Michelle Meets Diana

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Michelle meets Diana, a lesbian, and begins a relationship

[This is a story of girl-girl recreational sex.]


Michelle had been working at a horse ranch where she experienced her first girl-girl sex. It was an amazing experience with an awesome woman. The woman, Rebecca or Becca as she preferred, owned the horse ranch. She also provided a professional service to women to provide them their first girl-girl experience. She had a deserving reputation for providing an outstanding experience. She serviced about 20 clients annually. Most of her clients had received a gift for her services from their partner or a group of friends.

Michelle adored Becca. In recognizing and appreciating her adoration Becca gave Michelle her first girl-girl experience. Michelle had surrendered herself completely to Becca. She gave herself to Becca to be enjoyed by her as she desired. Becca was humbled by that offering and, in return, gave of herself to Michelle as she had never given herself to another. Becca and Michelle enjoyed one another subsequently until Michelle left to relocate to seek other career opportunities.

One evening after working out at the gym Michelle decided to relax her tired muscles in the steam room. There was another young woman in it when she entered. Michelle climbed up and sat on a higher bench. Every now and then she saw the woman caress her breasts and nipples, pull on her nipples and run her hand through her pussy bringing a finger to her mouth afterward. It aroused Michelle.

Later as she was dressing, she noticed that the woman who was in the steam room with her was also dressing nearby. They nodded to one another. They were close enough so no one else heard when the other woman asked, “Did you like watching me touch myself in the steam room?”

Michelle was flustered. She blushed. She turned her face down embarrassed. The women felt badly. It was not her intention to embarrass Michelle. She rushed over, placed a hand on Michelle arm and said, “It’s OK. I’m just teasing you. I liked it that you saw. I’m Ann.”

“I’m sorry. I’m Michelle. It surprised me. I wasn’t expecting to see that.”

“Did you like it? Did it excite you a bit?”

“Yes,” Michelle responded shyly.


They laughed.

They walked out to the parking lot together. They chatted, exchanging some basic info as to who they were and what they did. They found that they had a similar workout schedule at the gym and parted saying that they were looking forward to seeing the other the next time at the gym.

Every time they would be together at the gym they’d always go into the steam room at the end of their workout. Now, Michelle would sit on the same bench as Ann but at the other end. They would sit, turned to one another leaning against the wall with the knee of the inside leg up with the foot flat on the bench, their towels draped over their thighs. Ann would caress herself from time to time, smiling at Michelle when she did so. Eventually Michelle felt comfortable to do it also. It excited her to do it not only for the physical feelings but for the adventure of it all.

It became their routine to meet up after working out at a nearby wine bar and chat. They were becoming friends.

In time they began talking about things sexual. Ann shared about her curiosity with sex with a woman and her subsequent relationship with Mary, an older lesbian. Michelle shared about her wonderful experience with Becca. Ann was enthralled with the story. Michelle shared how inadequate she felt in giving oral pleasure to Becca. It was a learning experience for her. She learned a lot from Becca over the ensuing weeks until she left to relocate there.

Several days later, Ann told Michelle that she had related Michelle’s experience to Mary and that Mary would like to meet her. If Michelle was agreeable, Ann would arrange a get together.

Michelle was. Ann did. Ann and Michelle would visit Mary at her home that Sunday. Mary had a pool in her backyard and they would hang out there. They were invited for a late brunch.

Michelle immediately felt Bayan Escort Antep comfortable when she met Mary.

When Michelle saw Mary’s pool and patio the first thing that came to her mind was the pool and patio at Becca’s outbuilding. The pool was landscaped to provide total privacy. The patio was partially covered from the sun. There was a lounge chair that was wide enough for two and at one end had a raised arm and a partial back. One could nestle into the corner. It was functionally similar to the one that Becca had in the outbuilding bedroom. She thought of Becca pleasuring her in it. She giggled to herself quietly.

Brunch was served with mimosas’. Everyone was feeling good at the end of brunch. During clean-up there was a lot of bumping into one another. Ann and Mary exchanged many fleeting kisses and touches. When Michelle went to change into her bikini, Ann searched her out and handed her a mid-thigh sarong and a clip to hold the waist together. “You might find this more convenient,” she said with a smile. Ann was already wearing one and no top.

“Why not?” thought Michelle. Ann had already seen her naked and Mary, undoubtedly, has seen naked women before.

When she went out onto the patio she found Ann and Mary sitting on the wide lounge. Mary was tucked in the corner with her legs spread and Ann was sitting within them at an angle. They were kissing and fondling one another’s breast. Michelle noticed that their pussies were readily available to the other also.

Michelle sat in the chair closest to them. She was close enough to see wetness between their labia lips. Their sarongs were agape.

As they chatted, Ann and Mary continued to caress and fondle one another. There was no end game. It was just for the pleasure of it all, the touching and being touched. Mary could see in Michelle the want to be touched and to touch. Mary realized that Ann and Michelle were just gym friends. There wasn’t a basis for sharing intimacies. Mary let the afternoon unfold as it would. They swam. They sun bathed. They hung out together. Ann and Mary maintained their playfulness throughout the day. Mary was sensitive to Michelle’s yearning but didn’t know how to address it.

A possibility emerged a few days later. Mary belonged to a group of women, all lesbians, who would get together from time to time, to socialize. One of the women was an artist whose works were to be displayed in a nearby gallery. There was to be a private showing for the group. They were encouraged to bring guests. Mary thought that this would be a wonderful opportunity to introduce Michelle to a community of lesbians. Maybe she’d connect with one. The group had decided from the get-go that at social gathering there were no “hands-off” rules. Anyone could chat up anyone else and if there was mutual consent they could “go home” together.

And so it happened that at the private showing Michelle “connected” with a woman, Diana. Diana was a successful entrepreneur. She had started up and sold a few companies already. She enjoyed the challenge and excitement of a start-up but got bored once it established itself in its niche. She’d sell it using the proceeds of the sale to fund another start-up. By any measure she was financial successful.

Diana was a horse woman. She had grown up with horses and had a couple that she boarded at a nearby horse ranch. When she heard that there was a young woman at the showing who had worked at a horse ranch she searched her out. Within the first five minutes of conversation with Michelle there was a “connection”. They shared a love of horses. They felt comfortable with one another. They were attracted to one another. Yes, Diana had big breasts just like Becca. They were together when the showing ended. Diana invited Michelle, Mary and Ann back to her home. Mary and Ann begged off. Diana said that she’d take Michelle home. And so it was that Michelle found herself going home with Diana.

Diana’s house was grand. It was located well back in a 10 acre wooded property. As Diana was showing Michelle around, they came across the outdoor pool. It was a warm night. “If you’d like to go for swim, please do.” said Diana.

Diana stood with her mouth open as she watched Michelle strip and dive into the pool. She laughed out loud. As Michelle swam and frolicked in the water, Diana went off to get a towel and a robe for when Michelle came out of the pool. She pulled a chair to the edge of the pool and sat and watched Michelle in the water. She marveled at Michelle’s young body. A hunger grew within her.

As Michelle swam and frolicked in the pool she became aware of Diana watching her. She was warmed by it. A hunger grew in her body also.

When Michelle climbed out of the pool, Diana rose to hand her the towel. Michelle looked beautiful in the moon light and the light coming from the house. Diana didn’t hand Michelle the towel. She began drying Michelle herself. She caressed Michelle’s neck and shoulders and breasts with the towel. Michelle leaned forward and hugging Diana tightly kissing her passionately. Diana dropped the towel and brought her arms around Michelle and kissed her back with equal passion. When they finally broke the kiss, Diana whispered “let’s go upstairs.” She took Michelle’s hand and led her to her bedroom.

Diana led Michelle to the side of the bed and guided her to lie down. Instead, Michelle turned to stand in front of Diana and proceeded to undress her. When a patch of skin was revealed, Michelle would step forward and plant light wet kisses on the bare skin. Diana murmured when Michelle did it to her breast and nipples and later to her abdomen and stomach. When Diana’s dress, bra, panties and garter belt were off, Michelle guided Diana to sit at the edge of the bed so that she could remove her stocking. When Michelle finished rolling off the stocking from both legs, she sat back on her heels and admired what she saw. She picked up the foot and trailed kisses from the toes to the knee along the inside of the calf. Then she did it to the other leg. She pushed Diana knees apart and began kissing the inside of one thigh from the knee to the crotch. She stayed clear of Diana’s pussy. Then she did the other. This time though she continued along the edge of the crotch planting kisses in an ever decreasing circle around her pussy until she was planting kisses on Diana’s labia. She swiped her tongue between Diana’s labia lips from the bottom to the top. Diana shuddered and orgasmed.

Diana reached down and pulled Michelle up and kissed Michele with her soul. Michelle owned her.

They both moved up onto the bed, Diana on her back and Michelle lying partially on top. Michelle took Diana’s face in her hands and began to rain kisses all over it finally coming to rest on her lips. She kissed Diana with all the energy within her. She would rise a bit to look at Diana’s face. She continued to do that until she saw in Diana’s face and how her body was at rest, Diana’s complete surrender to her. Michelle was very happy.

She proceeded to kiss and lick Diana’s body from her lips to her pussy stopping along the way to pay humble attention to Diana’s beautiful breasts and areolas and nipples. They were very sensitive. Michelle suspected that she might be able to bring Diana to orgasm through breast play. It would have to wait for a later time. She was on a mission.

When she reached Diana’s pussy she lay on her hip, feet at Diana’s head, so that Diana, if she wanted could fondle her breasts and pussy. Michelle bent over and began planting kisses on Diana’s mons, then on the outside of her labia and around the tops of her thighs. Diana opened her legs so that Michelle could access the inside of her thighs and all of her pussy. Michelle began caressing the area with her fingers. Every now and then she’d glance up and look at Diana’s face. Diana’s eyes were focused upon Michelle. Her face was relaxed. Her smile was broad. There was no question in Michelle’s mind that Diana was offering herself to her.

Michelle bent down and began planting kisses on Diana’s labia, licking it and running her tongue and fingers between her lips. Diana squirmed. She moaned. Her nectar flowed from her pussy.

Michelle repositioned her so she was sitting cross-legged. She pulled Diana up and positioned her so her back was perpendicular to Michelle, her nearest leg draped over Michelle’s knee and her other leg splayed out on the bed. In that positioned, they could readily kiss and could fondle and suck on each other’s breast. Diana’s pussy was readily assessable. Michelle immediately placed the palm of her hand upon it and began gently massaging it. They looked into one another’s eyes. They smiled. They came together and kissed. Diana fondled Michelle’s breast.

Michelle inserted her index finger into Diana’s vagina, places her thumb to caress her clit and began orchestrating the symphony that would bring Diana to a crescendo orgasm. Diana dropped her mouth to suckle Michelle’s teat. When she was on the verge of orgasm she raised her head and kissed Michelle passionately while she orgasmed. Michelle brought her being down gently.

They hugged and kissed one another.

Diana pushed Michelle onto her back, moved down to her feet, pushed her legs apart and lay down between them bringing her mouth to cover Michelle’s clit.

Michelle whimpered. Diana located Michelle’s clit with her tongue. She circled it with her tongue. She sucked on it gently. She trashed it with her tongue. She would tease it with the tip of her tongue and caress with the flat of her tongue. Michelle would raise and lower her pelvis to increase or decrease the pressure or just in response to the feelings surging within her. When she came she moved her thighs to lock Diana’s face onto her pussy.

Diana and Michelle had maintained eye contact throughout.

When Michelle released her lock on Diana’s head, Diana clamored up and brought Michelle up into a hug and kissed her with deep feelings first and then with appreciation for the pleasure Michelle had given her.

They lay in bed smiling, kissing, saying meaningless things, and gently caressing each other when they heard someone enter the house. Michelle rose in alarm but Diana grabbed her, pulled her back into bed and began suckling her teat. Michelle began succumbing to Diana’s ministration when a woman entered the bedroom and approached the bed.

It was Mary, Ann’s lesbian friend.

Diana turned to Michelle and said, “Meet my lover. I believe that you already know her.”

Then Diana turned to Mary and said, “Meet my new love. She has captured my very being.”

Mary smiled, “I’m so happy for you both. I never would have expected it but such are the mysteries of the Universe.”

Mary stripped and climbed onto the bed kneeling first over Diana and kissing her with feeling and then reaching her body over Diana kissing Michelle with equal feeling. When she did this Diana captured Mary’s nipple into her mouth and began teasing and sucking on it. With her nearest hand she inserted her index finger into Mary’s vagina and was slowing moving it arousing her G-spot. Mary moved slightly. She did not want to disengage either her nipple from Diana’s mouth or her finger from her pussy. She was able to get to Michelle’s nipple and do to that what Diana was doing to hers. She also reached her hand down to Michelle’s pussy and penetrated her with the tip of her index finger and caressed her G-spot.

They were all lost in the moment. Mary orgasmed. Michelle orgasmed. Mary quickly got between Diana’s legs, inserted her index finger into Diana’s vagina and pulsing it, locked her mouth over Diana’s clit and assaulted it until Diana orgasmed.

Mary climbed back up to lay partially on Diana’s side. Michelle was lying on the other side. Their faces came together in a group kiss and 1-on-1 kisses. They were laughing. They were happy.

Michelle had so much more that she wan ted to do with Diana. It would wait for later time. She was hoping that Mary would be joining them. As soon as she thought that Michelle recognized the “strangeness” of it. She didn’t had feelings for Mary before that would motivate her to have a sexual relationship with Mary but she now entertained having Mary join her and Diana. It seemed to Michelle to add to the enjoyment that she felt with Diana.

She made a mental note to write Becca and thank her.

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