You Only Live Once

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You know I have a friend that told me that people come into your life for a season and others come into your life for just the storms. I have had many storms but not alot of seasons. Its strange how the world is small and people pass through our lives and we never stop to think that the person who passed us on the freeway could be the one last thing that reminds us we are alive. So with that said, I am going to tell you a story of heat, lust , desire and complete circumstance.

I will admit by a long shot I play far to many video games and I frequent the only decent video game store in my area alot. I would say over 2 years I was in the store and I noticed a guy behind the counter and I looked at him and found him very appealing . I must say he was young but that has never stopped my lusty mind from taking a violent turn into depravity. However when ever I was in that store I always looked at him wonder but that store and those boys were not interested in the twisted desires of a woman who only had her job and the life built into it. So after many visits to that store later he was no longer there. I was sad but I just kept about my normal routine.

While I was standing at work and done countless interviews another member of the staff picked up some slack and was doing a interview and as I walked by and glanced at the candidate. Low and behold there he was sitting in my building being interviewed. I thought to myself what an interesting situation. To be honest I hoped he was hired, there is a severe lack of appealing men in my building. Soon after he turned up in the training class and I thought to myself ” opportunity” to pick him apart and see what he was all about. So I made myself noticeable yet as there is in any training class a ” Self Proclaimed Vixen”.

She aggressively pursued him and to be honest all the better I thought at the time. I am not someone who condones fraternizing in the work place. It just makes for bad business, I thanked the issue secretly . However our little “Vixen” found what she thought a kindred spirit in me and wanted to be friends. As a social person I am not above reproach. However more and more I found myself talking to her only to be in his presence.

Now lets talk about ” His Presence”, he is tall and have dark hair and eyes. I am not going to lie these are my absolute favorites. However there is some deafening quietness about him. By saying that I mean I can tell he has a million things going on in that head of his but chooses to share nothing if he doesn’t want to.

However his humor is amazing and to be honest if you can keep me laughing, you will keep me interested. I don’t know if I don’t know how to explain it or I flat out don’t understand it. I swear I was absolutely drawn to him. It was like he was his own light and I wanted to be in it all the time. However the “Vixen” who was indecisive and did not understand the lack of character she had and burned this poor man, and by doing so left a scar that will leave him changed. Now this brings me to how the “Bond” began.

So one night on a social networking we began to chat and laugh, debated movies and all the little things that make us social beings. However the whole time I couldn’t get the shape of his mouth out of my mind and to be honest at first, I flat out had an agenda. We began to spend time together and hang out on a pretty regular basis. Now that I think back about it we purposely drew lines in the sand about what would not be done. At first as adamant as he was about it, I truly thought he found me unfuckable or just repulsed by me. However why do people need to draw lines in the sand if there is no fear of crossing. I guess its part of the human condition, at some point during our “Beginnings” I felt my heart shift in a direction I had not known in so long. He was a exceptional friend, emotionally supportive and just a genuine person.

Call it bad timing or call it not meant to be, when my shift in heart was brought to his attention. It was knock down drag out total rejection. I was devastated and swore I would bursa eskort never experience this rift again. For a while I distanced myself from him but my heartache he wore worse than I did. He doesn’t like to hurt people and he knew he had hurt me. That’s when I realized that this man is my friend. After the burn had settled we became much closer. Best friends to be honest, sitting up watching movies, hanging out and laughing alot.

There came a point recently when I was having sleeping issues and I was troubled by things that haunted me. He saw the struggle in my daily activities due to the lack of rest I was getting. One night we were just sitting on my bed watching a movie and I laid down on him. It was almost like I died, I don’t know when he got up or if he even moved. However I slept like I had not slept in years. It was like he was some form of warm calm. And see I don’t have alot of calm in my life. This became a habit for me and almost a crutch. Something about his smell, heat or whatever it is made me calm. Now this became a regular activity and almost common for us, he would rub my back and hold me close. I don’t ever remember in my life feeling that OK with being that close to someone.

The truth is I trusted him and I don’t people that easy and most of all men. I soon realized he was my best friend and it was nice to be in this place. Now don’t get me wrong we have out ins and outs just like everyone but I would never admit this but there is always a part of me that loves to concede to him. I am not a submissive creature by any means, but I found myself looking not like the man who rejected me or even the man who is my best friend but I found me looking at him like a man. It has been such a long time since I had seen one of those.

Now we spend alot of time in the same circle, we started a tradition of drinking together on Fridays. Now of course we are going to pass out in my bed cause drinking and driving is bad. The first night we passed out in my bed, i remember everything feel like a smoky sleep. I could feel his hands all over my body however only touching me in places that were almost safe. However this also made me want him to touch me in places that were not so safe. The following day I put my foot down of course in a very jovial manner and stated that while I LOVE the way his hands feel.

I told him he is never allowed to feel my insides. Of course this was humorous to him, and here we were drawing lines in the sand again. Of course I knew what happened the last time we played in the sand and I was determined I was sticking to my guns. Now Fridays came and when they did our pass out and or bed time became more heated. The way he put his hands on me was profound. However we were still in safe places, then one night I am still not sure if it was him or me. Those pretty lips and wet tongue was on mine. I swear it felt like lightening struck me, my spine felt out of place and my skin felt sticky and unbearable. I wanted to literally come out of my own skin. I can remember thinking to myself about lines in the sand but then I countered with “Oh its ok for best friends to make out”. I wrote it off as being caught in the moment.

However I found myself watching his mouth when he talked and thinking oh how I would love to have those lips all over me and how I wanted to feel him all over me. But most of all I wanted him to cum in me so bad. I have found that it takes a particular man to cum in you and make it damn near religious experience.

Now back to Friday nights of drunkenness, things always got pushed farther and farther. Then I found a talent in him that I could not describe. You have to understand this man has big hands, I should say magnificent hands. That night as we were in a tussle of flesh, heat and wan-ten lust. That hand creeped up my thigh and danced around the folds of my pussy as if to torture me. He slightly moved his fingers across my very slick slit and paused for my reaction.

I assume when there was no fight or hesitation that was the flag to push another boundary. bursa escort bayan At this point the sand was slipping and lines were disappearing and I didn’t care cause deep down my want had never changed from the first moment I saw him and I am if anything constant. Then in one little movement a line was gone and I didn’t understand how something could feel this right. I wanted his hands and fingers everywhere. He rubbed my clit with a precision that shown he knew what the hell he was doing. I wanted him finger fuck me till I was ready scream. He danced around toying with me cause he knew, he knew oh god he knew. Then it happened fingers in and it was like he had sixth sense for my G-spot. When he hit that hot spot and laid into it like a pro. My ears rang, my legs shook, my was on fire and was about to come undone. And so I did, I cam all over those magnificent hands. After that I was out like a light. Whew

Now the next morning I literally woke up giggling, I knew it would be a struggle to look him in the eye. However when I would look at him I wanted him. I wanted to please him, I wanted in my mouth and I wanted him to cum in me so damn bad. The absolute want I have for him till this day makes me feel like I want to rip my own skin off. However lets move forward with this tale. Another Friday night rolled in and we were all game to drinking and acting like a fool. Now I had done planned in my mind that I wanted his cock, I wanted it in my mouth but my selfishness wanted to feel him shoot a fiery hot load of cum deep into my pussy. However I just didn’t know if I could sway him to my will. All these nights of me cumming on his fingers and clawing at him like some animal, he never asked for anything in return. I questioned sometimes if he was pacifying me and didn’t want me.

However I have never in my entire life wanted to please a man so much with my mouth. I wanted to swallow him up and suck him dry, as that night progressed the drunkenness came on quick and hot. I was sitting on my deck watching him in the dark. I watched his mouth and his movements. I had no idea what he would be like if he was naked and in me. Yet in my gut and with all my female instinct I knew it was something I wanted. As the foolishness and laughing subsided we crept up the steps. I knew he would have his hands on me soon and sure enough he did. Sliding up in down my body all over my tits, grabbing them hard and that sting of pain sent my head spinning. I swear I had him by the wrist bringing his fingers down to my sopping, throbbing cunt. I don’t think he had one of his thick fingers inside me and I was cumming. I came so hard I couldn’t control my back or my legs. I swear it feels like dying and being born all at the same time. I fell into this rhythm against fingers and I knew I couldn’t take it. I so selfishly wanted him to cum in me, then I begged like a whore who needed a cock fix. I begged please, please , please I want you inside me.

There was a moment of hesitation and I begged again and his will gave over to mine. I didn’t want to guilt him into this and I asked” are you sure” and his response would a term I would coin for some time. ” You Only Live Once”

You know I have ran the whole situation through my head I know a million times. What I would do to him, how I would I would be and essentially what would occur. However you are never really are prepared for something unexpected. Now I will remember exactly the feeling that washed over me when he got close. I can remember this was the worst case of anticipation I have ever had in my entire life. I admit it I was selfish I mean I had been waiting for this man to cum in me for months. So I may have not brought my A game at that moment. I remember telling him I wanted him to cum in me. Oh how he felt hot, warm and alive and as he slid his cock inside of me I fell into that familiar rhythm and I found the only peace I have known in a while. In and out, deep and slow. My back felt like it was on fire, my fingertips were numb and I gave over to what görükle escort I swore would not happen. I knew he would be delicate territory for me, I mean 8 months ago I thought I was in love with him. I realize now that maybe I wasn’t in love but maybe I was enamored with him. He was like nothing I have ever came across. Oh however how he felt, his mouth tasted like home and his hands felt like God. I remember laying there thinking oh my God he conceded to me and then it happened. He came in me and it was everything I had hoped for, he let go of his hot visceral fluid and I could feel it like a liquid fever. Filling me up and making me ill with lust, then it was done.

Now that morning we went to breakfast and he couldn’t stop looking at me, more than likely due to the shit eating grin I could not remove from my face. As the morning closed a tinge of weird set in with one or both of us. He left I went to bed wondering what was next. I mean come on he is my best friend, if anyone deserved my affections it was him. He put in alot of emotional availability and support. I mean he sat through my sorrows, laughed at and with me and saw me come undone numerous times. This man has given more to me then any lover in the past. Why should I not shower him with my talents. Cause to be completely honest I didn’t come at him at first with my A game. I woke up the next day and I felt more ok with it than I thought I would. I also realized if this situation was not properly treated there could be damage that would be without repair. The next day he came over for our typical hang out sessions and was not opposed to speaking of the previous nights events. Deep down I harbored a want to blow him like a porn star. All good men deserve great head, I wanted to swallow every drip of that hot juice.

I wanted him to cum in throat and force my head down his cock when he was throbbing and cumming in my mouth. As we were setting there we discussed where this could go, my suggestion was we ride the situation out till its done. There is no harm in this if we don’t let it become harmful. I also stressed to him when it was time for him to cut me loose he would have to tell me we cant do this anymore. He agreed and at this point we were stone sober and no alcohol to blame fleshy wants on. I believe it was time to honor him with my mouth.

In all my days I have never wanted a mans cock in my mouth so bad. I remember specifically how he felt in my mouth, he felt young, hot and generally just yummy. Its odd how women remember things but I recall thinking how much I am going to enjoy him and feeling his hot venom in my throat. I went at him like a porn star, I went down on him long and deep taking all of him in my mouth. How perfect it felt sliding down the depths of my throat. His whole body felt more heated, I went down with the pace and rhythm of snake dancing to some haunting charm song. I remember running my tongue under the shaft of his cock while deep throating him. His legs began to tremble and I knew soon I would get the drink I had been waiting all day for. I could feel the tremors in his legs and his breath began to deepen into a slow whine. I could feel his cock pulsing and getting thicker in my mouth. I picked up pace throwing my mouth and throat hard and deep onto his dick. Then like a spring he bursted and his hot cum poured into my mouth. He tasted so good, like nothing I have ever tasted. Not salty but not sweet but just generally delicious. His liquid was hot like lava and given another degree of heat it might have burnt my mouth. I pulled my mouth slowly up off him so I didn’t miss a dropped and swallowed every little bit. I remember thinking to myself, I am going to want to this alot and often.

In conclusion to “This” story as it will not be my last in reference to this man. Only because he is like nothing I have ever encountered in my life and I will probably never come across another again.

I can say that maybe the friendship we designed laid a path of submission to him. I have never been a submissive women in any venture I have ever dared. This man however gives me the peace I have craved for a very long time. I will say this and then end with a quote. I am rarely surprised and never shocked but he is both all the time.

Now for the Quote:

The soul belongs to God, but the body belongs to us ~Rasputin~

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