Hey You

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The smell of cooking hit Rachel as she walked through the door of the apartment. She ran a hand through her riotously dyed hair, kicked off her shoes, and stretched out. It had been a long day and being home felt very good. In particular, there was one thing that she had been missing since she left that morning, and thanks to the scent wafting through the apartment, she knew exactly where to look. She walked into the kitchen and, sure enough, found what she was seeking.

Felicia stood in front of the stove, her back to the door. She was dressed comfortably in an old t-shirt and sweatpants that did little to obscure her curvaceous figure, her blonde hair held up in a ponytail.

Rachel padded up behind her on silent feet and wrapped her arms around Felicia’s waist, planting a kiss on the back of her neck. “Hey you,” she said.

Felicia smiled. “Hey you.”

“Whatcha cooking?”

“Oh, just a little something I saw on T.V. the other day,” Felicia said, dropping a handful of ingredients into the pan.

“It smells delicious.”

“I thought so.”

“Will it keep for a bit?”

“Well, it does need to simmer for a while. Why do you ask?”

Rachel ran her tongue up the side of Felicia’s neck and whispered into her ear “I wanna do things to you.”

Felicia shuddered with excitement as Rachel nibbled on her earlobe and sighed “Okay.”

Rachel picked her up and carried her over her shoulder out of the room and down the hall to their bedroom, Felicia laughing the whole way. There, she laid Felicia out on the bed and began kissing her passionately. Her hands roamed all over bursa yabancı escort Felicia’s body, caressing her through her clothes. Felicia moaned and her back arched up, pressing her body closer to Rachel’s.

Rachel slipped her hands under Felicia’s shirt and slipped it up and over her head, baring her large breasts. Felicia had the shirt around her wrists when Rachel pressed them firmly down to the bed, pinning them. She sighed in pleasure as Rachel kissed and licked her throat, moving slowly downward.

Reaching Felicia’s breasts, Rachel cupped them in her hands and kissed all over them as she squeezed them together. Rachel’s sucking and gentle biting of her delicate pink nipples made Felicia whimper, wordlessly begging for more.

Continuing downward, Rachel began kissing all over her belly. Felicia giggled whenever she touched one of her most ticklish spots. Rachel came to her navel and gave it a long, slow lick. Felicia gasped as she felt the sensation deep in her core, stoking the growing fire within. Going faster, Rachel licked and prodded her belly button with her tongue, and Felicia moaned and writhed under the attention.

With pleasure welling up inside her, Felicia felt herself getting closer and closer to orgasm, but nowhere near close enough. “Rachel…” she sighed. “Rachel, please…”

Rachel smiled up at her. “You’re so cute when you’re about to come.” Felicia blushed at the comment. Rachel leaned up to give her a little peck on the nose before taking off her own shirt, revealing her simple white bra, which contrasted nicely with her well-tanned bursa sınırsız escort skin. Sliding back down, she blew a cool breath down Felicia’s body all the way to the waist of her sweatpants and watched the goose bumps rise. She reached under Felicia’s ass to grab the back of the sweats and pull them down and off. Felicia spread her legs to allow her access to her pussy.

Shimmying out of her jeans and underwear, Rachel got down between her legs and tenderly kissed her pussy lips, slowly swirling her tongue over them, the tip just barely probing her hole. Felicia moaned under the new wave of pleasure and unconsciously pushed her hips up, trying to get more of the thrilling sensations flowing through her. Rachel pulled back in response, keeping her touch light.

Felicia bit her lip as Rachel slid first one finger, and then a second, inside her. She quickly found the hidden spot inside and carefully massaged her inner walls just around it, looking to draw out the experience. Soon, Felicia was lost in ecstasy, incoherently mumbling and moaning, her hips moving with Rachel’s rhythm.

Finally, Rachel relented. She brought her tongue to Felicia’s clit, flicking the sensitive little nub lovingly, and rubbing her g-spot inside. Felicia gasped as the orgasm hit, her body spasming in the explosion of pleasure.

When her head stopped spinning, she found Rachel lying on top of her, tenderly kissing her just under her jaw line. She tossed the t-shirt that her wrists were still wrapped in to the side and entwined her fingers behind Rachel’s neck, pulling her up to kiss görükle escort her deeply.

Eventually, Rachel’s hips began to move, starting a leisurely gyration. Felicia felt her and wrapped her legs around her waist, holding her close. Rachel picked up the pace, grinding her pussy against Felicia’s, stirring waves of sensation through them both. As their clits rubbed together, she kissed Felicia more fiercely and groaned out her desire. They began panting as they humped harder and faster, hips moving in time, electric sparks jumping between their clits. At long last, they both reached a toe-curling climax, moaning their pleasure into each other’s mouths as they gripped each other tight.

After their orgasms faded, they lay sweaty and spent in contented bliss. “Oh, I love you,” Felicia said.

“Mmm, love you too,” Rachel replied, nuzzling her neck.

Felicia sniffed lightly. “Do you smell something?”


“No, it smells like…Dinner!” Felicia tossed Rachel off of her and scrambled for the door, where she pulled on her bathrobe before hurrying out to the kitchen. Rachel followed her, still only clad in her bra.

In the kitchen, a faint haze of smoke filled the air. The couple arrived just as the smoke alarm went off. Felicia went to the stove to stop the food from burning while Rachel grabbed a nearby magazine and began fanning smoke away from the alarm.

“Darn it!”

“Is it bad?” Rachel asked as the alarm stopped beeping.

“Ruined,” Felicia sighed.

Rachel came up behind her and put her arms around her. “My fault. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Felicia said, looking forlornly at the pan of burnt food. “I can try again tomorrow.”

“I’ll order some pizza for tonight then, huh?”


Rachel laid her head on Felicia’s shoulder and leaned into her gently. “Love you.”

Felicia smiled, leaning back into her and said “Love you too.”

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