Womens Studies 101

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I was a closed person. It was just who I was. It’s who I still am, actually, with an exception of really just his one instance. It’d been on my mind for what seemed like years. Every time I masturbated, had sex, saw a group of men. I couldn’t help it. It invaded my mind. So I took action.

I knew I was going to do it that day when I woke up. I was terrified, and excited, and jumpy as all hell. I got up three hours before my alarm went off, took a bath, shaved… I stood in front of the mirror naked – what would they want me to be wearing? My hair was dark red, about shoulder length, there wasn’t much to do there. My makeup was the same every day. I was short (barely 5’4″) so I’d wear heels, of course. Should I embrace my small breasts, or wear a pushup? Pushup. (This inner monologue went on four about half an hour.) It won’t do much, they’re barely an A cup, but I’ll do it anyway.

I decided on my usual outfit anyway, I decided to be at least mildly comfortable while going way out of my comfort zone. Though, my usual always involved vintage underwear, so I still felt sexy. Waist cincher, push up bra, garters, thigh highs, pencil skirt and white blouse with heels. No panties, I was wet before I even left the house.

“This was a horrible idea, Stacey,” I spoke to myself on my way to my car, “you’re practically dripping down your thigh highs already…” It was already too late to turn back. The plan was in motion.

I got into the parking lot of the university where I taught about an hour before my first class. I got into my stadium-seating lecture hall and prepared for the day. I taught womens studies at a mostly male college. All of the football players took it (about 15 of the team), and maybe seven girls. The boys took it to meet girls, most of the girls were lesbians. The football players were what my girlfriends and I like to refer to as “pretty but dumb,” the straight girls in class wouldn’t give them the time of day; the boys in turn kept their attention on me. All of them sat in the front two rows, while the girls sat in the absolute last row.


Slowly, the class started to trickle in. It was a Monday, I knew most of the football players wouldn’t be here – Sundays were a big partying night at our school. By the time class started, there were seven football players in the front row, and all of the girls in the back.

“Okay, everyone. Today’s discussion is about the portrayal of female sexuality in today’s culture.” I sat up on my desk and crossed my legs. The boys in the front got a quick view of the top of my panty hose, the girls in the back could only see my face.

“I’m going to put on a short clip of a documentary about female sexuality in the pornography industry, and reactions from men and women will follow. Take notes, this will be on your test this Friday.” I slowly uncrossed my legs, and let them sit for a moment about shoulder width apart before standing up. I ignored the boys in front, but could tell they saw what I was showing them.

The film continued to play, and I graded last week’s papers until it was finished. When it was, I turned the lights back escort tanıtımları on and sat on my desk again, legs wider than shoulder width this time, hands on either sides of my legs, leaning back a little. This time, I made eye contact with the football player in front of me, Andrew. He was tall, with dark hair and light eyes. He was my favorite. He licked his lips and looked nervous, not sure if he should look. I smiled in response, and asked for his opinion.

“Wait, what?”

“What are your views on the film?” I asked again, this time smoothing out an imaginary wrinkle on the inside of my thigh high. He gulped loudly.

“Well, I mean, porn is great…” I raised an eyebrow at him. “Well, I mean! Not that I watch it,” gulp, “it’s an excellent way for strong women… to, um… portray thier… sexuality…. and um…” I began to smooth a wrinkle on the other leg this time “and stuff…”

“Eloquant Andrew, really. How about you Michael?” I turned to face Michael, with his baby face and blonde hair. He was ghost white and had his notebook sitting in his lap. I could only imagine what that was hiding…

“It was great. Yeah, you’re great. I um… it was good. Liked it. Yep.”

I hit the remaining five boys for their opinions just before the bell rang.

“Guys, stay after for a minute, I need to discuss with you what you’ll be missing during the away game. Girls, have a great night. No homework, have some fun.”

They looked at each other, confused. They didn’t have an away game this week.

After the girls left I locked the door, and shut the blinds on the windows.

“Miss Shutltz, we don’t have an away game this week,” Chris pointed out to me. He looked amazing today, like he just rolled out of bed. Shaggy black hair, green eyes. He was killing me.

“I know, Chris.” I sat down as a said this, hiking my skirt up a little and spreading my legs.

“Michael, why was your notebook in your lap today during class?” I asked him. He blushed.

“Well, Miss Shultz, it was nothing, really…”

“Was it because you saw I wasn’t wearing panties?” I asked. “Was it because you saw my pussy?”

He got wide eyed and silent. Andrew nudged him. “Answer her, dude!”

“Yes, ma’a- er – Miss Shultz.”


“Sorry. Yes Miss, er, Stacey.”

“How many of you saw it today?” I looked around at all of their faces, two of them looked completely lost by what we were talking about.

“Zack, Nate, didn’t you see?” They shook their heads in wide-eyed amazement.

“Well, we can remedy that.” I put my heels up on the desk, and spread my legs, presenting myself to the room.

“How about now? That a better view?”

“Yes, Miss Shultz.” They responded in unison.

“Stacey, please, boys. You’ve seen my pussy, you get to call me by my first name. Now, boys, what do we do now that you’ve seen this?”

None of them responded, but I saw Gavin trying very hard to disguise the fact that he was stroking himself.

“Now, see, Gavin has the right idea. Look at him back there, getting his gaziantep escort tanıtımları cock all ready for me. Aren’t you, Gavin? Come here, let me see it. I want to feel it… I want to taste it.”

He looked at me warily, unsure if it was a trick.

“You’re just going to leave me up here by myself, wet and waiting? Come on.”

He practically pounced out of his desk and in front of me, tent sprouting in his khakis.

“That’s more like it, Gavin. Now take it out, let me see it.” He looked behind him at his team mates, unsure. “Gaving, they’ve seen it in the locker room, it’s nothing new to them.” His big brown eyes met mine in thrilled astonishment. He unzipped his pants, and pulled his already hard cock out of his boxers.

“Oh, Gavin, all of this from me? My my…” I got off of the desk and knelt before him, turning him so his side was to the rest of the boys. I took him in my mouth while keeping eye contact with him. I took him deep in my mouth, until his head went into my throat, and left his hard cock there for a minute. He moaned and closed his eyes. I took him back out and sucked on the tip before standing up and looking at the remaining six.

“Are you all going to stand there, or are you going to fuck me? And don’t give me that macho bullshit, you’ve seen each other naked, and it’ll be much more fun if we can all enjoy each other, not just all of you enjoying me.” They didn’t seem to get it.

“Chris, come up here.” Chris rose quietly and stood next to me. I told Chris and Gavin both to close their eyes. I grabbed his hand, and used it to stroke Gavin’s still hard cock.

“Does that feel good, Gavin?” He responded with a moan.

“And, Chris, do you like this?” He opened his eyes, full of a strange mixture of intoxication and terror, and curtly nodded once.

“See, boys? These two are perfectly fine. Anyone afraid? If you are, game’s over.” The room immediately errupted in a chorus of “no”s and “we’re fine”s. I smiled.

“Who want’s my pussy first?”

The boys crowded around quickly.

“Stacey,” Chris whispered in my ear,” I know I’ve been waiting for this since the beginning of freshman year. We are having our way now. Just enjoy it. From here on in, you don’t get a choice otherwise.” At the sound of his voice, the feel of his hot breath on my ear, of the words he was saying… I felt an entirely new wave of heat come over my body, my wetness clearly dripping down my leg at the thought. The others took everything but my waist cincher, garters, thigh highs and heels off, placing me back on the edge of my desk.

“Miss Shultz,” Brandon said, “who knew you were hiding all of this under such ladylike clothes?”

Hands were probing my body everywhere, from every which direction. It became confusing, but glorifyingly hot. This was what I’d always wanted. I looked around at the other boys, two of them were undressing each other, while voilently kissing and groping. Chris was slowly dragging his fingers up and down my slit, feeling the wetness and teasing the living fuck out of me. I just gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları wanted him to fuck me, eat me, touch me, something! Gavin was slowly stroking Chris’s hard cock, and Chris was clearly enjoying it. I had made it to heaven.

Zack finally knelt down before me, pushing Chris out of the way. “I need to taste you,” he growled into my mound, “I have to.” And before I could blink his warm tongue was exploring my entire sex. His tongue jutting in and out of my pussy, licking my ass, and finally settling on my clit.I layed back on the desk, and just as my head fell off the opposite side, there was a cock going deep into my throat, and two others were placed into my hands. I worked all three viciously while Zack ate my pussy like a pro. I could feel the heat rising in me, I knew I was about to come soon.

I was moaning into the cock in my mouth, pushing my hips up into Zack’s face before he stopped.

“No no no. We’re all going to fuck you first.” Just then, he slammed his cock into my pussy with a force I’d never anticipated. I nearly came right then. He, or maybe someone else, rubbed my clit while he pounded in and out of me harder and faster than I thought I could handle. I sucked the cock in my mouth faster with each stroke in my pussy, and I could feel it tense, about to cum. He pulled out just then and came all over my tits, my face, my hair. It was amazing. Another face bent down, and spread it all over my tits, licking some off of my face an moaning. I couldn’t help it, it sent me over the edge. I could feel Zack’s cock grow even harder somehow over my clamping walls, and he burst his seed inside of me while we came in unison. I caught my breath just in time for someone to pick me up and move me.

I opened my eyes and I was being lowered onto a body, both of us lying on our backs. The man under me used the juices still warm from my pussy as lube, and slowly entered my ass. It was a tight fit, but the further he got in, the better it felt. Then, Chris came up and rammed his cock into my pussy. The both fucked me while someone pulled my head back and shoved their cock in my mouth. This was the best feeling I’ve ever felt – every hole in my body filled with huge cocks, it was amazing. I reached out for another on each side of my body with my hands, and fucked, sucked and stroked every cock I could get near.

I began to build up the feeling of heat in my stomach and I knew I was about to come again, the man in my mouth pulled out and began to hit my face with his cock, warm flesh and spit covering my face.

“I’m going to cum!” I screamed over and over again until he shoved his cock back in my mouth. Just then, I felt the rush of heat come from my pussy, my pussy walls contracting on not just one, but both dicks fucking me – and both began to come. One spreading his cum deep in my ass, the other in my pussy. Both men on either side of me came all over my tits, and I got a good shot after shot of cum in my mouth. I swallowed down each and every drop, and then spooned what was left off of my tits into my mouth. I sat up after the last two left my ass and pussy, and got whatever was left of the cum from each place into my hand. I slowly lifted my hand to my mouth and ate it all down for them to see. It was phenomenal.

When I regained my composure, I stood up, redressed, and made myself presentable.

“About your next away game, boys… well, good luck. Have a nice evening.”

And with that, I left them all, mouths agape, in my classroom.

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