Grandpa’s Toy

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Please note that while the subject matter is gay the people are related.


“I’m sorry,” I said sheepishly when I noticed that my grandfather was standing in the doorway of Grandma’s old sewing room, which had turned into a computer room after her arthritis made that hobby too uncomfortable.

“Not nice to snoop around, Andy,” my grandfather said. “I’ll bet you wouldn’t want me looking through your things, would you?”

“No, you’re right. I wouldn’t,” I said in what had to be the understatement of the year, because while I’m not all that crazy for an 18 year old in 2013, I imagine that it would freak out my poor old Grandpa.

Then again, what I was holding in my hands wasn’t something that I would have expected finding in the drawer of Grandpa’s computer desk, and it had to be his because it wasn’t something that Grandma would have any use for.

“My toy. You know what that is, Andy?” Grandpa asked as he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.

“I think so,” I said, looking down at the long clear plastic tube with a rubber bulb attached to the device. “You put your – you know – in there and when you squeeze the bulb it’s supposed to make your thing bigger.”

“Hard,” Grandpa corrected. “It helps you get an erection.”

“That’s what I meant,” I agreed, because I knew that if they actually did really increase the size of your dick I would have bought one long ago.

“When you get old,” Grandpa said, taking the device from my hands and looking at it. “Let’s just say that it isn’t as easy to perform as it is when you’re a teenager, so when me and your Grandma wanted to – you know – we would use that to get me ready.”

I nodded, hoping that I would never need to use one, but the thought of Grandpa and Grandma getting it on was interesting to me.

“Of course these days, Grandma, she’s not interested in that sort of thing any more, which is why it’s in here,” Grandpa continued. “As for me, well, let’s just say that I still am, and that’s why it’s in here. I come in here and play around on the Internet.”

“Probably more information that you wanted about your Grandpa, isn’t it?” he asked, and I shrugged my shoulders. “I have to admit that when I first started – what do they call it – swimming on the Internet?”

“Surfing,” I said with a smile. “Surfing the Net.”

“That’s it, surfing,” he repeated as he patted my shoulders. “But then again I’m sure that you know all about – oh there. I guess you do.”

Grandpa had reached over and touched the mouse, and when he did the screen saver disappeared and what I had been looking at before being distracted by the penis pump appeared back on the screen. I lurched at the keyboard and got rid of the image, hoping that Grandpa hadn’t seen what I was looking at.

“It’s okay Andy. I’m not as square as your mother,” Grandpa said. “I’m a guy too, you know.”

He was probably right about that square part, although the reason that I had been sent to visit my grandparents for a couple of weeks, at least in part, was that so Mom could fuck her new boyfriend without fear of me hearing them.

“You want to try it out?” Grandpa asked. “I mean, I know you don’t have the problem that I do, but I’ve found that if you use it after you get aroused, well let’s just say that while it isn’t as good as the real thing, it isn’t bad.”

“Uh, I don’t think so,” I said.

“It’s clean, if that’s what you’re worried about,” Grandpa assured me.

“No, that’s not it,” I said, but the more I looked at it the more interested I got. “Maybe before I leave.”

“No time like the present,” Grandpa said. “Go ahead.”


“Why not?”

“What if Grandma…”

“Those pills knock her out, and besides, she’s afraid of the computer,” Grandpa said with a chuckle. “Here, you’ll need this too.”

Grandpa handed me a half empty tube of some kind of lubricant, and there I was, sitting in front of Grandpa’s computer with a penis pump and gel. Not something that had ever crossed my mind, to be sure.

“I can’t. Not in here…” I said, but before I could finish my thought about not being able to to do something like that in front of my grandfather he cut me off.

“We’ll go to your room then Andy,” Grandpa said, and the next thing I knew we were heading down to the guest room at the far end of the hall.


“Make yourself comfortable,” Grandpa said as he brought me over to my bed, turned on the light to a low setting and sat next to the bed.

“Grandpa,” I said. “I can’t.”

“That website you were looking at,” Grandpa said, putting his hand on my knee. “You like that one, don’t you? I noticed that you’ve visited that everyday this week.”

I felt like crawling into a hole, never thinking that my grandfather would know how to check history on the computer. The fact that the website was called Daddies and Twinks was humiliating, because even though my own old man had been gone for years, Grandpa was a daddy, my Mom’s, and now he knew a whole lot more about me in a number of ways than Antep Escort Bayan he did before.

“It’s alright Andy,” Grandpa said, squeezing my knee while my face probably turned beet red, judging by the way it felt. “It’s an interesting website. I wasn’t aware of that one. I’ll show you a couple that I think you might enjoy as well. Told you I’m not that square. You see, up until recently I had – a friend. He passed a few months ago. We used to – keep each other company.”

“You?” I said incredulously, the thought of this ultra straight appearing man with another guy beyond belief.

“Go ahead Andy,” Grandpa said, nodding. “I’d like to watch you use my toy.”


“Kinda nervous,” I said apologetically after I pulled my pajama bottoms down and pulled on my dick, which in fright was retreating into my intestines like a turtle into his shell, and while the device was designed to produce an erection my dick had shriveled up so much that I couldn’t get it to the rubber nozzle.

“It gets bigger,” I said in self defense after trying to put my little nub in the nozzle.

“I know that,” Grandpa said. “When you first got here, I accidentally happened to catch a glimpse of you while you were drying off after your shower. Anyway, let’s just as that I found out that Grandma’s cute little Andy – well, you’re still cute but you sure aren’t little anymore.”

“Oh gee,” I said, and while I felt weird learning that Grandpa had seen me naked, there was something else about that which was ever more weird. “But how did you see me? I always lock the door.”

“Maybe the part about it being an accident was a bit of a fib,” Grandpa said with a wink thrown in, and while I didn’t really understand, something else crossed my mind.”

“Did Grandma see me too?”

“Heavens no,” Grandpa chuckled. “She’s not nearly as curious about things like that as I am.”

“Relax,” Grandpa said calmly as he squirted a little gel into his hand, and after a brief hesitation reached over toward me. “Here.”

My grandfather sat next to me on the edge of the bed, and I was looking down when his long bony fingers took my timid dick and began to pull on it slowly, while I tried to relax.

Grandpa’s hand – it was a lot like my science teacher Mr. Arthur’s – and he was reassuring me just like my teacher had that day. Just like that day, my dick started to respond, and when it began to look respectable Grandpa helped me put it in the nozzle.

“Ooh!” I groaned after I pumped the bulb a few times fast.

“Here, let me,” Grandpa said, taking the bulb away from me and telling me to just hold the tube against myself. “It’s better when you take your time. I’ve had a lot of practice. Take your top off and enjoy.”

If poor Grandma ever did come down here and saw this, me naked with a penis pump on and her husband in his pajamas squeezing the pump device slowly, that would have done her in. Thankfully Grandpa had locked the door.

“Works fast, doesn’t it?” Grandpa said as he looked at my erection through the plastic.

“Yeah,” I grunted. “Wish it did make you bigger though.”

“Nonsense,” Grandpa scoffed. “You’ve got a beautiful cock. Matter-of-fact, except for the fact that my friend wasn’t circumcised like you, you’re the spitting image of him.”


“That, and the fact that the hair around his was gray,” Grandpa said, running his fingers through the tuft of brown curls above my dick.

“You and him did this?”

“That, and other things,” Grandpa said, his eyes getting a little watery as he thought of his late friend. “He had lost his wife and I – well, let’s just say we needed each other.”

“I think that’s nice,” I said, adding, “not as nice as this thing is though.”

“You like this, Andy?” Grandpa said with a smile. “Bet you’d like me to go faster, wouldn’t you?”


“Patience,” he smiled. “So, I know you had a girlfriend a while back. Does your mother know you like boys too?”

“I don’t think so, but I don’t really like boys,” I said as sweat began rolling off me. “I mean, I fooled around with a classmate of mine, but it wasn’t as good for me as the other times.”

“The other times?”

“Yeah, the other two guys were guys. You know, men.”

“Older fellows?” Grandpa asked, and I nodded.

“Lucky guys,” Grandpa said as he continued to use the pump like a conductor, bringing me to the point of orgasm several times before backing down again, and when I looked into the tube it actually looked like it was making me bigger than my 5″ or so. “Open your thighs a bit.”

I did as Grandpa asked, and after I did his free hand reached down and began playing with my balls.

“Not fair,” I grunted as he squeezed and kneaded my sac.

“You’ve suffered enough I think Andy,” Grandpa said, and this time when I neared orgasm he didn’t stop.

As orgasms go, it was a lot better than average, and that toy milked me good judging by the amount of semen that sprayed on the walls of the plastic tube. Grandpa kept pumping until my withered dick slipped out of the nozzle, and only then did he stop.

“Oh man,” I sighed. “That was awesome.”

“I enjoyed it as much as you did, Andy,” Grandpa said, and as he rose from the bed I saw the tent in his pajama bottoms. “I was wondering if you would mind…”


“No need to clean it out good,” Grandpa said after I wiped the inside out a bit, and I almost dropped the toy when Grandpa stepped out of his pajama bottoms and I saw his cock swaying in front of him at half mast.

“Holy shit,” I mumbled when I saw Grandpa’s tan uncut cock waving in the air, and it only got longer as he smeared gel on the monstrous organ.

The head of his manhood looked as big as a plum under the long hood, and although I had only seen two other erect cocks in person in my 18 years, Grandpa’s was the biggest. I was used to being the little guy when I was with others, but never by such a wide margin, and Grandpa wasn’t even fully hard yet, or so it seemed.

“Here we go,” Grandpa said as he got into position on the bed, and he had to push his cock through the rubber sleeve to get it inside. “You do the honors.”

I couldn’t see very well because the sweat that streamed down my face and into my eyes burned like crazy, but I kept wiping my forehead with my free hand while I pumped the bulb.

“This might take a while,” Grandpa warned me as he watched me kneeling beside him, but I was too fixed on his cock in the plastic tube to notice much else. “That’s what happens when you get old, so if you get tired…”

“I’m okay,” I insisted as Grandpa slowly got bigger and bigger in the toy, and when he changed positions and bent one knee, his balls slid down close to the sheets like eggs in an huge slingshot.

“So tell me, Andy. Tell me about the two men you where with. Grandpa likes a good story,” he said while reaching over and putting hi hand on my thigh.

“Not much to tell,” I said. “A man at the lake was in the room where you rinse off afterward, and he kept staring at me. When I got done we followed me, but before I got to our campsite he introduced himself and asked me if I wanted to have some fun.”

“Did you?”

“Well, we had been up there for a couple of days and I was bored,” I explained. “I didn’t really know what he meant, but the next thing I knew I had my pants down and he was – you know?”

“Sucking your dick?”


“Did you like it?”

“I was scared at first, but then I started to enjoy it. Yeah. I liked it.”

“And what did you do? Did you suck on him too?”

“No, not that time. I just jerked him off that time.”

“That time? You mean you saw the man some more?”

“Every day we were up at that campground. The man said he was retired and his wife just liked to sit at the campsite and look at birds,” I said. “So we met every evening.”

“And he sucked your dick every day?”

“Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day,” I confessed.

“And what did you do?”

“I – He talked me into sucking his cock,” I admitted. “I wasn’t good at it at all at first, but he was nice to me and gave advice, so by the end I guess I was going okay.”

“Is that all your fellows did?” Grandpa asked, his hand running up and down my thigh while I kept pumping and sweating.

“We did something else,” I said, but then I said I’d rather not talk about it. Grandpa however, wanted to hear it all, and besides, there was nothing I could tell him that he hadn’t done himself.

“That last day, he said he wanted to do something special,” I said reluctantly. “He was such a nice man that I couldn’t say no.”

“What happened?”

“He had me bend over – and then he – he put his finger in my bottom. He felt weird because his finger was greasy and I felt goofy touching my toes in the wood naked, but he kept telling me how cute I was, and how I had such a nice butt.”

“You do Andy. Then what?”

“He had me bend over as far as I could, and then he took his finger out and…”

“Go ahead,” Grandpa insisted. “It’s okay. Did he put his cock in your ass?”


“Did you like it?”

“No. It hurt, and I tried not to cry but I couldn’t help it. He was holding my hips and pounding into my bottom real hard.”

“This man,” Grandpa said, a bit out of breath. “Was he well endowed? Did the man have a big cock?”

“Yeah, I guess,” I said, but then I looked inside the vessel and saw Grandpa cock looking ready to break the thing. “Not nearly as big as yours though. Yours is even bigger than those guys on the Internet. You want me to stop? It looks like your dick is too big for the tube. What if it breaks?”

“Don’t stop,” Grandpa said with urgency in his voice. “It hurt and you cried, but did he stop?”

“No, he kept grunting and thrusting,” I explained. But after a while…”

“What, Andy?” Grandpa said, his eyes wild and bulging as he leaned up towards me.

“It started to feel good, and I noticed I was pushing back against him,” I said. “By the end he had reached around and was jerking me off when he came. That really felt good – I came too when I felt his dick jerking inside of me and feeling his warm cum. Grandpa?”

For a second I thought Grandpa was having a heart-attack, until I realized that he was cumming, and I watched his seed drooling out of his cock into the vessel until he fell back on the bedding, drained in every way.

I kept pumping until Grandpa told me to stop, and then I lifted the device off of his tool, the fat hose flopping out like a dead snake after being drained.

“Thank you, Andy,” Grandpa said as he started breathing normally again. “That was so good, and I think you liked it too.”

Grandpa nodded toward my crotch, where my dick was hard again and curling up towards my stomach, and I guess I must have blushed after that.

“Can’t have you all in distress like that,” Grandpa said, and he told me to lay down where he had been. “How I miss being able to get hard again so fast like you.”

Grandpa was holding my dick like it was some kind of treasure, and after he stroked it for a bit, he suggested that we could do something else.

“Our little secret, of course,” he explained.

“Are you going to put your dick in my ass?” I asked while looking over at Grandpa kneeling at my hip, his limp cock hanging down to the bedding.

“Heavens no.”

“You can, if you want,” I said, even though the thought scared me more than excited me.

“You’re very sweet, Andy, and if I could I probably would take you up on that.” Grandpa explained. “But you see, I could never get hard enough without the device to penetrate you.”

“Looked pretty hard back then a minute ago.”

“But without the vacuum, I’m afraid that it’s usually like this,” he said with a shrug of his shoulders. “It would be like trying to shove a bowl of jello through a keyhole, but there other things we can do if you like.”

Grandpa bent over, my dick in his hand, and as his mouth slid down I groaned. So good. So much better than the other men, maybe because he was doing it with love, and just like he had with the pump, he brought me to the brink of climax many times before mercilessly letting me cum.

“That was incredible,” I said after I came, and after a minute of us looking at the ceiling, I summoned up enough nerve to ask Grandpa whether I could reciprocate.

“Nothing will happen, Andy.” Grandpa said. “Maybe tomorrow night.”

“Can I just suck on it though?” I asked, not wanting to pass up the chance, even though I wanted sure I could get my mouth around it.

As it turned out, I was able to suck on it okay despite how fat it was, but it was hard to handle because it was so limp and squishy that it really was like jello, and because it was so long that only made it tougher.

“Told you,” Grandpa when he saw that I was getting frustrated wrestling with his unruly snake, but I had an idea.

I pulled his flaccid cock back onto his stomach and started rubbing the palm of my hand up and down the underside of his cock, starting from the space between his balls and the base of his cock and pressing upward all the way to the tip before going back down.

“Where in the world did you come up with this?” Grandpa asked as I kept rubbing it, and the addition of some more lube even made it easier, as well as better for Grandpa.

“I dunno. Sometimes I hump the mattress and it feels good, so I wondered whether this would be good too. It feels like it’s getting harder, Grandpa,” I said while continuing to press hard.

“Feels good, Andy,” Grandpa said as he began to breathe harder. “You can stop when you get tired, because I’m done for the night.”

“Okay,” I said, but I had no intention for stopping because it was fun, and soon I could actually feel like Grandpa was getting harder, if not all that much bigger like it had been in the tube.

When I would rub back down toward his balls, the head would slide out from under the retracting foreskin, and so I began to use my other hand to rub the purplish head when it was exposed too when it wasn’t going down to squeeze his nuts.

“Andy!” Grandpa suddenly gasped, and as we watched, a little bit of cum oozed out of the tip of his cock. “I’m…”

I knew what was happening, so I bent down and started licking the cleft on the underside of the glans, and that forced a little more to drool out, and I kept licking the drooling tip until I felt Grandpa’s tense body relax as he rubbed the back of my neck.

“I haven’t had two orgasms in so long I can’t remember,” he exclaimed, and when I looked up his eyes were watery. “It wasn’t much of an orgasm – or so you would think by that little puddle of spunk, but it felt so good. Thank you Andy.”

“Thank you, Grandpa,” I said, and we ended up hugging and laughing.

“This is going to be a fun vacation,” I said while laying on top of Grandpa, burying my face in his hairy chest and feeling our cocks rubbing together.

“Andy?” Grandpa said, apparently becoming aware that what was rubbing up against his very drained manhood was alive and well. “You cannot be hard again.”

“I can’t help it. This is the most exciting night of my life,” I said, unable to explain how great I felt rubbing our bodies together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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