Grand Opening

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My husband and I have wanted to open our own club for several years. I have the business sense and he has the people skills. About a year ago we lived out another fantasy, that of having another couple join us in the bedroom. Now we are both full fledged swingers. So it’s no surprise that our “club” idea quickly took another direction.

We eventually saved the money we needed for the start up, and picked a place way out in the middle of nowhere. The inside was a little gaudy in the daylight hours, but at night when it was dimly lit, it was sensual and erotic feeling. There were tables scattered around a dance floor, but most of the room was taken up with couches with thick cushions. We stocked the best drinks and hired the best DJ we could find.

Now all we needed was a gimmick. We needed something that would fill the place up on opening night. Sam and I talked about it at length and decided that something from our own private lives could do the trick. You see, we both love being blind folded during sex. There is something extremely exciting about not knowing where you are going to be touched next, and never knowing what you are being touched with!

We took this idea and expounded on it. We advertised on local radio stations and with flyers that our opening night would conclude with an adult surprise for all of those couples that were curious enough to stick around until closing time. Then we set about making preparations.

At six o’clock on opening night, I was a nervous wreck. We had only had three couples call ahead for directions. No one had walked through the door. Sam may have been nervous too, but he never shows it. He looked relaxed and confident. I would have to say that is one of the things that makes him so sexy.

Finally at a little before eight, people started coming in. Then it seemed like there was no end to the line. At about ten, the line at the door thinned down and they only trickled in and out afterwards. I looked around and saw everyone seeming to enjoy themselves. There were drinks galore, dancing, flirting, and an intensity in the air. Sam and I mingled and left the real work to the beautiful girls and boys we had hired more for their appearance than their aptitude.

Everywhere we went people wanted to know about the after hours surprise. We didn’t let a thing slip. We only told them that they would have to keep a very open mind to enjoy it. There were a few giggles and a lot of bravado about being able to take anything. I don’t remember any of the names, but several of the bodies have stayed fresh in my mind. A few couples were younger than us, but most were our age or older. It seemed that all of them were attractive in their own ways, but even stranger was the fact that the few couples that were not so “choice” all seemed to leave early.

As two o’clock approached I took a head count of twenty two people or eleven couples left. All of them had a lustful gleam in their eye and seem to be watching every move Sam and I made. It was hard to tell who had come with whom. Everyone melded together until there were no couples left, only a mass group. I watched as they grew more and more frenzied. Several of the women had removed their shirts and were dancing nude from the waist up. It aroused Sam and I both to watch their lithe bodies move to the rhythms.

Finally it was time to lock the doors. I had the DJ turn the music off and stood in the center of the room to make my little speech. I again thanked everyone for making our debut so successful, and then asked them if any of them wanted to leave before the evening finale. No one moved. They seem to hang on every word I was saying. I invited them all to sit and have a drink on the house while Sam and Antep Escort Bayan I got everything prepared.

We had some of the boys working for us move all of the tables, chairs and couches to the dance floor area. Then we took all of the cushions and several more from storage and threw them around the plush carpeting that was now empty. I asked our guests to all take off their clothes. Some were not concerned a bit by this and stripped immediately. Some of the others though looked as if I were joking. As the leaders in this little game, Sam and I had to be an example. He took my clothes off of me lovingly and then I did the same for him.

Now we both stood naked and watched as the rest followed suit. There was some idle fondling, but for the most part everyone only waited. I asked them all to sit closely together on the cushions and then instructed the DJ to turn the music back on softly. When everyone was seated, I kissed Sam and walked away. There was a single candle and a lighter behind the bar. I picked them both up and lit the candle. Then I walked to the main light switch and flipped it off. Now the only light was from my flickering candle. All of the doors were shut and locked. The hired help had all left and of course there were no windows that weren’t painted black.

“After I blow this candle out, it will be completely black in here. There will be no way to see who you are touching, and no way to see who is touching you. It will be like we are all blindfolded. There will be no lights turned back on until it is agreed on by everyone here. If you want to leave you should do it now, because I know I won’t be getting up to unlock the door.” Everyone laughed. The DJ put on a continuous play and stripped along with everyone else. There seem to be no questions but I waited a moment longer anyway..

“Blow the damn thing out and get your pretty little ass over here!” I didn’t see who said it but everyone laughed and cheered the idea. I found my cushion by Sam and blew the candle out. I felt the hot wax hit my hand as I laid it behind me.

It took no time at all to find Sam’s body. It was firm and hot under my hand. I heard moans of released tension all around. I could smell the excitement radiating off of all of the bodies. I felt long soft hair brush over my arm and heard Sam gasp. At the same time I felt a hand stroke my thigh.

The hand was followed by a mouth. Both were strong and hard. I tried to reach out and feel the head that was now between my legs. Instead I felt another breast. It was small but perfectly round and soft. The nipple was stiff under my fingers. I gave it a gentle pinch and heard the woman attached to it groan in the back of her throat. It was enough noise for me to find her and pull her to me. We kissed like two teenagers. It was fast and furious, with our tongues wrestling with each other for space. She tasted like the sweet drinks she had been drinking and I loved it.

I felt fingers run through my hair and assumed they belonged to her. Instead I felt my head abruptly pulled away from her and felt what could only be a hard dick press against my cheek. I turned to guide him into my mouth and was shocked at the size of it. I did my best to get him all the way in my mouth, but he started pounding away at my face before I could go all the way down on him.

I heard the sounds of skin slapping skin next to my face. I heard Sam’s voice mingled with others. All of them were saying the same things over and over. “Oh God, yes. Just like that. Suck it. Fuck me. Harder. Faster.” I heard orgasms exploding everywhere around me. It seemed to be more females than males. Good. The guys were restraining themselves so it would last longer.

This kissing on my thighs had softened and at first I thought he had just changed styles on me. Then I felt the long soft hair again. This time barely grazing over my bare pussy lips. I shivered. This was one of my favorite feelings in the whole world and I would have enjoyed her doing it for hours.

My legs were lifted slightly and spread apart before I felt her dive into me. Her lips were full and soft but her tongue was demanding. It explored all of the folds between my lips. It dug into my pulsing hole. Then it finally found my hard clit. She stayed there and sucked and licked me until I came all over her face.

I gasped for breath around the huge cock in my mouth, then suddenly it was gone. I don’t know where he went but now I was free to join in with all of the encouraging remarks. I reached out to my left and found a well muscled body. I slid my hand down and felt the firm ass of some young man. I pulled away from my lovely lady and planted a small wet kiss on the small of his back.

First he arched his back, but I pushed on him until he bent over. I started gently exploring his ass with my mouth. He squirmed under me and pushed back to get more of my tongue in his asshole. I grabbed his hip to help pull him back on me with one hand and slid the other between his legs in hopes of jacking him off. There was a face there, with a mouth furiously working on his dick.

I felt around the face and was fairly sure that the goatee and mustache was that of my husband’s. Sam and I encourage each other’s bisexuality and love to watch each other with the same sex. It disappointed me slightly to not be able to see him orally service this stud.

Before the thought had left my mind I felt my pussy fill up with a hot dick. I gasped and Sam must have recognized my voice. His bobbing sped up and only then did I realize he was groaning. I stretched my arm as far as it would go, so that I could feel what was giving him pleasure. I felt a trim leg that led to a shapely hip and connected to a soaking wet pussy. There was nothing that turned me on more than seeing Sam fuck another woman, but this was close. I couldn’t see it, but I could feel it. While at the same time getting a good slow stroking myself.

My lover pulled out of me and was soon replaced by another slipping under me. I adjusted my body so I could ride this one. I sit down and immediately realized that this was the thickest dick I had ever had inside me. It took several attempts to get him inside me, no matter how wet I was. He was slow and gentle and let me take it at my own speed.

As soon as I was comfortable on him, I gently began riding and went back to work on the tight little ass still in my face. Under me the man had picked up his own rhythm and I only sat above him. Then I felt a tongue on my ass. I wondered for a moment if the person behind me got the idea from watching me. That was ludicrous though, it was pitch black in here. Then a little too soon the tongue was replaced by fingers. They felt good rubbing against the dick already in my pussy.

After no resistance at the fingers, the stranger positioned himself to push his dick into my ass. This was truly a night of fantasy. There is no better feeling than being fucked in both holes at once. I could feel the two heads when the passed each other inside of me. I felt the man below me reach around me and pull the one on top of me deeper, while he thrust up. I came again and with a scream this time.

This only invited someone to know that my mouth was empty. I felt a larger but just as hard nipple pushed into my mouth. I sucked at it hungrily. She sat on my bottom man’s face and rocked over his tongue. A pair of hands had come from behind her and was playing with her tits as I kissed them. Occasionally they slipped a finger down my throat and let me suck on it. I raised up and met her mouth with a wet kiss. Then she turned my face slightly and guided me to kiss the man behind her. Again it was the familiar facial hair of my husband.

As I came again from the steady fucking in my pussy and ass he kissed me long and hard. Then he whispered in my ear. “I want to hear you make them come. Do it at the same time.”

How he knew that I had two men inside me I don’t know. The girl between us heard the challenge and came from the excitement of it. I felt her roll away and bent down to lick off the sticky sweet juices she had left on my lover’s face. As I raised back up preparing to do my best to fuck them both to a simultaneous orgasm, I felt Sam’s dick enter my mouth. I would know it anywhere. It was of slightly above average length and width, but what made it remarkable was the ridge around the head. It was bigger than any I had ever seen. It made the head of his dick feel huge no matter where he stuck it. I gobbled him and went straight to the things I knew he loved the most.

I pushed my tongue against the underside of his dick, flicking it up and down the vein that ran from top to bottom. I barely grazed him with my teeth. I put his whole length in my mouth and stuck out my tongue to lick his balls. I held him deep in my throat and used my muscles there like I was swallowing.

Several times he had to pull away from me to keep from coming. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore. “What’s the matter? Don’t you remember how to be a good little slut and get these boys off?”

I took the hint and went to work on my guys. I know men love to hear women get vocal during sex. I might have shocked them with my dirty mouth and even dirtier thoughts. I think several of the couples around us slowed down to hear all the things I was saying to them. I flexed the muscles in my pussy and clenched my ass in rhythm with there fucking. I pushed back and down hard making sure they were both burying their dicks as far as they would go. I felt the tingling of an orgasm coming on again and I made sure they knew it. I begged them to fill me up with hot cum while I was cumming. I felt them both grow bigger inside of me and get harder. I could feel each one’s cock throbbing against the other’s with nothing but a thin piece of skin between my pussy and ass keeping them apart and I told them about it.

Sam grabbed a handful of my hair and wrapped it around his hand. He pulled my head up and forced his dick in my mouth. He fucked my mouth fast and hard like the first one I had tonight. I felt him shoot down my throat and tried desperately to swallow it all. He was moving to fast and some dripped out. It must have dropped on my bottom man’s face, because he knew what was going on. He lifted his head and started sucking on Sam’s balls. We bumped faces, and shared Sam’s come.

Bottom man started moaning in the back of his throat and jerking around under me. I felt him let go hot and hard inside my pussy. This sent top man over the edge and soon all of the easy rhythm of before was lost in a tangle of moans and grunts of their mutual orgasms. Having my ass and pussy shot full of their cum got me going again and I wiggled enough between them to get off one more time.

As we parted our bodies, there were still soft sounds of sex all around. Someone was kind enough to lick me clean all over. There were several soft kisses. Some were familiar and some were new. The rest of the night was slow and easy exploring of everything we could reach. We didn’t all agree to turn on the lights until almost six a.m. Now Sam and I try to do something a little special every once in a while at the club. Many of the “surprises” have turned out rather good. But those would be other stories…

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