Mother’s Nude Day Nightmare Ch. 04

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My wife, Julie, the love of my life, seduces my mother Susan.

Now happily married for more than a year and with our sleeping arrangements working out splendidly, even better than expected, the only fly in the ointment was Julie’s mother coming for a visit. Dreading her visit, to save her the awkwardness and us the embarrassment, I wanted us to visit her but she insisted on coming to visit us. Embarrassed that she’d learn that the three of us were sleeping in the same, king-sized bed together, I didn’t want Julie’s mother to know that I as having sex with my mother. I needed to come up with a plan to make it appear that we were living normal and happily married moral lives instead of her finding out that when I wasn’t having sex with Julie, I was having sex with my mother.

The only plan I had was to move back to my old bedroom, return my mother her bedroom, and to give Julie’s mother the guest bedroom while pretending that these were our normal sleeping arrangements. Figuring that somehow and someway one of us would mess up and expose my incestuous sleeping accommodations to Julie’s mother, I dreaded moving all of our stuff from my mother’s master bedroom to my bedroom and having to move it all back again when Julie’s mother left. Not wanting to hide behind lies, I wished I could openly declare, not just to my mother-in-law but to the world, my love for my wife and my lust for my mother. No doubt, me broadcasting our living arrangements to everyone would be a mistake. Especially, upon my too private confession, with having my mother-in-law knowing the intimate details of our sexual lives, there was no reason to tell her that her daughter lived, played, and slept in the Devil’s playground.

“Until your mother leaves, we’ll just have to move back to my bedroom,” I said to Julie expecting her to not only agree but also to be relieved with my man of the house decision.

Feeling that I needed to protect her from herself and with only God knowing all that happened between them, I could tell that her mother had an emotional hold on her in the way that my mother had a sexual hold on me. Only, little did I know that her mother had the same incestuous hold on her than my mother had on me.

“Why?” She shrugged with lackadaisical indifference and disinterest while looking at me as if I was nuts.

Why? Duh? The typical dumb blonde, sometimes she says dumb things, one of the reasons why I love her so much. She’s so cute. She’s so funny in her naiveté that I just want to throw a big arm around her to protect her from the world. Different than how I feel about my mother, Julie is my sweet baby and my mother is my hot Mama.


I looked at her not believing that she didn’t understand the negative ramifications of her mother finding out that I slept with my mother. Other than confessing to her mother that I was an incestuous pervert who equally loved his wife as much as his mother, not everyone is as open minded, especially when it comes to sex.

“Yes. Why? I don’t understand you reading into what my mother would think is embarrassingly inappropriate when you don’t even know her,” she said making her stand and holding her ground.

I could tell she was getting angry. I gave her a patient, loving smile that a loving and understanding husband would give his wife when calling a homerun a goal, a goal a touchdown, and mistaking a Chevy for a Ford or a Honda for a Toyota. Women are so naive.

“Actually, with you never talking about your mother, I don’t even know her name,” I said not wanting to continue referring to her mother as just mother-in-law. What’s your mother’s first name?”

“Emma,” she said.

“Emma. That’s a pretty name,” I said looking at her while waiting for her to volunteer more information about her mother and when she didn’t, I continued. “I don’t have to know your mother to know human nature Julie, especially someone from her generation. Wait. I don’t even know how old your mother is. How old is she?”

“She’s not much older than your mother, a year or two a part. They’re about the same age. I think my mother is 44 or 45-years-old,” she said shrugging. “She’s secretively protective about anyone knowing her real age, even me. When she has to confess her age, in the way that Jack Benny did, she tells everyone that she’s thirty-nine-years-old.”

“I see,” I said. “Anyway, seriously, and back to my original question, what would your mother think of the three of us sleeping in the same bed together?”

I gave her a look of justified smugness as if I was her father protecting her from the world when I was her husband protecting her from embarrassing herself in front of her mother. How awful for Julie’s mother to know that I was an incestuous pervert who had sex with his mother? Only the embarrassment I imagined she’d have wasn’t her embarrassment but my embarrassment. Obviously and not knowing it at the time, by moving from my mother’s bedroom back to my bedroom, I was saving myself from the embarrassment and not her. I was such a fool.

“I don’t even know what my mother thinks,” she said with a toss of her Bycasino pretty head. “Never able to read her, I never know what goes through her too selfish mind. Everything is all about her.”

“Nonetheless the self-centeredness of our mother, I’d be so embarrassed for your mother to know that I’m sleeping with my mother,” I confessed while hoping that my wife would be more forthcoming with confessing her personal information, especially about her mother, too. “Moreover, I’d be embarrassed for your mother to know that I’m sleeping with my mother and with you in the same bed. Wouldn’t you be embarrassed for your mother know that your husband was having sex with his mother?”

“What would my mother think?” She shrugged while giving me a practiced, plastic smile that a New York model would give a fan. “You don’t know my mother Charlie.” She laughed.

“Okay, then tell me about your mother so that I can understand what I need to know about her for us to have a congenial visit,” I said.

She looked at me as if she was my old professor and was about to educate me to the ways of her mother and enlighten me to the ways of the world.

“Her preferred sleeping arrangement is with a man on one side of her and a woman on the other,” she said waiting for my reaction but I didn’t give her one.

“Interesting,” is all that I said while waiting for her to continue.

I was shocked by her saying that her mother’s preferred sleeping arrangement was having a man on one side of her and a woman on the other side of her. Not wanting her to think that I was judging her or her mother, I remained silent.

“Do you want me to tell you what my mother would really think about the three of us sleeping in the same bed and you sleeping with your mother?” Apparently a rhetorical question, she didn’t wait for me to respond before she continued. “Truth be known, my mother would be sexually aroused and jealous that the three of us were sleeping in the same bed together,” she said with another laugh before looking at me with seriousness.

“Wow,” I said unable to control my shock. “I had no idea that your mother was so sexually open and understanding. Much like everyone else in this closed minded, uptight, sexually frustrated society, I figured she was a prude.”

“You figured wrong,” said my wife about her mother. “You needn’t worry about what my mother thinks. She’s the last woman you need to go out of your way to please,” she said with a sardonic sneer. “With her already having been there and having done that, she’d shock you with her sexual antics and inappropriate escapades before you could shock her.”

“A man on one side of her and a woman on the other side of her, I don’t understand,” I said stunned and suddenly feeling like the dumb one. I couldn’t help myself from asking the obvious question. “Why would your mother be jealous of our sleeping arrangements?”

Her mother being jealous of me sleeping with my mother and her daughter in the same bed made no sense to me at all. In the way she referred to her mother with a uncaring shrug, call it a hunch but, I could tell that there was no love lost between Julie and her mother, Emma. I wondered if that would ever happen between me and my mother, Susan. Now after experiencing my mother in the Biblical sense for more than a year, I couldn’t imagine my mother not being in my life and in my bed. As much as I love Julie, I love Susan. As much as I want my wife, I want my mother. I’d do anything for the both of them, even temporarily move out of my mother’s bedroom to spare my wife and/or my mother the embarrassment of my incestuous lust for my her.

“I never told you because I’m embarrassed of my mother,” she said with sadness.

“Embarrassed by your mother? Why? I don’t understand. For better or for worse, she’s your mother.” When she broke my eye contact by looking down and away from me, suspecting there was so much more to this story, I persevered in wanting to know more about her mother.

“Suffice to say that she’s not a good person. Let’s just leave it at that. Otherwise, the embarrassment you thought you were saving me from in moving out of your mother’s bedroom is superseded by the embarrassment I’d have in telling you more about my mother,” she said looking up at me for understanding.

“We promised not to have any secrets. So tell me. Why are you embarrassed by your mother?”

I waited for her to respond and when she didn’t I coerced her. Being that my mother could never embarrass me, no matter what she did or said, I was curious to know why Julie’s mother embarrassed her. Perhaps not as close as I was to my mother but if anything, a daughter should be close to her mother.

“I’d rather not. I’d rather you formed your own judgments about her. I’ll tell you all about her after she leaves,” she said.

“I’m your husband. If there’s something I need to know, I need to know about your mother, my mother-in-law, before she arrives and while she’s here. Tell me, why does your mother embarrass you?”

Suddenly, having not seen a picture of Julie’s mother, I imagined her mother being Bycasino giriş grossly overweight, toothless, classless, and having bad breath. I imagined her mother just being released from an insane asylum after murdering her husband or paroled from state prison on a weapons and attempted murder charge. Maybe she’s a bank robber or enjoys flashing her breasts to truckers. Hoping more for the latter than the former, in the way that Julie and my mother both are, I’d love for Julie’s mother to be an exhibitionist too. Wow. That would be hot if Julie’s mother enjoyed walking around in front of me naked.

“My Mom is a whore and a swinger,” she said with a sad, sick laugh. “Trust me, if anyone would understand us sleeping together, she’d understand us sleeping in the same bed. Our sleeping arrangements is nothing that my mother hasn’t already done many times with different people before, even strangers she barely knows. No doubt thinking that daughter was just like mother, I can’t tell you how many of her men and women friends hit on me. If we’d have a problem with our sleeping arrangement at all, the problem we’d have is in trying to keep my mother out of our bed,” she said.

Her mothers’ a whore and a swinger too? Wow! Holy shit! Hello Mommy. Having not seen a picture of her, for her to be not only a whore but also a swinger, suddenly I wondered again what she looked like. For her to be a whore that men want and a swinger that everyone wants, she must be good looking and if she looks anything like her daughter, tall, blonde, beautiful, and busty, then she must be a real knockout.

Having never met a whore or a swinger before, I couldn’t envision what Julie’s mother would look like and how she’d act. Surely, unbeknownst to me that there were whores and/or swingers walking by me on the sidewalk, no doubt, I’ve met lots of whores and swingers before. It isn’t as if they confess their sexual peccadilloes, orientation, preferences, and fetishes to strangers. It isn’t as if they walk around tattooed with scarlet letters on their forehead in the way that Hester was forced wear the scarlet letter in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter. Okay, now that I think of it, perhaps the tramp stamp, the tattoo that women seem fond to permanently mark their lower back with, is the closest thing that we have to the scarlet letter today to help us identify whores and swingers. Yet not every woman with a tattoo is a whore and/or a swinger.

Just as sometimes our culture is outrageous in their inability to make a public spectacle out of themselves over sex, morals have been replaced with pantiless women giving blowjobs instead of kisses on the first date. With celebrities having sex tapes, so many couple having adulterous affairs, and with more divorces today than there are marriages, the Devil’s playground, we live in an immoral society. Whatever the sexual peccadillo and/or fetish, there are videos online for all to watch. Yet, America is still a puritanical society and the Bible belt is still alive and well. Not every woman is a slut and not every man wants to sleep with his mother.

Suddenly, lost in one of my sexual fantasies, I imagined after just meeting my mother-in-law, overcome with sexual lust for me, I imagined myself being forcibly taken by her. Being that she’s a whore and a swinger, I imagined her raping me. Wow!

‘No. Stop. Please don’t. You mustn’t. This is so wrong Emma. You’re Julie’s mother and I’m her husband. You mustn’t do this. Control yourself.’

I begged her to release me as she pushed me on her bed, mounted me, and started stripping off my clothes. Too strong in her desire for me, determined to have her wicked way with me, I was no match for her and powerless to stop her from having sex with me.

‘Stop! You mustn’t do this. I’m married to your daughter. You’re my mother-in-law. Help! Someone help me. Someone save me. Help! Rape!’

I imagined her paying no heed to my pleas and stripping me naked before having her wicked way with my naked body. Wow! After having sex with my mother, after indulging myself by tasting the forbidden fruits of incest and by lowering myself to experiencing the diabolical debauchery that resides in the Den of the Devil, I was already a lost soul. Now looking for and wanting more, without even knowing what she looked like, I wondered what it would be like to have sex with my mother-in-law. Wanting to howl at the moon, just the thought of having sex with Julie’s mother gave me an erection.

“Still, I don’t know if I feel comfortable with your mother knowing that I’m sleeping with my mother and with you,” I said.

I looked at her trying to suddenly understand her lack of concern while confused by her non-existent embarrassment over her mother knowing all of our sexual secrets. Even with the knowledge that her mother is a whore and a swinger, I still didn’t understand why she’d want her mother to know the intimate details of our personal, sexual relationships. Maybe, she was trying to make her mother jealous. Maybe she was trying to make her mother feel guilty. I didn’t know. All I knew was that they’d Bycasino güncel giriş be a good chance that I’d be having sex with my mother-in-law, that is, so long as my mother didn’t find out that I was cheating on her with Julie’s mother.

I tried to read her about her mother in the way that I used to look at my mother when trying to read her. Puzzled by their mood swings and in the way that women see things so differently than do men, women confound me. I never know what they’re thinking. Maybe I’m better off not knowing what they’re thinking. Maybe, needing to just go with the flow, not questioning things but just allowing them to happen, I should just remain quiet and enjoyed the ride.

“You’re worrying over nothing,” she said.

Nothing? How can she say that I’m worrying over nothing when her mother could conceivable return home and blab our sleeping arrangements to all of her family and friends. I’d be embarrassed by people I don’t even know judging me. If ever I was to visit her family, viewed as if I was a leper, they’d treat me as if I had leprosy instead of incestuous, sexual perversity.

“You’re not worried what your mother will think of me sleeping with my mother and with you allowing the incest to continue by sleeping in the same bed? You’re not worried about what she’ll think of a mother who sleeps with her son? You’re not worried about what she’ll think of you sleeping with the both of us in the same bed? Next you’ll be telling me that she’d be okay with the fact that I have sex with you one night and sex with my mother the next night while the both of you are there in bed with me listening to the other having sex.”

“If my mother had a son, without doubt, she’d be doing him too,” said Julie with a laugh. “You don’t understand Charlie. It isn’t as if we’re having a threesome,” said Julie rolling her eyes and sighing. “Not that I wouldn’t want to have a threesome with your mother,” she admitted with a dirty laugh. “Really, our sex life is no big deal,” she said. “Besides, that’s not how I meant it,” she said with a laugh.

“No offense taken,” I said suddenly imagining Julie having a threesome with my mother.

Now wondering if she was bi-sexual, I wondered if my wife ever slept with a woman. I wondered if she was serious about having a threesome with my mother. After taking my turn with the both of them, I wouldn’t mind watching the two of them together. It would be so hot to watch Julie making out my mother before sliding her body down between my mother’s legs to lick her pussy. I imagined filling my mother’s mouth with my cock while Julie ate my mother or me taking my mother from behind while she licked Julie’s pussy. Suddenly an entire new world of sexual depravity opened up before my horny eyes.

“You’re with me and with your mother sexually. So what? What’s the big deal? You’re blowing all of this out of proportion Charlie. It’s just sex. Whether we’re monogamous or sleep with dozens of others, us having sex is none of anyone’s business. What we do behind closed, bedroom doors is for us to know,” she said looking at me as if trying to read me. She remained silent while staring at me and as if trying to read my mind. “The only thing that I worry about is what you’ll do when my mother makes a pass at you and, trust me, she will.”

“You need not worry about that. You need to trust me Julie. I’m loyally faithful to you,” I said and my mother, I thought. “There’s no need to worry about me having sex with your mother,” I said waving a hand of disinterest while suddenly thinking of Julie’s mother naked and on her knees with my cock in her mouth.

“Don’t say that I didn’t warn you,” she said with a sneer.

Seriously, why would I want the cow when I have the calf? Then, I thought about my mother. Why would I still want my mother when I have Julie in my life? So young and beautiful, Julie is everything that I imagine my mother was when she was her age. Extrapolating the sexual relationship that I had with my mother with the one that I conceivably could have with my mother-in-law, I wondered if my sexual excitement would be just as satisfyingly high having sex with my mother-in-law as it was having sex with my mother and/or having sex with her daughter. Here I am thinking about having sex with my mother-in-law when I’ve yet to even meet the woman and when I have no idea what she even looks like.

“Having sex with one mother is enough for me,” I said lying while making a joke and laughing.

“In the way that I’m not enough woman for you to reject your mother, you’d accept my mother too, once you met her and once she cast her sexual spell on you,” she said.

After Julie said that about me not rejecting my mother for the sake of her, I wondered if she was jealous of my mother. I wondered if my mother was jealous of Julie. Conceivably thinking everything was perfect, I could have an explosive situation on my hands, one that could ruin everything. Being the incestuous pervert that I am, not that having sex with a relative who’s not blood related is really considered incest, nonetheless, if Julie’s mother offered me sex, depending on what she looked like, I may not be able to turn her down. Then, thinking about the whole extramarital affair with her mother blowing up in my face and me losing Julie and my mother, I needed to be careful what I said and what I did.

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