Friends of My Daughter Ch. 02

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It had been several weeks since Aimie and I had gotten to know each other a little better than I knew the rest of my daughter’s friends. I had known the girls since they were in junior high school; I hadn’t known any of them as well as I knew Aimie now.

We had spent last weekend at my house after shopping for a car for her and a nice evening at a restaurant. I had figured that Aimie was angling for financial help when she began showing interest in me. After all, I was literally old enough to be her father; she was the same age as my daughter, and was in fact one of her best friends. To my surprise, she had been sexually interested in me for years. We had enjoyed each other’s bodies that Saturday night, and my security system had recorded every detail.

Aimie had left that Sunday morning saying she had to get ready for class. I had offered her help in getting her car, and to my surprise she had agreed only to help with the down payment on a nice used car. I had offered to buy it for her, and she had laughed and said that if I wanted to pay her for services rendered, it wouldn’t be a car she was interested in. She hadn’t answered, even on the drive back to the university.

I wasn’t sure what to do now. When I had dropped her off, she had given me a very full kiss in front of the other students, and made me promise that I was going to call her soon. It was now Wednesday, and I hadn’t called because I didn’t now what to say. My daughter called yesterday, thanking me for “helping Aimie out” over the weekend. Considering everything, I felt that Aimie had helped me out a lot more than I had helped her. I was forced to talk to Anne about taking Aimie to a restaurant, and she wanted to know if Aimie had been appreciative. I told her yes, very much so, even though Aimie had bought the dinner.

Reviewing the security systems disks on Sunday afternoon, I had been aroused once again by the sweetness and sexiness of the young girl who had given herself to me. The system recorded sounds as well as high quality pictures onto DVDs, and I thought the sound of our sex was more exciting than the pictures. Although she was not a “screamer”, Aimie was not a quiet fuck. I was able to listen to her moans as I had fucked her, the gurgling sounds of her swallowing my prick and the quiet conversation we had between sessions. I had left the originals as they were, but had edited some CD’s that covered what had ended up being one of the best nights of my life. I was not someone who ever use it in such a way to embarrass Aimie, but I was really glad that I had this great video to refresh my memory sometime in the future, should I need it. I somehow felt that my memory wouldn’t need any refreshing, at least not for a while.

What was I going to do now? I wanted to call her and ask her to come over to the house tonight. Hell, I wanted to invite her to move in and stay as long as she wanted. At least my prick wanted me to; my mind didn’t know what it wanted. I was a successful businessman in this town. Although Columbus was a large city in some ways, it was still a small town that was full of people who weren’t from there, but were constantly coming into the city from the surrounding country. It didn’t have the big city attitude that a lot of other cities developed. What would happen if I started showing up at parties and dinners with a teenager? And did I really care? I wasn’t exactly the prototype “success story” that everyone expected. Although I owned a profitable business, I didn’t live in the areas where all the other business types lived. My house wasn’t the huge mansion that others had built with their profits; I lived in a very nice house but it was probably half (or less) the size of most of the other people I knew in the same situation.

As I thought more about it, the less I was concerned with what society thought of my affair with Aimie. I realized that I seldom went to parties or dinners with anyone from the business world. When I went out, it was usually with friends from my past, people who I had worked with on the way up. I wasn’t a party animal who went out to raise hell every Saturday night just to show of my money or anything else. Every so often, some of us would get together and have dinner and hit a dance club or a bar somewhere. Other than get-togethers for holidays, that was about it.

A bigger problem was going to be Anne and the other girls. My business kept me occupied most of the time, and included travel fairly often, but I still got to visit with my daughter on regular occasions. I was worried about how Anne would respond to Aimie and I fucking. And what would the other girls think? Aimie had suggested that all of the girls had fantasized about me when they were younger, but what would they think if they knew?

Sitting on the deck on the back of the house where Aimie and I had watched deer run through the valley, drinking a Chivas over ice, I came to the conclusion that what others thought of what was going on wasn’t as important Cami Halısı as the way she made me feel when we were together. Not just fucking, but even when we were at the restaurant I had enjoyed her company more than I had enjoyed being with any woman for years. This came as a bit of a surprise to me, as I had always dismissed other men who had younger girlfriends and claimed that they were able to have meaningful relationships with them. I just assumed it was the sex. Now I found myself wanting to call her, and didn’t care about the consequences.

One of her college friends answered the phone. “Oh, you must be Ed. You DO sound like a real man! Aimie isn’t here, but I’ll tell her to call you.” I could here giggling and someone asking a question as she hung up, and wondered about my decision for a few minutes. Oh well, it was already done.

When she called, I apologized for not calling her before now. She just laughed, and said that she figured that I had a lot to think about. She had loaded up the first part of the week with classes so that her weekends were free, and had been very busy anyway. I assumed that this was a nice way to let me know that she was available. The tone of her voice got lower and husky sounding when we agreed to get together on Friday afternoon to handle getting her a car. I was pretty sure that she was looking forward to the weekend as much as I was. I would have to make excuses at the office, but didn’t really care. Everything was going smoothly enough, and I didn’t take many days off.

When I went to the school to pick her up, she had thrown a bag in the back seat, telling me that she was going to spend the night at Anne’s. Some of her girlfriends were standing there to see what I looked like, I guess, and I was a little surprised at the pride that Aimie showed when she told them good-bye. I thought about it as we drove to the car dealership, and came to the conclusion that our relationship wasn’t as one-sided as I had thought.

Maybe to a young college girl an affair with a successful older man was something to be proud of. I had been looking at the situation from a man’s point of view; if I had the chance to have wonderful sex with a gorgeous young woman, this was a good thing! But Aimie had obviously been bragging to her friends about the situation, so she wasn’t exactly ashamed of what we were doing. The looks on her young roommates faces had been very close to jealousy.

As we drove along and chatted, I thought back to my college days and a professor of psychology who had discussed a theory of his about sexual attraction. Although women often complained about older men finding young, teenage girls sexually attractive, he had worked out a theory that this was due to years of evolution.

In the days before civilization took over, if a man wanted to ensure his genes were handed on, he had numerous children. If a man wanted to have lots of kids, he had them with a young girl. Not only was she able to have children, she would be around longer to ensure that they survived to adulthood. Therefore, for hundreds of thousands of years, men naturally were attracted to younger women.

On the other hand, for hundreds of thousands of years, if a woman wanted her children to survive to adulthood, she looked for the protection of the most powerful man that she could find. For many eons, this would be the leader of the clan, or some other senior man. Today, a man with power might be a man with money, political office, or some other position that gave them power over a young girl. That also meant that he would be older. Thus, younger women found older men attractive.

Some men thought that young women were just being “gold diggers” when they saw them with older men. Hell, I had been thinking the same thing myself. Now, I had to wonder. Maybe fucking me was a jewel in Aimie’s crown! Well, at least it didn’t hurt my ego to think so!

Aimie had been chatting about her classes and the problems that she was having with some of the reports she had to write. I laughed and told her that sometimes it seemed that all I got done in a week’s work was write. She started asking questions, and the time flew by. I was very aware of her sitting close to me, it felt like there were waves of heat coming from her. She was dressed casually, wearing a man’s shirt with a couple of the buttons open and a tight pair of slacks. She managed to look both eight-teen and a woman at the same time. She caught me looking at her several times, and a Mona Lisa smile came to her face when she did.

At the car dealership, I was surprised that I felt pride in her. I had met her for lunch Wednesday and given her the money for the down payment so that she could deposit it and write a check at the dealership. She handled the salesman and the guy who wrote up the deal with aplomb, and got the best deal she could. She had done her homework on the model of Honda that she was buying, and new the interest rates that were being Cami Halıları offered and the value of the options on the car. She looked more like the teen-ager she was when we left, she was so excited about her new car.

It was Friday about 3:00, and the weekend traffic was already starting to build. All the “hill-jacks” were leaving to go home for the weekend, many office workers were leaving early, and those like me who had skipped out of work were all on the road together. Aimie took her bag that she had packed and put it in the trunk of her new Honda. I was stunned as I realized that she REALLY was going to go to Anne’s. She didn’t even seem to notice my reaction as she gave me a deep french kiss and a thirty second hug, thanking me for helping her out. Then she was gone.

What had happened? I had asked her to dinner tonight, and thought that she had accepted. Did I misunderstand? Had she? I drove home, slightly in shock and very let down, not even really seeing the road that I was driving down. I called the office with my cell phone and found that one of the companies we provided services to felt that we had broken our contract. Well, apparently there was no real reason to go home, so I changed direction and fought the traffic all the way up North to the office.

By 7:00, I had left the office and was almost home. The freeway was still busy, and I found myself envious of those people I saw driving by, on there way somewhere to enjoy themselves. I knew that in reality, few of them were as happy as I thought they were, but the illusion stuck with me anyway.

I turned up the driveway, stopping to get the mail. As I pulled around to the garage, there sat Aimie’s car! I was so excited that I didn’t even bother to put the car in the garage, but stopped and quickly walked to the door. As I approached, the door swung open and there she stood. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her, letting my tongue enjoy the taste of her mouth and my hands dropped to her rounded ass cheeks and massaged them through her slacks and panties.

“Wow, glad to see me?”

“I thought you were going to Anne’s..”

“I did, and Anne and the girls are here, so..”

I quickly let go of her ass, and took a step back. I had been so excited over the fact that she was here I didn’t even stop to wonder how she had gotten into my house.

“I hope you are as excited to see the rest of the girls as you are to see me” she laughed.

As I walked into the house Anne, Ellen and Carrie walked into the room from the kitchen. As I greeted them, I wondered if Aimie had been watching for me to make sure she let me know they were there so I didn’t make a fool of myself, like I just had. I felt a little guilty, my hands still tingling from the feel of Aimie’s ass cheeks and the sweet taste of her mouth in mine as I talked to Anne and the other girls.

I stood and chatted with the girls, offering them something to eat or drink. Of course, Anne asked for a beer and I had to give her a look while getting her a Mountain Dew. The girls were their usual selves, including Aimie, as they talked and laughed non-stop. It was a very strange feeling, talking to all of them, knowing that I had fucked Aimie on the couch that she and my daughter were sitting on. On the table that Carrie was setting her glass of iced tea, Aimie had slurped on my cock as I had pushed it down her throat, and then swallowed as much of my cum as she could, getting most of it.

I was getting a hard-on just remembering, and I looked over to see Aimie was smirking a little as she pointedly looked down at my crotch, them back to my face. I squirmed a little, trying to make it a little less noticeable, glad I wasn’t wearing anything tight.

The girls were carrying on about how nice my house was, and several times they would make comments about how well my business must be doing. I asked them if any of them wanted work, we had openings that were sort of designed towards college students. All of them were in college, their parents helping them fill in the gaps when they couldn’t afford things.

Ellen was a thin, tall brunette who had pretty much ignored boys for most of the time in high school. Anne had modeled some in high school and had learned to apply makeup so that it didn’t even look like she was wearing any. All the girls had complained that the guys they met only paid attention to Anne and Aimie, so Anne had taught Ellen to apply her makeup. Suddenly, in their junior year, Ellen had started to attract attention from boys and it had gone to her head. She was still a terrible flirt, and with her model’s body and looks, she was tearing big chunks out of the boys in college. I liked Ellen a lot, and thought to myself several times that she would probably be the most successful of the group, including Anne.

She had a models build, thin but graceful. Her tits were small but proud, and I noticed that today, as usual, she was wearing a thin shirt with no bra. Her waist was thin and her ass swelled out and filled the jeans she was wearing. I had once walked into a room where she was dressing, and my mouth had watered as I watched her bend over slightly to pull on a pair of shorts. She had just smiled and told me she would be out in a minute.

Carrie was as different from Ellen as you could get. She had blonde hair, but the last few years her hair had started to darken. Now it was a what some call a honey blonde, I guess. She was shorter than all the other girls, but had more curves than Ellen. Her tits weren’t big, but her thin waist made them look larger. Only Anne had a bigger set, and hers were almost too big. Carrie also had a really cute ass, and her legs were every bit as shapely as Aimie’s. As I carried on a conversation, I found myself wondering for about the thousandth time what having sex with these girls would be like. I guess that makes me a terrible father; I am sure that all fathers of daughters worried about dirty old men like me. I know that I had.

“Anne showed us your house, Ed. I’ll bet the women go crazy over this place!” Aimie was teasing me, but in such a way that the other girls wouldn’t be able to tell.

“Well, they really do seem to like it. They especially seem to like the living room here. It seems the couch and the coffee table go over real well, I don’t know why!”

“Oh, I think I can understand why they would like them. They are really nice.”

This conversation was inserted into the general conversation, and I began to get the feeling that the girls new what was going on. Was it just my imagination; did the girls seem to understand more than I had given them credit, or had Aimie said something to them?

Eventually, the girls decided that they had to go. They all attended the school that Anne did, except for Aimie. They all went out to Aimie’s Honda and piled in. I waved good- bye, and went straight to the bar to pour myself a drink. I realized that I was sweating slightly, and had a hard-on that wouldn’t go away. Having all that young pussy sitting around, their perfume wafting through the air, all those legs being crossed and uncrossed. Now that I had fucked Aimie, it seemed I was overly aware of how these girls had grown up.

I sat down on the deck where Aimie and I had watched the deer run and sipped my drink. I felt older than I had only a week before. As hard as I tried, the thoughts of fucking my daughter’s friends, bending them over the furniture and taking and giving them pleasure wouldn’t leave. I guess I was feeling sorry for myself because of Aimie, but then again I couldn’t feel that sorry either.

Suddenly, a small pair of hands covered my eyes.

“Guess who.” It was Aimie.

“What.. I thought you were with the girls? Did you guys forget something?” I was confused, but happy.

She gave me a deep kiss, pushing her tongue into my mouth and running it over my teeth as she sat in my lap. I guessed the girls hadn’t come back with her.

“I hid my bag in the trunk, I didn’t want them asking any questions. Decided to have a drink without me, huh? Did you think I wasn’t coming back?”

“Well, you didn’t say anything today…”

“Ed, I don’t think you could have kept me away with barbed wire and a mine field. I’ve never had anything like what we had last week. If you think I could walk away from sex like that, you’re dead wrong.”

“Then why all this? Why bring the girls our here this evening?”

She smiled and shook her head slightly. “Have you ever done anything like this before? Well, I haven’t either, but I’m a lot younger than you are. Didn’t you ever cheat on your wife? No, I guess that’s right, you didn’t. Look, I spend a lot of time with Anne and the other girls. What would happen if I accidentally mentioned that I really like the view from your back deck? I usually don’t lie to them so I’m not used to it.”

“They wanted to take a ride in my new car. Now, I’ve been here, and they all know that I have been. We went all over the house. If I say something now, they all know how I know that your bathroom is black, red and white and has an old Pepsi sign in it. They also know why I think your bed is really comfortable.” She giggled, and I started melting. “Yeah, Ellen thinks your bed is really nice too. You better watch out for her, by the way. I think she has designs on you.”

I thought of my security system. It was set up with two cameras and two microphones in my bedroom. If anyone broke in at night, it was assumed that I would be in bed asleep. Recording what happened if someone got into my bedroom was important. I am an expert shot with a pistol, and the only concern I had was a convincing a jury if I had to shoot someone. The system was designed to not only keep someone from coming in, but also to ensure that if they did, I would be awake and aware of what was going on. The system recorded the data on disc in high quality, so that a jury could really see what had happened.

I was going to have to check those discs. There might be some interesting conversation recorded on it. Not to mention the sight of several of these young girls rolling around on my bed.

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