Her Fantasy

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Finally the day is here and he’s bringing you over tonight. I’ve been thinking about you being with us for a long time. I want to make sure you have lots of fun with us so I made some nice little plans for when we play. After my son has gone to sleep I take a shower and take special care to braid my hair loose but extra nice and put on little dabs perfume in just the right spots and brush my teeth. I put on a light skirt and my best bra and a thin blouse that fits kind of loose and looks nice with the skirt. I already made sure that all the sheets and blankets and the pillowcases are all fresh for you. I light a couple of candles and turn on the fan on low and turn the lights off except the one by the back door. I make sure that everything else is where it needs to be and I’m all ready for you.

I hear the garage door squeaking outside and my heart starts pounding because I know you are here with him now. I hear the back door open and you come into the bedroom behind him. You’re cute just like your picture but cuter and I like your eyes and your hair. You’re in a skirt and a stretchy halter-top that shows your pretty curves and nice black flats and you have your hair pulled back in a hair tie. I look into your eyes and I’m smiling. I’m a little shy because even though we have talked this is the first time we have met, but I’m so glad you’re here and I’ve been looking forward to meeting you and I have been anticipating what it will be like to feel your skin on mine. I take your hands in mine and say it’s so nice to see you and I lean in to hug you and then I kiss you. The feeling of your lips on mine and then your tongue on my tongue is like a drug. All my nervousness fades away and I just want to make you feel good.

I pull you closer as he goes around behind you and we start kissing your neck and shoulders together him on one side and me on the other. I move my hands over your arms and then up to take down the straps of your top to get your shoulders bare and slide the top down over your tits. You open my blouse and unhook the front of my bra to get my tits all naked on yours. They’re so nice and I want to kiss them and suck the nipples. He took the tie off to let your hair down and he’s running his hands through your hair. I bend down and kiss lower and lower getting closer to your nipples. I take one in my mouth and suck on it and I’m really gentle first and then I lick and suck a little harder and then lick and suck the other one. He’s softly biting the back of your neck and holding your tits out and massaging them while I’m sucking on them. I can hear you breathing deeper and I’m watching you and your eyes keep closing as little bursts of pleasure go through you. I’m feeling really good about this and I love Bycasino making you feel good, too.

Your hands are running through my hair in between my head and the braid and caressing my cheeks. He drops down kissing a path down your bare back and he flashes me a look around the side of you and I can see he knows I’m enjoying what I’m doing. I reach down and put my hands on your legs under your skirt and up onto your buttocks. I give them a squeeze and scratch my nails softly on them and I kiss down over your tummy and slide your top and your skirt and your panties down over your hips and onto the floor. You step out of them and I put them on the bed. I nuzzle up against your warm naked and shaved pussy for the very first time and I kiss on that ticklish little place where your thigh meets your tummy. You pull back a little and giggle cause I’m tickling you, and I giggle back cause I like tickling you. I can just barely smell your clean sexy smell and I want to taste you so bad. He’s getting hard and he’s pressing against you through his pants and I give his package a little squeeze and I tug on his belt a little to tell him to get naked too so you don’t feel uncomfortable. I take my blouse and bra all the way off and put them on the bed on top of your clothes. I’m just in my skirt now and nothing else at all and I can feel myself getting all puffy and wet down there. I kiss on your smooth mound and up and down over your thighs and feel your buttocks and I reach over and touch his hard cock with my fingers and he moves down to kiss back and forth and back and forth over your sides and your waist. Then he goes back up again and runs his fingers into your hair and pulls just a little to move your head back and over to the side and he kisses your neck more powerfully than before. I move your legs apart a little and you’re standing in between us with our mouths and our hands on you and your fingers caressing my ears and neck and I start to lick your little hot pussy and the tip of my tongue touches your clit and I can feel and taste how wet we’re getting you. You taste so good and I want to just eat you up like a peach.

We move together onto the bed and you lay on your back next to him and spread your legs for me. I kneel down over the end of the bed and I lick soft and easy over your whole pussy. I open you up with my fingers and lick little licks over your clit and then I slide my fingertips just the littlest bit into your tunnel. You’re so wet and I can see your mound getting all nice and puffy just like mine feels right now. I can hear you moaning quietly and I can feel your breathing getting deeper, and I love that we’re getting you hot. He’s leaning over your tits and sucking and licking them and Bycasino giriş I’m so loving licking your hot cunny. I slip my first finger a little further up into you and feel you squirming around a little and I can tell you want more. I slide my little toy bag over and take out a special strap on that I got just for us. It’s got a toy for you and a little nubby pad for your clit on the outside and a toy for me and a little nubby pad for my clit on the inside and it has elastic straps that hold it on me and in me just right so I can put it in you and control it. He gets a little coconut oil from the jar on the dresser and comes over behind me and slicks it down all over both ends and holds it for me and I step into it. You lean up and take hold of my end and he puts more oils on my pussy and you rub the head up and down on my clit and push it a little ways up into me and then back out and then back in a little further. I spread as wide as I can in the straps and I love what you’re doing to me. You put it all the way up in me and I ask you if I can fuck you and if I can slide this thing up in you and fuck you and you say uh huh. You lean back again and you finger your pussy for me and you show me how wet you are getting,

He gets more oil and it’s melting in his hand and he drips it onto your tits and onto your tummy and onto your pussy and he looks into your eyes as he touches your pussy for the very first time and mixes the oil with your juices and he says you’re so fucking yummy. He rubs his hand up onto your tummy and onto your tits and gets them all slippery. I lean down in between your legs and wrap my arms around your thighs and pull you down to the end of the bed and I press my tits against your oil-slicked tits and rub up and down on you. He gets up and walks around behind me and gets more oil for my back and my butt and he rubs it all over and his hands feel so good together with me pressed up against you. Your skin feels so amazing on my skin and I reach down to rub the head of my toy on your clit. I can feel my toy moving in me as I move yours against your clit and I slip it up in you a little and watch your mouth open a little as you stare into my eyes and I can tell your getting really turned on and you want this as bad as I do. I push up into you and it goes deep in your tummy and I can feel the nubs moving on my clit and my toy slips out just little ways as I push in you and back in as I move out. I can’t believe how good it feels that we’re fucking each other like this. He rubs my back and kneads my muscles like dough and he says that we look so sexy together.

He starts playing with my butt and slipping his finger just a little into my ass. He knows how much I like this sometimes Bycasino güncel giriş and he knows how much I like both my holes filled up. I’m slipping the toy in and out deep inside you and licking your slippery tits and sucking your nipples and I get up to pull you down to the very end of the bed and lift your legs to get deeper into you with our toy. I sink it in all the way and rub the nubs on your clit and move up and down fucking both of us with each movement. Your little moans are getting heavier and faster and I totally love making you feel this way and sharing this feeling with you and with him. I lean to one side and run my hand over your leg and over the side of your butt and over your waist and then up over your tit and then I slip my middle finger onto your lips and into your mouth for you to suck on for a second. He’s rubbing my shoulders and slipping his finger deeper up in me and he’s working my ass to get me loosened up for his cock and he’s sliding his cock back and forth between my buttocks and I can feel how hard he is.

I lift my leg up onto the bed and give him a better angle and he slips the head of his cock into me. I reach out and lock my fingers into yours with my free hand and he shoves his cock slowly all the way up in me and I feel totally filled in both my ass and my pussy. He pulls out a little and pushes in deep moving me up deeper into you at the same time and I feel you moving your hips in time with us and we’re all like links in a chain moving back and forth and back and forth. I can feel you getting hotter and hotter and closer and closer to cumming and I can feel the toy is slipping in and out of us easier and easier cause we’re getting wetter and wetter fucking together like this. I can feel my body starting to tense up and I’m almost overflowing and he’s pumping in and out of me and the toy is sliding in and out of you and in and out of me and oh yes oh my god yes it feels so good being in between you and him and hearing you on the verge and hearing that little shake in his breath that tells me he’s gonna squirt up in my ass and your arching and squirming underneath me and its so fucking amazing. You start to shiver and squeal and you’re so fucking hot when you’re cumming and it hits me and I lose control and shiver and shake in between your legs and he starts growling and pumping his hot cum in me and I’m squeezing down so hard on that toy and your tits are heaving against mine and I’m cumming so hard.

He slips out of me and I slip out of you and I slide down with my head on your tummy and it’s all sweaty and oily and I love it. He’s resting his head against my back and I can feel the cool sweat in his hair, and we’re all breathing hard and that’s easing back to soft heavy sighing and we’re laying together up against each other and it feels so good. I was hoping it would be like this and it feels so nice with us all together. We rest for a little while and then I start kissing your tummy and things start getting hot all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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