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Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 13 – A new best friend Check out photos of Andrew and his friends here.

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, or not, but I have to tell you this is fantasy fiction.

I”m honored that you took time from your day to read my story. Please let me know that you read it. I don”t want to write if there are no readers.

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Boys are to be loved, cherished and cared for. Never hurt!

Chapter 12

About an hour later, a very cute boy came in by himself with a backpack of clothes. Andrew thought he was hot, and wanted to get to know him better. He looked like he was a little older than Andrew, but not too much. The boy saw Andrew”s face hugging a teddy bear and picking at snacks. He went back to where Andrew was and looked at him. He nodded, “Hey.”

“Hey.” Andrew replied. Up close, the boy was quite sexy. He was cute, but not as cute as Kerry. Andrew got a boner and moved Bingo to cover his lap so it wouldn”t be obvious.

The boy went about his business, putting his clothes into a washer and starting it up. He came and sat by Andrew.

“I”m Ricky. Who are you?”

“Um, my name is Andrew.”

“And who”s your friend?” Ricky said, nodding at the bear.

“His name is Bingo.”

“Cool, are you here with someone or are you on your own? I haven”t seen you before.”

Andrew just said, “I”m, uh, well, I”m here on my own.”

“Dude, tell me what happened to you. You look pretty beat up. Did you get kicked out?”

“No, I ran away. My dad was trying to kill me.” Andrew was unsure of this friendly kid, but had nothing to lose.

“Shit, that sucks. You”ve got some bad bruises, kid. Can I help you get fixed up?”

“Really? I would like that. I”m scared. I don”t even know where I am.” Andrew responded.

“We all have our stories about what happened to us.” Being bold, Ricky asked, “Did he rape you?”

Andrew just started crying. Ricky sat next to him and put his arm over Andrew”s shoulder and gave him a side hug. “You”re better off here than back home. If you need food, go around to the back of the cafe at closing. There”s a nice guy named Manny who works there. He brings out food for us. Don”t ask the lady or get seen by her, she”s mean and hates us street kids. I would suggest going back there a few times to catch him on his break so he knows you need help. He”s cool and we don”t have to pay him back with any favors.”

“Street kids? The guy at the convenience store called me a rent boy. What is that?”

“There are a few of us that are runaways or have been kicked out. We live on the streets, so to speak. It”s hard, but if you”re young and cute, you can get by. I do pretty well and only have to work a couple of nights a week. They call us rent boys since we make our `rent” money by having sex for money.”

“Oh, you get paid to have sex? Where do you stay? I don”t know what to do or how to survive. I”m only ten and a half.” Andrew was showing his naivety by asking these questions.

“Well, you can”t stay here unless you”re doing laundry. The owner has cameras but they don”t come down unless people complain. There”s an older lady, we call her Grandma. She brings treats and things. Once, the owner came in and yelled at me, and Grandma just told him I was her grandson, so he leaves us alone when she”s here.”

“Yeah, I met her. She gave me a candy bar.”

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“Well, be nice to her and she”ll bring you some nice treats. I”m pretty sure she knows what we do, but she seems to want to watch over us to make sure we are safe. Anyway, a few of us crash across the street. I can take you over to meet them, and if they trust you, then you can probably stay too.”

“Yeah, I”d like that. I don”t know what to do.” Andrew paused. “What do you mean she knows what you do? She knows you have sex?”

Ricky grabbed his clothes that were now finished and shoved them in his bag. “Come on, Andy. I”ll explain it all to you. It”s not so bad, and I”m happy to be your friend.”

“Nobody has called me Andy before, I”m Andrew.”

“Trust me, you”re Andy. It will get you jobs easier if you sound younger than you are. But damn, you are really young and cute, so you”ll find work quickly. We”re going to have to teach you the ropes. When did you run away?”

Andrew didn”t know what to say, but he noticed Ricky could read him, so he didn”t want to lie. “I just left last night after my dad and his friends raped and beat me.”

“Dude, I”m sorry. How long has he been raping you?”

“He”s been fucking me for a while, since I was about 9, I really enjoyed it and loved making my daddy and his friends happy, but last night he changed. He raped me and beat me up. I”m still bleeding. I don”t even remember it. He hit me and I blacked out. It didn”t feel good this time.”

Ricky had already noticed the bruises and figured he would need to help Andrew until he was presentable. “Andy, We will get you cleaned up and none of the things you do will have to be painful. If you liked having sex when it was fun, you”re going to love what we do to make money. We usually pose for pictures or just perform oral sex. You do know what that is, right?”

Andrew nodded. “I love sex, it feels so good and I love making guys feel good too.”

“You won”t have to do anything that hurts. It”s actually fun to know every day you can feel good and get your tingles. The only part that sucks is living on the streets, but we have a decent room. We have it pretty good for now. Life sucked before we found this. Come on, I want you to see our place. Some of us make enough to pay for a real room, but nobody will rent to a kid.”

They went over to an old building that was across the street. It was boarded up and covered with graffiti. Ricky took Andrew around back, and they climbed up a ladder on the back of the building next to the boarded up building. Ricky was behind Andrew, helping him up the ladder. Andrew was pretty sore, but Ricky”s hands on his ass felt really nice.

They walked across the roof to the side of the boarded up building and used the fire escape stairs to get up to the second floor.

Apparently, the fire escape used to go down to the back, but someone broke it and made it only accessible from the building next door”s roof. It was a long climb up because the first floor was an old factory with very high ceilings. There were offices on the second floor and Ricky took Andrew down the hallway past some offices.

“This office is my room. You can crash in this one across from me if the others approve. Throw your bag in there for now.”

“Thank you. I hope the others like me.” Andrew said as he tossed his backpack down. He still held Bingo tight to his chest.

“There”s some other furniture around, and we can find you some things to get by until you can make some money and get something nicer.” Ricky helped Andrew find some cushions to make a bed with. “The most important rule is to honor each other”s privacy and stay out of their rooms. We need to look out for each other, but also don”t touch what isn”t yours. One kid didn”t do that and was picked up by a cop when he tried to solicit escort ankara a new John. He was set up by one of the other boys living here. At least we don”t have a pimp. The kids that do, are not treated very well.”

“You mean someone snitched on him?” This terrified Andrew, as he was always under the threat of being told on by the other kids in the neighborhood. “What”s a pimp?”

Ricky let out a small chuckle. “The kid knew that if he ever told anyone where we lived, he would be killed or turned in. We would lose our place or get arrested. He knew it too. Apparently, someone overheard him talking to a John about where we lived so he wouldn”t have to walk to the WalMart. He wanted the guy to pick him up here. You need to be careful when you enter or exit the building. If you think someone is watching, keep going and come back later. We can”t lose our home.” Ricky was being serious. “A pimp is kind of like a manager, but he treats his boys or girls like slaves, and takes part of your money. He basically owns you and gets your money.”

There was noise in the hallway as a few other boys came in. “Guys, this is Andy. He”s new on the streets. I”ve checked him out and I think we can trust him.”

Ricky introduced Andrew to the others. “This is Jimmy.” He looked like he was 9 but he was really 12, “This is Cole.” He was a skinny blonde boy aged 10 and a half, like Andrew. He reminded him of Kerry, “This is Justin.” Who was the oldest at 14. “This is Zach who is 11. I guess I never told you, but I”m 11 and a half and just started to cum. My John”s are losing interest in me now that I cum. You would be to their liking. Guys, what do you think? Should I give him to Pastor Green?”

Justin responded, “Yeah, I think he would be just fine for him. Pass on the torch. I passed it to Jimmy, and he passed it to you. Now that you shoot, it”s time for a new boy.”

The boys were all nice, but they all had to check Andrew out. They each had a bit of an attitude toward the new kid. Someone new in their territory could reduce their customers, but they all knew that Pastor Green was gravy and the boy wouldn”t want to steal any other business.

“Welcome, Andy, but watch yourself. Don”t try to steal any of our customers.” Justin told him, giving him a stare. “We will give you Green, but don”t try to take away from the rest of us. Ricky is the one that needs the extra business, but he”ll be fine. Green doesn”t like cummers.”

“As long as you pull your weight and follow the rules, you can crash with us.” Jimmy said. “Just watch yourself as you come back. We can”t have a stray John or cop find out where we live.”

They all kept their rooms pretty neat, so they could tell if anyone had messed with their stuff.

“Ricky, who is John? You”ve mentioned him a few times.” Andrew asked innocently.

He broke out laughing. “Dude, a John is the guy that we get to pay us to do things. A customer. Since they don”t tell us their name, we just call them all Johns.”

“Oh.” Andrew had a confused look on his face. He figured he would learn about that later.

“Don”t worry, it won”t be like that asshole of a dad you have. We only go with guys we trust. It”s usually someone that has been with one of the older guys and wants a younger boy instead. They like it when we find them a replacement for our work and they don”t have to search. You”ll get used to it if you do it enough, and you”ll really enjoy it. I”ll introduce you to Pastor Green. I think you will be perfect for him. You won”t have to worry.”

“Okay,” whispered Andrew.

“You said you enjoyed sex, right? This will be all the good stuff.”

“I do like it when it doesn”t hurt.” Andrew offered.

“The trick is to dress like you”re younger and act like you are an innocent kid. Call them daddy, ask them if you”re doing it right ankara escort bayan like you”ve never done it before and go by a cute name like Andy. You”ll do fine. Just grab at their cock and ask if you can please them. If you don”t mind, take your bear with you. That will lure them in. You have a lot to learn, so let”s go have a chat while I help clean you up.” Ricky told Andrew as they went to Andrew”s new room.

“Strip off. I need to clean you up.”

Andrew liked being naked, but this was a new boy. He was hot. Andrew just shrugged it off and stripped down.

“Whoa, you”re black and blue everywhere. This is going to take some time to heal. That asshole really beat you.”

Ricky got some cloth and packed it into Andrew”s butt. It was still bleeding from being raped by the men. He had some baby wipes that the boys keep for quick cleanup and used them to clean the dried blood that his mom missed from Andrew”s body.

“We need to wash your hair out. Come with me.”

They walked to the janitor”s closet, where there was a sink. There was only cold water, so the rinse was quick, and Ricky scrubbed out the dried blood and used a squirt of shampoo on his new friend. He wrapped Andrew up in towels and took him back to Andrew”s new room.

Ricky went on to explain how to negotiate, get the money up front, work with the others so they could describe the guy and car if you don”t come back, etc. It was a lot to take in. The crash course took a few hours. “But if Pastor Green likes you, you won”t have to put yourself at risk. He”s very nice, always fair and loves his boys. I wish I could live with him forever, he”s that nice!”

Andrew learned a few of the tricks of negotiating, like agreeing to a fuck but then making sure to get the John so excited that by the time you gave them a blow job they would blow their load and not be able to fuck you. If they happened to be able to, you press them for more money. If they were done, you get the money for a full on fuck.

Andrew was starting to feel accepted, and the thought of getting paid for pleasing men and getting his own pleasure was exciting. He did worry about getting hurt again, though.

Andrew hung out at the building for a few nights to get his strength. Ricky brought him food and told him about his nightly conquests. A couple of nights later he went with the boys as they hung out over by the Walmart to observe the process. He knew just to wait in the background and when they were gone, sneak back to the place they called home. Bingo was his security, as he hugged the worn black teddy bear tightly.

“Dude, I”m up. This is one of my regulars. Hang here with me, I want him to see you in case he wants to have a party sometime, but we won”t take you tonight. When I go, get back home. Remember, be careful not to be seen. If you think you”re being followed, go to the laundromat.” Ricky held Andrew”s hand as he walked up to the big black Mercedes. “Hi Sir,” he said through the open window.

“Who”s the cutie with the bear?” The driver asked.

“This is Andy. He”s new. I think he”s cute! His little cock is very yummy. I think you would like him!”

“Me too” the driver said, “Is he going to join us?”

“Not tonight, Sir, but maybe sometime soon. As you can see, he got a bit roughed up.”

“Ricky, just say the word and I”ll kill the mother fucker that did that to him. I”d like to have Andy join us next time. Let”s get going, I have a long night planned for you.” Ricky kissed Andrew on the lips and got in the Mercedes, and it drove off.

Andrew carefully found his way back to the factory.

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