Aunt Pam and Sarah Ch. 02

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Aunts and their daughters always know how to help.


Aunt Pam’s daughter, my cousin Sarah, had left me in the garage with the image of her mouth wide open taking my thick hot load of jism. A paper towel torn from a role in the garage where she’d swallowed the mouth full was all I had to clean up with before I made my way with as much stealth as I could manage into my mom’s living room. Little good that did me.

Aunt Tina was laying back in the recliner chatting with her adopted daughter Maddie and my Aunt Pam. Between these two of my mother’s sisters it was a toss up which was hotter. Before I could pick a place to rest my ass down my aunt Pam motioned me to sit beside her by patting the couch cushion next to her. This made me look at her legs which showed alarmingly well due to the way her thigh high skirt had ridden up.

“Go on, Tina,” Pam said pulling my arm as I sat so my thigh covered only by a thin layer of cotton pressed warmly to her all to naked skin. “Tell me more about this guy you were fucking.”

It took all I could drag up in the way of self control not to gasp. Aunt Pam knew damn well this line of conversation would put me right back in the hard-on zone she’d left me in earlier. The smell of some really naughty perfume emanating from my cousin didn’t help either. Perfume or pussy juice, or some erotic mix just flowed from cousin Maddie..

“Hi Maddie,” I said glancing at her slender form. Her jeans were tattered and she had a halter top on that really was about 5 sizes too big. Probably something her mother lent her I’d thought. There was a layer of something glistening on the upper half of her partially expose breasts.

“Hey Ken,” she said with a sexy welcoming tone. “Sarah said you were working on decorations. Need any help?”

“Anyway,” aunt Tina said cutting back in on the conversation. “I wasn’t fucking him exactly.”

“Yeah,” I said glancing at my Aunts and back to my cousin. “We can put some lights up in a few minutes.”

“Not fucking?” Pam asked moving her hand from my arm to my thigh and holding tight. She whispered, “don’t you love her in that top?”

“It was just a date,” aunt Tina said. “We went to this massage place. Couples casual caress or something like that. I was a bit preoccupied and didn’t catch the correct name. You know, he did have a way of distracting a woman. Oh and well anyway like I was saying, right? We were told to take all our clothing off. I mean completely off, naked and everything, and sit together. Only he was laying on his back and I was straddling him.”

“Naked?” Aunt Pam asked squeezing my thigh tighter to punctuate the word. “Naked? With your tits right in his face and your hot wet pussy on his cock? Was he hard? Could you feel his cock?”

“Yes,” Aunt Tina said. “And this couple started massaging us. The male masseuse was rubbing my shoulders and tits with this oil and the woman was leaning over my date with her tits displayed as well as rubbing my date’s chest and face while she worked her hands from our loins to his cheeks and back.”

“Like swingers,” my cousin Maddie said. “Right mom?”

“Yes, dear,” aunt Tina said. “I think they were really into that too.”

“So you weren’t fucking?” Aunt Pam asked. “But you were fucking close to fucking.”

“No,” Aunt Tina said rubbing her hands over her full and all too amazing tits. “I loved the Ankara escort massage of my boobs while riding his cock, yeah we were fucking close to fucking.”

My aunt Pam turned to me, her hand moving up my thigh between my legs pushing plainly on my now very hard cock and asked, “would you have been fucking your aunt Tina if she was naked like that?”

“His cock was very hard,” aunt Tina said slipping one hand from her tits down to the front of her skirt. “I mean, very hard. I love it when a guy’s cock is hard like that and pressed to my pussy.”

“Ken’s cock is hard as hell,” aunt Pam said rubbing me firmly. “You should feel it. He is hard as a throbbing fucking rock.”

“Really?” Aunt Tina asked sitting up in the recliner holding the one hand to her skirt so it rode up and her fingers cupped her mound. “Is that from thinking about my naked body straddling my date, Ken? You know his hard cock did slip into me. It slid right up into my hot wet cunt just like we were fucking. But we really weren’t fucking.”

“He’d so fuck you mom,” Maddie said. “I know, and I would too.”

Aunt Pam dramatically let her lower lip drop so her mouth gaped wide and looked from my cousin Maddie to my aunt Tina. Her hand stroked my cock as she looked back and forth, “Oh how I’d love to see you two going at it. Mother and daughter sex, how hot is that. Ken is getting harder just thinking about it.”

“All men love that idea,” said aunt Tina holder her hand tight to her crotch and putting the other on the arm of the recliner as she leaned over the edge of the seat so her big tits dared to fall from her top. “I bet Ken would love that too. I know my date got so turned on having that woman’s tits hanging over his face as the guy massaging my shoulders made my whole body rock on his shaft. Then as my masseuse moved his hands to cup my tits and pull them forward by the nipples.. I mean we weren’t fucking but my date’s female masseuse kept rubbing and brushing his face with her tits and my pussy kept grinding on him he sure did shoot a hot thick load of sperm up into me.”

“Oh mother,” cousin Maddie said. “Didn’t you orgasm before he did?”

“Did you?” aunt Pam asked. “It sure sounds like you were fucking to me. I’m wet just thinking about it, and the idea of you and Maddie eating each other while Ken here jacks off for me. Just thinking of that and how Ken would like to fuck you, Tina… god that’s gotten my pussy so wet.”

“Oh… god,” I moaned as she squeezed my cock through my pants.

“Will you quit tormenting my son,” my mother said walking in.

“Mom!” I jumped so fast I think I nearly broke my aunt Pam’s fingernails off in the zipper of my pants,

“What?” she looked shocked at my being shocked. Her eyes held mine a moment, again with one of those looks that makes a son wonder just how much shit he’s gotten himself into.

“We were just talking about Tina’s last date,” aunt Pam said. “She went to some massage parlor for couples and did some swinging wife swap kind of kinky fucking thing with some guy she just met.”

“They aren’t married,” cousin Maddie interjected.

“Candy,” aunt Tina said. “Seriously, he’s old enough to hear stories. It isn’t going to hurt him to pop a boner while we’re talking.”

“I don’t know,” my mom said. “I understand blue ball is a very dangerous condition. Are you going to help him ease the pain? Ankara escort bayan I don’t want you leaving my son damaged for life and unable to make grandchildren.”

Aunt Tina smiled, “we have a whole house full of women. I’m sure we can help the boy through a little pent up sperm.”

“GOD!” my mom said turning on me. “See what I grew up with? My sisters are all horny sluts, it is a wonder any of us ever keep our panties on.”

“I don’t wear them,” cousin Maddie said. “Unless you know it is that time of the month.”

“Me either,” aunt Pam said. “Neither does your mom, Ken.”

Suddenly I was overcome with way too much information. I started to fidget. My hands moved to my sides, one to my neck and that was it. I was kind of like what the fuck?

“You trying to break him again, mom?” cousin Sarah said entering the room.

My mom looked down at my pants and I think for the first time in my life really got a good look at how hard and full my cock could get inside my pants. She blinked then said, “holy shit. Look what you’ve done to him.”

“What?” cousin Maddie said from the couch.

“Need some ice on that?” my mom asked with a hint of honest concern.

“No, I…” was all I could get out.

“He needs a blow job,” cousin Sarah said.

“And a good long fuck,” cousin Maddie said.

My mother looked back at my cock and put her fingers to her lips with a thoughtful look on her face. “No, that’s just not fair.”

“Fair?” Tina asked. “You were just saying we needed to help him out.”

“She means it isn’t fair that she can’t do it,” cousin Maddie said. “I bet she wants to. I know I do.”

“Oh my god!” My mother closed her eyes. “We’re definitely not doing that.”

My aunt Tina laughed and my aunt Pam pulled the window shade open. “Hey, someone’s at the door.”

Mom turned from me to look out the window just as the sound of the front door opening with a crash erupted from the hallway.

“Candy!” my uncle Ed’s voice boomed from the entry way. “We’re here where do we dump our stuff?”

My mom looked at me with a “we’re not finished” look on her face and walked toward her brother’s voice yelling, “Hi Ed! Put your bags in the hall or the back bedroom.”

I watched the back of my mom’s ass sway as she walked off. Cousin Sarah elbowed me and winked, “she’s got a hot ass.”

“Shit,” I said.

“Fuck, I think is the right word,” aunt Pam said.

“Butt fuck, maybe,” cousin Maddie said. “It is her ass.”

“Do you want your mother’s ass,” aunt Tina asked. “Is that what’s got you all hard, Kenny?”

I couldn’t believe it. My aunts were going to kill me. For the second time in one day my balls were so full I thought I’d rip something. “Yes.. No… I mean I never thought about that.”

“Fucking your mother?” cousin Sarah asked. “Or just Fucking your mother’s ass?”

“I’d do her,” cousin Maddie said. “I love her ass.”

“Me too,” said cousin Sarah. “And I know for a fact that Ken wants to fuck my mom and your mom so I’m pretty sure he wants to fuck his mom too.”

“Come sit with me,” aunt Pam said. “I think we should talk about this. Do you want to fuck me and your aunt Tina, Ken?”

“Shit, mom! You really are trying to break him.” Sarah said pulling me down onto the living room floor.

Aunt Tina got out of the recliner and came over to sit on my Escort Ankara waist. Suddenly I was in deep shit. Her pussy was so fucking hot it burned right through my thin cotton pants. I suddenly realized I was about to orgasm and uncle Ed and his family would be walking in on it. The idea of that right in front of him and how he and my mom might feel scared me.

“No!” I moaned. “I can’t…”

“You’re not that broken,” cousin Sarah said. “I know you can.”

With cousins Sarah and Maddie looking on and aunt Pam telling her to do it my aunt Tina ground her hot pussy against me so the head of my cock pushed past the waistline of my pants. Exposed like that my aunts gave a joint call of triumph as aunt Tina not so dryly humped my rod. Her skirt rode up and her damp labia wrapped the ultra sensitive head of my cock.

I moaned, I think all I could do was moan. Mom would find me, uncle Ed would see, everyone would know I was having and orgasm. Suddenly the very idea clicked and that’s just what I wanted. I wanted to fucking orgasm right in front of everyone.

“I don’t think we have a blue ball problem,” aunt Pam said.

“Not for long,” said aunt Tina. “Not for long.”

My cousin Sarah lifted my shirt, “go on, Ken. You can do it.”

“I’d do it,” cousin Maddie said.

That was it. Sperm started blowing out of my cock. I grabbed aunt Tina’s hips and tried to get her to stop moving as rope after rope of jism flew up inside my shirt. For a moment I just gasped and held on while my cousin Sarah held my shirt up so my sperm was visible against my own chest and aunt Tina eased slowly back and stood.

“Done,” aunt Pam said.

“Feel better, Kenny,” aunt Tina asked.

I tried to catch my breath.

“He’s good,” Sarah said. “Who wants to play a game?”

“Pocket pool?” Maddie asked. “Or something with cards?”

I just laid there while my cousins left the room and aunt Tina followed them.

Aunt Pam came and laid down beside me on the living room floor. Her body smelled fucking amazing. Even spent I wanted to climb between her legs.

“Aunt Tina was only kidding,” she said. “She really did fuck that guy, didn’t she?”

I whispered, “uh huh.”

“Do you want to fuck her all the way, Ken?” aunt Pam asked.

“Yes,” I said softly. “I want to fuck you both.”

“I know, baby,” aunt Pam said. “I felt it before when I sat on your cock. Do you like older women, Ken? Like your sexy aunts? Have you always wanted to fuck your aunts?”

“Yes,” I said with my eyes closed.

“And our daughters, Ken?” aunt Pam asked. “You want to fuck them too don’t you, Ken?”

I tried to nod my head. Somehow I felt like I was passing out.

“Who do you want first?” aunt Pam asked. “Imagine you can have all of us over and over again, who do you want to fuck first. Be honest.”

“My mom,” I said without even thinking.

“WHAT?” screamed my mother’s voice.

My eyes snapped open, there was my mother squatting beside me on my right as aunt Pam was talking to me on my left. Holy fuck, I’d just admitted I wanted to fuck my own mother right there in front of her.

“I’d have sworn he was going to want to fuck me first,” aunt Pam said.

“He’s not fucking anybody first,” my mom said. “We’re having dinner.”

My eyes followed her as she turned and stormed out of the room again. God she seemed pissed.

Aunt Pam stood and pulled me up from the floor. “Don’t worry, you can fuck me first.”

“I can’t,” I said looking down at my deflated cock. “Seriously.”

“Oh you can,” aunt Pam said. “You can fuck me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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