Dangerous Attraction Ch. 04

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The hand between my legs caressed me so gently that at first I wondered if I was dreaming. Then his other hand circled my nipple and teased it to a taut pinnacle. I could feel his erection thickening against my buttocks. He started kissing the back of my neck, the particularly sensitive bit between my shoulder blades. I tried to keep my breathing even and stay as still as possible but I couldn’t suppress a shiver when he kissed me there. I felt more than heard him laugh against my back.

“You are awake, then, girl?” he asked. In answer, I pressed my buttocks back onto his cock and placed my hand over his at my breast. He shifted slightly behind me and raised my hips a little. Then he swiftly entered me with one firm movement. From this angle his penetration was deep and I couldn’t hold back a moan of pleasure. He wrapped one strong arm around my waist as he withdrew agonisingly slowly. His other hand still toyed gently with my clit, teasing it to a tight, pulsing point of pleasure that sent tremors down my thighs at every stroke. I felt a rush of arousal as he penetrated me again, grinding himself against me, his fingers thrumming over my clit. I tried to meet his thrusts by pushing back against him but his arm tightened around my waist preventing any movement. Trapped against him and completely at his mercy, I surrendered and let his firm strokes lead me towards another climax. The hand at my waist moved to the other nipple, tweaking and teasing it to tautness.

His kisses at my neck sent shivers all over me. He ran a hand along my back, forcing me to arch away from him allowing him to penetrate even deeper, driving my desire to dizzy heights. I could feel my orgasm building and my internal muscles began to flutter. Just when I thought I could take no more I began to hurtle over the edge and came with what felt like a huge explosion of pleasure. I shook with the energy of this release, senses spinning everywhere as the ecstasy rushed through me like a torrent. He held me with one hand at the back of my neck and the other at my hip as he thrust within me, seeking his own satisfaction in an almost mindless frenzy. I felt his hot breath grow fast and ragged as he plunged faster and deeper within me. Abruptly his movements stopped, then he growled, his whole body shaking as he poured himself into me in violent, shuddering spurts, one fist curled into my hair, his fingers digging deeply into the flesh on my hips. Then he collapsed against me, burying his face in my neck with an intimacy I found shattering. After a while, he began to relax and his breathing slowed. I snuggled back into his embrace and went back to sleep.


I shook my head as if to dislodge the memories, pulled my fingers through my hair and started pulling on my clothes. As I left the bathroom, I found him awake and a light on.

“Making your escape, then?” I nodded and continued looking about for my shoes. He got up, wrapping the sheet around himself. “Why?”

How to answer, I mused, so many thoughts swirled through my head. I wasn’t ready to face the real reason I was leaving but the other one that stood out was fear. I was afraid of the passion we had shared last night, afraid of what it might mean, afraid of its impact on our working relationship. But most of all, I was back to being afraid of him.

“This is wrong, it shouldn’t have happened.” I found one shoe and saw the other under one of the chairs.

“Not true, this should have happened weeks ago. Try again, girl.” He reached for me and wrapped his arms around me. I made a feeble attempt to free myself casino siteleri but he tightened his grip and raised a hand to stroke my cheek. The gentleness of his touch was like hot lava and ran through my body, ending between my legs with a jolt.

“I have to go home, get a shower, prepare for later,” I muttered.

“Bollocks,” he said roughly, startling me. “You are already prepared and as it’s only 4am. If you stay another 3 hours you’ve still got time to go home and get changed.”

I looked up into his eyes and saw they were bright with passion and twinkling with amusement. He entwined his hand in my hair and pulled me into a kiss so deep my head swam and my knees went weak. I moaned against his tongue as he plundered my mouth and all thoughts of leaving scattered.

He gently broke the kiss and pulled away to look at me.

“Well?” he said, his blue eyes laughing as he held me up with one arm. “Lost for words, girl? Makes a nice change.”

I dropped my shoe and snaked my hands up around his neck, digging my nails in where I’d learned he liked it. He responded with a growl, lifted me up, pushed me down on the bed and laid full length on top of me. Heat radiated from him as he ripped the sheet from between us and I felt his erection pressing insistently against my hip. I released his head to wriggle of out of my dress yet again and he broke the kiss to help me. As soon as it hit the floor his mouth was on my nipples, his hot tongue laving one, his fingers pinching the other and I felt the first flutters of an orgasm building already. His legs eased my thighs apart and I felt his cock impatiently nudging against me, where I was already wet with the knowledge of what was to come. He lifted his head from my breast.

“Look at me,” he commanded. So I raised my eyes to his as I wrapped my legs around the small of his back and pulled him into me, my fear temporarily abating. He thrust forward, and as he bottomed out he paused, his piercing blue eyes never leaving mine. I ached with a need I hadn’t felt in a long time – had thought I would never feel again. Impatiently, I wriggled my hips.

“Still think this is wrong?” he said, as he slowly withdrew, one hand stilling my impatient movements.

“Robert, please…” I whispered back as my internal muscles contracted around him, trying to keep him inside me.

“What do you want?” he whispered in my ear as he slowly entered me again.

“Ah, god,” I gasped, as he filled my whole world, eclipsing everything. “Just don’t stop.”

“I couldn’t if I wanted to, girl,” he muttered into my hair; his movements increased in pace. Every move he made caused me to cry out in delicious joy and at that moment in time nothing else mattered.


Robert was asleep when I had eventually left, this time determined to make no sound. Once home I crawled into my own bed and tried to get some more sleep but my mind was in turmoil. What the hell had I just done? It was one thing to have a pathetic crush on someone, but quite another to follow through on my desires and to such a degree. He was a director and I was risking my career for this, this… what was this? And besides, I shouldn’t be with anyone… What on earth was I doing? I sighed and dragged myself into a hot shower in order to ease my aching body.

As I drove into the car park the butterflies started again. But I wasn’t nervous about the presentation, or about seeing Robert after last night. I was terrified that it would be patently obvious that something had happened between us and I didn’t want güvenilir casino anyone to know, not until I’d worked out what the hell it all meant.

I was still mulling this over while making a coffee when Julia, the MD’s PA came rushing into the kitchen.

“Anna, thank goodness I’ve found you,” she said, rather dramatically.

“Everything alright, Jules?” I asked, for she looked unusually flustered.

“No it’s not. They’ve shut the airport due to high winds so the Ireland team have been diverted to Manchester and aren’t here yet.” They were due on in a few minutes, an hour and a half before me.

“Did the board get here ok, or are they stuck in Germany?” I asked, hoping for the latter.

“No, they landed late last night so we’re going ahead. But I’ve had to jig everyone around — any chance you could go in now?” Julia gave me a pleading look as my stomach dropped through the floor.

“Of –of course,” I stammered, “No problem.”

“Great,” she said looking relieved. “I’ll let them know. Five minutes, ok?” And she was gone.

I went back to my desk to collect my notes and the data stick with the presentation on it and noticed my phone message light was blinking. I held my breath. Who on earth would ring me at work at just before 9am? Tentatively I lifted the handset and dialled in. It was the assessor. He was ringing to inform me that our application was successful and we had achieved the Carbon Trust Standard. Delighted, I rang him back to thank him for letting me know and that I would make the announcement straight away. He gave me the contact details of the PR department so I could apply for logo usage and comments for the press release. No longer nervous, I practically skipped into the boardroom.

The first person I saw when I walked in was my boss, Ed. He nodded hello and smiled. I smiled back at him and looked round the room at everyone. Lounging in his chair at the far end of the room, Robert’s trademark sardonic look was in place and didn’t move as my eye met his. A myriad of images from the night before flooded my mind and I suppressed a sigh, took a deep breath and began to speak.

“Good morning, everyone. Before I start I would like to let you know that we have received accreditation for our carbon reduction project and we can now display the Carbon Trust Standard!” I beamed at everyone.

“Well, we should do it, we bloody paid enough for it,” Robert’s now familiar burr rumbled from the back to chuckles from around the room. “At least now I don’t have to get a Prius, and thank god I can fly home.” The chuckles turned to laughter.

It felt as if someone had dropped an icy bucket of water on me. I couldn’t believe it. His biting sarcasm felt like he was belittling me personally. Flushing I got through my presentation in record time and when I asked for questions I really hoped there would be none, but Robert asked me to explain the next steps to the board. I flicked to the back-up slides that outlined the next steps and told the board that every depot would be receiving their own personal reduction targets in order to contribute to the overall company reduction target of three per cent, year on year. There was a murmur round the table. I knew the targets were ambitious but the number crunchers, the assessor and I thought they were achievable. Also, they were a vital part of the reaccreditation process we would have to go through. When I looked at Robert for confirmation he didn’t say anything but the look in his eye was bordering on murderous.

“If that’s everything…?” canlı casino I shot a glance around the room and apart from another smile to Ed, I left the room at high speed.

I spent the next three hours working on little bits and pieces, unable to concentrate on any one project for longer than a few minutes at a time. Then as lunchtime drew close, Robert came out of the board room and made straight for my desk.

“My office,” he glowered, “Now.” And he strode away. I stood up slowly and followed him down the corridor, my heart thumping loudly in my chest. I had spent the early hours of the morning worrying that it would be obvious that there was something between us but the mood he was in gave nothing away. In fact, I hadn’t seen him like this for a couple of months at least. A knot of apprehension formed in my stomach. He was not happy with me at all.

On the way to Robert’s office I passed Ed’s and although he was on the phone he gave me a big grin and a massive thumbs up as I walked passed. At least he was pleased with me, I thought. Robert’s door was closed when I reached it so I knocked, went straight in and shut the door behind me. He was pacing the room, much like he had the first time I’d been in his office, although now it felt like I was in a room with an enraged lion.

“What the hell was that earlier?” he growled. Although he kept his voice low, the menace in it was unmistakable. I swallowed. I knew I had to stand up for myself on this or I would be lost forever.

“We agreed last week that we were going to set these targets,” I said, my voice calm despite the racing of my heart. “And I might ask you the same thing — your comment about the Prius?” He continued to stare at me, his blue eyes once again radiating intense energy. Keeping eye contact with him was really hard but somehow I managed to maintain it. Abruptly, he turned away from me and ran a hand through his hair.

“Why didn’t you tell me we’d got the Standard?” he said without turning round.

“Because he called first thing,” I answered. “And I would have told you first but the guys from Ireland got diverted to Manchester so I had to go straight in.” I understood that he was angry but I was sure I had made sound decisions and had thought he agreed with them. Then I remembered that we hadn’t actually got round to the back-up slides last night so he wouldn’t have known I had them prepared. My heart was painfully constricted in my chest.

“Robert, look,” He turned towards me, his expression still stern. “Those slides were done last night,” I paused, waiting to see how he reacted. After all, I’d had no acknowledgement from him that anything had happened last night.

“And we didn’t get to them,” he finished for me, and a smile appeared fleetingly on his lips. “Ok. Fine. Well we need to go over the PR plan for this. It looks like I’m not going to be able to get home tonight with the airport still closed so we can pick this up tomorrow, ok?”

“Ok,” I swallowed. I desperately wanted to talk about last night and what the hell it all meant but I couldn’t bring myself to say the words. I turned, blinking back tears of confusion, and walked straight into Ed.

“There you are, Robert, we’re about to start again. Great job Anna, excellent news about the Carbon Trust.” Ed was his usual effervescent self and didn’t seem to notice my churning emotions. “Let’s have a drink tonight to celebrate accreditation. We’re all stranded at the hotel, so come down after work. Get the others to come along.”

“There’s no need,” Robert growled, his stern expression returning.

“Of course there is,” Ed said, smiling at me, “Anna and the team have done very well, they deserve the recognition.”

“Okay, yes,” I forced a smile for Ed’s thoughtfulness.

“Great,” he said, “Come on Robert.” They both left the room.

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