Mexican Adventure

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I finally emerged from the protective cocoon of school at the age of eighteen and ventured out into the real world, still a shy virgin. The next seven years were spent in obtaining my qualification as a chartered accountant, but as far as my sex life was concerned these were wasted years.

The established system of a chartered accountant’s training in those days was to work normal working hours in a qualified accountants office (at a very low rate of pay, thus providing a ready source of cheap labor!) to gain practical experience, and then to study by means of correspondence courses in the student’s spare time. This of course left very little time for socializing which was OK with me as I was still very shy around girls and so avoided contact with them. If only I knew then what I know now…………..!

During that seven year period I did go out on dates with a couple of girls, but never made any attempt to kiss them, even though I wanted to, as I was scared of rejection. So nothing ventured, nothing gained! I fell madly in love with one girl, Annette, who served behind the counter at a bakery where I usually went to buy a lunchtime snack. After I had gone there a few times, she recognized me as a regular customer and started to banter with me. Over the next few months I started to spend nearly all my lunch hour chatting with her in between serving her customers. I eventually plucked up enough courage to ask her out, but she said she was busy that night, and I felt completely rejected and never asked her again. A few weeks later she moved out of the area to take a better job and I never saw her again.

Around the time I qualified at the age of twenty five (still a virgin but nevertheless horny, relying on my own hand for relief) I saw an ad for a job in the Bahamas at a much better salary (tax free) than I was making even after qualifying. I applied and was successful in obtaining the position and so I left England later that year for the sunshine, sea and sand of the Bahamas.

My initial contract was for a three year period and it took me quite a while to settle into my new surroundings. Although the Bahamas was at that time still a British colony, with obvious English traditions and influence, the atmosphere was much more cosmopolitan than I was used to, as there were expatriates from many different countries living there, working in positions that the local people were not yet qualified to fill. Added to that flavor was a heavy American influence as the main industry was tourism and most of the visitors came from the US, especially Miami which lay less than two hundred miles to the west. There was quite a large English community in Nassau, mostly teachers or accountants, and so over the next few months I developed friendships some of which have lasted to this day.

The accounting firm I worked for was rapidly growing, so I put all my energy and efforts into my new job, putting in many hours of overtime, and almost two years passed before I went on my first vacation. Some of the English guys organized a trip to Mexico to attend the 1970 World Cup and since I had been a soccer fan since my schooldays I gladly joined them on the trip. We arranged hotel accommodations in Cuernavaca which was fairly close to Mexico City where the final was to be played and convenient for some of the other venues. We were to stay two weeks, culminating in attending the World Cup Final for which we had already obtained tickets, as well as for some of the earlier games. Amongst the guys on the trip was my colleague Jerry, who had joined the firm three months earlier than me, and with whom I had established a fairly close friendship, as we had a lot in common. Jerry and I originally were to have shared a room, but in the end we were allocated smaller rooms with just one single bed, so we each had our own room.

We had fun while we were there, and men being men, a lot of my group spent the majority of their time chasing girls, and in some cases, getting laid, or so they would have you believe. They were not shy to talk about their exploits and I listened, without saying much, not wanting to reveal that I was completely inexperienced in such matters, and certainly not wanting to admit that I had never been with a woman! We were having dinner on the second to last night, the evening before the Cup Final, when Jerry and I heard some of them talking about a nightclub that they had found a few miles out of town, called “La Huerta” (The Orchard) where apparently lots of available young women could be found, just ripe for the picking, so to speak! They told of their conquests and said they were going back that night. This piqued Jerry’s interest and he was all for going there to check it out. He asked me if I wanted to go with them and not wanting to seem standoffish, or even being left on my own for the evening, I told him OK, I’d go.

They organized some taxis to go out there and around ten o’clock that night we all trooped into the club. It was very rudimentary Starzbet inside, with small tables surrounding a large circular dance floor, and as we entered I noticed (how could I not!) that there were indeed a large number of girls inside, some already seated at the tables talking with guys, while others were standing at the bar chatting with each other. The one thing they had in common, apart from being young and pretty, was that their clothes were very scanty, with short skirts, low cut tops and high heels. As we found tables, the girls left the bar and moved over to join us. One girl came over to the table where Jerry and I were seated, and she was very attractive, with long auburn hair, a nice pair of tits with plenty of cleavage showing and long legs that seemed to go on for ever! Her perfume was quite strong, smelling like fresh-cut flowers, and her overall impression was of a very sexy girl, and of course that had an immediate effect on me, or more precisely, on my cock, which grew hard almost immediately.

She asked us, first in Spanish, and then in broken English when she realized we didn’t speak Spanish, if we wanted something to drink, so we told her we wanted beers, so she smiled and left to get them. Jerry winked at me, and said, “She’s sexy, huh?” and I told him I couldn’t agree more. She soon returned with the beers and we noticed that she had brought three. She handed us one each and then indicated that the third was for herself, and Jerry immediately pulled up a chair between us so she could sit down. We started to chat as best we could, given that she spoke little English and we spoke even less Spanish. We spent an hour or so like this, aided by two more cervecas each, and during which we learned that her name was Marisa, that she was nineteen and that she was available for the night. I wasn’t sure that I knew what that meant, but I believe Jerry did, for as she excused herself to go to the ladies room, he said, “Jack, I’ve never paid for it in my life before, but I think tonight I’m going to lose my amateur status! She’s gorgeous, don’t you think?” I had to admit that I agreed completely with him, but found it hard to believe that she was really a hooker, because she did not fit my pre-conceived notion of what a hooker looked like. She looked so fresh and pretty, not at all like the kind of woman that plied her trade on the streets of Soho that I had seen on my trips to London before I left England.

Shortly afterwards, Marisa returned to the table, but instead of resuming her seat took Jerry by the hand and started to lead him towards the bar. Jerry looked over his shoulder at me and winked before saying, “We’ll be right back!” They disappeared into the area that led to the restrooms and I learned later that there were some private rooms, or more correctly cubicles, where you could take the girl of your choice for a quickie, if that was all you wanted. This was the cheapest option, but if you wanted longer with a girl you could, for the right price, take her back to your place.

They soon came back, arm in arm, Marisa smiling at him, and they sat down at the table again, but this time Marisa sat where Jerry had, while he sat next to me. He said quietly, “Jack, I have a little problem.”

“What’s wrong, Jerry?” I asked.

“I really want her, but I’m a little short on cash. Can you lend me 100 pesos until tomorrow?”

Now 100 pesos wasn’t a whole lot of money, probably about $4, and I happened to have much more than that in my wallet, so I told him, “Sure, Jerry, no problem. You want it now?”

“Yeah. I just need to give it her upfront, so she can pay her fee, and then we’re gonna leave. What you gonna do?”

“I guess I’ll come back to the hotel with you, if that’s OK.”

“Sure, but don’t you want to bring a girl back with you?”

“Uh, uh. No, I don’t see any I fancy,” I replied, not wanting to tell him the real reason, that I was scared shitless to even think about it.

“OK, then. You mind paying for the beers and the cab back to the hotel? I’ll settle up with you tomorrow.”

“No worries, Jerry.” I took out my wallet and slipped him the 100 he asked for and a 20 to cover the bill for the beers. He handed both to Marisa and she hurried back to the bar, where she became involved in a heated discussion with the bartender, before disappearing into the back. She was gone quite a while, and I was just wondering if she was ever going to come back when she reappeared with a light coat over her scanty attire.

She came back to our table and said to Jerry, “Vamanos, mi bida!” We got up and went outside where a number of taxis were waiting. The three of us got in the back seat, with Marisa sitting between Jerry and I, and as the taxi pulled on to the main road back into town, Marisa leaned forward to give some instructions to the driver in Spanish. As she leaned back, she slipped open her coat, revealing her legs way up to her thighs, as well as her Starzbet Giriş generous cleavage and my cock, which had been semi-hard all night, revived to full hardness. The sight of her lovely legs, her full breasts and the heady scent of her perfume was really getting to me and then my excitement grew as she took my hand and put it on her bare leg. I looked over at Jerry and he grinned back at me as he put his hand on her other leg. Marisa sucked in her breath in almost a whistle and leaned back with her eyes closed for a few moments. Her next move completely astounded me as well as brought me to a fever pitch. She turned to look me in the eye and while I stared somewhat blankly back at her she put her hand directly on my rabid erection and smiled broadly. Her white teeth glistened in the dim light cast by the street lamps as we entered town and she whispered, “Bueno, caliente!”

I managed to respond in what little Spanish I knew, “Si, muy caliente!” even though my heart was beating in my chest at 100 miles an hour.

She laughed and responded, “Si, si, muy muy caliente!” She followed this up with, “You like fuckee, fuckee?”

I nodded and answered with a dry mouth, “Si!” I didn’t want Jerry to think I was trying to horn in on his girl, so I looked rather anxiously over at him, but he just grinned and gave a thumbs-up sign. Then I saw Marisa had her other hand on the lump in his pants and realized he was just enjoying the ride.

We soon arrived at the hotel and Jerry and Marisa went on in while I paid the cab driver. They were still waiting for the elevator when I entered the lobby, Jerry’s arm around her tiny waist and her hand on his ass. They looked like long time lovers, and when we went inside the elevator and the doors closed behind us they embraced in a long passionate kiss. I hardly knew where to look, but I was really turned on by now and my cock ached for release. We got off the elevator and walked down to our rooms, mine being directly opposite to Jerry’s, and as he was unlocking his door, Marisa looked at me with a broad smile and blew me a kiss! As they entered his room, Jerry turned to me with a grin and said, “OK, Jack, see you tomorrow!”

“See you!” I responded enviously, wishing it was me and not Jerry that Marisa was with. I closed the door behind me and for a second toyed with the idea of heading back to “La Huerta” to find me a girl. Then I realized that this probably wasn’t a good idea as I hadn’t seen any girl I fancied as much as Marisa and would probably have lost my nerve by then anyway. I decided to adopt my usual course of taking things into my own hands so I stripped off my clothes and headed to the shower. As I pulled off my under shorts I saw that they were quite wet where copious amounts of pre-cum had leaked from the tip of my raging hard-on, and it felt so good to take a firm grip on my rock hard shaft. I turned on the shower and stepped inside to stand with my back to the shower and the jets of hot water felt good as they flowed over my shoulders and down my back as I jerked on my cock. It didn’t take long before I felt the familiar feeling coming over me as the cum started to travel up my shaft and before I knew it my cock was spitting out a long stream of cum all the way to the far wall of the shower stall! I didn’t remember ever cumming that hard before, an indication of how turned on I had been. I stayed under the shower for a long time, luxuriating in the hot water until it started to turn cold. I turned it off, grabbed a towel and went back into the bedroom to dry myself off.

I had just finished that task and had dropped the towel on the floor, ready to get into bed, when I heard a gentle knock on the door, followed by a vaguely familiar female voice calling out my name. “Jack! Jack!” I quickly picked up the towel and wrapped it around my waist before opening the door slightly to see who it was. To my delight it was Marisa, still wearing her coat, and I wondered if something was wrong with Jerry. Then she smiled at me and the next thing she said caused my cock to spring back to attention. “Fuckee, fuckee, si?” she whispered, and that was my cue to open the door wider and let her into the room. She came inside and I put on the night latch on the door, then turned back to face her. The instant I did, she shrugged off her coat, letting it fall to the floor, revealing that she wore absolutely nothing underneath!

“Oh, God!” I moaned as I saw her perfect body standing before me in all its wonder. I drank in every detail as I looked at her from head to toe, from her gorgeous auburn hair flowing over her shoulders, to her full breasts standing out proudly, her tiny waist and full hips tapering down to her long legs and the crowning glory, a patch of fine auburn hair above her glistening slit.

Marisa looked at me for a second and then smiled her wonderful smile, holding her hand out towards me. “You like?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah!” I breathed. Starzbet Güncel Giriş “Mucho!”

She stepped closer to me and planted a kiss full on my mouth, then jerked on my towel, dropping it on the floor, revealing my growing erection. As I had stood there looking at her I had briefly wondered if jerking off like I did would hamper my ability to become aroused, but that doubt was answered right away, and I guess it was obvious to her that my cock was indeed rising to the occasion and that she wanted to check it out. She looked down at my hard on and whispered, “Si, muy caliente!” as she reached forward to caress it. She pulled back my foreskin slightly then caressed the exposed head with her thumb, before dropping to her knees in front of me, using my discarded towel as a cushion. She looked up at me questioningly and said, “Suckee, suckee?”

I whispered, “Si!” as she caressed my rock hard cock with her hand. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, and then as my cock entered her mouth I couldn’t believe how good it felt. Her tongue circled the head even as she pushed her lips further down my shaft, and then I thought to myself that it was probably just as well that I had cum just a few minutes before, or else I would probably have cum right there and then! She sucked on my pole for a few seconds longer and I believe that at one point she took the entire length into her mouth – admittedly not a great feat as my cock was probably just less than six inches long.

After a while she pulled away and looked up at me with that dazzling smile and said, “Ahora, fuckee, fuckee?” There was no mistaking what she meant and my heart was racing as she stood up and led me over to the bed. She lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide apart, then pulled me towards her. Somewhat awkwardly I leaned over her and knelt between her legs, unsure of what to do next. She smiled again, then reached up to put one hand on the back of my neck and pulled me closer to her. At the same time she grabbed my throbbing cock and started to guide it towards her glistening pussy. I felt the tip of my cock touch her pussy lips and she pushed her hips up at me. I started to slide inside her and then I was really glad that I had made myself cum earlier, for otherwise I think I would have shot my load even before I was all the way in. The feeling was so glorious I finally understood why guys chase after any pussy they can: it felt like a warm velvet glove was enveloping my entire being and I pushed a little harder until I could go no further. I started to pull back out and then back in to try to repeat the sensation. It worked and it felt even better the second time! I did it again and then again and then settled in to a rhythmic pistoning motion, back and forth, back and forth, while Marisa sighed, and I hoped they were sighs of pleasure. At the top of one stroke I momentarily paused and she immediately pushed her hips up towards me to force me back inside her. I resumed my slow rhythmic stroking and she egged me on, murmuring, “Mas! Mas!”

I settled into a steady rhythm, gradually increasing the pace as my excitement grew. I started to get the familiar tightening in my balls that meant they would soon be ready to release their hot load, so in an effort to prolong the pleasure I slowed my pace down a little. As soon as I did that, however, Marisa started to move her hips back and forth, thus continuing the motion, and frustrating my attempt to delay my impending orgasm. What took me over the top, however, was when she started rotating around my shaft as well as driving her hips back and forth. “Oh, god!” I moaned, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” and sure enough a split second later I felt my hot cum shoot through my cock and explode inside her. The spasms seemed to go on and on, and Marisa continued swiveling around my hardness until it became almost painful. I collapsed on top of her, my entire body quivering, and she put her arms around me, holding me tight until I recovered. I raised my head and looked into her beautiful brown eyes, and then kissed her on her rosy red lips and then on her neck. We lay in that position for quite a while, until she gently rolled me over on to my back and my limp dick plopped out of her. She got off the bed, gently patted me on the chest and murmured, “Un momentito,” before disappearing into the bathroom. My senses were reeling after the experience I had just enjoyed, with opposing feelings of exhilaration and sadness: exhilaration that I had finally got to know what real sex felt like and sadness that she would soon leave me, alone once more.

My head was full of these thoughts when Marisa emerged from the bathroom, carrying a small bowl of warm water and a towel. She smiled as she sat on the bed and started to wash my rather tender cock and then my balls, and then gently patted them dry with the towel. “OK, baby?” she asked.

“Si!” I affirmed, and sat up to kiss her on the cheek. My cock may have been sore, but it soon proved to still have life as it started to harden again. She smiled and stood up, and then took the bowl back into the bathroom.

When she returned she smiled and said, “Ahora! I must go now!” and then lapsed back into Spanish. “Pero, manana noche,” pointing at herself and then at me, “Aqui, mas fuckee fuckee, OK?”

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