A Morning Jog

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It was an unusually warm late-August morning. The sun was out, and there was the ordinary hustle and bustle of people getting ready and leaving for work. As for me, I was just getting home from a long night of work. We security guards are usually working while all of you are sleeping after all. My normal routine when I got home from work included a one mile jog.

After changing out of my uniform and into some shorts and a t-shirt, I grabbed a cold bottle of water from the fridge and out the door I went. I had gotten home a little later than usual today because my replacement at work arrived late, so I was out running with more people out and about than I was used to. There were already kids walking to school and lots of other joggers. One jogger in particular stood out to me. She was about 5’5″, and I’d say about 130 pounds. She was fit and wore pink shorts with a tight t-shirt that really accentuated her nice, round 36B breasts.

She jogged at about the same pace as me, so I had a nice view. Every time we would get to a crosswalk and have to wait, we would both jog in place. Peeking over, I could see her beautiful breasts jogging along with her, if you know what I mean. The rhythm and bounce to her breasts was enough to give me a hard on inside my jogging shorts. Unfortunately for me, my boxers and jogging shorts were a little loose fitting, and noticed that I was showing my excitement with a tent forming in my shorts. The girl looked over and gave me a smile as she looked down, and I realized bursa escort what she had smiled about. Smiling back at her, we continued on, but I tried to keep myself from looking again.

After the mile, I walked home, trying to let my muscles relax and cool down. Walking is always nice to relax your leg muscles after a strenuous run, but what the walk didn’t do, was relax the tension in my penis. I thought of the female jogger the whole way home. Her nice hourglass body, the way her breasts seemed like they wanted to leap out of her shirt during the jog. Oh, how I wanted to see her breasts leap like that while I had my penis inside her. Fantasies of having sex with her flooded my mind as blood flooded my now rock hard penis.

Needing more time to relax, I decided to spend some time in the jacuzzi to further relax my muscles. Deciding not to go back into the house just yet, I opened the side gate and headed towards the backyard. Stripping off my clothes, I turned on the jets and stepped into the jacuzzi. The jets felt good against my back and legs. The gentle pressure removed the tension in my back, and I set my head back and closed my eyes for a minute as the jets continued to massage my muscles. As I relaxed my muscles, my mind was still racing with thoughts of having a good fuck with the jogger girl, feeling her breasts with my hands, and the feeling of her breasts wrapped around my rock hard 8 inch trimmed cock. After about 15 minutes, I got out of the tub, still hard, I decided to bursa escort bayan take in a little sun in the backyard. Working nights, you tend to not have that nice tan that you want.

Taking my place on a lounge chair, I laid back and let the warm sunshine cover me. Closing my eyes, I let my mind wander back to the jogger girl as I began to gently stroke my still hard member. Starting by rubbing the head of it, and continuing to the rim My other hand joined in the fun by massaging my testicles as I stroked the entire length of it now. As I moved my hand up to my chest to give my nipples some stimulation, I heard a rustle in the bushes as a cool breeze flew through the backyard. Opening my eyes to see if anyone was around. I sat up with a bit of a startle. A quick scan of the backyard didn’t show anything, so I went back to work on pleasuring myself.

I wasn’t just gently stroking my cock now, but rather I had it in my right hand, furiously jerking it while I continued to play with my balls. I could feel myself coming ever closer to orgasm as my legs began to curl up and my breathing became even more labored. My hips began to move in time with my hands. I began to move my hips, as if jogger girl was riding me. As I felt the cum building up to erupt like a volcano, I leaned forward to sit up and let my cock explode my cum all over my chest. Collapsing back into the chair, I tried to catch my breath while my cock finally started to soften. Watching it calm down, I rubbed my own cum over escort bursa my chest. While I was still calming down, I heard that same rustling in the bushes mixed with a small moan. Looking up, I saw the jogger girl trying to hide behind a bush.

“I see you this time. You better come out before I have to call the cops.” I said, not looking in her direction.

She slowly walked out from behind the bushes, her pink shorts around her ankles and white panties at about her knees. Her t-shirt pulled up above her breasts, a pink bra also pulled up, exposing her breasts. They were exactly as I imagined. Full and round, with beautiful pink nipples, now erect and looking very supple. Her hand was covering her vagina as she stepped out, but as I stood up and faced her, she let it fall to the side, exposing a shaved pussy, dripping wet with her own juices.

“I-I’m sorry. .” she said, trying not to look at me. “Seeing you earlier made me just really hot for some sex, and I followed you back. I never thought I’d be treated to such a show. Watching you jerk off made me just so horny, I had to fuck myself.”

Walking over to her, I noticed that her fingers were still dripping with her juice. Completely removing her t-shirt and bra, I took her hand and placed her fingers into her mouth. As she tasted herself, she began to finger herself with her free hand as I helped her out of her shorts and panties as well.

“If you wanted a fuck, all you had to do was ask.” I said as I smiled and watched her continue to pleasure herself.

“I’m Lindsey.” she said with a shy smile.

“I’m Troy.” I replied, licking my lips. “Why don’t we finish this inside?”

Smiling back at me, she walked to the door.

To be continued.

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