on the far side of the bed, his back propped up against the dorm room’s wall. His cock hung flaccid for the moment, albeit still slick with Gina’s cunt juice. He reached for a bottle of water from the little side table and happily became a spectator.

Kimmy immediately initiated a 69 position, turned around and lowered her puffy pussy lips on to Gina’s face. “Mmmmm yessss,” Gina’s mouth muffled Bycasino giriş into Kimmy’s cunt. Kimmy began to rub her pussy and hips all over Gina’s face. The teenager could feel Steve’s sperm, and it made her cunt slide all over Gina’s face. The squishy sounds of cunt, cum and face were delicious to Kimmy. Her cunt spontaneously watered, making the whole thing even messier.

Gina, meanwhile, was in heaven. She inhaled deeply the sweet smell of Kimmy’s open hole. She loved having teenage pussy forced into her face. She licked and sucked for all she was worth. She even went for Kimmy’s anus, pushing her tongue as far as she could into the tight little pink hole. “Aaarrgh that’s it slut, lick my shit hole! Oh God, I’m going to cum again!! Mmmmmm! Yessss.”

Steve reached over and pushed Kimmy’s face down into the mature woman’s cunt. “Don’t be greedy, baby! What about Gina? Show me you can get her off! Fuck her cunt with your face!”

Hearing this, Gina groaned loudly, her face still being humped by Kimmy. Kimmy liked Bycasino güncel giriş the sudden change of roles. She devoured Gina’s pussy, opening the older woman’s lips wide, and happily lapped away at the pink wet cunny hole. Kimmy wanted to be nasty for Steve. She went further. She spread Gina’s cunt even wider, displaying it openly to a smiling Steve. She spat on it and rubbed her hand all over the sloppy, open cunt. She quickly moved to Gina’s ass, and grabbed the plump warm ass cheeks. Kimmy slapped Gina’s ass hard, first one pink cheek and then the other. She spread apart the big ass and revealed the older woman’s brown asshole obscenely. It was quite a sight. Gina’s pussy and ass were open and displayed for the world to see. “C’mon bitch!” Gina screamed. “Show us your old wet holes! Open yourself up!” Kimmy spat on Gina again, hitting her squarely on the ass hole.

Kimmy dove back in and licked Gina’s hungry cunt. Kimmy resumed the humping of Gina’s face. Both women wrapped their arms tightly around the other’s ass and thighs and pushed their faces in hard. “Oooohhhh YES! Fuck, I’m going to cum again!” shouted Gina. The two horny women reached a massive crescendo simultaneously. They grunted, humped and screamed. Steve looked on in awe, his pecker having hardened to its full length again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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