The Preacher’s Son Ch.05

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*Oghma here. I do apologize that this one took so long, but I think you all understand why my schedule would be thrown out of whack. But here we are, Chapter 5. I’ll do my best to try and get these out more regularly under the circumstances. I don’t usually do this, but I have to warn you all that this story has gotten even darker. Maybe it’s my mood, but this just felt like the best way to progress it. I hope you all enjoy it, and I’ll see you next time. *

**Disclaimer: Excessive sizes, unrealistic anatomy, and some dark subject matter ahead. All persons depicted within are of 18 years or older**

Matthew took a big bite off his fork, and almost immediately regretted it. The pasta was all soggy and overcooked, just a hair away from being mush. Despite this, he could still somehow tell that the noodles were of low quality, like something one got out of a bottom shelf discount bag. The cheese sauce just tasted of frugality, it was the cheaply made processed sauce one would usually make with a powder and some butter, not the freshly made one he knew too well from back home. In some attempt to spice it up, it was dusted with breadcrumbs, which only gave it an additional texture of dirt and grit blended into the mix. To make matters worse, it had clearly been cooked some time ago and reheated, further cooking out what little flavor it still had. Without a doubt, this was the worst macaroni and cheese he had ever tasted. But alas, he really didn’t have any better options right now, and did his best to choke it down. He’d picked it out of today’s entrees for whatever reason, probably in some attempt to remind himself of home. But all it really did was make him even more homesick. Right now, he missed his mother’s buffalo chicken mac A lacey red full-cup bra with just enough lift to show off her ample cleavage while still demonstrating their impressive weight, with a matching pair of thong panties so sheer he could see the cleft of her pussy underneath. Glossy lipstick, the exact same shade as her underwear, adorned her plump lips, practically begging him to kiss them. At the moment, she looked positively radiant, like some sort of angel of fertility and eroticism.

“Himawari!” he exclaimed, rushing over to the bed. “I thought I’d lost you! I was worried I’d never see you again- “

“Shhh” she whispered, placing a finger to her pouty dick suckers. “It’s okay Matthew… we’re back together now. Just you and me…” Automatically, he climbed onto the bed after her, only now did he realize he was completely undressed. He probably would have found it unusual if he wasn’t so turned on at the moment. “Now come here…” she continued, drawing him into an embrace, their faces now mere millimeters away from each other. “I want you…now!” With that, she kissed him aggressively. Matthew matched her kisses eagerly, their tongues danced erotically once again.

Matthew’s arms reached outward and gripped Himawari’s expansive backside, kneading and fondling the soft flesh lewdly. After a few moments of this, his fingers made their way to the sides of her panties. With deft finesse, he gripped them and pulled them down. Although he wanted to give the kiss the attention it deserved, Matthew couldn’t help but look down at her beautiful pussy cleft. Although he’d seen it quite a few times before, somehow right now it just looked so lovely and tantalizing… like an oasis in a desert almost. And given how wet she obviously was, that metaphor wasn’t entirely an exaggeration; Pussy juices drenched her so thoroughly it shimmered in the dim light, practically begging for him to lap them all up. With all hesitation gone, Matthew broke off the kiss and made his way downward between her exceptionally thicc thighs. Just as he was about to dive right in, he heard a voice ring through the air. “Don’t…” Himawari said softly and pleadingly, causing Matthew to look upwards in surprise.


“There’s no need to get me warmed-up Matthew…” she soothed, reaching around to unhook her bra. “I’m all wet and ready for you. I know you missed me so much, just as I missed you. Right now, you want nothing more than to mount me like the stud you are…” she continued as she removed the bra, letting her tremendous escort bayan şişli globes bounce free in the open air. The erotic sight briefly distracted Matthew, his gaze focused on her hard, deep brown nipples and soft jiggly flesh. They seemed even bigger than he remembered them, more…maternal if that made any sense. She was right of course, Himawari was always good at reading him. “I want you to breed me again Matthew.” That shook him out of his trance. Matthew’s mouth and eyes simultaneously opened in shock.

“W-what?” he gasped.

“I said… I want you to breed me again.” She repeated, her tone soothing and sensual. “I want you to take me, to fuck me hard and fast over and over again, to cum right inside my womb, to drown my ovaries in your load so that there’s no doubt I won’t get pregnant… Come on…knock me up!” Matthew hesitated for a few seconds. Sure, he’d gotten her pregnant already, but that was by accident! But was it really so bad? Himawari wasn’t just his first and only, she was the most wonderful and caring person he had ever known, the one who soothed his nerves and talked him through his doubts…and she was the woman he loved. Why wouldn’t he want to raise a big happy family with her? He then looked back up at her. The moment their eyes met again all hesitation was cast out of his mind.

“Himawari…” was the only word he could say as he made his way back upward, his engorged cock in hand. Following his lead, Himawari lay back on the bed and parted her legs, presenting herself as best she could. Carefully yet eagerly, Matthew aimed the tip of his cock at her most opening and pressed forward. As always, her pussy put up a little bit of resistance. His tip mashed against her hole almost painfully, smearing his ample pre-cum around. But eventually, he found just the right amount of give and slid himself inside. Both of them let out a gasp of pleasure. Matthew had almost forgotten how tight, hot and wet she was. Her pussy coiled around him exquisitely, gripping him in its soft embrace. While there was still resistance, he could tell how eager she was to have him deeper inside her, and Matthew wasn’t one to deny a lady what she wanted.

“Yes…yes…yessss…” Himawari moaned erotically, clutching at Matthew’s back as if she didn’t want to let him go. Back and forth he pistoned, creating a lewd melody of wet smacks generated from their coupling. Matthew meanwhile was grunting and gasping like an animal lost in rut. If they weren’t smushed into the bedding, Himawari’s cheeks would be clapping in unison. Still, it wasn’t like he really cared what kind of noise they were making right now. “Come on…harder…faster…breed me!” Himawari pleaded. Something about those last words just resonated with Matthew in a way he never thought possible, urging him on to fulfill that most basic and essential of purposes. Somehow, despite his current mental state being clouded by pleasure, his mind found itself drifting back to what Himawari had sent to him when they first met; “any God that made us would want us to follow our urges, to freely enjoy each other in the most primal and intimate way. Just as birds must fly and fish must swim, so should Breeders breed.” The words rang clearly in his head, if he wasn’t so distracted at the moment, he might have wondered why it almost felt like he was actually hearing them. She was just as right now as she was back then. How could this be anything but his ingrained purpose?

“Take it!” he growled, his hips now moving at a frenzied speed. Dirty talk really wasn’t a strength of his yet. Well, it seemed he would now be able to work on it again. Juices flowed rapidly from their joined nethers, splattering the both of them in a cocktail of sexual fluids. Himawari was spasming and warbling like crazy, her voice constantly escalating towards the screams she was prone to when she reached her peak. Through the corner of his eye, Matthew noticed that Himawari was gripping the sheets as if her life depended on it. She must be cumming like crazy right now, somehow that extra knowledge managed to draw out his more primal urges. With another loud growl, Matthew clutched her wide hips and drove forward hard. The escort beşiktaş only thing that halted his advance was the barrier of her cervix, somehow still not ready for him as it was closed shut. Pistoning back and forth, Matthew clenched his teeth so hard he worried they might shatter. The frustration was seriously building up inside him, as he was so close to what he desired more than anything in the world right now. Every time he “kissed” her cervix it only served to rile him up even further.

“YESSSS!! FUCK MY PUSSY!” Himawari’s moans had escalated to full on screams. “DEEPER!!” she pleaded, as if it wasn’t obvious that Matthew was trying as hard as he could. Again and again he kept prodding at her barrier. Little by little it dilated and opened up, slowly making itself ready for him. Finally, he felt that last bit of give and with a load roar pushed as hard as he could into her. What little resistance remained proved no match for Matthew, and the last of his cock finally sank inside Himawari completely, filling her all the way to her otherwise empty womb. “AH!” Himawari gasped, her eyes and mouth were open wide in an expression of shock, indicating that her repeated climaxes had now gone to a mind-shattering level. Out of a desire to spare her sanity and relish the sensation of being hilted, Matthew held his position for a minute or two. Precum splattered the inside, coating the inner walls and pooling on the bottom. Matthew idly wondered if that would be enough to get her pregnant. But whether or not that would happen, he decided that he had given her enough of a breather, there was no way he was about to leave it up to chance.

“AH! AH! AHHHHH!!” Himawari’s screams echoed through the bedroom at a deafening volume. But Matthew was far too gone to care. His hips were now a blur, smacking back and forth at a pace that rivaled his best sprinting speed, while his massive balls swung forward to spank her equally massive ass. Somehow, he didn’t feel a thing in this rush, his sense of pain dulled in order to focus on more important tasks like seeding her. “BREEDMEBREEDMEBREEDMEBREEDMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” she hollered, her pleas rapidly devolving into mindless babbling. Not that Matthew needed her to tell him to do that. Before too long, he felt the now familiar churning in his balls, and knew he would be cumming soon, and there was only one place where he could.

“I’m…CUMMING!” he yelled, hilting himself one last time before firing off. Shot after shot of pearly white jizz filled Himawari’s womb, quickly bloating it and inflating her belly. She let out a long, satisfied sigh as he seeded her, clutching to him as best she could to ensure he succeeded at his primal task. His orgasm lasted quite a long time before it finally subsided, the fatigue suddenly hitting Matthew and causing him to collapse onto Himawari. For a good long while, they just lay there breathing heavily. Eventually, after catching their breath, the two lovers drew their faces close and began to kiss sweetly and tenderly. “I love you…” Matthew whispered to her between kisses. It was quite a while before Himawari broke off from him with one last peck.

“Didn’t that feel good Matthew?” she purred, flashing him a warm and reassuring smile.

“Yeah…!” he replied with a dazed, dopy smile of his own.

“Do you see how much better it feels when you follow your nature rather than deny it?” she continued. “Isn’t it so much better when we’re honest with ourselves?”

“Yeah…yeah I guess so?” Matthew replied, his mood changing quickly to confusion. Something was off about Himawari’s speech here, it wasn’t quite like the way she usually talked.

“It can be like this all the time… if you only desire it.” She said, looking directly at him. Her expression had suddenly changed, it was now solemn and serious.

“What do you mean? Of course I- “it then dawned on Matthew. “Wait, no!” he exclaimed in denial, reaching towards her as she seemed to rush further and further away from him somehow. “Himawari!! Don’t leave me!” was all he managed to say before the dream ended in a flash and he bolted upright. He spent a few moments gathering his thoughts and coming back down to Earth. Himawari esenyurt escort had never been here, he was still in the rehabilitation center, and had been having a lewd dream. He then glanced over at the nightstand and took note of the alarm clock. 1:30 AM. Still another 6 hours before they had to be at the chapel for morning prayer. With an exasperated sigh, he fell back down onto the bed.

For quite some time, Matthew just stared up at the ceiling, unable to go back to sleep. It had been a long day, what with the orientation and all the exercises they were making him do. At least the housing was pretty nice; They gave everybody small apartments with a large common sitting room in the middle. No fridges since they had to eat in the cafeteria and no TV or Internet lest they get exposed to anything. He was assigned a roommate with separate bedrooms for each of them, and luckily for him he’d ended up rooming with Marcus. One could call it a stroke of fate, but given the circumstances he couldn’t really say it was good fortune. Apparently, every night he would be visited by one of the staff at around 10. Just to make sure that they were okay, or more accurately to make sure they weren’t sinning. The closest thing to any kind of external contact was a landline phone, normally it was only able to call other people in the program, but right now theirs wasn’t able to call anyone.

Was this really what his life was going to be like for the foreseeable future? A glorified prison with gilded bars, where he would remain until he fell in line with an image contrary to his inner nature? Every now and then, his mind drifted back to Himawari. Evidently, he still couldn’t keep her out of his mind. Perhaps that was a sign of how much he cared for her; if his feelings weren’t so strong it wouldn’t hurt this much. And what of their baby? Matthew couldn’t help but worry for the little one. He supposed that he would have wanted to have a child with Himawari eventually, but so soon after they just met? Yet, he couldn’t bring himself to be angry at her. For whatever reason, he wanted nothing more than to be with her when the big day finally came. Even if not as her lover, he had to be there for the birth of his firstborn. If only he knew how to get out of here quickly enough.

All of the sudden, Matthew noticed some strange sounds emanating from behind his bedroom door. Footsteps, slight whooshing noises and grunts. What could they be? Well, he certainly wasn’t going to be sleeping anytime soon. Matthew stood up and walked over to the door. Once he opened it, he peered through to see Marcus; Shadowboxing in the common room. Somehow, he hadn’t been distracted enough to miss Matthew, and turned his head to face him.

“Can’t sleep either?” he asked gruffly.

“N-no…” Matthew replied. “What um…what are you doing?”

“What does it look like? Shadowboxing.” Marcus replied, returning to his activity.

“Oh, are you a boxer?”

“Boxing, Muay Thai, Catch and Greco-Roman Wrestling…” Marcus said, not missing a beat. “I was training for MMA before I ended up here.”

“Oh wow, that’s really cool!” Matthew gushed.

“Yeah, it would be. But they don’t really let me train out here.” He answered, throwing a right hook.

“Why not?”

“Why do you think? Getting two sweaty shirtless guys rolling on the ground entwined in each other? Nah, too homoerotic for them.” He answered with a soft laugh. “We’re supposed to cut out all temptations, so no grappling training. They don’t even have a heavy bag in the gym… this is all I can do.”

“Oh…” Matthew muttered, looking down. “I guess I see.” Marcus stopped, and turned over to face him.

“So why can’t you sleep?” he asked. Matthew paused for a good long time.

“It’s…complicated.” He finally answered.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“…No…no not right now.” He replied. “I just… I just need more time to think about what I’ve done.” Marcus contemplated what he said for a few minutes before he finally spoke up.

“How much do you buy what they’re saying?” Matthew was taken aback by the bluntness of the question. He really didn’t expect to hear something like that.

“W-what do you mean?” he stammered in bewilderment.

“This whole abstinence and chastity bullshit.” Said Marcus. “Do you really think you’ve sinned against some God just because you had sex out of wedlock?”

“Yes! Yes of course!” Matthew replied automatically, not really rationalizing what he said before he already had.

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