Full Disclosure Ch. 01

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There was a day long ago when her glance, flirt, or smirk would have been taken in passing. On that day, after years of suppression, I was overcome with courage; finally unaffected, ready to share. That’s how I got here. As long as I’d longed for this, it was only right to be her, at this time, at this place.

Her stare melted me. I needed to be her subject, I craved her approval. It overwhelmed me.

Her name is Scarlet. She joined our office long ago, in a different department, on a different floor, a world away. From our casual encounters, I knew. I suspected she knew too. Though I wasn’t quite sure, I think we both did.

She spoke softly, but the way she carried herself was intoxicating. And after years of playful banter, I told her. No matter why, I told her. I had never let anyone in before. With her, I couldn’t keep the secrets any longer.

We were at a work gathering, celebrating the promotion of a newly minted Executive in a different department, in a different city. Perhaps that’s why I told her then. Perhaps I felt safe away. I certainly didn’t expect what happened next.

Her response was neutral; contemplative. There may be nothing worse than the uncertainty and risk of exposing your true self. She knew this. She always knew.

I told her what I imagined to long for. That to be under her guiding hand would fulfill a deep seeded need. But again, she already knew. When she finally spoke, she asked simply, “Are you sure?”

I sheepishly nodded looking down at her feet. Scarlet took my chin and guided my eyes to hers. “Look at me, and show me that this is what you want,” she commanded. Sensing my fear, her hand raised to my cheek. Our eyes locked and she felt me tremble.

“I’m getting tired. I want one more glass before I see you upstairs,” Scarlet declared. “Follow me to the bar and I will order for you. Get used to the idea.”

I trailed Bayan Escort Gaziantep behind like a lost puppy, my head lowered to the ground, watching her hips. I was floating.

Once we we had our drinks in hand, she began her instructions. “Go to room 801, leave the door open behind you, take off your clothes and lay face down on the bed. Tonight we’re going to find out what we need to work on. You will not have release, maybe not for a while. Do not expect anything from me.”

My head began to spin in disbelief. Scarlet simply stared at me watching and waiting for me to acknowledge her order. I snap out of my daze. “Yes Ma’am.” Off I went.

I arrived at a dark room at the end of a long hallway. Immediately, I did as she commanded, only leaving a bedside lamp on for her to see my compliance as she entered. As time froze, my mind raced. What had I done? What might she do? Could I really tell her the extent of my desire to be used for her pleasure? Could I share my deepest secrets and desires?

After what felt like eternity, I heard voices at the door. Was she going to expose me to her strange friend? I thought about jumping up and dressing and hiding. Finally though I heard “goodnight Scarlet” from the unfamiliar voice. Scarlet answered in kind and said she’d be by her room later.

I laid face face down and realized I could probably never satisfy her like she could. Here I was, awaiting my fate, recognizing that I was not only inferior to Scarlet, but also to her unknown companion. I accepted it. I enviously and selfishly thought about whether her friend might be into this. The door opened and my fantasies quickly left when I heard keys hit the desk. I knew not to look up until instructed otherwise. I just listened as she went about her nightly routine.

Finally, I could hear her going through my clothes. “What have we here?” she asked curiously. I knew she had found them, my first secret was exposed as she draped my panties across my back. I knew better than to answer. I felt all of the blood rush to my face.

“I see you’re a secret panty slut. Don’t worry, I won’t tell. In fact it makes this even more fun. I think I’m going to push your secrets to extremes, and I anticipate every assignment, every task will open you more to me,” she declared.

My mind raced. I wanted to know what she had in mind. But I knew she was right.

“Stand and put them on, I want to see,” she instructed as she looked me in the eyes, biting her lip.

I nearly exploded right then, but knew not to. There would be repercussions I would soon learn.

I stood before her, fully erect, knowing I could never please her. She began to poke and prod.

“Turn around, let me see your ass,” she decreed.

I lost my place, “sure.” I felt an immediate swat, stinging my cheek. Then another for good measure.

“You shall speak to me formally when we are alone. I am Mistress, Goddess, or Ma’am to you from here forward. Let me hear you say it.”

My head lowered. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Look at me when you say it, slut. What are you?”

“Mistress, thank you for taking me as your slut to use. I hope that I can please you.”

“Much better. Now what shall we call you?”

“Whatever you wish, Mistress.”

“Good girl,” Scarlet approved as I blushed and my cock shivered in my soaking panties. Seeing the shimmer coming through, Mistress then asked “Have you tasted before, slut? Don’t lie to me, I know you have.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Hmmmm, I may let you cum after all, but first I want to see how you are with your mouth. I’m never going to get any use out of that little thing. I’ll have it locked up soon enough so you had better enjoy it,” Scarlet said as she leaned back on the bed.

“Lick me, Sissy.”

I could feel the blood in my head, throbbing with excitement, though I knew not to touch. I slowly worked my way up her thighs as I savored her excitement. I found her panties and worked my tongue up and down slowly as she moaned. She got louder as I felt her nails digging into my head. Tighter and tighter she pulled me in, shivering as her body trembled. It was euphoric. My body did too as I almost came without even touching.

As she came, she pushed my head back violently. “Show me how you cum, Slut. Now.”

I stood before her and started to pull down my panties. “No,” she exclaimed, “rub your clit inside your pretty panties and fill them for me. You have one minute!”

I stood before her, my knees weak. Furiously I rubbed the head over my panties. I trembled and nearly fell onto her as she watched with an evil grin.


I screamed. I moaned. My body shook like never before. I came and came and came.

“Thank you Mistress,” I said, now leaving my sub space. I started to walk to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

“Do not leave me, come closer, and take those off. Do not spill a drop. Hand them to me.”

Shocked, I realized that she meant what she said before. This was my place until she released me. I did as she asked, fearful of what was next.

She laid the soaked panties on her stomach. “Lick them clean. Be a good slut and show me how much you can take. Do not swallow.”

Gagging as I did, she cackled. “How does it feel?” She knew I couldn’t answer.

“Show me.” And I did. “”Swallow, Sissy.” And I did. I fell into her lap tucking my head with embarrassment and fright and pure ecstasy.

“This is going to be so fun. I’m going to really enjoy pushing you. How does it feel?”

I could hardly speak. “Good Mistress. Dirty, filthy, and good.”

“Now put your parties on and a bathrobe, the short one. Go to Room 700 and get my friend. Tell her your Mistress wants her. Follow her back. You get to watch tonight.”

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