GILF Sisters Milk Ball Boy

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Arched Back

Liz and Lee sat on the beach by the house they shared in a tiny, wealthy town on Cape Cod, both divorced and sharing a love for the ocean and each other – in ways most unusual. Liz was the kid sister, at 62, a willowy silver-blonde haired beauty, tall and lean, with a remarkably athletic, sinewy body. Lee at 65, was stunningly opposite, shorter, thicker in the waist, legs and butt, packing an amazing, fleshy pair of tits. She was darkly tanned, with jet-black shoulder-length hair, and wore a sinfully tight blue one-piece bathing suit, cut high on her rugged, muscular old thighs, where Liz wore a skimpy two-piece yellow suit. Both exposed to a delicious degree the eye-catching firmness of those technically elderly bodies.

They sat, chatting, when they noticed a teenage boy, about 19 or so, take a spot near them, alone, spreading his towel this later afternoon on a weekday when the beach was sparsely populated. He was damn cute, a shag of curly blonde hair on his head, they thought, especially when he peeled off his clothes down to a Speedo, his chest angular and smooth, legs long and lean and the biggest package between them.

“Holy shit,” Lee leered, nudging her sister’s thigh in the chair next to her.

“That can’t be all him!” Liz laughed as both watched from behind dark glasses the boy dart to the beach for a quick swim.

He came out moments later and lay on his towel about 20 feet away, feet toward them and slightly spread. The suit clung to his dick, which looked about six inches soft, impressive enough, but it was his balls outlined in the dark fabric that really oiled their wheels.

“Oh my word!” Liz gasped. “Look at the size of those things!”

“That dear boy must shoot a load and then some,” Lee growled, reaching for her sister’s sinewy thigh and squeezing it, then higher between to finger her pussy through her bikini bottom, looking around to ensure the few people left weren’t paying attention. “We gotta get some of that. A LOT of that!”

They watched him snooze in the sun, his cock somehow getting bigger in the warm air as he slept.

“You want to set the trap this time?” Liz groaned, feeling Lee’s practiced finger slip under her suit and diddle her clit.

“No, you, you’re younger,” Lee laughed, pulling her finger out and putting it up to Liz’s lips to smell and lick clean.

Liz walked over to the sleeping boy, not waking him until she got a close-up look at those prodigious balls that filled the tiny suit around and below that impressive, meaty cock, which she swore was getting bigger. She licked her lips and looked back at her smiling sister who was urging her on.

“Excuse me…young man?” she said gently.

The boy startled awake, looking up Liz’s long, tanned and firm legs to her smiling, pretty face.

“Uh…yes ma’m?” he blinked, sitting up, hiding his burgeoning boner that was growing due to the dream he’d been having of humping his girlfriend, whom he planned to do just that to in a few hours.

“Have you got the time, son? What’s your name?” she asked.

“Bobby,” he said, reaching for his iPhone. “Bobby Walker…uh, it’s about 6 or so…”

“Thanks, Bobby,” she smiled, then turning to the ocean to stretch, bending at the waist, the backs of her sexy, long thighs bulging with sinewy muscle, those long calves stretched under soft skin. “I think I’ve got time to go for a run, just warming up first.”

As she stretched, Bobby’s eyes bugged wide at the sight of those amazing legs, and the bubble of white ass peeking out of her suit bottom. He fingered his cell secretly, pointing at Liz, snapping photos. He’d always had a thing for older women, and this was the oldest yet that made his dick stir.

“That little shit!” Lee laughed to herself, standing up and walking over to them. “May as well give him twice a dose of whack-off material!”

She sauntered over, introducing herself and Liz to the boy, who shyly smiled and mumbled small talk. The women turned to the ocean to look out over it, both asses and those gorgeous, different legs just feet from him. He clicked madly away, thinking he’d look at them later just prior to fucking his girlfriend all night long.

The women ran a stretch down the beach, Lee filling her in on Bobby’s photography.

“That little shit!” she laughed. “Oh, this is gonna be fun, sis. Let’s go back..”

They jogged back just as Bobby was packing up, stopping him with his armful of gear.

“Bobby, we’re just wondering,” Lee said, as Liz went to get their stuff. “We live right over there, on Beach Road, and we have some heavy boxes we need moved from the basement to upstairs. Would you mind terribly giving us a hand?”

The boy looked at his phone and then at the pretty GILFs before him. He was to meet Becky around 7:30, so he had some time and told the sisters that.

“Won’t be long,” Liz added. “We’ll make it worth your while. We promise.”

Bobby figured that meant a couple bucks, or some food or lemonade, totally discounting Bycasino the concept of sexual favors, the stuff that was in the darkest recesses of his sexual fantasies. No way that could happen, he figured.

“Sure, why not,” he smiled, offering to carry their stuff as well. “I like helping people, particularly…”

He stopped, feeling guilty for what he was about to say.

“Old ladies?” Liz laughed. “Honey, it’s OK, we’re old enough to be your grandmothers, so don’t feel badly!”

He followed them closely, watching those sexy old calves and thighs ripple as they walked, their asses flexing, their whole bodies a sexy sheen of sweat, cursing himself for loading up with stuff and not being able to use his camera. He tried, awkwardly, and did manage to hit video, recording those legs and asses before him. His cock stirred in his trunks, which he hoped wouldn’t give him away.

They stepped inside the big house, Bobby putting his gear down. The sexy sisters stood before him, arms folded sternly now over their chests. Bobby looked confused.

“Can I see your phone for a sec?” Lee asked, palm out. “It’s in iPhone, right? Always wanted one of those, just want to look at it.”

Bobby nervously handed it over but figured she’d never figure out the camera function. He didn’t know she had one herself and knew it well. She flipped to the gallery and sure enough, there were dozens of photos of her and her sister. She smiled, showing Liz.

“Whaddya think, sis?” Lee growled. “All these pictures of our legs and asses! Bobby, you dirty, dirty boy!”

Bobby’s tanned face went white with shame as he stammered before them.

“No, I can explain…the thing is screwed up…sometimes it does that, takes pictures like that, on it’s …on it’s own,” he babbled.

“Oh, and video, too?” Liz snarled. “That’s a pretty long shot of our old butts and legs, young man? That was an accident?”

Bobby stood silently, ashamed, looking away from them, hands crossed in front of that meaty package.

“Well, I guess you gotta get punished, young man,” Lee sighed. “Liz? Hold him for me will you?”

Quickly, Liz scooted behind the tall young man, whipping her strong arms up and locking him into a standing full nelson, which proved surprisingly powerful to the young man who yelped and struggled to get free. He couldn’t, and she bent his head forward, staring incredulously at Lee, who knelt before him and tugged down his suit.

“Well, well, well…WELL!” she cried out as she pulled them down and his semi-stiff dick bobbed up and hit her face, and below that, the biggest balls either sister had ever seen hung a third of the way down Bobby’s thighs, thick, meaty, full, smooth and loaded with cum. “We knew you had the biggest nuts we’ve ever seen! Jesus Christ, boy, these fuckers are enormous!”

“Please…Mrs…” he stammered.

“Call me Granny, boy,” Lee hissed, palming both nuts in her hands and feeling the meaty heft. “Call us BOTH Granny!”

He looked down in amazement as Lee licked slowly up one ball and under his cock, which now jutted straight out over her head, a good 9 inches of throbbing boy meat, and down the other, then sucking one, or as much as she could, into her mouth, bathing it, her eyes rolling in her head as she felt the flesh mold to the inside of her mouth, tongue washing over it, tasting his ball funk and sweat. She worked the other in her hand, as his cock rested atop her head, the tip oozing pre-cum.

“Damn, Lee, don’t be a hog!” Liz laughed, feeling Bobby’s struggles give way to his moans. “Share!”

“You gonna be a good boy and play along?” Lee smiled from below, sucking one ball into her mouth and then the other, feeling their heat.

“Yes…yes ma’am….” he moaned.

Lee cupped each heavy nut in her palms and squeezed until he screamed, thrashing in Liz’s strong, bony arms.

“Granny, boy, Granny, remember?” Lee hissed. “You forget again, I’ll hurt your gorgeous balls even more!”

“GRANNY GRANNY GRANNY!” he screamed. “Please, Granny, please!!!”

The sisters laughed, and Liz let him go to kneel before the trembling boy. She lifted the right nut in her hands, Lee the other.

“Dig in, sis,” Lee groaned.

Each hot GILF took an entire ball in their mouths, stuffing their cheeks full, and washing them hotly with their educated tongues as the boy moaned, standing and watching the hotties work him over. His big dick hung down between their sucking faces, dripping pre-cum, and the women started jerking it, Lee taking the top half, Liz the bottom, stroking in perfect rhythm, their old, strong hands pumping slowly, making him cry out with pleasure from their hands and their mouths suckling his massive nuts.

“Gonna…gonna…cummmm..GRANNIES!!!” he moaned, tightening up.

Liz and Lee felt his balls tense in their sucking mouths and they jerked him faster, sucking them harder, pulling them away from his body and aiming his dripping dong at their old faces, catching every Bycasino giriş drop from forehead to chin, soaking every bit of sexy old skin in between, moving it back and forth as they fisted it to make sure they each got equal amounts of boy cream. When he was done, they let his nuts slip from their mouths, turned to face each other and wrapped each other in a hug, their tanned faces shining white with a thick blanket of sperm.

“Ahmmmmm,” Liz moaned, mashing her cummy face against her sisters, making out with her wetly, sucking cum from each other faces and snowballing the massive load back and forth, their faces rubbing against each other, bubbles of white spunk coming from their tight lips.

Bobby watched, transfixed by the sight, and bent to pull his trunks up, stuffing his still-stiff dick inside, happy for the release, knowing he’d have plenty left for his hot teen girlfriend in a little white. Liz and Lee broke their kiss, stood up and faced him as they peeled off their suits, revealing sexy, saggy flesh and big bushy pussies.

“Where do you think you’re going, stud?” Lee growled, advancing slowly on Bobby, backing him into the living room.

“Uh, I told you, I have a..a date soon, gotta get home, ya know…” he stammered nervously.

“Oh, and leaving us unsatisfied, you selfish little boy?” Liz snarled, walking with her sexy older sister as remaining spunk ran down their necks to coat their sagging tits.

“But…but…but….” he mumbled.

“Exactly what I was thinking!” Liz laughed, grabbing the boy and pushing him to his back, straddling his face and squatting, devouring it in the sexy, wrinkled flesh of her tight, creamy white ass. “BUTT! Now eat up, stud!”

Bobby moaned, his face a prisoner of Liz’s sexy old rump as the hot GILF spread her cheeks in her hands and settled her hairy asshole onto Bobby’s mouth, moaning as she felt his long tongue spear the tight ring, digging deep inside, anxious to please her and be on his way. But then he felt his suit being tugged down, his stiff dick bobbing free, and then be enveloped by the hottest pussy he’d ever felt as Lee sat on it, taking him big-balls deep in her hairy cunt, the sisters facing each other and suckling each other’s cum-coated titties as they rode the boy’s face and dick.

“Fuck yeah, the kid eats a nice asshole,” Liz growled, sucking her sister’s bigger tits into her mouth as Lee reached between them to diddle her kid sister’s clit. “How’s that big dick feel?”

“Like it was made for riding, baby,” Lee howled, hunching her ample hips back and forth, taking Bobby’s long dick in and out, thundering her prodigious ass until Bobby thought she’d rip his cock off. “Gonna drain this fucker dry…”

“You hear that, stud?” Liz laughed, sitting up to take his face deeper into her hungry, sweaty ass as Bobby continued to dig deep inside with his tongue. “We’re not leaving a drop for your little girlfriend tonight! What’re you gonna tell her when she asks why you can’t get it up for her!”

“No..pls…mmmgflt…” Bobby moaned from the suffocating clamp of Liz’s meaty cheeks surrounding his face.

“Cum in me baby, cum in me,” Lee groaned, her orgasm building. “Liz, milk those big boys for me!”

Liz smiled, bending forward, still holding Bobby’s face in her haunches, and reached around Lee’s hunching butt to clamp her bony hands onto his monster nuts, squeezing each one rhythmically, at that delicious pain-pleasure threshold until Bobby moaned and erupted inside Lee’s clenching cunt. Liz felt the load leave his balls and squeezed harder and harder, draining him until he went limp beneath the dominating sisters.

“Clean me up,” Lee groaned, slipping off Bobby’s dick and up his chest to his face, which Liz vacated just in time for her sister to take her place. Bobby screamed in protest and was rewarded by a mouthful of his own sperm as Lee plopped her hairy, wide-open pussy on it and let the load gush out, clamping his face tightly in her big, brown GILF thighs to hold him still.

“That’s so fucking hot, baby,” Liz growled, watching her sister face ride the stud to another orgasm, his legs thrashing as he fought for air in his cummy cunt prison. “And look, the son of a bitch is STILL hard! Must love eating granny creampie!”

She hustled over to it, fisting it harder, and then sat on it, taking it slowly up her tight asshole, which was open and wet from Bobby’s rimming, and still dripping cum. He moaned in Lee’s gushing pussy as Liz settled back on it, facing his feet, leaning over and bouncing her small but meaty white ass up and down, taking his dick in and out of her demanding asshole.

Lee spun around, sitting on the kid’s sputtering face, absorbing it in her ass and ordering Bobby to rim her deep and wet. As he did, she leaned forward to slap her kid sister’s quivering ass, causing Liz to scream in delicious pain and ride Bobby’s dick harder up her thrusting butt.

“Fuck, Lee, you always know how to push my buttons!” she Bycasino güncel giriş howled, pounding up and down on Bobby’s cock.

“Make him squirt in you, baby,” Lee moaned, slapping Liz’s ass until it glowed red. “And we’ll make him eat it outta your asshole!”

Bobby heard that and fought the urge to blow his third load in a half hour, but knew he was doomed the way Liz kept bouncing her meaty ass up and down on his dick, feeling his balls swell, especially as Liz attached those strong old hands to them, pulling, needing, massaging them as she fucked him. To make it worse, she wet two fingers and slipped them into Bobby’s resisting asshole until she was knuckles deep.

“Prostate massage gets ’em every time,” she moaned, finger-fucking the kid’s tight asshole and mauling his giant nuts with the other.

Seconds later, despite not wanting to, Bobby shot his wad deep into the gripping muscles of Liz’s pounding asshole, feeling them ache from over-exertion. She slowed her thrusting and then slowly pulled off to lean forward, her asshole wide open and a trickle of Bobby’s spunk oozing out. Lee leaped off his face and pulled Liz back to plop her open shit chute right on Bobby’s moaning face.

“Suck it,” she snarled, holding open her sister’s meaty white asscheeks. “Suck that spunk outta my sister’s asshole!”

Bobby had no choice as his cum flooded from Liz’s open butt cave and into his mouth. He sputtered and swallowed as best he could and then licked and sucked the rest, anxious for the torture to stop.

The sisters finally got off the moaning boy, but only long enough to grab their suits and tightly bind his feet and hands together, his cock wilting. They stood and looked down at him.

“How many more you figure these are good for?” Lee asked, nudging Bobby’s giant balls with one sexy foot.

“Oh two anyway,” Liz shrugged.

“No, three,” Lee laughed. “Get the vibe, I’ll keep him up.”

Liz raced off and Lee knelt down, attaching her powerful hand to his dick, stroking it madly, and using her other hand to cruise the palm over the sensitive tip, all around the tip and back, making Bobby scream in pain.

“Hurts, huh?” Lee growled as she continued to work his dick long after it wanted to go soft. “I love how guys’ dicks are so sensitive after they shoot, makes this so much fun to torture them, rubbing them, watching you guys squirm, begging us to stop…”

“Please Granny please stop stop stop it tickles it tickles!” Bobby howled.

“Of course it tickles, silly, that’s the idea,” she giggled, continuing to work his dick with her palm until Liz came back with a vibrator.

“Now just play along and give us your cum,” she said calmly, kneeling to click the vibrator on and attach it to the tender underside of his dick, strapping it in place with elastic bands and turning it on high, the device vibrating madly against Bobby’s pecker, making him scream. “Be a good boy and give us your cum from these beauties!”

They lay on their sides, heads on Bobby’s thighs, each taking a ball in their hands and stuffing their mouths full of the delicious meat. Bobby was caught up in an agonizing mix of pain and pleasure as he felt his balls be devoured by their wrinkled, sucking mouths and that vibrator doing its work on his dick. In moments, he felt his cum building and then without even trying, he shot another load, his fourth, lesser than the others, but forming a deep pool in the muscular ribbed flesh of his hard abs. Liz and Lee’s eyes watched as they smiled around the balls filling their mouths.

The next two loads took longer, as they continued to suckle his huge nuts, sucking harder and harder, their tongues exploring every inch of the meaty flesh filling their faces, and they took turns finger-fucking Bobby’s relenting asshole. The fifth load barely dribbled out of his dick, the hot juice joining the cooled cum on his belly as he moaned, eyes closed, unable to fight it. By the sixth load 20 minutes later, he was practically out, his mind numb, his dick throbbing from the constant buzzing of the machine strapped to it, the endless sucking of his huge nuts by the cum-crazed GILF sisters working them. The load oozed and dribbled from his dick head, and the torture continued as the sisters pulled their mouths from his nuts and fingers from his ass to watch him writhe weakly, the vibrator quivering relentlessly against his tender dick.

“Guess he’s about done, hon,” Lee sighed, undoing the vibrator from his rapidly wilting dick.

“Poor thing, got nothing left for his little girlfriend tonight,” Liz smiled.

They untied Bobby, lifted him to his feet and pulled his suit back on as he struggled to stand.

“What..what am I gonna tell her?” he moaned, his dick limp and numb in his suit.

“That you helped a couple of old ladies in need,” Lee laughed, walking him to the door, cupping his tight ass.

“And we wore you out!” Liz added, giving him a quick cock rub through his suit.

“Yeah, maybe she’ll be so impressed,” Lee roared, “she’ll give you a blowjob!”

Bobby staggered from the house, the sisters watching from the door.

“Next time you see us at the beach, bring her along,” Lee said. “We could teach her a thing or two don’t ya think?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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