Don’t Look Back Ch. 04

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Marshall’s entire body was tense, not with apprehension, but anticipation. He was hard put not to shake his ass, the urge to do so strong inside of him. At times like this, when he and Lee came together out in the open, in the freedom that only the great outdoors can provide, Marshall thought of himself as a wild animal. Untamed and untamable, except by Lee. He was the cub to Lee’s bear. A walking, talking piece of Lee’s heart, a part that could never be torn asunder.

Even if some had tried.


The hand came down again, only half expected. Lee wasn’t predictable, and Marshall loved that about him. His cheek stung, the burn stealing through him like wildfire. A throaty moan issued from deep inside of him. One that could easily be released in a howl.

Marshall fairly vibrated now. He dared to shift his position, move his knees apart just a little more, knowing how enticing his bud would be to Lee. Like honey to a bear…

Much as Marshall loved Lee’s tongue delving inside of him, he loved Lee’s cock that much more. And he hungered for it on a constant basis. There was never such a thing as enough, much less too much, of Lee.

He watched Lee drop to his knees behind him, felt Lee’s hands upon Marshall’s hips. He pressed up against him, and Marshall felt Lee’s cock slide between his cheeks.

Goddamn, he’s a fucking tease.

Lee was seriously winding him up now, driving Marshall to the brink of endurance, testing bursa escort his obedience and submission. No matter what he did, Marshall was for goddamn sure going to hold himself in check, until he received permission to do otherwise.

Lee’s cock was slick with lube and pre-cum. He watched Lee stroke himself, his gaze never leaving Marshall’s face. “Tell me how bad you want this, boy.”

“I want it bad, Sir. I want it very bad.”

A smile curled the corner of Lee’s lips. Marshall thought Lee had the best smile in the world.

“You want me to fuck you stupid?”

“I want you to fuck me dumb and dumber, Sir,” Marshall replied in lust-laden tones. “Fuck me into next week, next month, next year…”

“Why don’t we start with right now?”

Marshall felt Lee’s cock poised at his opening, and he dropped his head, his hair falling across his face, as Lee breached him. In one swift move, he was inside. Marshall caught his breath in appreciation.

Goddamn that’s good.

It didn’t matter how often they fucked. Where, or in what position. This never changed—the first moment just after Lee entered him. When they truly became one. Two parts of a whole, joined once more, for this moment in time.

Their union might not be recognized by the government, or by the state in which they lived, or even by society as a whole. And maybe there were ramifications to their relationship that an outsider would escort bayan never understand or condone. It didn’t matter. They understood, and that was good enough for Marshall.

Marshall felt Lee pull back, his channel emptying of Lee’s familiar warmth. He knew it would only be for a moment, and sure enough, Lee slammed inside of him again. He liked to give it rough, sometimes, and Marshall was just as eager to take it that way. Hot and hard. Fast and furious. Like wild animals.

As Lee thrust inside of him, Marshall pushed back. Their skin slapped together wetly, and the vibrations radiated outward, consuming Marshall in their intensity, wave after wave of pleasure that threatened to break, like waves upon a shore. He dug his hands into the grass, determined not to come. Not yet.

“Fuck, your ass is hot,” Lee moaned. “Sweet and tight. So tight.”

Marshall clenched his muscles about Lee’s cock, knowing damn good and well that would drive Lee crazy. And it did.

“Holy Jesus fuck,” Lee swore. “Goddamn, boy, you tryin’ to kill me?”

“No, Sir. I’m not trying to fuck you to death, Sir.” Well, not literally.

Lee shifted his own position, leaning over Marshall’s back, changing the angle of his attack. And now he was able to peg a certain bundle of nerves, and Marshall yelped in sheer ecstasy. Again, and again, in dizzying succession—Marshall lost count. His own dick was puddling the ground beneath him into bursa escort a wet mess.

Marshall felt Lee’s lips trailing along his spine. He felt Lee’s hand as it snaked beneath him, taking hold of Marshall’s wet cock.

Oh yeah, fist me. Hard.

Without warning, Lee jerked into an upright position, pulling Marshall with him, their torsos aligned as Lee continued to thrust inside of him, in shorter strokes now, even as he pumped Marshall’s cock.

Marshall turned his head toward Lee, their lips meeting in a pulse-pounding heart-stopping kiss that threatened to incinerate them both. Marshall’s cock ached with the need to come, but he held on to it tightly.

And then Lee pronounced the magic words.

“Come for me, boy.”

And Marshall did, releasing hard into Lee’s familiar touch even as he wordlessly screamed and his body pulsed.

Harder, harder…

One hand gripping Marshall’s shoulder tightly, Lee began to shudder and moan, then came hard inside of him, filling Marshall as he released.

Lee leaned against Marshall, spent. Their sweaty, cum-soaked skin glued their bodies together in a sticky bond. Marshall knew they couldn’t maintain this position forever. But while it lasted, it was pure nirvana.

They finally collapsed together onto the flower-drenched grass, Lee on top of Marshall. He loved how they smelled together, right after sex. Loved how they felt, inside and out. Their kisses were more languid now, less rushed. More content.

But all good things come to an end.

“You know we have work to do.” Lee made no move to rise.

“Mmmhmmm. We do.”

Hold me just a little longer, Lee. Like when I was a kid.

And Lee did.

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