Archimedes’ Muse

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Archimedes brushed his bearded chin as he stared down at the crown shining under the light of an oil lamp. Strands of dark curly hair with streaks of white fell across his sweaty knitted brows. Finally he drew an inward sigh, stared into space and scratched his head. His face was confounded.

The golden crown belonged to Hieron, king of Syracuse, a Greek colony in Sicily. In celebration of a victory in battle in 212 BC, he vowed to thank the gods by placing a crown of gold in Syracuse temple. To make sure no gold was stolen during the crown’s manufacture; Hieron weighed out the right amount. When the crown was completed, he checked its weight and found it was the same. But next day an informer told the palace that some gold had been replaced by silver. Without delay the king set Archimedes an apparently impossible task: to find out, without damaging the crown, whether the gold had been adulterated.

Over the following days, Archimedes could think of nothing but the king’s puzzle that he stopped eating or washing.

While absorbed in racking his brains out over the dubious crown, Archimedes heard rapping at his door.

“Who is it?” he called out annoyingly.

“Dimitri and Stan,” he heard the voice called. He knew these men. They were treasure hunters. When Archimedes opened the door, he saw Dimitri, carrying a wrapped bundle over his shoulder. Stanislopolous, the midget called Stan for short stood by the doorway leering. He held a board that’s longer than his height and in the other was a cloth bag set upon his shoulder.

“We found this woman inside one of the caves that we were exploring,” Dimitri said flashing a toothless grin.

“Why are you bringing her to me?” Archimedes said with a surly face.

“She’s still alive, but unconscious. Maybe you could help her wake up,” Dimitri said eyebrows suspended.

“Why didn’t you bring her to Skouri, the physician?”

“Skouri is not in town. Hey, aren’t you going to let us in? This is heavy,” Dimitri said panting.

“She’s beautiful,” Stan said, his eyes twinkling, “What a waste if she dies.”

“Alright, bring her in,” Archimedes said opening the door wide and stepping aside. “Lie her on my bed, upstairs,” Archimedes instructed. The two men climbed the steps toward his dim-lighted loft followed by Archimedes. The loft served as his library and bedroom. He was a bachelor.

“Is she hurt?” Archimedes asked.

“I don’t think so but I’m not too sure,” Dimitri replied as he lay the body on the bed.

“How did you find her?”

“Well, we discovered her in a cave that was mysteriously vivid inside and with groundwater. We thought that the cave might be the one rumored to have the elixir of life so we kind of soaked into the water and man, the water’s too damn cold. Just when we were about to quit and climb out we found this wrapped figure floating. When we saw that it had a human face we were startled and then got scared at the thought that we might end up like this person in this cold freezing water. But the peculiarity of how this figure was dressed made us curious,” Dimitri recounted and then paused. Archimedes became interested and urged him to go on with his story.

“We dragged this body out of the cave and made a bonfire to warm the three of us. When the body thawed out from its icy coldness we removed the helmet and to our surprise it was a woman and holy mother of Venus, she’s beautiful! And the unbelievable thing was that she was breathing like she was just sleeping. Not dead.”

“And then?” Archimedes’ curiosity was stirred.

“Carefully we stripped off her wet clothes to look if there’s any injury. None. But the moment we saw her body our appendages became…er… hard. What a fine delicate creature with lusty beauty! And there’s some gold adornments in her body that we’ve never seen worn by any Greek woman, peasant or sophisticate.”

“Did you take off those adornments?” Archimedes asked.

“No, they’re still attached to her body and we thought we wanted to show you everything,” Dimitri replied.

“All right, show her to me,” Archimedes ordered.

“Check out her clothes first,” Stan said tilting the bag to the floor to pour out its contents. Archimedes wondered what the heck kind of clothes they were. He hunched down to the floor and examined them.

“Strange, aren’t they?” Dimitri said. Archimedes nodded. The clothes and gear were actually new to him including a pair of little lacy green underclothes. “Okay, let’s see the body,” he said and Stan rolled out the wrap.

Archimedes stood up and looked at her. He felt a tightness come into his gut. Perfect body. Stan and Dimitri were right. She was a hot piece of work. For awhile they all stood silent. They gazed at the woman’s honey blonde hair, finely-molded face, full strong breasts tipped by big nipples, softly muscled belly, curvy hips and a pubis pointing like an arrowhead between the column of her slightly spread legs. Stan and Dimitri cupped their hands Web Tools against the bulges that formed in front of their woolen togas.

Archimedes leaned in to her and lifted her left hand and examined her wristwatch. “There must be a purpose as to why she’s wearing these jewelry in her body not just for adornment,” he said and ran his hand under her long graceful fingers with nails painted in glinting, turquoise color. The nails have grown a bit longer that its natural color showed at the edges of her cuticle.

“What do you think are those jewelry for?” asked Stan.

“I don’t know. But that thing around her wrist should be the one that serves the most important purpose,” he replied.

“What else did you do to this woman?” Archimedes’ voice was suddenly hoarse.

“Nothing else,” Dimitri said, darting his eyes over to Stan.

“We both jerked off, that’s all,” Stan laughed a dirty laugh.

“Well, that we did to ourselves…we couldn’t help it,” Dimitri said joining Stan in his giggling.

“All right, leave this woman to me,” he said looking seriously and brushing back his long hair with his fingers and scratching his head. “I’ll see what I can do.”

“Let us know what you can find out from this woman,” Dimitri said.

“Of course. Bring some wine and foodstuffs with you. I’ll deal with her after I’ve finished my task with the king. I am quite busy today,” he said dismissively.

“What’s with the king?” Dimitri asked.

“Nothing of your concern,” Archimedes said dismissively and then walked over to his closet and withdrew a blanket.

“Do you think there’s a chance she’ll wake up?”

He shrugged his shoulders and but then a note of optimism struck him. “Possibly. I’ll examine her head. She must have had a serious physical disturbance. I’m glad you didn’t do anything to her body,” he said and turned to Stan.

“Look, fellows, I wonder why this woman has jewelry in her jampot. See, hi-hi-hi,” Stan snickered as he parted her nether lips to show them.

“Cover this on her body now and stop playing with her,” Archimedes commanded with authority. “If you guys can leave me now I’d be able to finish my task and deal with this woman sooner,” he said handing the blanket to Stan.

“Okay, okay, she’s all yours,” Stan said sheepishly.

Soon the treasure hunters left and Archimedes hurriedly went back to his room so excited about the sleeping beauty on his bed. He sat next to her and studied her face and the outline of her body. Questions raced in his mind. Where did she come from? What happened to her? Did somebody leave her in that cave? How long had she been in that cave? Have the gods of Olympus sent this woman for me to become my wife? No he’s determined to be a bachelor until his dying day. But now he wasn’t too sure.

Never had he touched a woman before in her sleep, except his mother if he was going to wake her up. Now his right hand rested across her hips feeling her tummy rise and fall as she breathed. His heart thumped as his hands reached the hem of the blanket and pulled it down around her waist exposing her magnificent breasts that beckoned to be squeezed. The sight sent a rush of excitement to his loins. He moved his hands slowly towards her breasts, cupping them and hefting them against his palms. He squeezed them gently and rubbed her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. They felt larger than the ones he’d handled before. Too bad she was still sleeping soundly. She might have liked what he was doing. Her eyes were screwed tightly shut as he continued to grope her; his cock was straining in his toga as he played with the twin globes and his mouth watered in anticipation of sucking them.

After some breathless moments of kneading and squeezing he thought of mounting on her chest and had his cock rubbed between her mammoth knockers. But he dismissed the thought thinking that it was such an irreverent thing to do to a woman who was innocent and unconscious at that.

Be that as it may he decided to view all of her naked body and removed the blanket completely out of her. He thought that if he had to conduct a thorough examination of her then by no means he had to see everything and feel her all over.

Archimedes, however, couldn’t keep his eyes on any one aspect of her body. It was all too exceptional for any one part to be devoted more time over another –she was simply stunning. Now he focused his sight at her jeweled cunt. The more he stared at it the more it seemed that the jut of flesh that featured the ring was twitching making him drool. He felt as though his balls were being licked by flame.

Archimedes summoned every ounce of willpower to behave in order to be able to conduct an appropriate examination without being sidelined by such potent lust. He hooked his fingers under the gold chain around her waist and with his knowing eyes appraised it briefly as real gold. Then he picked up the vaginal ring between his fingers and lifted it Online Web Tools up a bit stretching up the delicate skin. He saw her clitoris peep and hide as he twisted carefully the ring back and forth. Before he would go insane he thought of steadying what was left of his willpower not to loose track of his examination. He began with her head wrapping it with his hands, raking his fingers through the hair from front to back and making sure to touch every inch of her scalp. He speculated some contusions and scratches on thighs or arms but they seemed healed. Injury like scratches if there had been must have gone and faded. She must floated onto that miraculous water like what those treasure hunters have suspected. He opened one of her eyelids and her opalescent eye was slightly rolled up beneath her lashes meaning she was just normally sleeping. Her teeth were healthy, all her own and no cavities or a single metal cap. Her skin was young and smooth that he placed her age to be under thirty. To kiss her beautiful lips would be divine and so he leaned in and gave her a peck. It was a bit cool but it warmed as his lips grabbed hers. He flicked out his tongue and licked her lips and soon he was in frenzy kissing her and imagining that she was also responding to him with equal passion.

As his lips lingered on hers his hand cupped and fondled her breast. The nipple had grown large and taut that he shifted his attention to it lipping and chewing at one and then the other while molding her breasts with both of his hands. As he marveled at how stiff and large her nipples had become his hand moved down to cup the arc dome of her bush. He fluffed the coarse bush and made tiny grasp of the soft lips with his palm. Under the base of his middle finger he could feel the ringed clit hood and down the tip as he separated the pulpy lips his finger slid into her moist cleft. It was warm and slippery inside clenching tight around his finger as he pushed and churned to its depth. When he pulled out his finger it was glistening like it was dipped in oil.

The maddening scent of her female essence prompted him to spread her legs wider and ate her out like his life depended on it. Frantically he worked on her slushy pussy licking and nibbling any which way he could. A moment later he felt warm liquid gushed from her almost inundating him. He pulled away his face and swore. Never had a woman pissed on him. Her pee soaked the sheet and suddenly he felt himself grunted a long deep grunt. To his surprise he ejaculated. He wiped his face with the sheet and patted dry her thighs and pussy and then his own genitals. Now he had to remove the mattress and change it with the one that is intended for guests. After wiping the wetted floor he covered her again with a fine woven blanket which came from China. Frustrated and feeling rather guilty he decided to forego his desires. Maybe the gods were displeased with him that’s why she pissed on him. But he laughed and scoffed at the silly idea and returned to his desk to pursue his interest in the crown. He had vowed to the king that he would solve the crown’s puzzle in less than a week. Now it’s been almost a week and still he hadn’t found any lead showing proof that it was tampered of its gold. As the night wore on his eyelids became heavy and he drifted into sleep at his desk.

Morning came and the woman woke up. She sat up and wondered why she was naked. Where am I? Why am I naked? Who am I? What happened to me? She couldn’t remember anything. She rubbed her arms with her hands and examined herself. Nothing seemed wrong except there was some smell that wasn’t agreeable to her. She swung her feet out of the bed and looked down for slippers, or a robe. None. She brushed her hands on her head feeling how it was swept back and tied to a sloppy bun. The disagreeable odor grew stronger and there was a snoring sound emanating through a beaded curtain that looked like a partition to another room. This prompted her to make an investigation so swung of bed and though a bit giddy rose to her feet and padded her way to the beaded curtain.

She parted the curtain beads and found the snoring man with his hand slumped on his desk. Who is this man clad in some funny costume? Is this his house? And why was he holding a golden crown? What is he? Some kind of craftsman? The crown looked big for the size of an average head. She found a mirror on the wall and looked at herself. The reflection told her that she’s beautiful and with a body to die for. But something wasn’t right –the hair on her armpit. She thought this wasn’t on for a woman. Then why in heaven’s name did she let her hair grow in her arm pit? She figured that the bad odor wasn’t hers but rather coming from the sleeping man. She leaned toward him.

This man stinks and is polluting the house. Should I kick his ass and wake him up to ask him where the hell she is? I don’t know my name, does he? No, he looked like he needed sleep. Another thing that contributed to the disgusting Çevrimiçi Web Araçları odor was a chamber pot almost filled with urine. She shook her head. She couldn’t remember anything about her. Now she was confused. Names poured on in her mind but she could hardly place any name to herself. She went back to the bedroom and grabbed the toga to cover her body then walked to the sunlit window. She and peered down and saw men and women walking about the cobbled street. To her surprise, she could understand their language. It was Greek. The vista of the landscape and structures of the buildings as well as the people’s mode of dressing were ancient. The place was definitely in Europe. Italy came to her mind first but since the people were talking in Greek, it must be part of Greece.

She looked at her Bulova wristwatch. It was 9:30 a.m., Tuesday, January 14, 2004. She became more confused. This is incredible! I’m here in an ancient world! How did it happen? Am I living with this man? Is he my husband, lover, father, kidnapper… who the hell is he and why did I loose my memory? Was I drugged? God I need answers. To her, the man must be in his late forties, dirty, with longish dark curly hair that fell just below his shoulders. He reminded him of Al Pacino in Serpico. Now why can she remember Serpico and nothing about herself?

“Oh my Lord,” she mumbled under her breath and closed her eyes with her hands in disgust. “Am I experiencing amnesia?” The thought jumped into her head. She could think clearly and intelligently but nothing about herself. She walked back to the bedroom and spotted the pile of clothes lying in the corner of the room. She walked over and picked them up. Snow boarding gear! And that explained the board leaning on the wall. Turning the board to its flip side, it bore the name K2 Elektra. Suddenly her mind buzzed with sounds and images. Somebody bumped a woman snow boarding on the snowy alps and she was thrown off into a ravine. But she flew off nicely. Was she that woman? Why am I having vibes that the woman was she? The outfit in the image of her thought matched those she found in the room. Then her mind went dark. Images of a classy hotel, somewhere in Switzerland flashed where she saw herself with a man. Memories came and went. A man called her Anette. Could this be her name? The man in her mind doesn’t resemble the man sleeping at the desk. She could tell though that the sleeping man could be a very important man in this place no matter how shabby and dirty he appeared to be. Best of all he was her link to her identity. Why didn’t he sleep beside me? Maybe he had already.

The man in her mind could be that somebody else who was with her before she came here and lost her memory. “Anette who?” She asked herself. She found the green panties and held them up in her hand. She read the label Roberto Cavali and it carried on a fragrance. It smelled Aesop. Pure rose perfume from Turkey entered her mind. She was familiar with the scent. Then she slipped them on. It’s hers! The clothes were hers. She must be the woman who had been in the alps. But how did she get into this ancient of times? The last thing she’d do in this world is deal with mystery.

Archimedes was already standing at the doorway of the room staring at her when she turned around. He greeted her in his language. “Good morning. Glad to see you up already.”

“Who are you?” she said responding in Greek and surprised that she could speak the language. Archimedes introduced himself and told her how she got into his house. They engaged in conversation and even told her about the crown because she’d asked why he held it while he was asleep.

“I think you should take a bath so you could think clearly. You stink and I don’t like your smell,” she remarked.

“Yes, I’ve been stuck in solving the crown I forgot to wash myself and even eat.”

“Did you try to wake me up?”

Archimedes nodded. “Yes I did. But you won’t.”

“Did you fuck me while I was passed out?”

“No but I …I…ah…” he stammered and paused a beat searching for a way for his answer but the honest truth came out of his lips, “I ate your sweet pussy and you peed on me.”

“Really?” she said and her hand flew to her mouth forcing herself not to laugh aloud. “I had a dream but I forgot what it was. I only remembered that I felt good in my dream. “I must have enjoyed it. Did you?” She asked in her trademark sexy tone.

“Yeah, but you almost blinded me with your pee,” he replied.

“Oh god, did I? I’m sorry. Damn! I really couldn’t remember anything.”

“Don’t force yourself. In time, I’m sure you’ll remember everything about yourself and I’ll wait for that.”

“Wait a minute. Suddenly your name rings a bell to me. Were you the guy who shouted Eureka! Eureka?”

“When?” He frowned and couldn’t make out what she had just said.

“Oh shit forget it,” she said waving her hand in exasperation and confusion. Then she focused her eyes at him.

“You should really take a bath now. I know that by doing so you will find out the solution to that crown,” she blurted out like she just had a prophetic vision.

Taking a bath was the last thing he needed but he was embarrassed and said that he would go to the public bathhouse.

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