CFNM with Sister Ch. 04

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It was a warm Saturday afternoon and after playing around outside, I had gotten my shirt and pants streaked with mud. I had gone in and taken a shower. After I finished and toweled off and Jennifer had knocked on the door and said she had to go to the bathroom badly. I wrapped a towel around me and opened the door, letting her enter the washroom. We had only one bathroom, so it was pretty inconvenient for the two of us. I tried to go to my room, but she blocked me.

She said, smiling, drawing circles with a foot, “I don’t have to go. I was just trying to make sure you didn’t get dressed. I want to see you naked and hard again.”

As soon as she said that, a tent formed in the front of the towel.

She said, staring at my crotch expectantly, “Well got one of out of 2 things down. Now all you have to do is get rid of the towel.”

So I took the towel away and gave it to her. There I stood in front of her, totally naked with a raging hard-on as she stood there in jeans and a halter top. She looked down and smiled.

She said, “That is so much better now isn’t it?”

She put the towel in the hamper and motioned me to follow her. She had me follow her into my room and she sat on the side of the bed.

She sat there and as I stood there facing her with my erection sticking up and out at her. Looking at it, she said, “I want to see you hump your pillow again.”

So I got on the bed and took one of my pillows and positioned it on my bed. I then lowered myself on top of my pillow and started to hump against it for her. After a few minutes of intense humping, I could feel myself starting to tense up, reading to cum. Making sure I don’t ejaculate too soon, I get up and look up at Jennifer for my next move As I knelt there, with her looking at my twitching hard-on she asked, “Do you ever think of anything or look at any pictures as you rub against the pillow?”

I said, “Yes.”

She Antep Bayan Escort asked, “What do you think of? What kind of pictures do you look at?”

I said, “I look at all kinds of pictures of females, like ones of your friends, playboy pictures, and much more. I think of rubbing against them or having sex with them.”

She got this smile on her face and got up, leaving me alone in my room. She came back later with a picture in her hand.

She said, “Here is a picture that I want you to use right now as I watch you.” She then proceeded to give me the picture. It was a picture of her in a pair of shorts and a short sleeved shirt. I got back down on the pillow and put the picture in front of me and started humping again as I looked at the picture as she watched. I thought about just slowly and sensually stripping her down, sliding those shorts down her toned legs and slowly lifting up her shirt, staring at her breasts. As my mind wandered off to more dirty thoughts with my sister, I had to get up as I was about to cum.

She asked, “So what were you thinking about?”

I told her, “I was thinking about slowly stripping you and what it would be like to be on top of you, rubbing against you.”

She asked, “Is that all you were thinking about?”

I said, “Well, maybe what it would it would be like to be inside you as well.”

She said, “I don’t know about being you being inside me, but that I would think about letting you dry hump against me sometime. Maybe.”

She wanted to see me rub against my pillow one more time, looking at her picture and then we would go to down to the living room and have some more fun. So I rubbed against the pillow again for her, letting my brain unfilter all the dirty things where I did things I shouldn’t be doing to my sister. When I got up, we left my room and went to the living room. We sat there for a short bit before she had me do anything for her. After about 15 or 20 minutes of my erection just sticking up there, she finally had me stroke it for her. I had to stop again before cumming. We sat there for another 5 or 10 minutes until she reached over and stroked it for a bit. She had to stop when she saw my body start to tense up. We talked for a bit and she had me get us something to drink. When I came back, two beers in hand, she said, “I like to watch as your erection bounces around as you walk around.”

And she giggled, laughing at some unseen joke. After downing the beers, Jennifer decided that she was a little hungry and she had me get us a snack. She then had me stroke for her some more and she stroked me some more. Then she asked me which of her friends I wanted to have sex with. I told her which ones. Then she said maybe she will set me up with some of her friends and if they didn’t have sex with me, she herself could lend a hand or watch as I made myself cum. She smiled and giggled a lot, thinking about me and one of her friends fucking like there was no tomorrow. We watched a bit of tv, leaving my erection alone. Finally, which I didn’t think it would go down until I squirted, it started to go down a bit. We let it go down and finally she reached over and wrapped her hand around it and started to squeeze and stroke and I was hard as a steel pipe in no time.

She said, “Damn that was quick and you’re harder than a rock.”

I said, “I feel like I could drill into a bank safe with it right now.”

She laughed and said, “It feels like you could do more than that with it.” And she laughed some more as she kept stroking it. She stopped and caressed my balls and asked how they were doing. I said aching and wanting some relief. She said soon.

She said, “I like seeing you in this condition. I probably enjoy seeing you in this condition way to much but I just like seeing you naked, horny and excited. I don’t know of any guys who would be willing to be naked, horny and hard in front of me and let me tease and torture them like you do.”

I told her, “I don’t mind it. In fact I am enjoying as much as you are enjoying and I don’t mind the fact that you keep your clothes on. In fact, that adds to me being horny and hard, even though I would have to admit, I wouldn’t mind seeing you naked, but if you never take off your clothes in front of me that’s ok though. I don’t mind getting naked, horny and hard for you. I said if I did mind I wouldn’t be doing it or have made that bet that started this all off.”

She said, “Good.”

With that she reached over gave me a few more strokes. Then stopped and watched some more tv. Then she had me stroke it for her some more. After about another hour of us playing with my erection on and off she said, “There is something I almost forgot about. I wanted to try something that I had read about. Stand up.” So I did.

She stood in front of me. She reached over and took my balls into her hand and was in such a way that my erection was up against her forearm. She smiled and giggled and said, “Don’t move your hips, if you do I will stop and will never ask you to get naked for me again. Understood?”

I nodded and she began to move her hand and as she did her forearm moved, causing my erection to rub against it. Even as horny and hard as I was, this was going to take a bit for me to cum like this. She continued moving her hand. After about 15 minutes all of a sudden my body and knees started to tense up. My breathing had changed and Jennifer said, “Your going to cum aren’t you?”

All I could do was nod. I pushed against her forearm and started to cum all over her forearm as she kept rubbing. It got on the floor and all over her forearm. When I was finally done my hard-on twitched and jerked from my orgasm as she cleaned off her forearm. After a few minutes, I was semi hard. Jennifer said, “Remember no clothes till I say so.”

So I stayed naked as she was still fully clothed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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