Girlfriend’s Mom

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Let me describe my first encounter with Judy, my girlfriend’s mom. When I came to the house after school one day my girlfriend Maryann was not at home.

Judy said her daughter Maryann was at soccer practice and was going shopping and a movie with girlfriends afterward.

I started to leave but Judy looked at me and said “Oh, I see, Maryann is not here so you just leave the old lady at home alone.”

I smiled and responded that she was not an old lady. She actually was quite hot. Of course she had large breasts which I dearly love and she had the thick Mediterranean look which appealed to me but even after growing more bold I never approached her because I was seeing her daughter.

But Judy was always extremely playful with me and very lonely after divorcing her boring, cheating husband 5 years earlier.

I came into the house and we sat on the couch holding hands as we began to talk about school and my future. She knew me my entire life and commented how I had grown Bycasino up to be so handsome.

It was nice to hear, she was always very warm and comforting to me.

Then I began asking Judy about her life and she got more morose and sad telling me how lonely she was and how it was difficult to meet people because she was overweight and not pretty anymore.

This was very moving to me. I drew closer and held her in my arms and softly kissed her cheek as she easily moved into my arms. I was gently caressing her arms and only slightly touching the sides of her breasts with both hands.

It was all quite innocent because I was holding her so close but it felt incredibly arousing to me. I continued to softly kiss her cheeks and moved my lips to her ear as I whispered how much I liked her and thought she was so beautiful.

I mentioned that Maryann got her good looks from her and I, barely audibly, said that I actually had a crush on her for sometime.

With Bycasino giriş that comment, she looked up at me shocked and said I was such a naughty boy and that Maryann better not hear that.

I kissed her forehead and told her it was my dark secret. She fell comfortably back with her head on my shoulders thinking it was cute, innocent affection.

I began more aggressively massaging her shoulders and arms and legs. I stretched her out a bit on the sofa so that she could receive a full body massage.

When I lifted her sweater shirt and she felt my hands on her back she moaned, but said we should stop. I leaned back and kissed her cheek and once again whispered in her ear to relax and enjoy my affection for her.

She relaxed a bit and I continued. I undid her bra and she tried to get up but I gently held her down and actually kissed her ear to tell her to stay put.

Now feeling her ass and slipping my hands under her raised skirt I could feel Bycasino güncel giriş through her panties that she was already wet.

Holding her down with one hand on her back and placing two fingers in her pussy I heard for the first time her womanly sounds of excitement.

She kept trying to get up and kept saying NO, NO, Stop. We can’t do this she said but when I began licking her pussy through her panties she spread her legs wide with her now freed hands and held my head as she came in my mouth.

She was shocked and did not say anything but her heavy breathing told me she was ready for more.

I took my pants off with her still staring in shock at what I was doing; when I mounted her she again tried to get up and said NO, NO, you can’t do this, what about Maryann?

I held her down on the couch in a fit of passion, told her I deeply cared about her and entered her with my lips kissing her full breasts. She arched her back to attempt to escape but it only had the effect of lifting her full breasts to my mouth and to raise her pussy more to receive me more deeply and fully.

I grabbed her and placed her hand on my dick which she furiously stroked until I came.

This scene ultimately changed our relationship considerably…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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