Susan Awakens Ch. 03

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Jan grabbed the waistband of Robbie’s jeans and positioned him standing before her as she sat on the couch.

“Let’s see what you are packing, big boy.” She said.

Jan unbuttoned the fly of Robbie’s jeans and was greeted by his hard member, saluting her as it came free from his boxers. She grabbed his cock behind the purple head, and pulled Robbie closer to her face.

“Has a woman every touched your cock?” she asked?

“No, not really,” Robbie responded. “Does feeling it through my jeans count?”

“Well, you tell me?” Jan asked as she gave his member a stroke with her hand. “Is this the same?”

Robbie shook his head, unable to speak as Jan stroked his cock and cupped his balls.

“Did you say you jacked off last night? These seem pretty full to me.”

“Yes, ma’am. Three times,” Robbie answered.

“Well, let’s see what we can do about it,” Jan replied as she pulled him even closer. “Tell me what you want, lover.”

“Suck my cock,” Robbie answered. “Please suck my cock.”

Jan squeezed Robbie’s now painfully erect cock right behind its head and reached out her tongue to taste the pre-cum leaking from his slit.

“Ummm. I love the taste of cum. Put your hands behind your back and leave them there,” she instructed. “I am in control of this blow job!”

Reaching one hand behind Robbie to grab his ass cheek, Jan placed the head of his cock at her lips and slowly took it into her mouth. Reaching back with her other hand, she pulled Robbie’s body even closer as she slowly took an inch, then two inches into her mouth, causing the young man to groan with pleasure.

“This isn’t the biggest cock I’ve ever sucked,” Jan thought as she relaxed her throat to take more, “But it is one of the nicest.”

Slowly, Jan drew the rest of Robbie’s cock into her mouth and throat, until the entire seven inches in until her face was pushed up against his crotch. She held him there for a moment, and then slowly let his dick slide out of her mouth until only the head was in, then she repeated the process again.


Robbie could hardly believe this was happening. Here he was with his hot neighbor deep throating his cock!

Jan began to build up the tempo, using Robbie’s ass checks to control him as she plunged his dick into her mouth again and again. Sometimes she varied her technique, massaging the head of his cock with her mouth and pushing her tongue into its slit. Sometimes she stopped with the length of Robbie’s cock buried in her throat and bobbed an inch or so up and down on his meatsickle.

Finally, after a few minutes of this, she güvenilir bahis pulled his cock out of her mouth and asked him, “You ready to cum, big boy?”

Robbie forced out an answer, his mouth dry. “Yes, ma’am, I’m ready.”

Jan grabbed the boy’s cock in both hands and started stroking it hard.

“Come on baby, cum for mama.”

She could feel his body tensing as she stroked his cock and his juices rose. He couldn’t last long, she knew.

“You want to cum in my mouth, lover?” She asked, releasing his cock for the first time since the blowjob began.

“Anywhere,” Robbie answered. “Just make me cum!”

“All right, baby. I’ll make you cum.”

Jan grabbed his cock again and resumed working it, using one hand on the shaft and massaging the head with the other hand.

“I’ll make you cum.”

Faster and faster Jan stroked, and she could feel the dick in her hand swell as Robbie got closer and closer to cumming.

Finally, she knew he was about to spurt as she could feel it in his body. Moving quickly, she opened her mouth and took the head of his cock inside as his cum started jetting out. Not wanting to miss a drop, she held tightly to the shaft as more and more hot, sticky good filled her mouth.

“Oh, Mom!” Robbie gasped. “I’m cumming, Mom. I’m cumming in your mouth.”

When Robbie finally finished spurting, Jan pulled him down to her level and gave him a wet, sloppy kiss, allowing him to taste the cum she had held in her mouth. Robbie tried to pull away, but Jan grabbed the back of his head and worked her cum-coated tongue into his mouth. After a moment, Robbie relaxed and bowed to the inevitable, and returned the French kiss he was getting from his fellatrix.

Jan release him after a minute and grabbed his dick again, licking off the head to catch any cum she had missed while she was sucking face, instead of sucking cock. Robbie fell forward and braced himself against the back of the couch as Jan expertly cleaned his now softening cock.

“You like?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am. I like.”

“You know, you called me ‘mom’ while you were cumming.” She said. “You wish it was your mother sucking your cock, don’t you? And you want to fuck her, don’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am. I do.” Robbie answered.

“Well, so do I,” said Jan. “Maybe between the two of us we can find a way to make that happen.”


Susan REALLY enjoyed shopping. Hell, shopping was sometimes the best thing in her life, now her son was grown and her husband married to his job.

Most of the time, shopping would cure what ailed her. Something about walking türkçe bahis the aisles at Macy’s, Lord & Taylor’s and Neimann’s just made her feel better. And if her husband was going to abandon her for his work, she could at least spend the money he earned to make herself feel better.

But this time, shopping couldn’t take her mind off of the thing that was filling her thoughts. Susan had never given a thought to being attracted to another woman, but now all she could seem to think of was Jan and the video she had watched the night before as she brought herself to orgasm with the Rabbit Jan had given her. She wondered in Jan was interested in her as a sexual partner?

If this had happened even a few years ago, Susan was sure she would have been more appalled by her obsessive thoughts about another woman. But for some reason, it just didn’t feel as wrong as it should. Maybe it was the years of neglect from her husband? Maybe she just needed a change?

Whatever it was, Susan was feeling feelings – physical and emotional – that she had not had in years. Just standing there in Neimann’s waiting to check out, she could feel that she was moist from thinking of Jan’s video.

“I’m turning into quite a slut,” she thought. “Oh, well. I might as well enjoy it since Rob doesn’t seem to give a damn any more.”

But what about Robbie? Her son was the most important person in her life, but he was no longer the little boy she had reared. Now that he was ready to graduate high school, and was legally an adult, they just didn’t have that much in common.

She sometimes worried that he didn’t have more to do with girls. He hardly dated and she was pretty sure he was still a virgin.

She knew that Robbie was interested in the female half of the race; she had found “girlie” magazines in his room. She hadn’t mentioned them, but had put the back under the mattress of his bed. And she was pretty sure he masturbated, from bits of evidence he had left behind.

Thinking of her son masturbating to pictures from a magazine had a strange, unsettling affect on Susan. She could feel herself grow wetter and she had the urge to rub herself through her expensive jeans.

“Oh, my god!” she thought. “Am I getting excited thinking about my own son masturbating? What kind of sex fiend am I turning into?”

Well, maybe Jan could help her scratch the itch she was feeling today, and take her mind off her son. She would have to find out when she got home.


“Oh, my God, I hate tax time,” thought Rob as he sat back in his ergonomic chair and rubbed his eyes.

Of course, it did pay for his güvenilir bahis siteleri nice house and fancy cars, and it would pay for his son’s college education. But why didn’t he enjoy the fruits of his labor more?

Could it be because his wife was so cold?

He still loved Susan, but all the spark had gone out of their marriage. It was like they were two strangers living in the same home. Somehow, the stress of raising a son and growing a thriving CPA firm had taken its toll. But was it too late?

Rob was certainly not without desires, but he just couldn’t seem to tell his wife about them. Instead, he had started spending more and more time on the Internet, surfing porn and “amateur” sites. Maybe he could find there, what he had not been able to find at home?

“Probably not,” he admitted to himself. “But it can be fun looking!”


Susan pulled her Mercedes SUV into her driveway and parked, looking next door to see if there was any evidence that Jan was home. Seeing her neighbor’s Mustang convertible parked in the open garage, Jan smiled.

After dropping her packages in her kitchen, Susan walked briskly over to her neighbor’s house and knocked on the front door.

Jan answered her front door and grinned at her neighbor.

“Well, Susan,” she said. “You seem much more chipper today. Did you enjoy my gift?”

“Uh, umm, I wanted to talk to you about that,” Susan stammered. The confidence she had felt earlier had evaporated when Jan opened the door.

“Come, in then.” Jan answered. “I was just brewing some tea. Want some?”

Susan nodded and let Jan usher her into the kitchen, where she took a seat in the small breakfast nook.

“About the video; I’m not sure what to say…”

“Did you enjoy it?” Jan inquired?

“Yes, but I don’t know; I mean I feel…”

“You don’t know how to react to the feelings you are having; is that right, Susan?”

“Yes, that’s it.” Susan admitted. “It was all very exciting, but what does it mean?”

“Did you get off with the Rabbit while you watched my video, dear?” Jan asked.

“Yes, I had a great orgasm. But does that mean I’m a lesbian?” Susan asked hesitantly.

“No, dear. It just means that you need to have more fun in your life. Get laid, for crying out loud, and get some release. It is not at all uncommon for one woman to help another when the men fail to keep them satisfied.”

As she spoke, Jan reached out her hand to cover Susan’s hand on the table. When Susan didn’t draw away, Jan began to stroke Susan’s hand.

“So, you want to know what comes next?” Jan asked, lightly stroking the palm of Susan’s hand with her fingertips.

“Yes, Jan. What comes next?”

“Let’s go into the living room and discuss what comes next, Susan. I think you will like it.”



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