Green Eyes Paralysis Ch. 04

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“You want dessert? How’s this for dessert?” Suddenly, Jamie felt her t-shirt being pulled up and her perky breasts exposed as Craig grinned.

“Hey!” Jamie tried to swing at Craig but missed as Craig chuckled.

“Hm, I may need to sample the dessert a bit,” Christian walked closer and softly grasped one breast, massaging it gently. A moan slipped from Jamie’s plump lips. Christian smirked as he softly pinched a nipple between two fingers, watching the ecstasy reveal itself on Jamie’s face.

Craig continued peeling Jamie’s shirt off until it ended up on the floor, and he lifted her skirt up to expose swollen, moist pussy lips. Jamie pushed Craig aside and took charge, peeling the skirt off. Proudly, Jamie placed her hands on her hips and paraded around the kitchen, showing off her taut, naked body. At the end, she shook her pert ass a bit. She made sure to bend over and grab hr ankles, revealing the glistening prize between her legs.

Grinning, Jamie slid onto the dining table, opened her legs enough, spread her pussy lips with two fingers, momentarily rubbed her clit with another finger, and gave the twins an inviting look.

“I have another idea for dessert,”Christian whispered as he approached Jamie and dropped between her legs.

Christian spread Jamie’s pussy with two fingers, exposing her clit and moist opening. He stared in wonders for a moment before landing his Escort Bayan Gaziantep tongue on the clit. He lapped his tongue in a quick up-and-down motion while Jamie’s breathing became quite labored. Jamie caught a glimpse of Craig approaching her, his rock hard erection obviously pushing the limits of his boxer briefs. Somehow, his pants had gone missing in the few seconds it took for Christian to take Jamie on a ride to heaven.

“Oh….my…..God, don’t stop!” Jamie sputtered as Christian began doing circular motions with his tongue. Jamie’s clit was well protruded and very easily accessible.

Suddenly, Jamie felt two masculine hands cupping her breasts, and two fingers tweaking each nipple softly. Jamie turned her head to see Craig smiling at her with his perfect teeth, and Craig leaned in to kiss Jamie softly. Craig felt Jamie’s breathing labor even more and become quicker as she neared her orgasm because of Christian’s assault on her clit.

Suddenly, one hand left a breast, and Jamie found herself aching for the hand’s return. She glanced out of the corner of her eyes to the missing hand sliding down the front of Craig’s boxer briefs. The waistline lowered a bit, and she could see neatly trimmed black hair peeking out. Jamie looked at Craig and made a downwards motion with her head and raised an eyebrow. Craig understood and lowered the waistband a bit more. The top of his erection was in view.

Bracing herself on the table with one hand, Jamie reached over and pulled down Craig’s boxer briefs, revealing his erection. Jamie smiled, licked her lips, and winked. Craig gently pushed Jamie back down flat on her back. He leaned in and kissed her softly on her lips, sliding his tongue in. Christian assaulted Jamie’s clit as Craig silenced her with his lips and tongue. Craig rubbed Jamie’s breasts with one hand as he turned her head with the other hand. Jamie was now eye level with a massive ten-inch erection.

Jamie leaned in slightly and began kissing the mushroom head, licking the top several times. Craig pushed himself in slightly as Jamie opened her mouth to receive him. He began sliding in and out slowly, building momentum, and watching Jamie’s lips stretch with his girth. Jamie licked the shaft’s length and Craig slid in and out. Jamie had secretly always wanted to give a blow job to man with a larger package, but the added bonus of a man also eating her out was just pure heaven.

Craig continued massaging, pinching, and rubbing Jamie’s nipples as he continued having sex with her mouth. Increasing speed, he could feel the start of his orgasm, and Jamie’s tongue running along the shaft turned out to be an amazing blow job. Craig sped up and began going faster, his orgasm building up. Craig pinched one of Jamie’s nipples a bit roughly as Jamie clamped down on his mushroom head with her lips. Suddenly, Craig began violently blowing into Jamie’s mouth as Jamie sucked and grabbed every drop. Jamie licked the shaft and cleaned the mushroom head with her tongue, and she showed Craig the load on her tongue. Craig smiled as he realized Jamie had swallowed the load she had just received.

The sensation of rubbing and pinching on her nipples, giving a blow job, and Christian’s tonguing on Jamie’s clit proved to be too much for Jamie. She grabbed Christian’s jet black hair with one hand and gripped the table’s edge with the other as she prepared for feelings of euphoria. She yelped and shrieked loud enough to shatter windows as Christian’s circular lapping with his tongue sent Jamie over the edge, resulting into an explosive orgasm. Juices exploded everywhere as Jamie squirted into Christian’s mouth, and more juices continued to flow. Jamie collapsed, spent.

“I’ll say we all worked up an appetite! How about those burgers now?” Craig chortled.

“I just ruined my dinner. That was an excellent dessert, Not too salty but sweet!” Christian emerged from between Jamie’s legs, his face coated in pussy juice.

Jamie was unable to say anything because the orgasm had completely wiped her out. She was still sprawled out on the dining room table with her legs wide open, exposing her wet and juicy pussy. Pussy juice lined the table and began dripping off the edge. Jamie began wondering what it would feel like having a twin, preferably both, inside her.

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